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Spill The Milk Pt. 03

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Mitch and I hardly spoke that week. After work, he spent his evenings in the driveway, working on Seth’s truck. I spent some time doing the yardwork that I had neglected over the weekend. We fended for ourselves for dinner. We spoke less in that entire week than we normally did in a single day throughout our entire friendship.

I didn’t get to see Seth at all. We did talk on the phone every night. Which, I discovered, was easier than talking to him in person. If I couldn’t see him, I didn’t get distracted by his beauty. I could think and speak more clearly when I wasn’t dazed by the need to be touching and tasting him all the time. We avoided the topic of sex. We hadn’t on Monday night because I wasn’t smart enough to realize how hard it was going to make not seeing him, literally and figuratively. Even so, by the time Friday rolled around, I was a walking erection.

So we talked about other things. I learned a great deal about working in a restaurant. Seth worked the lunch shift Monday through Friday and the dinner shift on Saturdays. All total, working six days a week, he still didn’t work a forty-hour week. He had no benefits and was paid about two dollars an hour. Two dollars! Then, on top of that, he had to claim a tip income of ten percent of his sales, even if he didn’t make that. After taxes, his paychecks were zero. The only money that he brought home was his tips. I had never worked in food service, since my first job was in construction, and I didn’t know any of that. He was living on the kindness of strangers, and I happened to know that the people in our town were not all that kind. It made me think back to try to remember if I had ever walked out of a restaurant without tipping. I couldn’t remember ever doing it, but I knew, damn good and well, that my father did it all the time.


After work on Friday, I went home, showered, and dressed nicely. I was taking Seth out on our first official date. He was waiting for me outside when I pulled up at his apartment. We’d already discussed the fact that I had no desire to know the specifics of his past sex life, and that included any confrontation with his ex-boyfriend. I didn’t mind generalities. I wanted to know the things in his past that made him the amazing person that he was. I just had this newly discovered jealous streak and didn’t want to completely expose how much of an asshole I could be this early in our relationship. The fact that he lived with a man that he’d had sex with was enough to set me on edge.

He climbed into my truck and set a backpack on the floorboard between his feet. “Hi.” He smiled.

His sexy smile had my cock filling out what little room there was in my pants. “Hi.”

He glanced up from fastening his seatbelt at the tone of my voice and grinned slyly at the obvious lust on my face. “Hmm.”

He leaned toward me, and I met him halfway. It was our first kiss in five days, and it melted my brain. He had to be the one to break away because I had neither the strength nor the desire to stop kissing him, tasting him. When he did, I found myself desperately clutching at him and trying to pull his body into mine, regardless of the fact that we were both tied to our individual seats.

“Hmm,” he said again. “Were you planning on taking me to dinner or to bed?”

“Yes,” I replied, my voice still husky and scratchy.

He smirked at me. “Maybe we should eat first,” he suggested. “You seem to be back in that place where you’re not going to let me out of the bed for a very long time.”

“Maybe never again,” I agreed.

He chuckled and reminded me, “I do have to be at work tomorrow afternoon.”

I groaned in frustration then sighed. “Okay. What are you in the mood for?”

His eyes opened wide in shock. “You mean that you don’t have this all planned out?”

I laughed. “I do, actually. I have several plans. So you tell me what you’re in the mood to eat, and I’ll take it from there.”

“Tacos,” he replied with a smirk.

“Seriously?” I gaped. “Of all the fancy restaurants in the area, you’re opting for Mexican?”

He nodded. “Even worse, I’m craving Taco Bell. I’ve been dying for Taco Bell all week, but I didn’t have my truck, and Corey is boycotting Taco Bell because they only serve Pepsi products.”

“Our very first date, my first real date ever, and you want me to take you to Taco Bell,” I laughed.

“Yeah. Do you mind?”

“No.” I shook my head and started the truck. “I don’t mind at all.”

