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The Other Girls Pt. 06

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The two women lay in a steaming mess, their bodies twitching. The humid air hung all around them. Tara could feel her legs beginning to go. She found the willpower to prise herself off Fay and collapsed at the far end of the bed, staring at her in disbelief. They saw their exhaustion reflected in each other’s gleaming faces. For a while they were silent, drawing in huge lungfuls of air. Eventually Fay hauled herself upright and lifted Tara to her knees. “Can I have your number?” Tara giggled. She fell against Fay’s shoulder, and her partner rocked her soothingly in her arms.

“God, you’re incredible,” Tara whispered at last. “You really are.”

Fay kissed her on the temple. “You’re not so bad yourself.” She was still for a moment before she toppled back onto the bed, taking Tara with her. They lay side by side, easing the burden of their tired limbs. Fay gathered a strand of Tara’s hair and twirled it as she gazed deep into her eyes. Gradually their breathing slowed and they took each other under the shoulders. Tara strained forward, her mouth yearning for another kiss. Fay held off, teasing her for a moment, before she accepted. Their wet, slippery tongues probed each other’s throats. Tara wrapped one leg round Fay’s hip and clung to her like a limpet as they made love, their sweat gluing them together.

Tenderly she lowered Fay to the bed. “Can you lie on your front for me?”

“What have you got planned?”

“Nothing crazy,” Tara assured her, giving her a peck on the cheek. Her promise was slightly broken once she had Fay spread out for the taking. Without warning she pounced on her, sinking her teeth into her upper thigh. Fay’s yelp didn’t put her off her stride; she moved up her bum until she reached her arsehole and pressed her entire face into it. The laughter from Fay turned into a moan of appreciation as Tara got to work with her tongue.

“You little pervert…!”

Tara mumbled her agreement, her head swirling from side to side. She kissed her arse several times and then withdrew, but she was far from finished. Running her hands up Fay’s spine, she marvelled at the film of sweat on her back: it shone brightly in the lamplight, as though her body had been oiled. She had made love to her all night and still not grasped what a bombshell she was. She lay on top of her, pinning her to the bed, and kissed her all the way up to her neck. Then she felt under her torso, grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. The pulse of excitement in her pussy was matched by her partner’s trembling frame. They both had more to give.

“Fay,” she whispered, gnawing at her cheek. “How’s your pussy feeling?”

“Jesus, you should know! You’ve felt it more than I have.” Shifting her weight a little, she looked over her shoulder at Tara. “It’s sore. But it’s good for another go.”

“I was thinking, you see. That mirror’s been sitting over there for ages and we’ve hardly used it. What if we both stood in front of it… and you had another play? Would that be OK with you?”

A smile crept over Fay’s face. “I thought you’d got bored of watching me by now.”

“No way. Besides, if you start to get tired — you know, if your legs are getting weak — I can give you a helping hand.” Her fingers wandered south as she spoke: only as far as Fay’s midriff, but it was enough to produce a little tremor in her hips.

“You are such a fucking tease.” Tara levered her off the bed and kissed her, still cupping her breasts. She guided her gently across the room to the dusty mirror. Its frame was big enough to encompass them both as they took up position. Seeing herself for the first time in an eternity, Fay gasped. “Geez, I look fucked. I know I should, but still…” She ran a hand through her mop of greasy hair.

“You look beautiful,” Tara declared, resting her head on her shoulder. Fay reached back and squeezed her elbow gratefully. They examined their reflections in the mirror. The light cast long shadows over their sticky, aching bodies. Tara nudged a little closer, soaking up the sexy contrast of their skin tones: her pale white next to Fay’s light brown. With her left hand twirling Fay’s nipple, she lowered her right until it was hovering above her crotch. “Fay,” she murmured in her ear, her voice a seductive whisper.

“…Uh-huh?” That was the best Fay could manage under the circumstances. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was laboured.

“Have you ever tried to draw it out? You know, when you’re playing… make it as slow as you possibly can?”

Fay shook her head. “Come on. I don’t do slow. If I tried, it’d drive me crazy. It’s bad enough the way you lick my pussy…” She trembled on the balls of her feet as Tara probed downwards. Her fingers came to rest on Fay’s clit and rubbed it lightly.

