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Dream Muse Ch. 02

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It had been a month since I went to the Club Blue and had my fun, work had gotten the better of my and I saw less and less of Roxxana. Everything seemed to have gotten back to normal. I dreamt of dark rooms, stranger pussies and mouths tormenting me, using me.

I would be fast asleep, and suddenly feel a hand stroking my cock lightly. Feel warm breath on my stomach and hair lightly dragging down to my crotch. My cock welcomed the warmth as it slid in a warm wet mouth, teeth gently raking my skin. I would feel warm soft hands on my balls, massaging as my cock was swished around and around by a warm wet tongue.

The smell of sex, passion, and pussy would waft to me in the darkness. My hands, taken and bound; I would feel the warmth on my palms as a wet pussy would sit just before my hand, forcing my fingers inside. Suddenly, I felt the pressure of someone placing their knees and either side of my head as they maneuvered their pussy just above my mouth. My tongue would reach out, daring to feel for their throbbing clit in the darkness. Tasting her wetness, I would lap at her labia, feeling her shudder against my mouth.

My cock would explode, sending white cream off into the darkness. Orgasmic bliss surrounded me, engulfing me in its warmth, again…the smell of vanilla. I loved being used, just like that; being the toy for some woman’s personal pleasure.

In the morning, I would wake with a smile on my face. Penis hard and begging for action, but smiling. Masturbation in the shower became a regular practice; sometimes I wouldn’t even make it to the shower. Standing in my bedroom at the foot of my bed, cock in hand imagining Roxxana…

Bent over my bed, begging to be fucked, a blue blindfold tied neatly around her head. Bare-naked, I could see her hard nipples, see her glistening pussy, and hear her shallow breaths as she waited to be taken from behind. I enjoyed teasing her, running my finger lightly along her shoulder blade, digging my nail in as I scratched down her spine ending at her perfect little ass crack. She would shiver as I blew warm air on the nape of her neck, letting my cock throb against her side.

Her hips bucked, begging to be penetrated her pussy would drip. My warm tongue would gently tease her as I bent over tasting her moisture. Suddenly, racing up along her slit and running one circle around hr tight asshole. She would moan, pushing back on my face, horniness turning into animalistic craving.

Finally, I would get along behind her, cock in hand and forcefully shove it deep into her dripping snatch. Her juices would explode as I buried my cock deep inside her, running down both of our legs. Her moans, her screams of passion would resonate throughout the apartment as my hand came down loudly clapping her ass cheek. With each spank she would get even louder. My hand grabbed at her hair, yanking her head back, her torso colliding with mine as my other hand reached around to grasp her perfectly perky breast. I would twist and pinch her nipple, some strange dominance coming from me I new existed.

Eventually, my hand would migrate down to her clit, teasing her as I thrusted my hard cock deeper and deeper inside Roxxana. Pushing her forward, I repositioned my cock, sinking it into her wet, tight asshole, pulling her body back up. As my balls slapped her thighs, she flexed her muscles loving ever moment of it. I buried my fingers deep in her pussy as I pulled her wide open with my other hand.

As she came closer and closer to orgasm, I would suddenly push her down on the bed, stroking my cock over her I would shoot my load all over her legs and ass. She would lie silently, still, as I stood up from the bed and walked out of the room. After my shower, I would return to my room, finding it empty just as it was when I left.

I returned home for holidays, it was my first Christmas since moving out of the states. Minnesota was cold, with a -30º wind-chill. I visited family and old friends, many of them commenting how different I seemed. I couldn’t explain it; I hadn’t changed that much in my own mind.

One day while at a bar with friends, I happened upon an old crush from high school. She hadn’t changed much, still looked hot as ever. She was clearly drunk, and acting like a slut all over the bar, dancing on tabled, grinding against anyone and everyone. As I sat there watching, sitting at the table with two of my best friends, she made her way over to us. She pulled my chair out from under the table and began giving me a lap dance.

“Kaitlin, what are you doing?” I asked politely.

“What, are you gay?’ She asked, standing up for a moment. “You don’t feel gay, I’d say ten inches?” She smiled, grinding down on me.

“Well why don’t you let me show you,” I demanded evilly. She didn’t need very long to think about it, flying out of my lap she ran to grab her purse and returned seconds later.

I left my friends at the bar, driving Kaitlin to her apartment. As we entered the front door she unzipped her pants, leaving her silver stilettos on as she clicked across the hardwood floor.

