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Fantasy Masquerade Ball Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Zorro meets Catwoman

The Mansion pounded from the inside and out. Music and laser lights crashed into the walls of what would be the second epic invitation-only house party at James’ estate.

It was billed as a Fantasy Night Masquerade Ball… cum as you do in your dreams! And there would be loads of that tonight.

Costumed guests filled each corner of the house. You could not wriggle without touching another body. As you walked in the double front doors, you were greeted by masked valets and coat check girls to take your keys and jackets, if any. They offered you a beverage from the Dining Room bar just off to the right. The walls in almost every first floor room were a beautiful crimson red anchored with black wainscoting. Ornate antiques and lush leather chairs warmed the nightclub atmosphere that permeated James’ home tonight. The foyer was crowned with an elaborate chandelier dimly lit to illuminate the path of a beautiful curving staircase to the second floor. People lined the walls and lingered on the staircase banister laughing and drinking as they made their way to the second floor. Men fretted because their wives and girlfriends were downstairs mingling while they snuck upstairs hoping some hot chick wanted to suck their dick … You either had to tuck your tail and leave or get sucked in by the raw, humid sex that filled the air.

To the left of the entrance was the Ballroom, where music and dancing were in full swing. It was a sea of Lords and Ladies, Bogarts and Munroes, Spidermen and Wonder Women. Everyone had carefully chosen their costume and donned a matching mask. Bodies moved together in time to the music and bumped together, occasionally sneaking an anonymous grope.

There is something primitive about dress up that brings out the spicy sexy side in all of us. Maybe we have a touch of exhibitionist in us, the darker side that gets off with a little naughty as soon as our identities are hidden behind a mask and costume. That is the thought I was pondering when you walked in.

You … you walked in Alpha like any male should, but stopped to get your bearings and decide which direction you wanted to go. I, the Alpha Female, stopped mid drink to watch.

You were stunning.

You looked sensational in Zorro’s black cape and mask. I could see piercing blue eyes and a decidedly chiselled chin accented by your simple mask. Under your cape you wore a tight black tshirt which stretched over your arms and chest. Trim waist in sexy black pants and boots. My breathe caught in my throat as my pupils dilated behind my own mask. I Alanya Suriyeli Escort had just returned from the bar and was leaning against the wall of the main hall, sipping a chilled Sauvignon Blanc before reentering the Ballroom.

I moved slightly and this caught your attention. You didn’t know me but you knew you would. Our eyes connected. Our smiles connected. I watched you take in my full length skin tight Catwoman suit and black patent platform heeled boots. It took only a few heartbeats for you to make a decision and head in my direction.

All the ladies gasped behind their masks and noticed as you strode by. They kept talking to their dates, their sweeties, the guys in front of them … but their eyes followed Zorro as he strode towards one lone Catwoman up against the wall.

I know what was going through their minds … they were sizing up their odds on how to steal a kiss from you before midnight. On the dance floor maybe? Or perhaps waiting in line for drinks? Could they find a moment to chat with you in a corner of one room?

I could hear the buzz as they whisper “Who is that?” to each other.

I’m feeling relaxed and confident, and keep leaning against the wall while watching you walk towards me. I love how you walk. Confident. Cocky. Tall. Sexy as hell. I like that. We will be a stunning couple because I can meet your 6’3″ with 5’10” of sleek, hard body that does everything in her 5 inch platform heels. I can look you square in the eye if I want to. I might want to. Or I might want to start lower.

I can’t help it. My eyes lower to gaze at your crotch. I know… guys do it all the time and manage to be discreet. But we women are not so discreet. We look. And size things up. You size up nicely.

Tit for tat. Your eyes slide down to my chest. My black latex costume hugs every curve of my body. Collared at the neck, the zipper is lowered enough to give you full view of my big breast cleavage. My small waist flares into sexy hips and long, long, sleek legs. Every male who entered this mansion noticed and filed his “I want that” thought for later.

“Can I buy you a drink?” you ask. I love the deep timber of your voice. Is that a touch of a British accent I notice?

“No” I say “I have one. But I will wait for you to grab one.”

There is no one behind the bar so you lean against the counter to wait. I push away from the wall and decide in an instant I will be the one to mix your drink.

Mixology is an art. You make something simple more complicated, but looking much simpler. Mix. Layer. Toss. Shake. Alanya Türbanlı Escort Just having a beer? Open with a flourish and wrap your mouth around the neck to enjoy. I know a few bar tricks that make the guys go nuts. I can tie a cherry’s stem with my tongue. And I love to slide the whole neck of a bottle down my throat like it’s a baby spoon.

