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The Coronavirus Diaries 2020

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I have been writing a diary since I was 19 years old; every day, I write in my journal explaining what I have achieved or just a random thought for the day. I always do the entries within thirty-six hours, no matter where I am. I never miss an entry. I have been writing them since I read an article in a magazine, it explained how good it was to keep a personal record of your life so that you could review it as you grew older.

I have put everything in those journals since I started university. Ironically, I had no idea how vital my diary entries would be in the future. My diaries helped me explain how I felt about girls, the sad unsuccessful days I had when I asked girls out in a bar I would go into pandora’s box, which was a suitcase that I had in my bedroom I get a pair of tights & a nightdress, put them on & masturbate thinking about the girl I wanted in my life at the time.

Every time I did it helped to give me closure on my failure to find a girlfriend, the new habit of masturbation & the feeling of the material seemed to help me. I discovered that my secret was more of a kink. Still, my logical reasoning allowed me to accept my method of escaping life’s challenges by dressing for twenty minutes. I would have a wank, then carry on with my life. I could never explain why I did it? But what I did know was it felt fantastic when I climaxed & hoped that when I finely met the right girl, it would resolve itself and go away.

I always knew I was different from all the other children at school. I believed that when most of them got older, they would probably either work in a factory, supermarket or turn to crime to pay for the sad lives that they had made for themselves.

Thankfully I did very well at school; my family were excited when I won a sponsorship to go to university. My problem was I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I became qualified with all this knowledge that I was absorbing every day.

There was only one person who I looked up to; her name was Emily Stratton; she was head of medical science; she was young compared to all the other lecturers. Emily was beautiful as well, behind the glasses that she wore on the end of her nose when she gave lectures, I could identify a beautiful, intelligent woman. I liked her. Yeah, I love her, she was knowledgeable & very hot. But I also realised with my age difference & her academic abilities & her job in the university that she was way above my fighting weight, I knew I was stupid, but I even felt I couldn’t talk to her.

Then one day, a unique opportunity gave me a chance to speak to her. I was walking through the halls of residence when I noticed her walking towards me; I realised she was the woman of my dreams, well my cock did &, to be honest, every time I saw her, she had that effect on me. Emily was carrying a large batch of documents & appeared to be struggling with them, as she got closer, I saw the reports beginning to move in different directions, I ran towards her & got there just in time to catch some of the paperwork that was leaving her arms. We grappled with the papers ensuring everything was safe, making various sounds to each other to resolve the challenge of the escaping paperwork. Our eyes met & the lecturer smiled and said “thank you, I’m struggling a bit with these”, my opportunity appeared for me to finally speak to her “oh that’s ok, here let me take some from you”, she smiled as I took a large batch of papers from her arms.

We walked down the aisles in silence, then stopped at a classroom, she opened the door walked over to a desk, put her paperwork down & smiled “thank you, you are my hero, do you go to my lectures? I think I recognise you”, I blushed “yes I do, I love your approach to medical science, it’s so open, you make it very easy to understand”. She smiled “well it seems I have a fan, so how do I thank a fan? Let me see, do you like coffee?” I nodded “good follow me”.

We walked down several corridors then stopped at an exit door to the staff car park; I had altyazı porno never been to this part of the universality, there was no need I didn’t have a car. We walked down past several cars & stopped at one, “get in”, oh my God it was a Porsche 911, I looked at her with a broad grin on my face, pulled the door open & got in, did my seat belt up & made myself comfortable.

She started the car engine, put it in reverse & we drove out the staff car park.

She drove with the precision driving ability, only breaking were needed, going through the gears like an expert race driver.

I watched her go through the gears in the car. I stared at her long legs covered in tight black leather boots, with a knee height black skirt, both were very tight fitting to her body, the country lanes opened up into open fields. I remember the sunshine beating down on the windscreen as she charged the car into a thrusting fast racing machine. I was in total aye of her. Eventually, we got into more local roads & I heard the changes in the engine as it purred to a more sedate speed for the slower lanes, we drove through the town, keeping to the speed limit. Still, I knew the car & her wanted to move so much faster, we got to a row of cottages & she stopped the car at the third cottage in the row & she began to park the car.