“Are you going beşiktaş escort to show me or what?” She asked drunkenly from the door to her bedroom. I followed quickly, throwing off my shoes on the way. “Mmm John, I have to tell you…back in high school you were always more of a mousy nerd, I wish you were more like this. I probably would have fucked you then,” she smiled sultrily.

She bent over her bed, tugging at her black thong as she exposed her pussy from between her legs.

“Take your shirt off,” I demanded walking to her. I ripped the shirt from her shoulders as she struggled to get it off, exposing her huge tits. They bounced as I threw her down against the bed. She looked up at me, surprised by my newfound dominance.

“Mmm, baby, I love it when you talk so dirty to me,” she smiled, lying on her back. She started to tease her pussy, pulling her thong tight, it slid between her labia pronouncing her hard clit.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” I grinned, “but you are going to have to get my interested first.” I demanded looking down at my stiff penis. She sat up on the bed, scooting to the edge of the bed. She unzipped my pants, and pushed them down to my ankles as she pulled my throbbing penis from my boxers.

“Shaved?” She asked surprised. I had decided to shave ever since the fun with Roxxana. “You’re so fucking huge,” she drooled, contemplating how she was going to fit me in her mouth, finally just deciding to do it. I leaned back as she slid my head into her warm mouth, her fingers gently massaging my balls. The veins in my cock throbbed and thickened with every stroke she took, taking even more and more until half my cock was in her mouth, my hands reaching down to play with her breasts as she sucked.

I pushed her back, tits bouncing as her back hit the bed. Her legs fell perfectly open as she looked up at me innocently. I reached down, ripping her thong from her body, smiling as I heard it tear. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. This was something I had always wanted, but never dared to go for. She moved up on the bed as I got into position. Lying before her, my tongue slowly began to probe along her thigh, in search of this invigorating scent, like a snake searching for a mouse in the desert.

She shuddered and gasped with each lick, with each caress I moved closer and closer. As I reached her pussy, my left hand reached up between her legs extending my index finger as I licked along her slit. Just as I reached her clit, sucking it into my mouth my finger plunged into her asshole. She moaned and quivered as I licked and sucked. Her pussy exploding and dripping from my lashing, her hands grabbed at my back pulling me in harder.

I sat up, throbbing cock hungry for the taste of her juices. Picking her up and throwing her down on her stomach like she was a rag doll I positioned her ass perfectly. Sliding in behind her, my cock licked at her pussy, rubbing in her juices as they drizzled down her inner thigh as she stood on her knees. I pushed her down onto all fours as I pulled my cock up in my hand, thrusting it just high enough to rub her clit. She screamed and shivered as I thrusted softly, grabbing my thigh with her cold hand.

I pulled back and bore down burying my cock in her waiting pussy, as it lay open for me. The sound of it was enough to make me smile, as my cock sunk into her wet pussy she cried out my name, falling onto her breasts. I held onto her waist keeping her in position. As I thrusted harder and harder she screamed louder and louder, grabbing at the bed sheets and squeezing me from within, her tight pussy was creating a vacuum as I thrusted deeper and deeper.

Flipping her onto her back, I pulled her up putting her thighs against my chest as I thrusted my thick cock into her. Feeling her g-spot rub against my shaft as I slowly shoved my cock deeper and deeper inside her tight snatch. She moaned and screamed, and fought against me as I forced her closer and closer to cumming. Finally, she flung back against the bed, convulsing in strong orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy squirted and spurted as she bounced on the bed, her breasts giggling with every movement.

Sitting up, she took my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking it. She smiled tasting her juices as she massaged my shaft. I pulled my cock out as I shot my load on her face. Watching as her surprised face as my cum ran down her chin, dripping onto her bare breasts. She smiled as she laid back in the bed, happy we had done it. She drifted off to sleep, I looked back…in disbelief I had finally done it. Then walked out the door, leaving her naked and alone.

I returned to Amsterdam after the holidays, nothing much had changed there. Work was still work. Roxxana seemed happy and chipper as always. Walking around with her office suit, hiding how much of a sexual freak she truly was with her innocent façade.

“How was your holiday?” She smiled, pulling her head out of the fridge, a blue Tupperware container in hand.

“Pretty uneventful,” I lied. If only she knew the truth. “How about you?” I smiled, wondering istanbul escort how freaky she really got.

