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Escapades of Eva Ch. 46

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Crawling carefully on her hands and knees Eva started to follow Sir Dan as he walked around the room. She was heeling him again, as he wanted. And, as she would if they were at the dungeon and walking, she tried to stay a foot or two behind and to the right side of him.

She was watching his feet and he would walk a bit, then he would stop to look at something at one of the display stands, and she would almost run into his legs. Her knees were beginning to get sore. And she was trying not to complain. But she couldn’t help breathing a little harder as she limped after Sir.

Then suddenly he ran about five feet ahead of her. She picked up speed the best she could on her hands and knees and toddled to him. When she reached him he turned the corner and ran a few more steps ahead. As she hustled to keep up again she heard him say, “I told you to heel bitch.”

“Yes Sir,” she gasped as she tried hard to catch up.

Then when she was only a foot from his feet he yelled, “Ahaaa!” and he jumped over her head and ran a few steps behind her. “Come on pet,” he chuckled and at that point she looked up to see a big grin on his face.

She narrowed her eyes and gave him a pouty look; adding, “Yes Sir,” and she started to stand up.

“No Bitch!” he bellowed, “I told you to heel.” Startled, she fell back to her knees and looking at him timidly she crawled as fast as she could to his feet.

Then he immediately jumped over her again and dashed behind her, laughing. She turned and tried to catch up with him again. And again he scrambled in another direction. “Over here pet,” he howled with laughter. Eva crawled after him again. And as she approached him he scampered quickly away.

Finally, panting and wheezing, she lifted her head and watched as he dashed in another direction. Each time she would try to follow him he would run another way laughing and laughing. Then she noticed that he was about to come toward her to jump over her again. She pretended to go after him and as he jumped she turned herself at the same time and grabbed him around his feet.

Sir Dan stumbled and rolled to the floor with Eva still holding his feet. He was porno indir howling so hard that he doubled over and held his arms across his tummy. He was laughing and panting and gasping for breath.

Quickly, she climbed on top of him straddling his body and began to lick his face like a puppy. She was panting and jumping around him and licking him just like a dog would.

“Arf, arf,” she barked, and tried to lick his face once again. “Look Sir,” she grinned, “Am I heeling good Sir?” Sir grabbed her and rolled her over on her back. Then he jumped on top of her, straddling her.

“Oh do you think that’s funny my silly pet?” he growled as he grabbed her head and began to rub it with his knuckles. “How about some noogies, huh pet?”

“Owie, owie Sir.” she gasped. And when Sir Dan reached over her to knuckle her head again he looked so comical that she suddenly could not stop laughing. “Oh please Sir,” she gasped, “I am going to wet my pants.” And, she doubled over anew.

Sir gave her a wicked grin and said, “So pee slut.” And, still sitting astride his sub he started tickling her until she was wiggling and laughing hilariously. She tried to get away from him but he clamped his legs around her shoulders even harder, and continued to tickle her.

“Oh Sir please. I … I … I cant breathe Sir.”

Suddenly he made a silly face and chuckled, “Why pet I thought we were going to get some water sports out of you,” and he lifted his weight off of her a little but not enough for her to escape.

She was laughing so hard she could not answer. Since Sir was nude and straddling her neck she had a wicked idea of her own and grinned, “Mmmmm…” she moaned and bent her head forward to lick at his soft naked cock. “Woof, woof,” she barked and licked his balls up and down.

“No fair,” he yelped. But instead of moving away he pressed his cock, which was stiffening between her open lips. “Lets see if you think this is funny,” he said as he shoved his meat into her mouth. Eva sucked on the delicious head of her Sir’s cock and as she was just beginning to enjoy it he jerked it away from her.

Looking into rokettube his eyes with feigned disappointment, she smiled prettily as she bent her head toward his cock again and began to lick the head. As she continued to keep eye contact she began to notice a hard look take over his face and without a word he moved a few inches closer to her mouth.

She was in the right position to suck her beloved Sir’s hard shaft and when he did not pull away she continued to lick the sensitive head of the cock she loved so much. After licking up and down his hardening penis on first one side and then the other, still looking into his eyes, she felt the trembling and the wetness begin in her cut.

His eyes were riveted on hers and she felt suddenly conscious of every inch of her body. It was as if his steady gaze had reached into her hot pussy and was pulling an orgasm from inside her. She shuddered.

She loved her Sir so much that his very glance made her cunt quake with desire for his slightest touch. He had an expression of control that she had never seen before and she was mesmerized by it. She could not look away.

She continued to lick his meat and finally she could hold her feelings no more. Still locked in his gaze she whispered, “May I please cum Sir?”

“Yes you may my little one,” he answered, and still looking into her eyes, he gently took her lovely face in his hands and guided his now raging hard-on to her lips.

Slowly she licked around the head of the beloved cock he was holding in place for her and she could see that his eyes were beginning to glaze over. And then with a sexy little smile she sucked the sensitive head of his cock into her hungry lips. At that very moment her legs stiffened and her insides shook, and suddenly the hot cum gushed hard from her pussy.

At the same time Sir began to hump her face. She locked her lips on his shaft and sucked quickly as he began to ride her lovely face. He entwined his fingers in her soft thick auburn hair and began to pump her hot lips fast and hard. She took him deep into her mouth sucking all the while. And, as he held her to him by her hair she seks filmi felt his cock start to twitch. She sucked a little harder and as he pounded her mouth she began to whimper.

“That’s it, CUM BITCH,” her ordered.

And, as she came once again she doubled the sucking motion on his cock. “Arrrggghhh!” he groaned as he filled her waiting lips with warm slick cum. Eva swallowed hard, and her Sir fucked her mouth again and filled her lips once more. Then with one last thrust deep into her waiting throat he came again hard and long.

Eva swallowed one last time and lay still holding his softening cock in her mouth while he collapsed over her face. In a moment he lifted himself off of her face and, still pinned by his legs, she giggled and started lapping at his soft cock again.

He looked into her eyes in surprise and howled once more with laughter as he said, “You greedy slut. You are fucking insatiable.”

“Yes Sir,” she giggled and as he was getting off of her she licked his cock once more and began to pant like a puppy.

Screaming with laughter, he grabbed her again and rolled over and over with her on the floor. Both of them were in hysterics and they laughed so hard their sides were hurting. And then as their mirth subsided Sir kissed her tenderly and said; “Now pet lets get on with our exploration of this…this…”

“Adult playground?” she asked.

“Yes pet. This adult playground,” he chuckled and he stood up offering her his hand.

Once they were both standing again he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again. “Now pet. I think you need some discipline.” And he turned her a bit and began to spank her naked bottom with his hand.

“Oooo! Sir. oooooo!…” she murmured.

Then he smacked her hard on her ass and laughing he said, “Now behave.”

Then, giggling, he gave her a bow indicating that she should precede him, “After you my pet.” And, lifting her head haughtily Eva strolled past him bumping his hip gently with her own as she passed him. And then she began to look at more toys.

She was having so much fun. She moved around the room picking up each item and examining it closely. She asked Sir a lot of questions about the many strange items on display. She felt like a kid in a candy store, and she listened in wonder as he explained each unfamiliar item.

Suddenly she stopped. “Sir, what is that funny looking thing?” she asked, pointing across the room.

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