She finished the car engine turned her head & smiled “time for coffee I think”. She started to get out the car, “come on lazy bones”, I undid my seatbelt, opened the car door & got out, the cottage was very old, it had a thatched roof & the front of the cottage was painted mainly white with black window frames. She opened the door & gestured to me to join her. The house seemed so much more significant as I walked in, a long walkway seemed to extend quite a long way down the cottage & I could stairs Infront of me to the right & several doorways down the corridor. “Follow me, let’s get my hero a coffee”, I followed her down the hallway passing doors on my left to a lounge & a study. The kitchen was modern with a large French Aga stove. “Welcome to my den” she smiled & opened a cupboard door & lifted out some coffee & filter paper, “now let’s get that coffee on, tell you what go back down there take the second door on the right for the lounge I will be with you in a minute.

I couldn’t believe this was happening; my life had been so dull in university, so many other people were out enjoying themselves virtually every night drinking & probably doing drugs. I had never been that way I always wanted to be logical in my approach to life & my future, there was plenty of time to do some of those things, but right now I wanted to get qualified & do my exams, pass them & then decide what my future was going to be.

“Oh my god, do you know what? I don’t even know your name?” I turned to see her standing there in the doorway, and she had let her hair down & taken her glasses off, she was stunning. I realised I was supposed to speak & answer her question, and I stared at her for what seemed so much more than it was “Oh sorry, my name is Steve”. She walked over to the sofa and sat with me, sipping her coffee.

“Steve? That’s a fitting name you look like a Steve or Steffanie if you were a girl, yes that fits”, she walked off back to the kitchen & I could hear her making the coffee. She appeared a few minutes later “there you go Stef”, she handed me a coffee with milk, “take a seat Stef, sit on a nice soft sofa”, she pointed to a large leather sofa facing a big TV mounted on the wall, I had never seen such a big TV, it must have been costly. “So, Stef tell me about you? Are you with anyone in Uni, are you in love?” her questions were straightforward.

Still, I felt compelled to answer her, “No I don’t have time really, it’s my last year here & I want to concentrate on my marks & ensure I qualify, I am looking for a distinction because I have worked so hard this year.”

“Wow Stef you are aiming high, aren’t you? So, what are you amatör porno hoping to do? Something in the medical profession, I hope?”

“Yes, I want to work in medical science, make a difference to peoples lives, do something great get involved in ground-breaking research that will change people’s lives.”

She smiled at me, “so you just masturbate when you need to, get the urge out the way? That’s very business-like Stef. I like your approach”.

I couldn’t believe my ears; did I hear her say what she just said? I looked over at her, her face indicated in her body language that she expected an answer, I started to gather my thoughts trying to give an intelligent, witty answerback. “Ok let me make this easy for you are you still a virgin?” I couldn’t find any words, my head was spinning for an answer to prevent me telling the truth, but I knew she knew the real answer, I took a breath & said: “Yes to both your questions”. She smiled & leaned forward.

“So, do you want to deal with this problem? Get rid of this horrible stigma & the intense worry you have been carrying around all these years?” My head was spinning & my cock was now rock hard in my jeans. “How’s your coffee? You have gone quiet?”

My cock was screaming, I was so horny, but I couldn’t believe that this highly intelligent woman would be saying such naughty, dirty suggestions to me. How did she know so much about me, what kind of horny magic was she playing on me & my cock? She leaned over & bowed her head down towards my hard-on, “wow Stef you look like you need to unload? Put the cup down Darling, follow me”. Like a hypnotised slave I followed every word she said, we got up & I followed her upstairs, her skirted arse seemed to be like a beacon to follow. We walked into a big bedroom with a large double bed, “take your clothes off Stef lets sort out that massive swelling for you.

I got undressed slowly watching her unzip her long boots, laying each one by the chair that she was sitting on. Then she stood & her skirt slips down her legs revealing black stockings & suspenders with shiny black panties, next came her white woollen jumper, she pulled it over her head revealing a black matching shiny bra, her nipples were erect as they pushed through the satin cups. I stood naked in front of her watching her reveal every man’s dream. Her body was near perfect, she stood up & walked over to me, get on the bed Stef, let me milk your cock for you, I laid on the bed on my back & she climbed onto my hips. “Oh, Stef look how hard you are?

As Emily bent down, and her silky lips moved towards my cock. I wanted to cum so much but didn’t want the moment to end. She moved her body & adjusted her hips, and then Emily’s head came back towards my cock. This time she grabbed my balls & my cock.

Emily began to wank me off. I could hear her heavy breathing; suddenly I lost all control, my body went into orgasm, I felt it rushing towards the end of my cock. She massaged it with her mouth; my orgasm was fierce & out of control.

