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Awakened Desire

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She shivered although the room was hot. Bodies moved rhythmically, creating an intense heat, lights spinning overhead spotted the darkness, music thrust from the speakers, shaking the room into a wordless daze. She was in the middle of the club, naked and suspended from the ceiling. Her legs were held apart with a rod shackled to her ankles. Around her people stared, she couldn’t remember being this humiliated, or turned on, in her life.

She had always fantasized about humiliation: dirty talk during sex, some submission play, a little spanking, she had never dreamed of what he would do to her. She met him at the library where she worked; she was quiet and shy and enjoyed the peaceful environment. Also, it gave her an opportunity to serve others. She thoroughly enjoyed her job. He came to the front desk and asked her if she could help him find a few titles, as always she was more than happy to oblige. She was shocked as he began reading the list of titles he was looking for “The Art and Sex of Humiliation”, “Bondage and Submission”, “Training Your Sex Slave” and many others. She felt herself stir in ways she hadn’t thought possible, she wanted to read these books and enter this world. As she checked out the books for him, he handed her a slip of paper with his phone number on it. His voice rumbled “Call me tomorrow and we can schedule a time to meet.” She did not know him, had no idea who he was, but she knew she would call. It was a slow day and she closed the library early, all she could think of was this mysterious man.

As she drove home she thought of him. He was older, but very handsome. He was most likely in his late forties early fifties, he had black hair that was graying around the temples, stormy gray eyes, and broad shoulders. He was quiet but authoritative. She on the other hand was quiet and shy; she wore her long brown hair down, and was petit. She had hazel eyes, and often looked at the ground. She was almost thirty. She did not own any sex toys, and although she was not a virgin she had not made love to anyone in a very long time. She felt that her desires were wrong, and that if she asked to be humiliated and dominated her lovers would shun her. In the end she never was able to enjoy sex.

When she got home she made a bubble bath and soaked in the water, fantasizing: She was on her hands and knees before an unknown man, her hands were tied in front of her. She trembled as he struck her with the open palm of his hand, she moaned as he hit her again, and again. She relished in the feel of the heat coming from her skin which was turning from light pink to crimson. He began to gently trace his fingertips along the back of her thighs; she shivered with the soft contact. He let his fingers go higher up to caress her sore ass, she whimpered into a pillow. He came around in front of her and pulled down his pants, he was rigid and straining the confines of his briefs.

He took off his last bits of clothing and stood before her naked. She knew it was time to please him. She took him in her mouth, sucking as she ran her tongue beneath his shaft. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking eagerly, trying to please him. She sucked his balls into her mouth, and licked slowly up and down his throbbing shaft. He began to stroke himself as she sucked, her mouth working to bring him to pleasure in conjunction with his hand. He began to stroke more quickly, and his balls tightened as he came in her throat.

She swallowed dutifully, and he patted her on the head like a good little dog.

She finished bathing and shaving, then stood up, drained the bath water and turned on the shower head. She aimed the nozzle at her throbbing clit and moaned as the water stimulated her. She trembled and screamed as she reached a quick climax. She climbed out of the shower, got into her pajamas and crawled into bed, knowing that the next day would change her life.

She woke up early and called him. The phone rang four times before he samsun escort answered. She stuttered a greeting and an explanation of who she was, and he responded with her next instructions. He never asked her a question; he merely told her what to do. She was to meet him for lunch at noon in a small Mediterranean restaurant.

She arrived five minutes before noon; she nervously stood near the door, waiting for him to arrive. He walked into the restaurant at exactly noon; they were the only two in the restaurant. He guided her to a table and then went up to order. He came back with the food, warm pita bread, Tzatziki sauce, lamb meat, lettuce and tomatoes. He brought them both water, and began to eat. He nodded at her, letting her know that she could do the same.

He spoke very little over the meal. He did let her know that she if she went with him after lunch she would be entering a new world, she would be his at all times, if she was not ready to submit completely she should leave immediately. She stayed. She didn’t know him, did not even know his name, yet she was wetter than she had ever been, she wanted this more than anything in the world.