So I took him to Taco Bell for our first date. We ate inside because I have more class than to take my date through a drive-thru, even though I could see the potential benefits to being alone with him in the truck. We had a good time. The place was full of teenagers, being a Friday evening. It was obvious that we were a couple, and I was a little nervous about the reactions that we would get. But, when I’d catch him staring at me with that look of adoration that he’d sometimes get, I kept forgetting to give a shit xslot Yeni Giriş what other people thought. There were a couple of sidelong glances in our direction, but Seth was so personable and friendly that people just couldn’t help but like him. The teens in the restaurant got a little rowdy, and we got a little rowdy with them. It was all in fun, and there was a lot of laughter. Nobody made a mess, and there was no hostility. The manager didn’t even bother to give us any warnings, but then, he was a teenager too.

When we got back in the truck with our to-go cups of Pepsi, Seth asked, “Where to now?”

I shook my head and grinned. “It’s a surprise. You’ll just have to see when we get there.”

He smiled at me and relaxed in his seat. “Okay.”

We drove for an hour, holding hands the entire time. We talked, much like we had on the phone. If I was concentrating on the road in front of me, I found it easier to control my desire to pounce on the man beside me. Although, that became infinitely more difficult when I inadvertently grazed my finger over the palm of his hand, and his entire body shuddered. It was good to know that it had that effect on him even if we weren’t in bed, but I avoided doing it again. The chance of me accidentally killing us was too high for me to seduce him in a moving vehicle.

When our destination became visible from approximately a quarter of a mile away, Seth turned to me, laughing. “You’re fucking kidding me!”

I chuckled. “Would you rather not?”

“Oh no,” he replied shaking his head. “I’m going to LOVE this!”

I parked the truck in the grassy area turned parking lot, and he grabbed my head and kissed me quickly and fiercely. “You are the sweetest man I have ever met!”

I brushed my fingertips over his cheekbone. “It’s just a carnival, baby. I haven’t begun to be sweet to you.”

“No, it’s not, Adam,” he insisted. “It’s OUR carnival.” He laced his fingers through mine and brought both our hands to his mouth, kissing my fingertips. “Come on. Let’s go have some fun.”

He let go of my hand long enough for us both to get out of the truck, and then he grabbed ahold of it again as soon as he was within reach. I, truthfully, hadn’t known that it was the same traveling carnival that he’d worked at. I had just been searching for any carnival within the general area when I’d found mention of it. If I had thought about it, it would have made sense. Those carnivals made a circuit, and it was about the same time of year that we had first met. So, if I had thought about it, it would have made sense that his carnival would have been somewhere close. I just hadn’t.


Seth had a great time. He took me around and introduced me to everyone that he knew that still worked there. Those people all wanted Seth to meet people who had started since he’d left. After the place had closed, we’d stayed and sat around drinking beer, reminiscing, and catching up. No one cared that we were gay. If you looked at some of them, you’d automatically think, ‘red-neck’ and ‘hillbilly’. Based on appearances alone, these were the kinds of people that you would assume would be bigots and racists. They weren’t. They were friendly, kind, and generous. I can’t speak for what carnies in other troupes are like, but this one, Seth’s carnival, contained some of the most open-minded and accepting people I had ever met in my life. I was glad that they had found him and taken care of him when he needed help.

It was creeping up on three in the morning when we finally left. Seth looked exhausted, but he was practically glowing with happiness. Home was over an hour away, so I opted to find a close motel instead. It wasn’t the Ritz, but it had a bed, and that’s what we needed. Suddenly, we again found ourselves in the situation of wanting to make love but having no supplies.

“Oh God,” he groaned when I told him that I didn’t have anything with us. “I want you inside me.”

“I want that too, baby,” I breathed against his sternum. “But we can’t. I don’t want to hurt you.”

We had made it onto the bed but were both still fully dressed. I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt as I placed kisses on all the tantalizing skin I’d exposed.

“But I’ve been practicing.” He whimpered when I found a particularly sensitive spot.

It took a second for what he’d said to soak through my lust-fogged brain. I raised my head from his mostly naked torso. “What?”

“I’ve been… You said… I wanted…” he stuttered, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

I unbuttoned the last button on his shirt and slid back up his body. He had my complete attention now, and I wanted to hear him say it. I braced myself on my elbows on either side of his chest so that we were practically nose to nose. “You’ve been doing what?”

“Practicing,” he whispered.

“Practicing what, baby?” I prodded.

His face bloomed scarlet, and he started chewing on his bottom lip.

