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Pat’s Panty Slave Ch. 02

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Continuing story of Pat’s Panty Slave,

It had been a couple of weeks since my secret of dressing in womens underwear had been uncovered by my neighbour, Pat. She had caught me in her bedroom, on her bed, wearing her lingerie, and playing with one of her dildoes. To say I was embarassed was an understatement, but worse was to follow. Her Daughter, Jo, knew and reminded me of that fact every time she saw me. My Wife was still unaware of my little problem, so at least Pat had kept her word about not telling her, as long as I did as I was told. This obviously was an open invitation for her to do with me as she pleased.

The day had came where again I was alone for the day, my Wife and kids had headed out, and were staying over at her Parents, who lived out of town. Pat found out, and my degradation was set to continue…

I had a phone call from Pat that morning, telling me to go out and buy some new underwear to fit me. It all had to be black and racy, and the full ensemble. When I returned home I noticed a contractors van parked outside the house. A note was pinned to the door, telling me to put the underwear on under my own clothes and come next door. As I was getting dressed I could hear hammering and sawing coming from Pat’s house and I began to panic.

Still I did as I was told, and headed next door. Pat let me in and told me I was in for a treat today. She had a strange glint in her eye that worried me a little. As I walked in I could hear 2 men’s voices from her dining room. She told me that she was having some work done and not to worry!! She told me to go to her bedroom, strip to my new underwear, put on a blindfold she had left out and assume my postion on the floor in the middle of the room. By now my cock was straining in the confines of the lacy black thong I was wearing, and pre-cum was bubbling from the head. As I knelt there, I heard Pendik Yabancı Escort Pat enter the room. She said that as I was now her slave I was her’s to do with as she pleased. I nodded in agreement, knowing that if my Wife found out, I would lose her and the kids.

I then felt her presence in front of me. She then removed the blindfold, and a vision of beauty stood before me. She was dressed all in black, with stilletoes, stockings, peep-hole bra, and a strap-on dildo hung between her luscious legs. I was beholden to her and she knew it.

I leaned forward and began to lick the head of her cock, I moved my hands toward it, but she stopped me and proceeded to cuff them behind my back. She began to probe my mouth, slowly at first then speeding up as her 1st orgasm rippled through her. By now my throat was red raw with the pounding it was receiving, but I was enjoying it, and she knew it. She then withdrew it and sat in a chair to compose herself.

Then she hit me with the problem!! She hadn’t got enough money to pay the builders for the work they had done today. I was to be the payment! As I protested she replaced the blindfold and placed and ball gag over my mouth. I heard her call out to the builders to come up stairs, and I began to panic, but I could do nothing. I was about to be offered to 2 burly builders for their pleasure. I sank resigned to my fate.

I heard both men enter the room, where they then saw me sat on the floor, and Pat told them that she couldn’t afford todays work, but that she had something to offer them in lieu of money, ME!! As I was blindfolded I couldn’t see the bemused looks they gave. The 1st builder, Dave a black guy aged about 40, looked me up and down, and said that if “she’s willing, I’m able” Pat told them that her sissy slave will do anything they desired,then she took off the ball gag. The Pendik Yeni Escort men then realised that, I was infact a man dressed as a woman, but after a quick discussion, decided that they would be happy with this method of payment.

Dave then said to his mate, Steve, to go first so as to “break him in for me” Steve removed my blindfold, stepped back and removed his clothes. He was white and aged about 25. When he was stood in front of me I noticed his beautiful looking cock, about 7″ long and stood to attention. I leaned forward and began to lick the head, but being young he wanted it quick, so he grabbed my head and rammed the full length in and proceeded to fuck my face. Pat settled on her chair and began to film todays events, making sure to get good close-ups of my face being filled with cock. Dave, who had also stripped was slowly stroking his flaccid member that I saw was already about 7″ long. Steve continued pumping until I heard him say that he was close to cumming. Pat instructed me not to spill a drop. Then after a few moments Steve screamed as he unleashed his cum into my now filling mouth. He continued to pump as I tried to swallow, I then caught my tooth on his cock, and he shouted angrily and whacked me to the side of my head making me fall onto my side. My cock was gushing cum all over my underwear, I had never felt so excited and scared all at the same time.

Dave then came over and lifted me upright, he then proceeded to slap my face with his now huge, rock hard cock. He looked down at me and said “suck it good” I looked up and opened my now willing mouth. Pat had now put the camera down and was caressing Steve’s limp cock back to life.

I took about half of Dave’s cock before I began to gag at it’s length, he then grabbed my head and slammed the rest in till his huge balls began to bounce off my chin. Steve and Pat Pendik Masaj Salonu had now moved to the bed and she was about to take his cock. After 10mins of furious face fucking, Dave decided he wanted my arse. He removed his cock from my mouth and in one movement had me face down on the floor, my arms still cuffed behind me. He then pulled the thong to the side and plunged his saliva lubed cock into my arse. I screamed out in agony as it began to tear me apart.

None of us had seen or heard Jo enter the room, she watched the ensuing orgy going on in her Mum’s bedroom and proceeded to take off her clothes. She then approached me and straddled my back as she began to kiss Dave. Dave did’nt change his tempo and continued to fuck my arse at great pace. Jo then slid down my back and on laying open legged on the floor in front of my face, ordered me to eat her pussy. I opened my tear strained eyes to see a freshly fucked hole in front of me that was oozing cum, who’s I didn’t know. She then grabbed my head and pressed my face to her cunt. I licked and sucked all that I could till she began to scream to a beautiful orgasm. Dave also began to pump his cock harder as he began the throes of his cumming too. I lay there wondering if my cavity could take all he had to offer. It wasn’t long before I found out. He screamed as he exploded in my arse. Jo held my face against her pussy as she drew to a second orgasm.

Whilst all this was going on, Steve had been fucking Pat on the bed and had unleashed his cum into her cunt. Pat then ordered me to “clean my pussy up, sissy boy” I crawled across the room to where Pat sat on the edge of her bed and proceeded to lap up Steve’s cum from her now swollen pussy. I was in heaven but could only admit it to myself.

Once finished, Pat had me wank each man to another orgasm over my face. I was then told to leave the house in the underwear I was wearing and cum covered face and go home. I couldn’t move very fast as my legs were still buckling from the severe fucking I had received. Once home I showered and recovered before I reminisced about the afternoons events, and wondered when I would be called upon again….

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