They ate in near silence, and once finished left the restaurant for his car. He drove to his house, a large home in a secluded area. He guided her inside and told her to sit on the floor. She bent her legs beneath her, sitting on her heels, her head lowered towards the ground. He paced around her, observing her, finally he ordered her to stand and strip. She carefully took off her brown skirt, and slowly unbuttoned her pale pink blouse. She stood before him in her underwear, until he clarified that she was to be completely naked.

Her hands trembled as she reached behind her, unclasping her simple white bra and letting her breasts fall free. She then bent over slowly removing her white panties, her breasts swaying slightly as she did so. The room was cool, and her nipples were hard and prominent on her chest. He paced around her, occasionally touching her, stroking or prodding, inspecting her as though she was livestock. He told her to spread her legs, as he continued his inspection by cupping her pussy. She was nearly dripping wet, and he could feel her warmth as he gently massaged her lips.

His hands then made their way to her chest, squeezing and kneading her breasts. She was a lovely girl, and he knew she would serve him well. He instructed her to kneel as he took of his clothes. She watched him, he was clearly strong, but not bulky; he had a smooth chest, and just slightly darkened skin, almost olive. He stood naked before her, hairless and circumcised.

He gripped the sides of her face and brought himself to her mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth and began to suck on him, she had never given a blow job but often fantasized about it, he throbbed in her mouth as she eagerly sucked and licked at his cock. He thrust at her face roughly, his balls smacking her chin, gagging her as he hit the back of her throat. Her eyes began to water as he pulled her face onto him, fucking her mouth with vigor. He felt himself reach the point of no return, and pulled out, his cum spurting over her face and hair. He led her to the bathroom and drew her a hot bath, ordering her to get cleaned up, they were going shopping for her new wardrobe.

She got out of the bathroom and dressed in her clothes. She went back to the living room where their earlier activities left the room smelling faintly of sex. She was sitting on the couch waiting for her. She knelt before him with her head down, letting him know she was ready to go. He gently helped her up, and led her to the car. As he drove he began to explain her new life to her.

She was to quit her job at the library, she was to sell her house and donate all of her old belongings to charity. She would give him the money from her house in order to help him care for her. He would feed her, clothe her, and care escort samsun for her. She would have a cage in which to sleep, complete with a large dog bed, some pillows and blankets. In exchange, she would remain in the cage unless he came to let her out, however it would be unlocked so she could fulfill her domestic duties.

She was to clean the house while he was at work, and have dinner prepared when he got home. She was to spend the rest of the day in her cage unless he gave her orders otherwise. She was to be available for his use whenever he needed or wanted her, and she was not to refuse any order she was giving. If she did not fulfill her end of the agreement, or felt that she no longer wanted to be his property, she would either be sold to someone else to serve them or left with nothing. He would make the arrangements with a realtor the next day, and she would give her two weeks notice via email that evening.

They pulled into the parking lot at and he opened the door for her. He entered the lingerie store, and began picking up items that looked her size. He had been there for slaves in the past, and knew where most things were, so it did not take him long to have a large amount of bras and underwear for her to try on. She was directed into a dressing room, and ordered to try each item on and then come out for inspection.

She entered the dressing room, removed her clothes and tried on the first bra and panty set. It was a black bra, demi-cup, allowing her breasts to spill over the tops, and matching boy shorts. She trembled as she exited the dressing room; she had never been anywhere this naked. Her ass hung out the bottoms of the boy shorts teasingly and the man definitely approved. He nodded his approval, and, once again in the dressing room, set that item aside to keep. The next pair was a red lace push up bra with a matching thong, she nearly cried exiting the room with her ass completely uncovered. He nodded his approval again. This went on as she tried every item; he made her spin, and occasionally moved her more into the light, or in front of a mirror. Her face burned red with humiliation, especially as his looks and the humiliation caused her body to react, leaving darkened, moist stains on the panties. The cashier rang up their purchases, and handed the bag to the man.

They left the store, and began driving back to his house. She longed to ask why they weren’t buying any clothing, but didn’t dare. She sat quietly with her head down waiting for orders. He began to speak. He explained that the lingerie was her new clothing; she was never to wear anything more in his home. He smiled at the shocked look on her face, and reminded her that she was his now, and she would obey or be sold. She looked down.

