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Dawn Does Dictation

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Black And

This story is dedicated to Dai, my own naughty one…Everything I wrote I plan on doing to you, soon.


“You, you, wanted to see me, sir?” my secretary stammered as she stepped nervously into my office. I could see that her eyes were slightly downcast through her conservatively styled glasses. “Was there something you needed, or did I do something wrong?”

“Wanted”, “see”, and “need”, those words rang through my ears as I beckoned her into my office, signaling her to close the door. What I “wanted to see,” was her luscious looking breasts, breasts which were always barely contained by her daily series of constricting blouses and jackets, wrapped around my extremely hard cock. What I “needed” was to impale myself within her and release myself fully, my hands gripping the ass which I had admired every time she bent to retrieve a file. I wanted to spread her thighs wide and taste…

“Are you okay, sir? Your face got red all of a sudden. Would you like a glass of water, or something else?” she inquired, concern now shaping her face. She was standing now mere inches from my desk. She had crossed the room while I was locked in my reverie, mesmerized by images of her face contorted in orgasm, the music of her sighs filling her ears…. Or maybe she was a screamer?

I shook my head quickly, trying to bring my attention back to the room, and to Dawn, my delicious secretary, who by now must have thought of me as quite odd. Why had I summoned her? I had lost my train of thought again, reveling in the imagined feel of her heels pressed against the back of my thighs, her nails raking my naked back as I…

“Whoa,” I thought, “I’m really losing it.” I’d best get her out of here before she called for an ambulance or before my turgid organ erupted in my slacks, neither of which would do my career any good. “No, Dawn, I’m fine, really I am. I wanted to talk to you about something but it can wait until morning. Why don’t you run along now?”

A look of surprise mixed with relief crossed her face. “I thought you had heard what I had said about you, and that you wanted to fire me, or punish me.” The last two words were almost a whisper, almost wistful.

“What do you mean? What did you say about me…and to whom?” I asked, now fully in the present moment. Just what had she done? Had she called me a slave driver or jerk or something harsher? I thought I had always treated her decently, maybe even went easy on her because she was so attractive, so sweet.

Now it was she who turned red. Was that a blush? She looked down again, “I told my best friend, when she called earlier, that I didn’t mind working late for you, because I thought you were hot. And I hoped one day that I’d make a mistake, and that you’d get so mad that you’d want to spank me. And I’d let you and then I hoped you’d bend me over your desk and fuck me hard.” The last few words flew out of her sweet mouth at such a torrent that I wasn’t sure what I’d just heard.

“Dawn, did I just hear you say ‘spank?'” I asked, my mouth dry, suddenly wondering if once again I had slipped into fantasy. Maybe I was having some sort of a stroke, or the stress of the job was getting to me. Perhaps I was still asleep in my bed, and my whole nine-hour day, including this fantasy, was part of a dream… “Yeah that’s it,” I thought, “I’m dreaming and when I awake my shorts will be sticky from the first wet dream in twenty-five years.”

This couldn’t be real. Dawn wouldn’t really be asking me to spank her, and fuck her hard here in my office. In our two years of working together, she’d never exhibited any hint of sexual attraction to me, or any hint of sexuality, period. Although she possessed a body that could only be described as “luscious,” and a face that men would fight battles for a chance to kiss, she always seemed so prim and proper…She almost embodied the word “spinster.” I had even pictured what her home life was probably like, caring for an elderly aunt, numerous cats, and sipping tea from fine china while Vivaldi played softly… not bouncing off the walls in sexual ecstasy.

“Yes sir…” she smiled wickedly, all sense of the demure leaving her face, “I would like…” She slinked, slowly, almost catlike, around the side of my desk. I slid my chair back, not sure if it was from timidity, or to make room for her. My secretary stepped into the space I vacated, “For you…” She turned around, “To spank…” Bending slowly over my desk, “Me…” her right hand slid languidly down the length of her medium length pinstriped skirt, gripping its hem. Bending completely onto the surface of my desk, Dawn drew her skirt upward, “Hard,” she moaned, “I need you to spank me hard.”

Stunned, I leapt to my feet, gazing down in awe at the sight spread before me, my cock an iron bar… My once seemingly prim and proper secretary was bent over my desk, her skirt lifted, presenting her ass for me to spank.