“Oh, I went to a fun little retreat with some friends. Have you ever been?”

“To a retreat? No, not in Europe anyway,” I smiled, curious as to what kind of activity she was actually talking about…

Walking around the bar, Roxxana looked around seeing masked man after masked man, wondering…hoping one of them was her friend from before. She couldn’t keep her gaze from all of their swollen peckers, as she walked around noticing all the beautiful men and women, just wanting to be fucked once!

Walking into the bathroom, Roxxana stood in the mirror, primping herself. Checking out her breasts, rubbing her wet clit for just a second. All the sexual tension was driving her wild. Suddenly, something caught her eye in the mirror. Behind her on the wall was a small hole. Walking over to it, Roxxana got down on her knees peering through it she found a room full of gyrating bodies; men and women all participating in sweaty, sexy, orgasmic bliss. Suddenly, someone stood on the other side of the hole. Roxxana watched as a man shoved his hard throbbing cock through the hole.

She looked down, strangely turned on by his penis. She licked it gently, teasing him. Watching as it throbbed, Roxxana wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking it slowly. She dripped some spit into his shaft, lubricating his massage. She bent over, sucking his head into her mouth as her fingers migrated to her pussy, feeling her wet and hard clit. Deep throating his cock, Roxxana felt as he struggled against the wall, quickly coming closer and closer to orgasm.

With a few more tugs, she pulled back watching with excitement as the strange man exploded; his cock shooting its load all over her as she leaned back fingering herself wildly. Roxxana stood up, taking a few moments to compose herself. She looked in the mirror, smiling at her horny naked reflection, then walked out of the bathroom.


During the day, I had been fixing a bunch of computers. Apparently, somebody decided to get a virus before we all left for vacation and during the break all the computers were infected. So I sent out a server-wide message asking everyone to schedule a time for me to check their computer out. I was excited when I got Roxxana’s response.

As I walked into her office, she eyed me from behind her desk, smiling widely.

“I’m leaving early today, so I figured you could have a look at my computer. It’s been acting kinda funny,” she smiled sheepishly. “I wonder if someone was searching porn or something.”

“You know, having looked through so many of the computers in the building, I wonder HOW people get this much porn on their computers. There are some definite freaks in the building,” I smiled comfortingly. She blushed and looked down at her feet, silently. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a small bug. Probably something from an email or something like that. I’ll have you fixed up by tomorrow morning. Ok?”

She smiled, leaning in she kissed my cheek. “I don’t know what the company would do without you,” she smiled again, leaning back. The scent of vanilla caught my nose, dragging me after her. “I’m off now, I have an appointment to get my hair done. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she smiled, and ran off.

I sat down to her computer, remembering that night that now seemed so long ago. Right here was where she masturbated so many times. I wondered how many times she had done it since then. As I dug through her files I found something very interesting. A posting she had made to craigslist…

Looking for a great time, I am a young blond woman who is up for anything, the freakier the better. Anal, oral, BDSM, I like it all. Email me with a picture and we’ll set something up. But email quick, my schedule is filling up.

My cock raced to life as I read this. Thoughts and plans, I could really have fun with her. But how? After leaving work that night I stopped at a sex shop on the way, picking up a whip, lube, and some handcuffs. As I was sitting and the counter, the lady behind the counter smiling at me, a mask caught my eye. It was simple, but perfect; a simple black mask, wings reaching down to the chin it would cover most of my face but still allow me clearance to eat her sweet pussy. I bought it without hesitation.

As soon as I got home, I quickly took a few nude shots of myself in the mask. Checking them for perfection as I uploaded them to my computer. I did a simple focus trick and faded the background; it looked like a very nice professional nude, but of ME! I couldn’t believe it as my fingers flew to life, finding the listing and responding quickly. As I sat there at the computer, it took what seemed like hours for her to respond. It was quick and certain.

Come to my place, the front door will be open. I will be blind folded and naked. Tell the doorman you’re here to see Roxxana, he’ll take care of the rest. I’m waiting, don’t make me wait too long, please…I need you inside me.

I grabbed my bag of goodies and ran out the door. bakırköy escort As my car flew down the road plans jumped into my mind. I was nervous, but so excited. I wanted to see that slutty side of her yet again. I yearned for it, to make her mine once more.