“You liked it, didn’t you? The way I licked your pussy?” The dirt tumbled out of Tara’s mouth so naturally that it was almost disconcerting. She pressed her lips to Fay’s throat and inhaled, keeping her yearning for more. When she felt Fay’s hand bursa escort close around hers, guiding the movement of her fingers, she knew she couldn’t wait any longer. Still holding her by the breast, Tara dug into her throat and stayed there, coating it in warm, sloppy kisses. Fay watched her in the mirror. Her eyes were wide and attentive. She lurched back into Tara’s arms, and was held.

Tara felt her own pussy tingle with excitement as Fay’s luscious bum knocked into it. She ground back ever so slightly, making sure that the focus was still on her partner. She lifted her foot and ran it along the top of Fay’s, stroking her toes. By now her hand was being worked at full pace. Together their flattened palms became a blur of motion. Fay suddenly lunged towards the ground, her legs wide apart. She let out a frustrated animal grunt. “Fuck, Tara… You are going to make me come so fucking hard.”

“I know I am,” Tara said matter-of-factly, nuzzling at her hair. “I just don’t know what’s keeping you. I thought you didn’t do slow?” She leaned into Fay with her full body weight, squeezing her breast. Fay stuck out an arm and grabbed the side of the mirror to steady herself. Her hips strained forwards, as though she wanted to fuck her own reflection — but it was the two of them, together, that she was staring at.

Tara was watching too. She saw Fay dissolve in front of her, chest heaving desperately. “Oh, God…!” she squealed, gazing at herself at point blank range. Her legs shook and her hair fell into her eyes as she came with the loud abandon that Tara loved her for. The two of them bent towards the mirror until they were almost touching the glass. Tara clung on, feeling Fay’s clit pulsate beneath her fingertips. When the last of her orgasm had been expelled, Fay came to a quivering halt. Tara carefully lifted her fingers off her crotch. She wrapped both arms around her waist and kissed her between her shoulders.

“Any time, lovely,” she purred. “Any time.” They hung together, basking in the heat. Tara brought her right hand slowly to her lips and sucked off the trace of Fay’s pussy, rolling her tongue around each finger. They exchanged knowing smiles, and Fay cleaned up when it was her turn. She stroked Tara’s arm, sighing in contentment, before she was hit by a sudden attack of cramp. With a wince she staggered backwards. Tara took her arm and guided her to the bed, where she sank down gratefully.

“OK, that’s it,” she announced. “I’m done. Pussy’s in shutdown mode.” She eased open her spasming legs. “God, look at it!” The hood was bulging outwards and the tissue beneath was a bright pink. “That’s gonna need a rest.”

Tara bent down, took her by the shoulders and kissed her forehead. “So are you. You earned it. I hope you had a good time.”

Fay looked up at her, a determined twinkle in her eyes. “No worries there. Right back atcha. The difference is, yours isn’t over yet. Come here.” She grabbed Tara and hoisted her onto her lap, kissing her with a force that belied her weakened state. They drew closer, until Tara’s legs were fastened around Fay’s back. She clung to her, enjoying the feeling of being cradled. Fay ran her fingers tenderly down Tara’s shivering spine. She broke off and stared her partner in the eye, forehead wedged against her glasses. “Are you ready to have a play too? ‘Cos if you need a helping hand… I’m here for you.”

Tara breathed in sharply. She glanced down at her crotch, then up at Fay. “Yeah, I might need you. I mean, it helps — having you around.” As they kissed again, she was rocked by an impatient surge from Fay’s hips. She didn’t want to waste any more time. Holding Tara by the waist, she edged forwards off the bed. For a moment Tara thought she was going to lift and carry her, and the idea made her pussy throb. Instead Fay lowered her gently to the floor, maintaining her grip carefully until she was spread out on the carpet. She sat back against the foot of the bed, and beckoned Tara to her. “What are you up to?”

“You’ll see. Scoot round the other way, and come back to me.” Feeling like a beached whale, Tara did as she was told. Fay was waiting for her with outstretched legs, tapping the space in between. She reached for her torso and guided her the rest of the way until she was nestled neatly in the gap. Tara settled back and realised what this manoeuvre was in aid of. The mirror they had stood before was now positioned at a sideways angle, giving a perfect view of their bodies — except that their legs covered up the area they were going to be focusing on. It was well within reach, but just out of sight. Fay leaned in to Tara’s ear. “Does this work for you, hon?”

Tara nodded, suddenly unable to speak. Fay gathered her hair, draped it to one side and kissed her on the nape of the neck. Her lips lingered on the damp skin, absorbing the heat and texture. She massaged Tara’s biceps, then worked her way inwards, playing gently with her breasts. Her hands roamed in and out of every curve and contour. bursa escort bayan “Don’t mind me, OK? I’m just gonna feel you up for a bit.”