My body shook like never before as my heavy creamy load filled her mouth, even as I felt my orgasm was ending her mouth continued to massage my cock & her hand tightly gripped my balls as if she was squeezing every last ounce out of them.

My breathing was uncontrollable my hips pulsated into her mouth as she greedily sucked my milk out. What seemed so long suddenly ended, the feeling of non-excitement, the moment after you cum realising that high is over. She flopped to the side of me breathing heavily & laughing in between each breath” Jesus Fuck Stef how long have you been holding onto that milk I nearly drowned”.

I lay on the bed gasping for breath, “Are you ok, Stef? I think I drained every ounce of milk out your balls”.

I turned to see my hot fantasy woman laying next to me, she had just drained my balls of my hot cum into her mouth & now lay next to me on her bed asking how I felt? I tried to think of a witty line amatör porno as you hear in the movies, but in between my breathing & exhaustion, I was only able to say “Jesus Miss did that just happen?”

Emily burst out laughing “did you call me Miss? Oh, Stef you’re so sweet Darling, yes it did happen I’m kinky”.

Just her words made my cock suddenly begin to get hard again; I couldn’t find an answer in my vocabulary to answer such a hot woman, I was 21 & just been wanked by everyman’s dream. “Fuck Stef you ready to go again already? You horny little Bitch”.

At that moment, my cock was so hard I could feel a groin strain inside my lower hip area, my cock was so hard, the helmet was shiny like someone had taken a polish to it. “I’m horny Stef & I’m feeling kinky are you up to go again?”

I looked over to where Emily had moved in the bedroom, she was searching in a draw, she turned & walked towards me, “I want you to wear this for me?”

I looked down to see a shiny satin light blue all in one in her hand “Please Stef; please put this on, I want to fuck you while you’re wearing it, let’s get the virgin out your system”. I looked at the all-in-one looked at my cock, how could she know I was now in heaven, I took it from her hand & placed a leg through the shiny cold satin material, I wanted to cum as I pulled it up lifting my bum off the bed, I put my arms through the straps I felt I had just died & gone to heaven. “Jesus Christ Stef you look like such a Horny Bitch look at you? Oh, it’s time to release that Bitch milk for me”.

Emily walked over & started to rub my cock through the satin being held tightly in its new prison. She mounted my hips, pulled out my cock from the side of the all-in-one & pushed it slowly into her pussy, she was so wet, my cock glided in & Emily started to grind up & down on my hard cock. “Don’t you dare cum Bitch until I tell you, do you understand?”

I nodded as she started to wank herself off on my cock, gyrating up & down, screaming in ecstasy as she orgasmed on top of my cock. I began to feel like I was being used just for her pleasure, she orgasmed several times, her hair fell over my face as she concentrated on her orgasm on my cock.

She pushed back on my cock & placed her hands on my nipples, and I want you to cum right now Bitch, she squeezed my nipples as I felt an overwhelming surge inside my body, the feeling of my hot cum making its way to orgasm inside Emily. It took no more than ten seconds with her hands, squeezing my nipples to make me cum. We both screamed like two Bitches, I screamed so hard & my hips pumped out hot creamy cum into Emily, she screamed as the warm cum entered her vagina & I shot hot creamy cum inside her pulsating body, my orgasm seemed to end. However, Emily was still pumping me for more cum, my orgasm was over, but Emily’s demand for more cock had not stopped, she was now wanking herself off with her right hand & still going up & down on my rigid cock.

I put the journal down on my desk, fucking hell that was a horny day that I would never forget. The memory will never leave me the day I lost my virginity wearing a shiny satin all-in-one. I looked down to my erection in my satin panties; I was delighted I had a way of dealing with my stress.

The job I now have since I left university is classed as essential. I currently work in a secret government laboratory. Everyone around the world is working so hard to fight this coronavirus; it’s attacking countries around the globe murdering so many innocent lives people. Now I find myself working in medical research trying like so many other scientists to find a solution to this evil plague, I have been here for nearly 12 years, nothing has ever been this bad.

My fear now is the report I have just written is going to change the world. I have been sharing all my research since I joined the team, but for some reason, nobody ever seems to read them or take any action, well that’s how I feel because nobody ever comments to me about my findings, all I see is a reader comment on their email. But maybe now I have put everything together the report that I have compiled & the evidence laid out clearly for everyone to see will make a difference, people will soon realise the truth & what is about to happen around the world.

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