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The Trophy Bride

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Ours is a traditional marriage. Almost dull and predictable. That same old story, rich boy meets and marries girl from another rich family. Gets richer. Divorces first wife. Marries trophy bride fifteen years or so younger than him to pander to his ego.

Almost all my associates have trophy brides. At our level there are ‘associates’, no real friends.

It’s always wonderful being seen about town with this tall, shapely dark haired beauty on my arm. Besides, my publicity advisor recommended being married to keep openings with the ‘right’ people available, which in turn leads to contacts which increase one’s wealth. Amassing wealth of course being the only proof of virility that matters.

In the bedroom suite of our penthouse Laura is amazing, and talented. I can barely keep up. I am just north of sixty years old after all.

I’m in the big bed wearing my blue silk pajamas and reading the financial report of a company I’ll buy if I can manipulate it’s share price down enough.

I look up as Laura comes to bed. She’s wearing my favorite nightie. Pink chiffon with a frill of the same material around it’s collar and down the front, to circle around it’s knee length hem. She’s tied it’s wide white satin sash so the pink frills expose her magnificent breasts. The surgeon was an artist, one cannot tell they’ve been enhanced.

I’m instantly hard. My five and a half inches stands at attention. My God she is sexy. She unties the big bow she tied the sash in and her nightie falls to he carpet. The first time I bedded her I commented I’d never seen a shaved one before. I’m still enthralled by the sight and smooth feel.

“Put your papers away Stuart.”

No need to ask twice.

“Lay back Darling.”

She slides into bed and undoes the button fly, then pulls my hard on free. She unbuttons my pajama top and strokes my grey chest hair. She pinches and pulls my nipples with one hand as her other strokes my bald pate. Our tongues dance together.

I comb my fingers through her long black hair. She fondles my balls as she kisses her way down.

I massage her smooth white shoulders as she kisses the knob of my circumcised cock. Still fondling my balls she swallows me all the way down. She hums as she swallows. “Mm, mm, mm.” Fabulous.

Straddling my hips she lowers her tight shaved pussy onto my cock and begins to roll her pelvis. I kiss and fondle her beautiful breasts. Money well spent.

Laura picks up the pace.I cum. Oh so good!

She gives me a

little peck on the lips and heads for the bathroom. By the time she’s done with the bidet I’m asleep.

I wake up from a strange dream. I’m in the board room. There’s a meeting. I can’t find the right papers and everyone is waiting expectantly. My PA is yanking on my cock and punching me in the balls. Everyone is watching as if this is normal. Before I open my eyes I realize my morning wood is aching. I reach down. Metal! I open my eyes. There is a device of stainless steel rods around my cock. It’s several sizes too small.

Laura is sitting on the couch by the window. Her powder blue silk robe is fallen away from her legs that are arranged on the couch elegantly. She sets down the fashion magazine she’s been perusing.

“Ah, there you are Darling. You’re quite the sound sleeper. I thought you’d wake up before I was finished.”

“Laura, what the FUCK!”

“Language Stuart. You know I don’t approve of foul language.It shows a lac of refinement.”

“Laura, what the fuck is this?”

“Why ,it’s your cock cage, silly. Now go use the bathroom, then I’ll explain.”

I tried to get it off and discovered it had an integral lock.

“Give me the key! Quite fooling around. I have to piss like a fucking race horse!”

“Language, dear. No one’s stopping you, now hurry.”

I couldn’t hold on. I rushed out of the bedroom. Betturkey For the first time in my life I used the bidet after relieving myself.

When I returned she swiveled to put her feet in the dark blue, soft thick carpet. Her legs were exposed from her knees down. On her feet were her four inch stiletto heeled slippers with the white fur ball over her toes. Her hair was over her left shoulder and she absently stroked it from her collarbone to her breast. “Come, sit, and I’ll explain.”

“OK Laura, joke’s over. You’ve had your fun, now get this thing off me.”

“Sweetie, it’s no joke. I love you dearly, and besides, that ‘pre-nup’ would leave me with less than two mill. if I were to divorce you. But Darling, your performance in the bedroom has been, well, less than fulfilling. You cum before I’m near being satisfied, then roll over and fall asleep. Now I’m taking matters into my own hands, as it were.

“The keys are locked away safely. You never did ask for the combination to my jewelry safe, did you? So love, you can decide. We can call it ‘your cock which I control’ or ‘my cock which I control’. That seems fair, doesn’t it. Now, get dressed, Sally will have our breakfast ready. Oh, and remember, tonight’s the Gaylord’s dinner party, so don’t be late.

The workday, then the dinner party dragged on forever.

When I came to bed Laura was laid out on the midnight blue satin sheets. A pile of pillows supported her back. She looked so divine in her black teddy. I climbed in beside her and we kissed. Her kisses were warm and tender.

