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Heart of a Slave

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I was waiting for him when he arrived home. I’d dressed and prepared myself for him just as he liked. I wore red latex thong panties beneath a black latex mini skirt, a black latex corset with ties up the front and red accents. I’d completed my outfit with black latex high-heeled boots laced up the inner seam to the top of my thighs, black latex opera length gloves, a three inch collar with a D hoop in front my chain leash attached and a padlock in the back. My hair and makeup proclaimed me as the slut I am. My only desire is to please him, my master. I knelt at his feet and offered him my leash, the key to my collar, and my hoop gag. He smiled and patted me on the head, then placed my gag on my mouth. He took my leash and crawling on my hands and knees he led me to the bedroom.

Once in the room he discovered that I had set out several toys for his pleasure. Lying on the bed were wrist and ankle restraints, two vibrators and a dildo. With a smile he led me to the edge of the bed and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He turned me around and bound my wrists behind my back and my ankles to either bed post my legs spread wide. He bent me over the bed, spit on my ass and worked a vibrator into it. The vibrator in my ass felt so good my pussy immediately filled with sweet juices. He kuşadası escort slipped his hard cock deep into my pussy while the vibrator in my ass tickles us both. He pounded me hard, burying his cock balls deep in my pussy. My body betrayed me and I begged him to let me come. He ignored my pleading and I forced myself to hold back. It was almost impossible but somehow I managed to keep myself from coming.

My body was on fire and I continued to beg as best I could around my gag but still he denied me. He released one of my ankles and turned me around then forced me to kneel. His hands gripped the back of my head and he slid his cock into my mouth. I could taste myself on his cock. He told me to finger myself with my gloves on while he fucked my mouth to the point of almost gagging me. I quickly obeyed. My juices coated my gloved hand. He knew instinctively that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. With an evil gleam in his eye he denied me permission knowing I’d fail him and with tears streaming down my face, I came on my gloved hand. He took my come slicked hand and wiped my come all over my face, then fucked my mouth even harder. I reached up and stroked his balls and cock, while he fucked my mouth. His breathing got heavy. I knew he was going to come kuşadası escort bayan soon but suddenly he stopped and pulled out. He unlocked my wrists and ankle and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Lay across my thighs, Pamela,” he said sternly. My eyes lowered in shame I did as I was told. I knew I’m going to be punished for coming without permission. I settled myself across his thighs my ass thrust into the air. He replaced my hoop gag with a ball gag then ran his fingers up my juiced up inner thigh. He skimmed his fingertips over my clit and moaned against my gag uncontrollably. Then suddenly he struck the weight of his palm stung and reddened my ass five more times in quick succession. Tears ran down my cheeks my screams muffled by my gag. His hard cock pressed into my belly as he spanked me over and over. My ass turned a fiery red and he stopped as suddenly as he started. I gasped as he raked his nails across the tender flesh of my ass then trailed his fingertips between my cheeks to the entrance of my pussy. He thrust two fingers inside me and I moaned against my gag.

“You will not come without permission again will you my, Pet?” I shook my head and he smiled. “We shall see,” he said then he pulled me off his lap and laid me on my back across the bed. escort kuşadası Holding my gaze he leaned forward and bathed my body with his tongue driving me to a fever pitch. He teased my nipples mercilessly then moved lower. He buried his head between thighs his mouth and tongue teasing all around my clit but never touching it. I thrust my hips up screaming against my gag in frustration but still he denied me. My body convulsed when his tongue finally touched my clit. My sweat poured off me as I fight to hold my orgasm in check. I can’t fail him again. He slid two fingers into my pussy my hips bucking beneath him. I begged him with my eyes and he smiled. He tortured me for what seemed like hours and still I held it back. Finally his eyes filled with pride and he spoke the words I’d been dying to hear.

“Come for me NOW,” he said. The words pulsated through my clit and my back arched violently as I came for him. My muffled screams filled the air and I drenched his face in my juices.

“Now you will return the favor, Mine.” I quickly did as he commanded and knelt in front of him between his thighs. I tickled his balls with my tongue then ran my tongue up his shaft. Swallowing his cock and taking it deep in my throat I worked my magic on him. He was close to coming and he ran his fingers through my hair. I moaned against his cock and he could feel the vibrations all the way down to his balls. It pushed him over the edge and he pulled out just in time to come all over my face, lips, collar, and tits. I looked up at him sweetly, drenched in his come. “Good girl.”

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