“Ass” seemed such a vulgar word to describe what my eyes beheld, for Escort bayan hers was truly a work of art. Two perfectly shaped, milky white globes bisected by a reverse triangle of red lace panties, reminded me of a juicy ripe peach. The panties were French cut. I bemused that it was this combination of lace and skin that must have led to the invention of the word “derriere,” the loveliest of body part names. Her rear was visual feast of such shape, proportion, and color that it was worthy of a master painter… and I was about to redden it, mar it… worship it.

The sexual tension in the room was so palpable that it replaced the oxygen in my lungs…my chest tightened as I lifted my hand. My sudden movement caused Dawn to inhale sharply. From fear, passion, or a combination of the two, I wasn’t sure. She squirmed downward, grinding her crotch against my desk blotter, and my nose became aware of her desire; a moist combination of sweet perfume and musk…the smell of lynx in heat and jungle wildflowers…the scent of Heaven… And my blotter would forever carry it.

“God…Please…Now…” She pleaded, “Spank me now!” My hand swung sharply downward…

“Here’s where I wake up,” I thought in the heartbeat before my hand connected with my secretary’s deliciously exposed rear, “there’s no way in hell this is real”. I closed my eyes, fully expecting to reopen them in my bedroom, the alarm clock jarring me awake.

“WHACK!” The sound of the slap was sharp, like a single gunshot. The stinging of my hand felt real, as did the hot globe of flesh it was suddenly cupped against… But some dreams were that way, achingly, erotically, real…

“OH YES!!!” A voice screamed…Dawn’s voice, “Again!” Pulling my hand away I snapped my eyes open. This was real, as was the raging hardness between my legs. Her right cheek had a red hand print on it, adding to the mottled peach illusion…but this was no illusion…I had just spanked my secretary…and it felt good…really good…I swung my hand down again.

“OH GOD!” She moaned, grinding against my blotter. Digging her pelvis against the smooth felt padding, I became more aware of her heat…her moist perfume once again filled my nose…I breathed deeply of her…I was enflamed…. I struck her one more time.

She howled and writhed against my hand, her banshee scream ringing in my ears…and bringing me instantly back into my body, back to reality. At once I felt remorse for what I did, forgetting it was her who instigated this to begin with…surprisingly the guilt I felt did nothing to alleviate my hard on…my yearning to fill her…

I gently stroked her hot red cheek…She moaned, softly this time, almost a breathy whimper. I rubbed her lightly, caressing tenderly what moments ago I had abused. She sighed. I felt a different kind of yearning…a desire to kiss her where I had hurt her…to lick her like lion bathing his mate with his tongue…to soothe her.

I pulled the chair up behind me and sat down, sliding myself forward into my normal sitting position. My body was now between her parted legs, my face mere inches from her delicious rear. I released all the tension that had built within me in one, long exhalation, my hot breath cascading over the back of her pussy.

“God…” she mewed, her pussy tensing, her ass lifting slightly, “oh God…please.”

I leaned forward and planted a kiss in the middle of the red palm print, which I had left on Dawn’s ripe cheek…She inhaled softly as my lips made contact with her skin.

“Mmm”, was her only reply, the barest of whispers, barely heard over the sound of my pulse humming in my ears. My nose was so close to the source of her passion…I inhaled deeply…her musk filled my brain …searing my synapses with her scent.

My tongue flicked out, hesitantly licking where I had just kissed. I traced a wet circle around the dappled flesh…then downward around her full, fleshy globe. No sound escaped her lips this time, but she slowly rocked back on the balls of her feet, pushing against my mouth. I circled upwards, and inwards, leaving a trail of my saliva…heading towards the wet band of red lace…and what lay beneath.

Dawn realized my destination and lifted slightly, opening more of her to me, “Oh, fuck”, she sighed as I made contact with the wet line of her panty. I licked up between the cleavage of her ass, from the bottom edge of her pussy, up over her other hole…the combination of flavors causing my mouth to water…a mixture of animal musk and something darker, more earthy, and nonetheless appealing.

I slipped off the chair, kneeling beneath her and worried my tongue against her pussy, trying to push through the gusset of lace. She slid back off the desk slightly, pushing against my mouth, humping my face. I sucked at her through the thin barrier of material trying to swallow as much of her juices as possible.

I could feel Dawn arch her back, as I sucked at her lips, totally heedless Bayan escort of the material between us, for it was so wet as to be almost nonexistent. Her noises were inhuman, surreal, like the noise a predator cat makes as she rends the flesh from a fresh kill.