I slip in behind the bar and put down my glass of wine.

“What is your drinking pleasure, Zorro?” I ask.

“You. But I will start with a gin and tonic. Do you know how to make one?”

“Of course!” I laughed “But you are more than welcome to join me behind the bar if you want to make sure my technique is acceptable.”

You need no further urging and come around behind the bar.

“I’m Paul.” You say as you offer your hand.

“Shhhh” I whisper and place my finger over your lips before grasping your hand. “No names until midnight, Zorro. Those are the rules. I’m Cat.”

We stand there holding hands for a few seconds, then remember our mission to get you a drink. I turn around to survey the stock and find a quality bottle of gin. You reach over my right shoulder to grab it and touch my backside as you do. Every cell in my body seems to react with pleasure and move towards you. I’m a slave to this reaction and move back slightly so I am leaning into you. Your left hand comes up and curls around my hip bone.

“MMMMMmmmm” you say “that is my favourite part of a woman.”

You stroke my hip then squeeze.

“What’s your favourite part of a cat?” I ask.

Your left hand moves to rub my lower back.

“This part. Especially when it arches in pleasure.”

I spin around so I am facing you. The sexual tension crackles and sparks between us. My body is begging to be touched by you. My mouth is slightly open, not sure what to say next but hoping for a kiss. My nipples have become hard and erect under my latex suit. Desire curls around inside me and lands right between my legs.

Your hand is still on my back and you press me forward so our bodies are are crushed together. I ache and ignite the second your hard cock pushes into my crotch. We stare at eachother for a few seconds then lean forward to share a kiss …

My arms snake up around your neck to grab a bit of your hair and pull you in. Your tongue slides in to connect with mine.

“MMMMMmmmm” you say “is that a pierced tongue?”

“Yes” I purr.

“Is it true?” you ask, as you continue to kiss my mouth and suck on my studded tongue.

“Would you like to find out?”

I Alanya Ucuz Escort love that you hesitate, but only for a second, before pulling me to the side of the bar. You almost drop that bottle of gin still in your hands. But you grab it by the neck and hold on while I squat down on my knees and slowly unzip your pants. I reach into your tight black boxer briefs and release your cock.

Oh. My.

I love your cock.

I slide both of my hands down your shaft and grip it while I lick the whole length.

I hear you moan. You reach around with that free left hand and intertwine your hands into my hair and press me closer into your cock.

I take all of you into my mouth and let the stud glide all the way down. With a slight twisting motion of my hands and my mouth, I suck and glide all the way back up to the tip.

Slowly I go … down and up … twist … down and up … twist. I hear the bottle thunk onto the bar and you wrap both of your hands into my hair. Hold on, Zorro!

I look up and make eye contact with you while my mouth is full of your cock. You smile, close your eyes and let your head rock back while you hold my head tight. Your hips begin to move, giving you faster and deeper movement in my mouth.

Faster and deeper I suck you into my mouth. Every couple of strokes, you pull out and a trail of saliva follows your cock from my mouth. Even my fluids don’t want to part with you.

Faster and deeper you pump into my mouth. I am holding the base of your cock with one hand and fondling your balls with the other. I take my mouth off for a second to lick and suckle on them. My tongue swirls underneath and around. Your hand tightens in my hair and lifts my head slightly so you can reenter my mouth.

Strokes and licks bring you right to the edge.

“I’m going to cum” you announce through gritted teeth. You know this is going to be an orgasm like no other.

I can feel it. Your cock head stretches and widens under the pressure. I can feel your body and legs lock as you prepare to explode. Three more strokes with my studded tongue and lips sliding along your shaft and you grunt in ecstasy as you begin to orgasm. Hot cum erupts like lava, up and out of your cock, spilling right down my throat. We both continue pumping, making sure every quiver, every ounce, every second of pleasure is consumed.

I lean back and lick your tip, making sure I get every drop of your cum.

You let go of my hair and finger the cat ears atop my head. I look up and see your satisfied Cheshire cat smile. I’m glad I am the reason for that smile!

You reach down to my hands and pull me up to your chest. We stay there, locked in an embrace while your fingers absently glide over my back and up to my neck. You touch my diamond studded collar and nibble on my earlobe while whispering.

“You are my pussy now. And I have the perfect leash for that collar.”

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