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Hot Intern Humiliates Employee

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Hot Intern Makes Apple Employee Her Bitch

Mason worked at Apple as a software engineer, and it was his dream job. He spent years training for this job, both in and out of school. He majored in information and computer science, which required him to take 20 classes related to computers. He worked so hard trying to achieve good grades in those classes, and managed a respectable 3.7 GPA.

Before graduating, Mason worked part time in sales at the apple store, and spent his free time reading articles on new computer technology. He spent so much time on his computer hobby that he didn’t have time for a normal social life. It didn’t matter to him, because he only cared about securing a job at Apple.

When he graduated, he was offered a job as a software engineer, and he was ecstatic. All the hard work, and all the countless hours missed out on socializing finally paid off. He had his dream job. He loved his first few months at Apple, though he wanted to keep growing and raise his status and rank in the company.

One day, a new college intern, Ava, came in to work as office assistant/intern. Ava had an iPhone and mac laptop, but didn’t know much about computers. She was hired for her “people skills” instead. Mason’s boss Jeff put Mason in charge of teaching Ava about apple computers and the company.

Mason wondered why they hired her for the job as office assistant, seeing how she didn’t know anything about apple products. It made him feel humiliated that she didn’t have to train at all to get this internship, because he spent his whole life thinking about Betist working for Apple, and was never offered an internship.

When Mason asked her how she got the position, Ava responded,

“I knew a few people in the office,” with a slight smirk.

She wore grey tight business pants to work, which made her appear professional, and accentuated her tight, large ass. She looked so professional and smart for her age, and the first time Mason saw her, he couldn’t help getting an erection. Mason worked hard to work for Apple, and it embarrassed him that all she did was network to get the internship position. He would be really humiliated if she ended up with a fulltime job out of this.

At her desk, Ava would stretch frequently, raising her hands high in the air. Sitting with perfect posture, she pushed her ass out of the back of the chair, and opened her breasts up. She must have done it at least a dozen times a day, and Mason wondered if she was doing it intentionally. Whenever she went to stretch like this, Mason had to stop working. He was sitting next to her, and needed to peak like he needed oxygen. Did she know she was teasing him? Did she know how hot she was? Seeing her ass and breasts stretch with those sexy, professional clothes on gave him a huge erection, and it was hard for him to work with such a distraction.

“I’m supposed to teach you about computers for the company,” Mason said from his chair, trying to get his mind back to work.

She looked at him disrespectfully. “I think I’ll leave the computer stuff to geeks Betist Giriş like you,” she said. Mason couldn’t believe what he heard. Who does this intern think she is?

“I’m your superior. You can’t speak to me like that,” Mason said.

“You’re not my superior. I can prove it to you. Stand up,” Ava demanded.

“Stand up? I can’t do that. Why.” Mason couldn’t stand up because he had a very large erection from watching her stretch her big, tight ass and breasts.

“I know you’ve been watching me. You’re turned on by me, aren’t you,” Ava said.

Mason, embarrassed didn’t know what to say. Instead, he froze.

Ava laughed and punched Mason on the arm.

“Stand up. I said. Listen to me.”

Mason said “No,” and didn’t budge, doing his best to hide his boner.

She took him by the arm and FORCED him up with ease.

“You’re a weak little guy aren’t you. Not a lot of muscles here.” She felt his arms, and they both realized Ava had bigger arms them him. She was the stronger one, and this Mason feel simultaneously emasculated and turned on.

Mason just looked at her, losing himself in her sexy power. His boner grew to full size.

Ava looked down at him.

“Look at you! Did I give you a boner?”

Mason was beyond embarrassed. He couldn’t do anything or redeem himself after that. She figured him out, and there was nothing he could do to hide his attraction to her. Mason was so embarrassed he felt this way about a college intern with no experience. Not to mention a very bitchy and hot college intern. He thought to himself, how did this hot bitchy intern land an internship when I never could? Is she superior to me?

“Get on the floor.” Ava demanded.

She FORCED him down on his knees, turned around and started teasing him with her ASS. She shook it in face.

“You want this don’t you.”

Mason barely audible said, “mmmhmm,”

“Are you proud of yourself you little slut,” Ava asks

Mason squealed.

“How long did it take you to get this job? you’re whole life? You deserve a demotion. Sniff my ass, loser.” Ava FORCED Mason’s face in her ass, and Mason worshiped, unable to think about anything else.

“You like this don’t you.” Ava teased more.

“mmmhmm” Mason moaned.

“Do you even have a life? You know what? You’re gonna be my bitch from now on? Okay you weak slut?”

She punched his arm. Mason just moaned again. He was too turned on to speak.

“Sign here for your demotion to my secretary.”

Mason signed a contract.

“I’m taking your job. I’ve been planning this ever since the first day I saw you gawk at me. You pathetic, drooling fool.”

All Mason could do was nod like a puppy. She was just too hot and her power turned him on.

Ava stripped him down to his bare ass, and spanked him twice.

“thankyou for spanking me. I’m your bitch” Mason managed to squeak out.

With her clothes still on, she turned him on his back and started humping him like he was her bitch. In just a few seconds, Mason shot out the biggest load of cum in his lifetime.

Ava laughed at him and said, “Now get back to work, my slutty secretary. Oh and you’re gonna wear this thong from now on.” She forced him into a black thong, and laughed in satisfaction as they switched desks.

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