I needed to penetrate her with my tongue, needed to rip my way through the barrier, get at her pussy. I slipped a finger around the material and pulled it downward, into my hungry mouth. I was like some savage animal struggling to break through the net that had caught his mate…using the only tools at his disposal; teeth and claws.

My secretary wiggled, thrust and squirmed, trying to work my intruding knuckle into her pussy, but I pulled it further away, stretching the material tauter and feeding more of it into my mouth…giving me more to grind between my teeth. I turned my head side to side…biting…ripping…shredding…until…

She screamed in orgasm, as the lace obstacle was breached, and my lips and tongue made contact with her slick, pink flower, letting her ride me with her orgasm; drowning in her potent, honey.

Dawn’s body went limp on my desk, as I lapped furiously at her, drawing out her orgasm further, her mouth a torrent of obscenities, sighs, and moans, her pussy a torrent of liquid heaven. I rose and collapsed back in my chair, dizzy for a moment, my face glazed by her spicy wetness…I was dizzy from the rush of passion…I figured now would be a good time to wake up from what had to be the hottest wet dream I ever had…

“You forgot something, sir.” Dawn whispered.

I guess this was real, all of it…I shook my head to clear it. “What Dawn, did you say something…about forgetting?”

“You forgot to fuck me sir…hard. Fuck me hard please.”

For a split second I forgot where I was, forgot the aching pressure in my pants. To be honest I had no sensation in my body, just the wetness on my face, the taste of her in my mouth, as if all my sense receptors had coalesced above my shoulders. But suddenly the blood went back in my body, and I became aware of my own need. My cock was full and heavy, straining for a release of its own.

I stood again, and looked down at Dawn, her mottled ass, her glistening pussy, and the shredded remnants of her panties. I had to oblige her. I unzipped my fly and freed myself. It was purple with need, hard and slightly curved, like an arrow, a drop of pre-cum shone at the tip. I stroked, reveling in the pleasure. I was almost tempted to find release that way, onto her, like I did in my youth, or on lonely nights, stroking over a nubile centerfold…Almost.

Dawn glanced over her shoulder, watching me stroke my hardness. “Mmm, I knew you’d have a hot cock sir”. She said half way between a whisper and a moan, “fuck me with it.”

She did that thing with the balls of her feet again, lifting her rear and presenting more of her succulent pussy for me. Her lips were swollen from my previous ministrations. I moved up to her and rubbed the head of my cock against her moist folds, coating it…she moaned again and spread her legs wider…I exerted the barest amount of pressure against her… and slid fully, deeply in…I didn’t care that her juices were soaking, possibly ruining, the woolen trousers of my twelve hundred dollar suit.

We moaned simultaneously as I entered her tight wet tunnel, my balls slapping against her. I pulled back slightly luxuriating in the feel of her flesh against the underside of my cock head. Then I pushed forward into her. My hands gripped the crumpled fabric of her skirt tightly. Dawn and I began a battle of thrust and counter thrust.

“Oh God, your cock is so big,” my secretary yelled as I moved in and out of her slippery wetness, “make me come again, Boss!”

I squeezed her hips tighter and increased my pace, the pressure building inside. Dawn’s pussy was tight…and wet…and as I drove my manhood into her I could feel the walls undulate as she neared her next explosion…

“Oh God, Oh Fuck…Shit, I’m coming” She screamed as she came wetly around my cock, her juices cascading down my balls and thighs, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh!” I could feel her pussy contract and release in rapid succession. I slammed myself up to my sodden balls, my hands tight on her hips…I ceased my thrusting and enjoyed the sensation her pussy’s waves were producing.

“Dawn” I groaned, looking down at the sight of my cock buried in my secretary’s pussy. A wicked thought entered my mind. “I’m about to come. Tell me where you want it baby… your mouth… your pussy…or your ass?”

“Oh God,” She moaned again, “My ass sir, I want you to come in my tight ass.”

My breath caught in my throat, and my cock twitched with excitement. I almost came then and there. I clenched the muscles in my groin, trying to still the explosion that almost occurred. I’d never fucked a woman in the ass before, never dared to even ask the question of anyone before. I’d thought about it Escort many times, what guy hadn’t? But looking down at my secretary’s pink rosebud, and remembering the dark forbidden pleasure I had as my tongue slipped across it, I knew that I had to at least ask.

