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Old Friends, New Fun

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I’d know Cathy since College where she had dated my best friend at the time for a couple of years. For some reason we’d never gotten on very well, I think possibly because she caught me starring at her once or twice when we’d all been hanging out at the beach. To be honest I didn’t really care if we got on, I was never quite sure why Simon liked her so much as she was a bit full of herself. But then she was hot, so I guess at 18 that tends to be the ruling factor. Anyway they broke up after college and went their separate ways and I lost contact with Simon completely after a couple of years. I bump into Cathy every now and then as we still lived in the same town and have some mutual friends. Now in our early thirties Cathy was married and a few months ago gave birth to her second kid. One of our mutual friends invited me to go to the christening as her +1 and despite not being overly keen on attending I did my duty as a friend and kept her company. Vicky and I were very close friends throughout College and despite the years that have passed we still manage to meet up every now and then.

Having gone into medicine Vicky qualified as a doctor a few years back and now works as a paediatrician in the local hospital. She’s a workaholic and rarely finds time to date, let alone a start meaningful relationship. During college I have to admit that I was fully head over heals in love with Vicky, she was smart, funny, kind and looked pretty good to. Although I always got the feeling that Vicky felt the same way, I was embarrassingly shy during college and never got round to saying anything. In the years since with busy lives, whilst we’d had the odd moment when I felt something might happen, we never seemed to find quite the right time and place.

I picked Vicky up and was pleasantly surprised to see that she had decided to dress up for the occasion. It was a hot sunny day and I was greeted by her dazzling smile as she opened her door. She looked great as she stood there, long straight auburn hair flowing down over her shoulders, where a light low cut summer dress took over, covering her slim body and pert breasts. I almost audibly gulped as I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra, her hard nipples poking out slightly against the thin fabric of her dress. The dress itself fell to around mid thigh, revealing a delightful expanse of her slim athletic legs.

“What’s the matter?” Vicky quizzed me as I stood their staring at her.

“Um, sorry” I replied “Ugh, not that I’m looking or anything but, do you think you might want to put a bra on?”

“Why, do you want me to?” Vicky teased stepping towards me, so I could almost stare down the top of her dress and see her naked breasts

“Nope.” I quickly answered and Vicky smiled grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the car. We often teased each other a bit like this, although today felt a little different, but hey I wasn’t going to argue.

We arrived early and took seats near the front of the church. Vicky was clearly in a strange mood and continued to flirt with me and kept finding reasons to put herself in places that would allow me to stare down her dress at her naked tits. I have to say; whilst I wasn’t sure where this was going I was having a great time. Whilst on the small side, her breasts were a decent B-cup, but it was her large dark nipples that really got my attention and I couldn’t take my eyes off them, taking every opportunity that Vicky gave me to openly stare.

Finally the service started and we had to sit quietly till the end and then made our way out to greet Cathy and her husband. When they made their way over to us I took in the way Cathy looked as the last time I’d seen her she was still pregnant. Cathy was wearing a simple red dress that despite being quite conservative still managed to highlight her cleavage. Having seen Cathy in a bikini during college I knew that she had a decent sized pair of breasts, but since having children they had clearly grown considerably. If I had to guess I’d have said that they had swollen from a decent C-cup to a large D or even a DD cup. Cathy’s blonde hair fell to her shoulders, framing a beautiful sexy smile. Wearing glasses seemed to make her sparkling blue eyes even more alluring and whilst not very tall, Cathy’s figure had mostly returned after giving birth with just a little of the baby weight still showing around the waist.

We all exchanged pleasantries and Cathy invited Vicky (and thus also me) back to their house for drinks and a barbeque. Vicky quickly accepted and a few minutes later we were back in my car headed for Cathy’s house. We got there and grabbed a drink and spent the next couple of hours drinking and eating with Vicky getting more and more flirtatious as they afternoon went on.

It was late in the afternoon, when Cathy’s husband walked past me and Vicky and suggested it was time we got a room. Vicky’s eyes instantly locked on mine and I realised that this had been her plan all along. After ten years of flirting görükle escort on and off Vicky had finally decided to take the initiative and make a move. Not wanting to pass the opportunity up I grabbed Vicky’s hand and pulled her inside, within seconds we were kissing, hands all over each other as we released 10 years of passion all at once. We half dragged each other upstairs kissing as we went looking for a room we could steal from some privacy.

