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An Evening at Home

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The low slung, sleekly sexy sports car pulled smoothly into the drive, rolling slowly into the spotless garage, the door having opened remotely at the Driver’s press of a button. He stepped from the car, firmly but gently closing the door and walked around to the passenger side with purpose. Opening the door, He held out His hand to me, and assisted my exit from the vehicle for the second time that day.

Carefully i arose from the vehicle, lightly holding His hand, the privacy of the garage negating the need to keep the leather cuffs hidden from view. Keeping my eyes lowered, His voice came warm and gentle into my mind.

“My pet, you pleased Me so greatly this day. you shall be rewarded precious girl. ” His fingers tracing my jaw, warm over my skin, feeling my face flush at the words.

Slowly i lifted my eyes to His, quiet pools of blue meeting deep, warm brown, His strength evident in the coffee colored depths. Speaking softly, words reflecting my place in His life, i address Him clearly. “Master, You honoured Your slut with this day’s events. Thank You, Master. ” my mind slowly runs through the day’s happenings, remembering sitting curled beneath Master’s desk at His office… hidden from all that entered… the memories making me squirm with slight movements, the trench coat, covering the lavender bra and panties, swaying with my movements.

His eyes sparkle at catching the quiet swaying of my body, knowing full well that my thighs are coated with wetness, that He has kept my excitement, my need, fully pitched the whole day through. Silently He takes my arm and turns, firmly closing the car door and leading me into the house. Methodically He hangs His keys upon the rack, and without a glance toward me, He speaks. “You have duties to perform I believe, pet. “

Quickly, with an economy of motion, my hands untie the belt of the coat, releasing the few buttons, allowing the coat to hang open, lingerie clearly visible, lavender bright between pale, creamy flesh and the khaki of the coat. Turning to Him, and stepping close, sliding His coat from His body, carefully draping it over my arm, i turn and walk toward the coat closet, heels clicking surely over the hardwood floors, silenced only by the rug placed before the door.

Tugging open the closet, i reach into the depths and withdraw a heavy wooden hanger, placing Master’s coat over the varnished surface with care and hang the garment in the cool room. Sliding my own coat downward, exposing creamy shoulders, i place it upon another hanger as nipples harden within the brassiere as the coat’s warmth is withdrawn.

GASPING loudly, as nipples are suddenly pinched from behind, His voice growling low in my ear, the pinching becoming sharper, tighter, with each word. “Ah My pet, you will be rewarded well… and in the receiving of the reward you will please Me once more. “

Eyes closing as His lips press to my neck, murmuring quietly, “Yes, Master. ” Standing tall and silent as His fingers press the hardened nipples flat, holding the moan in check as long as possible before letting it escape in a low, vibrating rumble. Swaying back as He suddenly releases the nubs, the tingling of returning blood flow causing a quick intake of breath, listening to His deep voice once more.

“My bath, pet. Now. ” Steadying myself, turning as He steps away, watching Him pick up the mail from the hall table. Replying to the command in actions, no words spoken as i turn, and take a heel clicking stride down the long hallway to Master’s room, the steps becoming silent as hardwood hall gives way to plush bedroom carpet.

my hips sway gently as i walk carefully over the steel gray softness, mind touching briefly upon the memory of how the carpet feels upon my naked back. Stopping before the closet, i slip the suede heels from my feet and slip the shoes into place on the shelf. Reaching upward, to the center of my breasts, i release the clip and the cups of the lavender lace brassiere pull apart a bit. Slipping the scrap of fabric from my shoulders, i drop it into the basket. Bending at the waist, ass facing the door, i slide the matching lace panties over rounded hips and downward, stepping from them with an easy grace, dropping them into the basket as well. i feel His eyes upon me, but continue as if unaware of His presence, stepping naked into the bathroom, kneeling upon the thick rugs and turning the water spigots to begin the flow of liquid warmth, steadily filling the large Jacuzzi tub.