“Sir,” she said, turning to look over her shoulder at me, “You’ll tear me up with that huge cock of yours…we need some sort of lube, some Vaseline, hand cream or something.”

I thought for a minute, there was nothing in my office that would fit the bill. I considered rifling through the desks in the secretarial pool outside my office. Then something else occurred to me. I took Dawn’s hand and pulled her off the desk. I dragged my surprised secretary into the outer office; heedless to the idea that someone could still be out there…I guess I figured that since this was nothing but a dream anyway, we would be alone.

The lights in the outer office were dimmed now that it was after hours, save for the lights above Dawn’s desk, and our destination, the small kitchenette to the left of my office (rank does have its privilege and that includes easy access to the coffee.)

It was tiny, barely an alcove cut into the dry wall. There was a small sink in the middle of the counter top. To the right were the coffeepots, and on the left was a small microwave. Above it was our office’s industrial size first aid kit, next to the newly installed portable defibrillator. I wrenched open the door and began rifling through the kit’s contents looking for anything creamy…On the bottom shelf were a bunch of silvery ketchup like packets. “Perfect,” I said to Dawn, “I bet this will work just fine.”

I remembered these packets of jelly from our office training on the defibrillator, some sort of goop to make better contact with the skin…Kind of like KY jelly.

“I wonder if the inventors had this in mind when they developed it”, I thought evilly to myself as I tore open the packet and squirted it on my still hard cock.

“Oh yeah, let me stroke it for you, baby”, my secretary purred as her hand began to slide up and down my penis, coating it with the gel, “let’s get it all nice and ready for my tight ass, sir.”

I moaned as her hand slid up and down, I could feel the fluid in my balls yearning to burst free… “Only a little while longer,” I thought, “It’ll be so worth the wait.”

Dawn leaned over the counter and pulled her rumpled skirt back up over her ass, the imprint of my palm starting to fade. She began to rub her gel-coated finger over her tight pink rosebud. “Let me get it ready for you.” She slowly began to push her index finger inside.

I’d never seen a woman fingering her asshole before, never dreamed that it would be Dawn, my seemingly prim and chaste secretary leaning over our coffee counter…Readying her ass for me to fuck…She slid another finger in, widening the gap, and let out a long, low moan…

She began to slowly slide her fingers in and out of her asshole, bending deeper over the counter. With each thrust the iron bar between my legs throbbed in anticipation…She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled wickedly, “Are you ready to fuck your bad little secretary’s ass, Boss-man?”

I stepped forward, my gel-covered cock leading the way, shiny in the glare of the florescent light. Dawn slipped her fingers out of her rosebud, her once tight hole slick with lube and slightly distended. I took my penis in hand and slowly pressed it to the entrance of her dark, forbidden place…

I pushed against her, my tip making its way into her tight hole…the sensation of flesh pressing into flesh sent a shockwave up my spine.

“Do it baby,” Dawn growled, “fuck my ass, boss, fuck me!” I gripped her hips and pushed further into her. She was tight, tighter than anything I ever imagined, tighter than my first girlfriend’s virgin pussy.

There was resistance at first, I thought perhaps I wouldn’t be able to fill her, but suddenly I broke through whatever final resistance there was…

“Oh God, yes,” Dawn screamed as my cock completed its journey, deeply into her rear. “That’s it baby, fuck my ass!” I began to slide in and out, in a slow rhythm…rhythm enhanced by Dawn’s incredible tightness.

She lifted her right hand off the counter and slid it down her body, her left hand bracing against the wall above the sink. Dawn began to rub her clit as I moved in and out of her compact hole. “Oh God, boss, I want to come while you fill my ass with your cum.” She growled in a voice I never dreamed would come from my “chaste” secretary.

Her words spurned me on to move faster, thrust harder into her… I could feel the familiar stirrings in my groin…the pressure was building fast…my fluid was making its way upwards…

Our moans merged together into one unearthly sound as our bodies exploded in unison, my hot seed bursting deep inside Dawn’s rectum… Her left hand flailed outward as her body writhed in ecstasy, striking the defibrillator and knocking the paddles free. In the nanoseconds that my cock’s spasms matched my pounding heart…time seemed to slow … through half opened eyes I watched as the defibrillator paddles started to crash downward…

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