Vicky was kissing her way down my neck as I tried a door, before stopping almost dead in my tracks. Vicky, instantly noticing the change in my reaction, looked up to see what had stopped me. Sitting on the edge of the bed in the room in front of us was Cathy, her dress pulled down to her waist, bra discarded on the bed beside her and full swollen breasts naked in front of us, obscured only by the young baby feeding from her right breast. I couldn’t take my eyes off of those large swollen breasts; they looked magnificent, skin stretched tight, dark purple veins clearly visible under her skin with fat pink nipples sitting proudly out from her breasts, the areola spreading out across the flesh.

I heard Vicky let out a light gasp and for a second I thought Cathy had heard, but she never opened her eyes. It was then that I felt Vicky’s hand run over the front of my jeans and slowly work the zipper down. Reaching in Vicky slipped her hand into the front of my underwear and pulled my hard cock out into the open before proceeding to slowly stroke my shaft up and down. I looked at her quizzically and Vicky just gave me one of her mischievous smiles and then turned to stare at her friend.

I returned my gaze to Cathy just in time to see her daughter fall away from the breast she was feeding on, obviously full and now very much asleep. Cathy continued to sit there for a few seconds giving me a clear view of both heavenly milk filled breasts, before her spare hand rose to her own breasts and gently began squeezing her own nipple. We heard a little moan escape from Cathy’s lips as she pinched her nipple, causing a small amount of milk to leak out and drip down over her full breast.

Suddenly Cathy roused herself and we quickly dashed back away from the door, to avoid being seen. Realising that Cathy would be coming out of the room any second, to put the baby in the nursery; we slipped into the nearest room and closed the door. We were all over each other in seconds, Vicky’s dress had hit the floor before the door was even fully shut, leaving her completely naked in my arms as I now realised that she had not been wearing any underwear at all. My shirt and jeans followed shortly after, our hands exploring each others bodies with an intensity created from over 10 years of waiting for this moment.

Then suddenly there was a knock at door. “Vicky, James, is it you two in there?” Cathy called.

“Shit!” Vicky whispered.

“I heard that.” Cathy responded from the other side of the door and suddenly the door was opening and Cathy was standing in the door way starring at us, our naked bodies still pressed together. For the second time my breath caught as I starred at Cathy. Her dress had been discarded and she now stood there wearing nothing but a thin light blue blouse, clearly too small for her enlarged breasts, which were straining against the fabric with the buttons threatening to pop open at any moment. There was no doubt that Cathy had neglected to put her bra back on, her fat nipples protruded against the blouse and damp patches were quickly forming across the material where her milk continued to leak.

“Were you two watching me feed Ali?” Cathy demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

Ignoring the question Vicky just pulled away from me and stepped forward towards her friend. “You looked so fucking sexy, I couldn’t take my eyes of you!” she responded.

“Yeah right, Mark hasn’t been near me since I got pregnant, so that can’t be true. You just wanted a good stare at my freak show of a pair of tits.”

“He’s an idiot then.” I responded without really thinking. Cathy turned to look at me, those sparkling sexy blue eyes starring at me from behind her glasses. “I never seen a sexier sight than what I just saw, your breasts are…. they’re incredible!” Cathy gasped suddenly as without warning Vicky reached out and started popping open the buttons on Cathy’s blouse.

“What, what are you doing?” Cathy stammered for a second, “I don’t think this is a good idea, Mark’s downstairs with our other friends.” But she did nothing to resist and seconds later her blouse had fallen to the floor and her glorious swollen breasts were naked to our view. Vicky grabbed her friend by the hand and led her to the bed, directing her to sit in the middle up against the headboard. We slipped onto the bed either side of her and I heard Cathy take a deep breath as she prepared for what we were going to do.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and my hand slid out and caressed my way bursa escort bayan up Cathy’s soft thigh, over her stomach and to her amazing breasts. My fingers gently danced over the taught skin, before I allowed my hand to cup her breast and gently lift it, I was amazed at the weight of it filled with milk her breast was heavy and firm to the touch. My thumb traced across her skin and flicked across an engorged nipple, Cathy moaned loudly and I looked up at her, searching for permission to continue. Suddenly Cathy’s eyes closed, her head tilted back and a low moan escaped her lips. Looking down I instantly saw the source of the reaction as Vicky had sucked Cathy’s left nipple into her mouth and was now hungrily suckling on her friend’s breast.