I kissed him to make him stop. “Practicing xslot Gir what, baby?” I repeated.

He huffed a breath across my face. He was really embarrassed, and I wondered if he understood how much the thought of what I was sure he’d meant was turning me on.

“Taking it,” he finally admitted.

“Anally?” I asked.

He squinted at me. “Yes.”


The squint became an outright glare. “Yes.”

“I’m not accusing you of anything, baby,” I explained. “I’m just building an image in my head.”

He squinted again.

“With what?” I asked.

“My fingers.”

My eyes closed of their own volition as a deep moan rumbled up from my chest. When I managed to force my eyes open again, he was smirking wryly. He finally understood what this was doing to me. “You’ve been stretching yourself for me?”

“Yes,” he replied. Then softly added, “And a little for me too.”

I had to concentrate on breathing for a second before I asked any more questions. “So you’re not just opening yourself? You’ve been finger fucking yourself? To completion? Do you come with your fingers buried deep inside you, baby?”

I don’t know if it was the rough, breathy sound of my voice, the expression on my face, or the fact that he could probably feel my cock throbbing through the layers of his clothing and mine, but I watched as his pupils dilated, blanketing the sea of blue with black, his breath came out in short pants, and his jaw tightened. “Yes,” he hissed.

“Will you…” I swallowed hard and reminded myself to breathe. “Show me?”

He hesitated as his eyes searched my face. Finding whatever he needed there, he whispered, “Yes.”

After jumping off the bed as if I was spring loaded, I bolted into the bathroom and grabbed both little bottles of lotion and conditioner, not knowing which he’d prefer. I left the shampoo, deducing that anything that lathered would not be good for this. I couldn’t have been turned away from him for five seconds, but when I’d turned back, he’d managed to get his footwear off and was working on his pants.

I paused for a second and watched him strip. I needed to get a grip or I was going to come in my pants like a school boy. And speaking of pants… I walked, as slowly as I could manage, back to the bed and set the little bottles down on the nightstand. Then, just as slowly, I took off my own clothes. When I’d finished, Seth was lying back on the bed, fully naked. I crawled onto the bed and sat back on my feet between his legs.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I breathed and ran my hand up his bare leg. “What do you need from me?”

He shook his head. “Nothing. Just stay right like that.”

He gathered up the pillows and piled them behind himself, raising his upper body to the extent that the cheap, motel pillows would allow. He bent both knees and laid his right one on the bed but kept his left upright. With his right hand, he cupped and rubbed his balls while gnawing on his bottom lip. I glanced over at the bedside table, and his gaze followed mine. He snatched one of the bottles without bothering to pay attention to what was in it. He kept it in his hand while he continued to fondle his sac and mangle his lip.

“Don’t be nervous, baby,” I crooned. “You are the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life. You have no idea how fucking hot this is for me.”

He released his lip and grinned at me.

“Don’t be surprised if I can’t keep my hands to myself,” I warned him.

“I want you to keep your hands to yourself. On yourself. I want you to stroke yourself for me.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. “If I touch my cock right now, I’m going to come all over you.”

His breath hitched, and his dick twitched. I watched as a drop of pre-cum oozed out of his slit and dripped onto his belly. He scooped it up with two fingers and, reaching down, rubbed it around his hole. My eyes rolled back in my head. I had serious doubts that I was going to be able to prevent myself from coming, untouched.

He opened the bottle and coated two fingers of his right hand with whatever it was. Then he poured some into his palm and screwed the cap back on the bottle, dropping it on the bed beside him. He rolled his hips up, cupped his balls, pulling them up and out of the way, and slipped his right hand under them, rubbing the cream around his tight hole. Watching my reaction, he continued to rub small circles around his entrance with two fingers. I couldn’t see it from the angle I was at, but from the way he was holding his hand, with his ring finger and pinky curled in, and his index and middle fingers extended, the cream he’d poured into his palm had to be running down his fingers. It was pretty ingenious, and I wondered why I had never thought of it.

Then I stopped being able to think about anything as I watched both fingers slowly disappear inside his body. A loud moan ripped out of his throat, and his hips thrust up to meet his own fingers. I glanced xslot Sitesi up at his face to see his eyes closed. Then I looked back down to see his fingers slowly pull out and push back in as he began fucking himself. He pressed his fingers in deep, and his whole body convulsed as he found his prostate.