When they returned to his home he striped her in the living room and handed her a new “outfit”, he had chosen the black bra and boy shorts. He then ordered her to cook dinner, and he sat on the couch and flipped on the TV. She worked in the kitchen, he had many ingredients, and she had many choices. She decided to make pot roast, and once it was in the oven she went to the living room for further instructions.

She knelt at his feet as he watched TV, he ignored her completely, and she felt ashamed and abandoned. Finally, he ordered her to get him a glass of wine, and she obeyed. She crawled to the kitchen and stood to find a wine glass and pour the wine. She walked back to the living room and handed it to him before returning to her kneeling position.

When the roast was done cooking and eaten he took her to her cage. It was in his bedroom, beside his bed. It was basically a large metal dog cage, and she had to kneel to get in. Before she got in he placed a thin leather collar on her neck with a D-ring for a leash. She was completely his.

The next morning she awoke to an empty room, she crawled out of her cage and dressed in the clothes he had left out for her. She samsun escort bayan began to clean the house, dusting, sweeping, moping and vacuuming, scrubbing and scouring, until the entire place shone. She then began to fix dinner, tonight she decided she would make roasted chicken with herbed rice, and began to make the necessary preparations. She did not know when he would be home, but decided to have it ready by the time they had eaten the night before, and went to wait in her cage until it was time to put the rice on the stove and the chicken in the oven.

She had dinner on the table when he got home, including a glass of wine for him. He nodded his approval and sat down to eat, after setting her plate on the floor at his feet. She kneeled beside him as they ate in silence. She felt unbelievably degraded, eating on the floor like a dog, yet she found comfort in it, and pleasure. She felt electric, and immensely turned-on.

After dinner he told her he had a surprise for her. He attached her to her leash, and led her to the car. She sat shaking, embarrassed to be seen by anyone in her current state, nearly naked with a leash and collar, yet she was soaking her panties. He parked at a large, warehouse-like building, and guided her inside.

A rod hung from the ceiling, and her wrists were soon shackled to it. He placed a bar between her legs, attached at the ankles. She dangled from the ceiling, uncomfortable and nearly naked in the dark room. He walked behind her, suddenly she felt the cold metal of a knife. He drew the point along her back, applying a small amount of pressure, but never enough to draw blood. Then he cut off her bra. He walked to the front of her and pressed the blade against her nipple, she twitched with fear, but one look down told him she liked it; her panties were a shade or two darker in the front. He drew the blade down her stomach, and sliced off her underwear. She was left naked, as he gathered her ruined clothes and left the room.

Suddenly people started to fill the room. A DJ entered, and music was being played. He was nowhere to be seen in the crowds near her. People stared and gawked, others danced, a few people decided she looked like fun. A short man with greasy hair began to pull on her nipples, laughing when, despite her shame, they began to harden in his fingers and her back began to arch. Another man came behind her and began spanking her, his hands leaving red handprints on her pale skin.

The attention she was receiving caused her to moan loudly, as she did so, others began to watch. Suddenly he was in front of her, he fondled her briefly, and then stood back to watch. The men in the club began to take off their pants, giving their hardening cocks more room. Some began to jack off. The music throbbed around her as she was fingered by one man, groped by another. Hands covered her body; while women in the club watched in horror she moaned and grunted, grinding into hands and tongues.

Soon the men began to cum over her, cum covered her breasts and stomach, her ass and thighs. One man scooped some of the cum off her breast and held his fingers to her mouth, she sucked them clean dutifully. She realized she was in a dance club as more people came into the room dancing to the music, and it must be popular too, as the large room was filling quickly.

Her master lowered her from the chain and spread her over a table so that her ass and cunt were accessible from one end and her mouth from the other. She was soon being thrust into, her cunt tightening against the invasion. As her mouth was filled as well she felt herself burn with shame, yet she sucked eagerly, and her pussy was well lubricated. Two cocks were offered for her hands. The rest of the night, she received a seemingly endless assortment of cocks. They thrust into her, tearing her nearly virgin pussy raw. They slammed against her face, bruising her jaw. Hands smacked her ass, as men called her a whore, a slut, a bitch, and women stared, thinking the same things. They came on her face, back, and ass, some even aimed at her hair. Hands groped her ass, smacked it until it was burning and raw. She was completely worn out by the end of the night, and as her new master led her to the car and asked if she liked it all she could do was nod. She knew she was his forever.

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