“Now, baby, slide down there and we’ll begin your training.”

I started to poke a finger in.

“Whoa, baby, slow down. Kiss me first, like a gentleman.

Of course, back in my school days there were jokes about queers and perverts that licked ladies twats. But real men? Oh well, if it gets this contraption off and I can get some fucking. I kissed.

“That’s hardly a kiss dear. Put some tenderness into it. You’re not kissing your grandmother.”

Suddenly my cage wasn’t tight at all.

I closed my eyes and kissed some more.

“That’s better. Now lick.”

I licked along her lips. Not bad. Not the taste I expected. Actually, I didn’t know what to expect.

She took my hands and guided them. “Now, thumbs there and there. Now gently spread, no not like that, gently. That’s better. Now, tongue. Mm. Mm, nice, gentle. Good boy.” She stroked my head. “That’s it. No, don’t stop. Some kisses too. Good baby.”

I kissed and licked. Her juices dripped down my chin. I realized my cock was straining to get out and play.

“Yes baby, you’re doing it just right. Good baby.”

I was beginning to enjoy myself. I wondered if many men did this to their wives. Or just perverts? Was I becoming a pervert? I chuckled at my little joke.

Her hands stroked my bald head. A few years ago I started shaving off the grey fringe. She said it made me look more virile.

“Watch closely darling. Let me show you.

She slid her fingers up her slit. She gently folded back some folds. “See this little nub? NO, don’t touch it yet. Lick and kiss some more, then as gently as you can, just touch the tip of your tongue to it. Gently now.”

I kissed and licked. I felt for the pink button with my tongue. She moaned and screamed. She quivered and grabbed my head. She made those noises she hadn’t made since we were first married. I’d almost forgotten about them it’d been so long.

My cock was straining.

“That’s it. Keep licking. Lick me clean. That’s a good lover. Mm.”

She beckoned me up beside her and we cuddled. I was sure she’s unlock me now. We kissed. I held her down and was the aggressor, kissing her soft sweet lips, fondling her boobs, stroking her hair. God I love Laura.

“Roll off me baby. No,the other way.”

She spooned Betturkey Giriş up behind me and one arm over my waist, her hand played with my chest hair and nipples. “You were very good tonight, baby.”

I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it. “The key Darling. Unlock me and we can have some more fun.”

“Oh, no, baby. You just relax now. I’m completely satisfied. I don’t need anything more tonight. Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another work day.” She snuggled closer to my back. I felt her slowly relax and her breathing settle down. I lay awake for a long time listening to her sleep.

The next day I resolved to put an end to the cage. After all, I now knew what she wanted. It was only logical. Laura had taught me how to ‘eat pussy’. So? I’ll eat her then fuck her and we’ll both get a good night’s sleep. Right?

“Now, Laura, darling, you can uncage me. You’ve shown me how to lick you like a lesbian perv…”

“Lesbian pervert, is that what you just said?”

I knew that might have been the wrong wording.

“Is that what you think? A lesbian? A pervert? You never had a problem with me sucking your cock ‘like a pervert’ did you? Well? Did you?”

“No dear, I mean yes dear, I, er?” This wasn’t going well.


She led me to her changing room. “take off your PJs and put this on.” She handed me her pink ‘baby doll’ nightie.


I sat on the chair of her makeup table. She proceeded to take mascara, blush lipstick and who knows what to my face. Damn, I wouldn’t admit it but I do have a pretty face all made up.

“There my bald lesbian. My perverted little slut. I think I’ll call you Mary. Come to bed and please me, Mary.”

Laura was naked. Ravishingly magnificently naked. She reposed on a pile of pillows. We kissed. Long, slowly, with four hands roaming and stroking. I kissed and molested her beautiful breasts. The aching of my confined cock was, oddly enough, sort of a reassuring turn on. The sheer material of my nightie slithered so sensually over my body as I headed down, kissing my way to Laura’s pussy.

I kissed her smoothly shaved pubic mound. I kissed all around her opening. I licked along the sweet rip. I spread her open with my thumbs, gently, like she showed me.

The more I kissed and licked, the more there was to lap up.

“Good baby. Mm. That’s it. Mm.”

I glanced up. Laura’s head was back on the pillows and she was fondling her plump beautiful tits. The sight inspired me.

Fingers! That’s what. As I kissed I slid two fingers in. A big sloppy kiss and a slow pumping with my fingers.

“That’s it Mary. Good girl.” She stroked my bald head.

I kissed and licked. My tongue was getting tired, but I didn’t want to disappoint my queen. Her clit. Yes. I found it and gently kissed. She shook. I wonder what a second kiss will do?