“Adam,” he moaned.

I tore my eyes from his ass to look into his face.

“Touch me, Adam,” he begged.

I didn’t know where to touch him, so I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh.

“Fuck, yes.” He moaned and bucked up against his hand again. This time, he let go of his balls and grabbed his leaking prick. He was no longer sliding his fingers in and out, but I could see the tendons on the back of his hand tightening and relaxing to the flexing of his fingers inside him. He started jacking himself in time to the jumping of those tendons. His breath started coming in short bursts as his chest heaved and his face was contorted in pleasure. It was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. “Fuck. Come with me, Adam,” he panted.

I didn’t have much choice. I was teetering on the edge without having ever touched myself. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and matched his rhythm. My cock was slick with the copious amount of my natural lubricant, and my hand glided easily up and down its length. I started to crest just as he cried out my name and erupted in his own hand. I watched the arc as it shot across his sweat dampened skin and streaked his chest with white. I roared as fire burned through me and hash marks of my own seed mingled with his across his body.


I woke to the sound of incoming text messages and realized that I had neglected to let Mitch know I wasn’t coming home. I untangled myself from the knot of body parts that Seth and I formed together and slid off the bed to find my phone.

‘Is everything ok?’


‘I’m starting to freak out a little here.’

Well, shit. I took the phone into the bathroom and called him.


“Yeah. I’m sorry. We were at the carnival really late and just got a room. I should have let you know.”

“It’s fine.” The hostility in his voice gave the lie to his statement. “I’m not your keeper. I just thought you were planning to come home, so I got a little worried when you didn’t show.”

“I’m sorry. Really. It was a dickhead move. I should have texted you.”

“It’s fine. I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

“Check out time is eleven, so we’ll be there about noon.”

“You know the girls are coming today, right?”

“I remember.” Now I was the one lying. I had totally forgotten.

“Okay. Well, see you then.”

I really felt like shit. Being with Seth didn’t mean that I should neglect everyone else in my life. I’d had a life before he had become part of it, and I was totally abandoning it. I needed to figure out how to balance the two and quit being such a dick. Since I was awake, and in the bathroom, I decided to use the facilities.

When I got out of the shower, Seth was still sleeping. I hated to wake him, but it was getting close to ten-thirty. If he wanted a shower, he was going to have to get up. I dropped my towel and crawled naked across the bed, which was probably an error in judgement, being short on time. But, fuck. He was so beautiful. He’d rolled onto his stomach after I’d left the bed, and his back was fully exposed. I couldn’t keep my lips off him. I started kissing the back of his neck and made my way down his spine. His gentle moaning encouraged me to continue. I nudged the covers down, past his gorgeous ass. He really did have the most magnificent ass that I had ever seen. His cheeks were high and tight. The round, firm swell of his globes fit perfectly in my hands. I couldn’t resist. Truthfully, I didn’t put much effort into resisting. I wanted to taste him.

The instant that my mouth moved below his waist, he began to squirm, raising his hips off the mattress and wiggling his ass just enough to be enticing but not enough to interfere with my progress. I wasn’t sure how awake he was, but he was definitely getting there. I needed him to be alert for what I was about to do. No matter how much I knew he loved being eaten, I wasn’t about to take advantage of him while he was incapable of making the choice. I was aware that there were people who enjoyed being woken up that way. Hell, I had many fantasies of it myself. He could be perfectly fine with it, but unless I knew with one hundred percent certainty that he wanted it, I was absolutely not going to molest him in his sleep. I just felt like there was something inherently wrong with that.

“Seth,” I murmured against the small of his back. “Baby, wake up.”

“Oh God, Adam,” he groaned. “Don’t stop now. You’re killing me.”

My lips turned up in a smile against his skin. I pressed a kiss into the small of his back before resuming my downward progression.

I spent some time lavishing attention on his buttocks before reaching my goal. Separating his cheeks with my hands, I blew gently across his hole. He whimpered and arched up, needy and impatient. I’d tortured him long enough. I drew the flat of my tongue directly across his pucker, and he gasped and moaned loudly.

“Fuck, yes,” he hissed.

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