Turning off the water as the water level reaches the desired height, starting once more at the sound of His voice. “Get into the tub pet. ” Head turning to look toward Him, nodding quickly as i rise, taking the vision of Him as He rolls His sleeves up His arms, noting the bare feet and the odd fact of His belt being removed. “Yes, Master. ” i step into the water with a pointed toe and ever so slowly lower my body into it’s cocooning heat, an involuntary sigh of contentment slipping past my lips, followed by softly spoken words as i lean against the tub wall. “Thank You, Master. “

Moaning inaudibly as He turns on the jets, Pendik Anal Escort the water swirling round my body, caressing my skin with the movement, drawing out the stiffness a day spent curled beneath His desk has wrought. my eyes open slowly and seek His, remaining silent as He reaches for the ball of net and pours the softly scented gel into its center. Holding His gaze as He glides it over my arms, first one… then the other. my body is totally pliable beneath His touch, moving this way and that to facilitate His washing of my body, leaning forward, nipples softening in the warm water as i bend, allowing access to my back. Leaning back, seeing His gaze lower to my breasts, recognizing the heat in His eyes, swallowing softly as He stands and leaves the room, knowing instinctively why and where, what and how.

i take a deep breath as He returns, thoughts confirmed by the contents of His hand being laid upon the vanity table near the tub. “Look at Me, pet. ” i lift my eyes to His, holding His gaze as He takes up the net once more and ever so gently bathes my breasts and belly, circling the nipples, the belly button. Feeling the rivulets of suds flowing over those areas, nipples harden quickly into gently throbbing nubs. He reaches to the table without looking and takes up two of the clamps, cradling one in His palm, pinching the other open, never allowing my eyes to leave His. His free hand reaches out to my right breast and pinches the nipple hard and fast, drawing a gasp from my lips, but holding my gaze steadily. The first one pinches into the tender flesh of the nipple, the rubber coated teeth of the alligator clamp finding quick purchase despite the wet skin. i bite my lip gently, not daring to blink and break from the mesmerizing gaze.

He holds the other clamp up, pinching it open, the empty hand’s fingers pinching the free nipple hard, harder than the clamp will eventually bite, and He speaks. “Tell me pet. Tell me what you would have me do with this. ” A low pitched whimper escapes my lips, preceding the words He knows i will speak. “Please Master, place the clamp upon my nipple. Close to the tip, please Master. ” The request emerges as a begging plea, body straightening in the slowly cooling water, His eyes darkening to a deep sable with reaction to my reply.

“Yes, pet. That is exactly what I will do. ” Pinching into the nipple with His well-manicured nails, He quickly replaces them with the second clip, pulling His eyes from my gaze only when assured the full bite of the clamp at the tip of the nipple is bringing a shining wetness to mine. i choke out the reply i know He will expect to hear, and mean it from the depths of my soul. “Thank You, Master. ” His gaze returns to mine and He offers a rare reply. “you are welcome My slut. And I thank you. ” He draws a thumb pad over my lips and then stands, holding out His hand. i take His hand and rise, only then noticing the three additional clips upon the table. Keeping my eyes lowered, i shudder softly, standing knee deep in the water.

“Arms to your back. ” Instantly i obey, clasping hands together in the small of my back, arching toward Him, nipples throbbing, controlling my breathing in a slow, measured pace. i watch Him as He reaches for the towel upon the warming bar, and eyes close once more as He gently dries my belly, around the clamps at my nipples, patting inner thighs and turning me, having my hands part only long enough to dry beneath them. Taking my elbow He silently indicates my stepping from the tub and i stand before Him upon the thick rug as He dries my legs, then finishes and hangs the towel once more. my eyes widen as He reaches for a clip and lowers to His knees before my body. Bottom lip sucks in between sharply biting teeth as the clamp is quickly and deeply attached to the bottom side of my belly button, His fingers having tugged out the skin to accommodate His desire. Gulping quickly, maintaining composure, i whisper, “Thank You, Master. “

He stands in a moment, looking down at me, smiling, His eyes bright, intelligence shining within them. “To the chair pet. Run along and prepare. ” Instantly i leave Him, making my way with deeply held breath, the throbbing of clamp bites centering in my belly as i move, causing the skin held tightly to resist with each step taken. Quickly settling into the chair in the corner of the room, i await Him. A deep wingback, the wings wide and the back plush with deeply set buttons, a diamond pattern created in the leather, the chair is used only when He allows. i feel the leather warm quickly beneath my skin, the dark sable brown becoming even more pliable, its scarred surface showing the marks of many nights spent curled in its depths, chains holding me tight to its surface. His chair, beloved by me. The low timber of His voice settles over me, even as i see His form step before the chair, taking in His legs with my lowered eyes.

“Knees over the arms pet… NOW!”

Instantly my legs rise and drape over the arms of the chair, my ass sliding forward as a matter of course. He watches as my legs spread, cunt lips parting as knees separate Pendik Yaşlı Escort further. i am all but lying in the chair, only my head held up slightly by the back. my eyes remain lowered, taking in the sight of my softly rounded belly, clamp at its center, my sex opening to Him, feeling His gaze rake over swollen genitals. Lifting heated blue eyes, a soft tremor passes over my body as the cool air of the room brushes over the wet lips, and i whisper, “Master, shall i open further to You?”