I’m surprised her scream didn’t wake the servants in their apartment on the floor below. I thought my ears would be crushed. Then I thought I’d smother as she held me down.

“Oh,baby. That was wonderful. Get up here.”

She held me and kissed me like she did when we were first dating. My cock strained beautifully. I was actually proud of myself.

“Hold me Mary? Spoon me?”

‘Mary’ oh well. Would she unlock me?

I wanted to ask, but was afraid to spoil her happiness. God I love her.

I must have dozed off holding her, as I sort of remember waking and pulling the red fox fur blanket over us then snuggling her to me. Maybe tomorrow night?

I got home early. Laura was already in her bathrobe.

“Go take off your suit and meet me in the bathroom.”

Oh boy. ‘Afternoon Delight’ was the song when I was young.

Laura unlocked me and we had a soapy shower fuck. I have to admit I was so excited I came almost as soon as I was in, but she didn’t Betturkey Güncel Giriş seem to mind. I got down before her and kissed and licked her until she came.

Now, Mary, let’s get rid of all that body hair. Scissors, razor, tweezers, an hour later I was completely hairless. Another quick shower (solo). “Put it back on Mary, then lets dress you.”

Black lace panties to cover my caged cock. A little black dress that barely covered my ass, and clung to my body up to my exposed shoulders. I was glad I’d been faithful to the diet and gym routine. This was no dress for a fat belly. I teetered on the three inch spiked heels, a masterpiece of little thin straps of black leather.

Then came my makeup. “Pay attention now. You’re going to have to learn how to do your face yourself, dear.”

The blond wig was a short hair style that wrapped snug around my head leaving my neck exposed so Laura’s diamond choker necklace sparkled.

“Friday we’ll pierce your ears, that way they’ll be healed for the office on Monday, probably.”

My cage kept my straining cock from ruining the lines of my little dress as I looked at myself in the full height mirror.

Laura stood beside me, her ankle length tan skirt draping her legs in sensuous folds, her sand satin blouse enticingly unbuttoned half way down.

“Supper time. I’m famished. How about you?”

“But but , Sally, she’ll see me.”

“Who do you think bought your dress and shoes, baby. I don’t know about ‘plus sizes’ and she always dresses so well for her size.”

After she served us Laura asked her opinion.

“Why yes Ms Laura, Ms Mary looks very pretty.”

“See, Mary, I told you you looked divine.”

We settled in the den to watch some TV.

“Remember how I used to suck Stuart’s cock as he watched ‘Sixty Minutes’?”

“Yes Dear.”

She pulled her skirt up. No panties. She pushed my head down as I got to my knees on the rug.

I started licking. I really have developed a taste for her pussy juice. Kiss and lick. Fingers probing. I look up. Laura’s head is laid back on the couch headrest. She’s pulled the tail of her blouse free and released her bra. Her hands were massaging those magnificent boobs. I remembered the effect of her humming. I hummed. “Mm,mm,mm.” Laura began to quiver. Oh yes my darling, I’ll take you there. Fingers and lips. Tongue and kisses.

“O, aghh, mm. Yes!’

There, I’d done it. I’d pleased her without any coaching. I lapped her sweet juices. She came again. I’ve outdone myself. My beautiful beautiful bride. I love you so much.

“Oh Mary! Let’s go to bed. Go put on your pink ‘baby doll’, I’m going to reward you with a special surprise.”

She wore that pink nightie with the sexy ruffles. She sat me on the edge of the bed. She blindfolded me with one of her silk scarves. “Just a minute Mary, my love.”

I felt her hand on my chest. “Lay back darling.” She pulled the scarf off my head.

Her hands were under my knees lifting them up. Sticking out between her legs was a big pink cock. It was dripping with lube. “Laura!”

“Shh baby, just relax. Trust me baby. Laura knows what Mary needs. Just let it happen.”

“I, but?”

“It’ll be alright, baby. Hold your knees up and relax your little tush.”

She guided her strapon to the opening. Steady pressure. It spread me open. It hurt at first. Then slowly, in, in, in. Deeper and deeper. My cock was straining for release. Laura bottomed out. She pulled back, but not out. Deep in again. She began to stroke. Her voice was sweet and soothing. “Yes Mary. Nice isn’t it. Feel how it fills your little pussy?”

She fondled my swollen purple balls. “So good, isn’t it baby. Mary deserves this treat, she’s been such a good girl. Nice and deep. Nice and deep. OH! Mary squirted!”

Laura kept pumping. I kept squirting cum with each thrust. It was amazing. I’ve never cum like that. I was completely fucked out by the time Laura pulled out and took me to the shower.

That was six months ago. At home, alone, I’m now my trophy bride Laura’s girl, bitch, fuck toy, and have never been happier.

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