I pulled up to her apartment, surprised by how nice it really was. Though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, the company paid really well. As I walked up to the doorman, he smiled at me. Realizing I had my mask on, I went to take it off.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re here for Roxxana,” he smiled.

“You get this a lot, I suppose.” I laughed, nervously.

“Actually, you’re the first. She was just very clear what she was hoping for. Go right on up,” he held the door open for me.

As I walked through the lobby to the elevator, many people turned to eye me. I couldn’t blame them; if I had seen a strange man with a masquerade mask on I might be a little curious too. Standing in the elevator, I thought about what I would say to her, trying not to talk to much…by now I was sure she would recognize my voice.

The door was unlocked, as I pushed open her door the smell of vanilla wafted to my nose. My cock immediately rushed to life, throbbing against my leg. Checking my mask in the mirror, I put down my bag.

“Hello?” I called innocently.

“I’m in here,” I very different voice called to me. I turned quickly, surprised by the sultriness. Pulling my bag alongside me, I walked down her stone hallway. Finding her bedroom door wide open. “I hope you shut and locked the door after you, I wouldn’t want this to become a threesome.” She giggled.

“Yes you would,” I demanded, knowing how much of a slut she truly was.

“You’re right, but not tonight.” Lying bare in bed, she called up to me. Blindfolded she could not see what she was in for.

“Are you ready for a fun night?” I asked, grinning.

“I hope so,” her hand reached down to her bare pussy, teasing herself.

“You are such a dirty girl,” I watched with enjoyment as she rubbed at her clit. “But that won’t be allowed tonight,” I cracked the whip.

“Oh?” she grinned, pulling her pussy apart exposing her clit to the warm vanilla air that filled the room. I cracked the whip, this time on the bed next to her. She jumped in surprise. “I’m sorry!” She shouted. “I just got so horny waiting for you, blindfolded, and alone…naked.” She started to caress her body; my cock began pounding against my thigh.

CRACK! I snapped the whip on her thigh, leaving a bright pink mark.

“OUCH! What the fuck?!” She screamed.

“Now, are you ready. You will call me master. Take off your silly blind fold, see your master, know your master.” I demanded. She sheepishly pulled the blindfold from her eyes, afraid of what she might see. I stood before her, black tux, black masquerade mask, and whip.

“Yes master, I will obey,” she got up on her knees, shaking with fear.

“You are right to fear me,” I grinned. “But you will also know my pleasurable side. Prepare to know the most pleasure you have ever felt in your life.” I stepped closer to the bed. “You have a balcony, yes?” I demanded.

“Yes,” she looked down at my crotch; the bulge was clearly visible.

“Take me there,” I demanded, walking along behind her.

Her ass was perfect, gliding from side to side as she walked, her bare feet pattering on the floor. She left the lights off as we walked out into the cold dark night.

“I want you to fuck yourself,” I told her in the darkness. “I want to see you squirm as you start to cum. I want to HEAR you scream as you do cum,” I handed her a vibrator I had purchased, just for this occasion.

“Right here?” She asked, bashfully.

“You act like such a slut, yet you are truly such a prude. Tonight, I will bring out your true nature,” I cracked the whip one more time.

She took a seat on her patio chair, spreading her legs. Caressing her soft, warm body, she started to breathe shallowly eyes closed clearly imagining something.

“I want you to stand up,” I demanded. She did as I said very quickly. As she leaned against the railing, exposing her bottom to the world, I watched grinning evilly. Her feet started to quiver as she got more and more turned on. “Turn around,” I rushed to her, forcing her around pressing my hard cock to her ass.

She gasped, feeling the cold of the metal railing against her stomach. I pressed in harder; sure she could feel my penis as it throbbed against her butt cheek. I grabbed the vibrator from her hand, pulling it along behind her. I turned it on, feeling the vibration in my hand as I pushed it nearer and nearer to her body. Bending her over the railing, I reached down, running the vibrator between her legs. She quivered as it touched her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Digging in my pocket, I pulled out a small bottle of warming lube. I opened it with my teeth, and then drizzled it down her ass crack watching as it ran down reaching her asshole and continuing to her pussy. She continued rubbing, rubbing faster and faster. I heard her moan, the pleasure of her hand and now the warming lube was enough to take her over the edge. When suddenly, I sunk the vibrator in her waiting asshole her body shot straight up, pressing back against me she pushed the vibrator deeper inside herself.

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