“No problem.” Tara leant back on Fay’s shoulder and watched her grope her way down her torso in wide sweeps. Her touch was so casual, like she was inspecting her property. Tara felt another longing twinge in her pussy. She reared forwards, groaning under her breath. It didn’t go unnoticed. Fay waited for her body to subside before she carried on. She lowered her grip to Tara’s thighs and began to rub them as though she were easing the tension in them, when she was doing just the opposite.

“Tara,” she said at last, in an innocent, girlish voice. “I know you haven’t got a one-track mind like me. You don’t just spread your legs and pig out the second you feel horny. But even if you’re careful about it… I bet you’ve had some risky wanks now and then. Haven’t you?”

“You, um… could say that,” Tara muttered, her voice scratchy. She watched Fay lift a finger to her mouth and slowly wet it, staring at her in the mirror. “There were a couple of times I did it in places where I shouldn’t have.”

“Mm, that’s interesting.” Fay delved between Tara’s legs and started to tease her. “So what happened, then? No, wait a minute, first things first — did you get it done?”

“Uh-huh. Both times.”

“Good girl.” Fay kissed her on the cheek. “Tell me all about it. I’ll be busy, but don’t worry, I’m listening.” Her finger orbited in decreasing circles until it slipped inside Tara’s pussy. The reaction was immediate, and stronger than she was expecting. Tara shuddered, her thighs flexing. She stretched her legs out in front of her, bending them at the knee. Fay did the same, so that she was encompassing her from head to toe. She leant against her and breathed gently on her neck as she listened to her confession.

“Well, the first time… I was out in the country, on a long walk. I was on a path going through this forest, there was no one around, and I really, really wanted to masturbate.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” said Fay in an understanding voice as she worked her finger deeper into Tara’s cunt. “So what did you do about it?”

“I walked over to a tree and leaned on it. I lifted my dress, dropped my knickers — “

“All the way?”

“Yep. They were hanging round my ankles. I stood there and fingered myself. It only took a couple of minutes. I kept glancing up and down to see if anyone was coming. Besides me, anyway.” Fay gave her a cheeky nudge in the ribs. “I had a really good orgasm, but it was louder than I expected. I put my hand over my mouth, but the sound still went a long way. I got my breath back, pulled up my knickers and walked on.”

“That sounds simple. What was the trouble?”

“Nothing — except, round the next bend…” Tara breathed out heavily, squirming as Fay hit a sensitive spot inside her. “I met this couple who looked as though they’d been hanging back deliberately. They tried to play it casual, but as I went by the woman stared at me — and I swear, the look on her face… She knew.”

“Yeah, I’ve had that look before. Always from other women. She wouldn’t have minded, though. You probably made her day. You ever done it outdoors — you know, gone the whole way?”

“No!” Tara giggled. “What do you think I am? Besides, the climate doesn’t help. I’d probably die of exposure, if I hadn’t died of shame already.”

“You should come to my place some time. You can walk for two days in every direction without meeting a soul. We could go for a very long picnic. Anyone came along, I’d kick their arse, don’t worry.”

Tara smiled. “Thanks for the invite.” She fidgeted on the floor as she shifted her weight, her arousal temporarily forgotten. It soon returned, however, the signs becoming audible as Fay’s finger squelched around in her pussy. In the mirror she could see her forearm working away, muscles straining all the way up to her shoulder. Her focus and determination were every bit as sexy as the subject they were discussing. Without being asked, Tara moved on to what she knew Fay wanted to hear.

“The other time was way more risky. I was sitting in a car, in a supermarket car park, with all these people coming and going.” That certainly piqued Fay’s interest. She raised her eyebrows. “It wasn’t just a random thing. I’d been turned on all day, it was driving me crazy. I needed to get it out of my system…”

Fay angled Tara’s head towards her. “It’s all right, Tar. I won’t tell.” She kissed her, feeling her body seethe with desire. “What did you do about it this time?”

Tara looked back at their reflections as she spoke; it felt natural, unburdening her inner self when her outer was on display. “I stuck my hand down my jeans and tried to get myself off, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t have enough room. So…” She swallowed, the memory mixing with the adrenaline of what was happening to her now in a potent cocktail. “I undid görükle escort bayan them and pulled them down to my knees. God knows how, I had to lie flat on the seat and wiggle like crazy. I thought I could rub myself through my knickers, but they were getting in the way, so they came down as well.”