I didn’t hold back, lowering my mouth to Cathy’s other breast I gently licked her swollen nipple, instantly being rewarded by a trickle of milk onto my tongue, it was sweet and delicious and I hungrily sucked the nipple into my mouth, allowing my tongue to continue teasing the end as I did so. Cathy’s moans instantly became more intense as Vicky and I suckled on her swollen milk filled breasts, her milk streaming into our mouths which we hungrily swallowed down.

My right hand quickly slid between Cathy’s thighs, seeking out her pussy, only to find that Vicky had beaten me to it. Quickly realising we couldn’t both reach her pussy with her knickers on we grabbed at the waist band together and pushed them down over her hips, along her thighs and off. Our hands instantly re-joining between her thighs and soon our fingers combined to gently stroke and massage her soaking wet pussy as we suckled on her tits.

This drove Cathy wild and she was soon moaning uncontrollably as she wriggled between us. I felt Cathy’s hand reach between my own legs and finding my hard cock she began to rub me sending me into my own spiral of ecstasy. Then, suddenly Cathy’s hips started to buck and her thighs clamped tightly around our hands as her orgasm rushed through her, letting out a high pitched squeal as months of sexual tension burst out of her, her climax sending her into a shuddering spiral of pleasure.

Finally Cathy relaxed as her orgasm subsided; Vicky and I were able to remove our hands from between her legs, our hands coated in her pussy juices. We both reluctantly pulled away from her breasts and I revelled in the difference after having drained so much milk from them. Her swollen breasts had shrunk slightly and the skin of her breasts was no longer taught as her large boobs now drooped slightly with the milk drained. It was almost like a completely different pair of boobs, but they were just as sexy. I reached out and caressed her right breast, savouring the now soft and pliable flesh in my hand.

Cathy’s hand continued to slowly work my hard cock and I could feel my own orgasm start to rise as she did so. I looked over at Vicky and could see the lust still painted across her face, Cathy might be satisfied for the moment, but Vicky was clearly still as horny as ever. I pulled away from Cathy reluctantly and moved round the bed behind Vicky. Sliding my hands over her slim supple thigh I eased her left leg up over Cathy’s body, then leaning down I gently allowed my tongue to lick across her pussy from behind, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from Vicky.

Cathy’s pussy was only inches from my face as I slowly used my tongue to tease the folds of Vicky’s twat and not being able to resist I quickly leaned over and dipped my tongue into her soaking wet snatch. I was rewarded by a instant flow of her juices drenching my tongue and Cathy’s body almost instantly tensing up again as I worked her twat. I quickly found her swollen clit and sucked it into my mouth, gently teasing it with my teeth. Cathy’s hand suddenly grabbed the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy urgently directing me. I took the hint and attacked her pussy without pause and within seconds Cathy’s second orgasm in minutes rocked through her body coating my face in her sweet juices.

As soon as her orgasm had subsided I drove straight back into Vicky’s pussy, running my tongue along the folds of her twat and opening her legs to give me access to her clit. As I did so I could hear kissing sounds and I looked up to see the two girls slowly making out above me, their mouths open to each other and their tongues caressing together. It was an amazingly erotic sight as I continued to work on Vicky’s pussy and soon I could feel her orgasm approaching.

Easing away from her, Vicky let out a low moan of disappointment as my tongue left her pussy, which was quickly replaced by another of hot anticipation. Easing Vicky’s thigh further up Cathy’s body, I quickly straddled Vicky other leg and Cathy’s where they were squashed together and placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I gently rubbed the head of my cock over the lips of her twat, teasing her before I allowed myself to find her wet entrance and eased my bursa escort cock inside her.