The pleased note in His tone as He replies brings a glow to my face that is warmly felt. “Yes My pet… open to Me… wide… and fingers back pet. “

Soft, pale hands slide down thighs and across a white belly, carefully avoiding the clamp at my belly button. Reaching my sex, i lift my eyes to Him and offer the gift to Him in that way, as well as in actions. Splaying my fingers widely over the slick flesh, the nail tips barely grasping into the spongy surface, i part the labia, a strong twitch of the clitoris at the touch of air bringing a tiny whimper from my lips. Careful to obscure as little of the surface from His view as possible i stretch open for Him, biting my lip softly as He dangles the clamps from a strong, tanned hand.

“Well done, pet. Hold there. ” With those words He leans near, one opened clamp in each hand. Aiming carefully, His glance flashes to my face and stays there as the clamps are settled near the top of the slit, one upon each lip, right and left of the clit where the lips begin to fully flesh out. He eyes sparkle with pleasure as the bite is reflected upon my face, the joy He reflects back to me causing my heart to soar higher upon the wave of pain as it settles deep inside my belly.

“OH, Masterrrr… “, my voice deep… guttural… animal. “Thank Youuuuuuu… ” i bite my lip a bit harder, holding still and focusing for the briefest of moments on the five clamps, each creating an arc of fire. Each arc meets deep in my gut, building the flow of wetness that leaks from the well, shining in the light of the room, the scent of passion wafting on the air.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, my eyes lift to His, focus moving from the fire of the clamp’s creation to His face. i wince softly as He tugs at the nipple clamps, then listen to His words as He smiles over me. “Sit on your hands girl. Right forefinger up your ass. you may slicken it within your cunt quickly. Now, describe for Me, pet. Details. The nipples. “

Sucking in air raggedly, my hands releasing the swollen, wet lips, i press upward in the chair with the left hand, pausing with the right to drag my forefinger through the honey of my cunt, dipping it deep into the well once only, quickly so as to not appear greedy. Sliding my hands palms up beneath by ass, my eyes widen as the finger presses past the tight sphincter muscle and settles up to the last knuckle deep within the clenching walls of my anal passage, slick cunt juice easing the entrance. I concentrate for the briefest of silent moments and begin to speak to Him.

“Fire, Master. Sweet, delicious fire. Like lightening, white hot and sharp, working its way from just under the clamps, spreading over the areola and skin, then moving deep, traveling to my clit where it pools and draws the wetness, begging to be extinguished. The tips of them feel as if dipped into molten metal. ” Stopping, eyes shiny with heated wetness, looking to Him, asking silently if He wishes more.

His hands trace down my body, fingertips trailing lower and lower. He tugs at the clamp upon the lower rim of my belly button, pulling the skin taut and chuckling softly. “Sounds pleasurable pet, yes?” Gasping, i nod, the sharp pull of the clamp stealing my voice for a moment.

Quickly He reaches lower, and i tense, expecting the tug upon the clamps that ignite the heat within each lip. That He does not tug, but squeezes upon each comes by surprise, His fingers causing each to tighten further, pressing inward. my body rises upward in involuntary response to His action. i see the flash of irritation in His eyes at my movement and quickly i settle back, murmuring softly, “Forgive me, Master. ” He nods once and squeezes tighter, a slow smile caressing His lips and He speaks.

“Describe pet. Lips. “

A soft whimper slips past parted lips, a shining tongue tip dragging moisture over them before i begin to speak, the words coming quickly between breaths. “Sharp. Biting. More fire, Master. ” i inhale a ragged, shallow breath, chest rising slowly, then lowering as the exhale flows through the parted lips, using all the willpower i possess to hold the position, fighting the urge to sit upward, to pull from the increased pressure He is applying. “It brings a throbbing to my clit. It is as if the clamps are hot and becoming part of the flesh. Pleassssssssse, Master… ”

His chuckle as He releases the added pressure brings a rush of mixed feelings. The quick but partial return of blood flow increases the burn with needles of tingling along the surface of the swollen cunt lips, and i cry out. “Ohhhhhhhhhgodddd. ” A quick Pendik Zenci Escort drawn breath, and a flush of shame at the lack of control follow, and i fight, regaining composure quickly.