“Wow, you really went for it, didn’t you?” Fay marvelled.

“It was just…” Tara waved her hands in the air, trying to express herself. “It was one of those times where you have to do it properly. I was really getting into it and then someone came by. I don’t think they saw me, but I grabbed a blanket out of the back and put it over my lap. I felt safer after that, but…” She shook her head in disbelief. “The way I went for it, anyone who looked in would have known. I was rubbing so hard I thought my hand was going to drop off.”

“What was your orgasm like?”

“Big. Y’know, eyes rolling, head back… it felt so good. I wanted to close my eyes, but I didn’t dare. I was still on lookout. I’d only just finished when I heard a noise behind me and my mum was there putting shopping in the boot! I had to pull everything up as fast as I could. She could tell something was odd about me when she got in. Thank God, she didn’t know what.”

“They say mums can always tell, but not about that!” Tara murmured her agreement. Fay kept on fingering her, rubbing her head gently against Tara’s. “So tell me,” she said eventually, “compared to those two… what do you think this one’s going to be like?” Tara stiffened, her gaze fixed on the mirror. “All this time you’ve been getting wetter and wetter. It’s all over your pussy now.”

Tara took a deep breath, her thighs bending inwards. “Are you surprised?”

“No.” Fay nibbled at her ear. “I knew you’d get turned on. You like taking risks. That’s what does it for you. You took a big one with me — and it paid off, didn’t it?” She gave Tara a huge smack on the cheek, and their smiles in the mirror were so wide they almost broke it. “You needed something to get you going. It’s nice and safe in here, just the two of us. No-one’s ever going to know — unless…” She turned her head slowly towards the door.

“Unless the others got fed up being at home, and they picked now of all times to come back. Imagine that! The moment they stepped through the door, they’d know. Our clothes are right there at the bottom of the stairs — shoes, shorts, undies, the lot. They’d know exactly what we were up to.” She now had so much lube in her hand that she could slip a second finger into Tara without any trouble. Feeling her body tremble, Fay drew her legs in tighter, making sure she held onto her.

“If they came up here and burst in on us, naked like this — I’d have to put my hands up and say, ‘Fair cop.’ Wouldn’t you?” Tara chuckled nervously. Fay lowered her voice as she nuzzled against her throat. “I wouldn’t, though. I’d keep my hands exactly where they are. If they had a problem with that, I’d just tell them the truth: I’ve got a beautiful girl in my arms, I’ve fucked her all night, and now I’m going to get her off again. Nothing else matters.” She felt the walls of Tara’s pussy shudder round her fingers. Her own hips nudged forward, enveloping her a little more.

Tara was captivated by the image in the mirror. By now Fay was outright molesting her, left arm tucked under her breasts while the right pumped hard at her cunt. The sound she was producing, wet and sticky, resonated in their ears. Tara felt a shot of electricity surge through her crotch, building between her thighs. Her bum scraped the carpet and Fay steadied her. Carefully she eased their bodies back so they were supported by the bed frame, and resumed her gentle petting. She had her fingers locked in position, slowly massaging up and down. The upward thrust of Tara’s pelvis to meet her strokes reassured her that it was working. “Gonna be good!” she murmured in her ear.

Fay kept up the pressure with her pistoning arm, and all of a sudden Tara let out a loud, indulgent groan. The last barrier facing her, her own self-awareness, dropped away as she felt her orgasm rise inside her and realised this was something else. The sensations were more intense than she had ever known. She couldn’t shy away from it; she was going to let it all out, and she wanted Fay to share it. Her heartbeat increased as she stared at the look of determination on her sweating features. The spot that Fay had zeroed on became more and more sensitive, until it was a shard of pleasure, digging into her. She turned towards her lover, reaching up to stroke her face. “Oh God, Fay… Fay…”

“I’m here.” They stared at each other in silence for a moment as Tara dissolved in Fay’s arms. Then, throwing caution to the wind, Fay grabbed her and kissed her hard. The shock of it was all Tara needed to tip her over the brink. Her climax welled up through her body, to her fingers, toes and her thumping head, and met its match in Fay’s protective embrace. With nowhere to go it raged inside her. Her desperate cries echoed down Fay’s throat as the kiss continued with unabated passion. The tingling in her toes made them flare upwards, but they were met with the soothing touch of Fay’s, working their way into the gaps. Pacified, she sank to the floor and let the whole dizzying sensation wash over her.

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