Vicky tensed briefly as my cock entered her, years of unfulfilled lust ending as I finally entered her driving my cock deep into her pussy until I was buried to the hilt, her tight little ass pressed against my stomach. I paused briefly savouring the feeling of her hot pussy wrapped tightly around me and then I slid almost all the way out, causing Vicky to moan loudly as I felt Cathy’s fingers return to between Vicky thighs. Unable to resist any longer I drove myself back into her tight hole filling her completely, not pausing any more I drove myself in and out of Vicky’s pussy as she pushed back with me on each thrust driving me deeper inside her each time. I could feel Cathy’s fingers working Vicky’s pussy as we fucked, seeking out her clit and brining Vicky to the edge of her orgasm.

Suddenly it hit her, Vicky pushed back against me one last time and screamed loudly as she ground her ass against me pushing me deeper inside her than I would have thought possible, the muscles of her pussy tightened around me gripping my cock like a vice as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to shudder uncontrollably. I pulled against her as her orgasm continued ensuring I was as deep inside her as possible and then as suddenly as it hit, her orgasm faded and she collapsed onto Cathy, head resting on her soft milky tits.

Vicky was clearly exhausted from her massive orgasm, but I still hadn’t cum yet, Cathy sensing my problem just looked at me, blue eyes sparkling from inside her glasses and said “Come here, let me finish you off.”

I gently eased my cock out of Vicky wet twat, which was still gripping me tightly and moved around the bed back to Cathy’s side. Kneeling beside her, Cathy was able to reach out and take hold of my cock, which was still covered in Vicky’s cum. Starring up at me Cathy’s tongue snaked out and gently licked the underside of my cock, tasting Vicky’s juices on me. Clearly deciding that Vicky tasted ok Cathy leaned into me and slid my cock slowly into her mouth, her lips wrapping around the head of my cock as she did so. Her mouth was heavenly as she proceeded to slide me in and out of her mouth, both her lips and her tongue working the underside of my cock, bringing me quickly towards my orgasm.

Reaching down I wrapped my hand around one of her breasts savouring the now soft pliable flesh and squeezing gently to be rewarded with a steady stream of milk over my fingers. As I groped Cathy’s large milky tits I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching and tried to let her know. Cathy only smiled around my cock and increased the pace of her amazing blowjob. I looked down at Vicky who was now watching intently, her hand wantonly groping Cathy’s other milk filled tit, pausing briefly every now and then to lick the milk from Cathy’s flesh.

Cathy then used her tongue to intensely rub the underside of my cock and I lost control, Sensing my orgasm Vicky eased her self up and kissed me deeply our tongues entwining. I could taste Cathy’s milk on Vicky’s lips as her hand caressed my balls and this sent me over the edge. My orgasm hit just as Cathy was sliding me back in between her lips and my first jet of cum spayed into her mouth. Clearly enjoying herself, Cathy allowed my cock to slip out from between her lips as she continued stroking me with her hand and my next spurts of cum sprayed across her face covering her lips and splashing onto her glasses. Easing herself up slightly Cathy milked the last of my cum out over her tits, rubbing my sensitive cock over the silky soft flesh of her breasts, allowing my cum to mix with the milk that had leaked from her nipples. Finally empty I relaxed and Vicky broke our kiss, both looking down at Cathy propped up against the headboard her face coated with my cum and her breasts covered with the combined mixture of my cum and her own breast milk.

I t was the most arousing sight I’d ever seen and my cock was already responding having only just cum seconds ago, I was still hard and showing no signs of deflating. Vicky dropped to Cathy’s side and leaned into her breasts and slowly ran her tongue through the combined mess of Cathy’s milk and my cum, drawing it into her mouth. Savouring the taste for a second, Vicky was soon lapping the mess up from across Cathy’s tits and then suddenly the two girls were making out again. My eyes were glued to them as my cum smeared across their faces and their lips as they kissed, breaking apart every now and then to lick cum from each other and feed it back into their mouths as they kissed.

Finally satisfied that she had cleaned all of my cum from Cathy’s face and tits, Vicky sat back and looked at me with a large satisfied grin on her face. “Looks like James is ready for round two!” Cathy said looking down at my hard cock. Vicky looked at me and then at Cathy, “Go on you two,” Cathy answered” Get yourselves home so you can enjoy each other in private.”

“Thanks Cathy,” I answered leaning in and giving her a slow deep kiss. “I don’t think either of us will ever forget this.”

“Me either,” Cathy replied “I’ve never cum so hard in my life. Now go on, go have some fun, you’ve both been waiting over ten years for this!”

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