“Please what, My pet? What is it you ask for?” The warm honey of His voice, sincere… not taunting, truly wishing me to voice the request… draws a soft sob from my soul. Whispered words fall from my lips, lustfully tortured eyes lift to His. “Master, the fire… please Master… extinguish the fire. “

“Not yet, My pet. Not just yet. ” He chuckles once again and speaks in a commanding whisper. “Lift yourself a bit girl. Fuck your ass with 10 slow strokes. Count them for your Master. ” Swallowing hard i nod, pressing upward with my left hand, rolling just a bit to the side as i slowly draw the finger from my ass and press it inward again and again. He holds my eyes with His, watching the need for release grow deep within me as i count each stroke, the spoken numbers bare wisps of sound on the air by the time the 10 strokes are completed. my clit is throbbing in spasms, flesh moving in tandem with the tremors of anal walls. i stop at 10 completed strokes with the finger imbedded deeply in my ass, waiting, panting hard.

“Good… very good. ” He rises, nodding to the bed as He reaches for the fastening of His trousers. “Fetch the bag. Kneel upon your cushion. Oh, and pet… ” i listen more intently at His change in tone, “… insert the red plug into your ass before I return. Have it settled firmly, for if you do not, I will. ” i watch Him smile and i return the smile with trembling lips and loving eyes. He turns, slowly slipping the trousers over His hips as He steps into the bathroom. i watch Him go, knowing i have been dismissed to complete the task.

Hearing the shower come on as i stand, making sure shaking knees will function, i move to the cabinet across the room. Each step sends bolts of white heat through sensitive labia, thighs pressing the lips inward, clamps holding tight, clicking silently together when legs move to close to one another, the contact drawing forth a hiss of breath. Opening the heavy oaken door and bending into the depths, my hands close around the handle of Master’s bag, the weight of the contents bringing a special smile to my eyes.

As i straighten, the clamp upon my right nipple catches the knit of Master’s sweater. It pulls and my grip upon the bag loosens. One of the handles slips from my palm and the contents of the bag scatter over the floor of the cabinet. Dropping the other handle in a spasm of pain, i scan the clutter i have created with dismay. With a desperate grab at the sweater, i quickly untangle the clamp, ever so careful to not loosen its hold upon the burning flesh, tears welling quickly. Ignoring the pain and tears, i drop to my knees and gather the items, lovingly placing them back into the well worn leather bag with efficient movements, cursing my clumsiness, rushing to complete the tasks and be kneeling when Master returns.

Once again i rise, taking care to back away from the cabinet as i straighten, moving as quickly as the flashes of fire over and within my body will allow. Setting the bag upon Master’s table next to the chair i lean over it and remove the red gel plug instantly, having had set it atop the other items when gathering them into the bag. Mumbling at forgetfulness, i turn hurriedly to the cabinet once more, sliding open the bottom drawer and taking up the small tube of lube. Knowing Master could appear at any moment, i rush to the cushion before the chair and lower to my knees. i open the tube of gel with a quick flick of the cap and grab the plug from the table, gently squeezing a bit of the clear slickness over the rounded tip. i close the tube and lay it on the table beside the bag.

With a slightly trembling hand i spread the gel a bit, and swallow hard, knowing the sharp instant of pain to come when the wide flange of the plug is forced past the resistance of the sphincter. Laying the side of my face against the seat of the chair, i lift my ass upward, reaching back with the plug in hand, the flat base held firmly. Pressing firmly i gasp softly as the plug begins the entry, sliding it deeper with more pressure as increased resistance is met. Biting my lip as the fit become tight, i take a deep breath and bear down, pushing the widest section of the plug firmly past the sphincters cry of pain, only releasing the breath as the narrow neck allows the pain to subside a bit. i press the flat base against my quivering flesh along the crack and test to see that the plug is indeed set firmly.

Satisfied that Master will find no fault, i rise and turn to settle upon the cushion, paling visibly as i see Him standing in the doorway, His body glorious in its nudity, not knowing how long i have kept Him waiting. Forgetting for a quick moment the pain radiating through nipples and belly, cunt lips and asshole, i lift my head and continue on, settling quickly upon my knees, assuming the position with wide spread thighs and my hands clasped behind in the small of my back. i arch my back and lift my breasts, shoulders pressed back, face forward and eyes lowered, remaining silent, not knowing what to say. My hands clasp in the small of my back, forcing shoulders back further still, offering rounded breasts to Him, the clamps reflecting glints of light as they bite into the tender flesh.

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