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Kinky Part-Time Jobs

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Peggy Moran was strapped for cash. She did surveys online but that did not pay the bills. She sold her blood sometimes and that paid well but still did not pay her rent.

She was tired of always having sex with her landlord. He was a horny bastard who was very slick and sneaky. She had been having sex with him for the last year. She loved her apartment, but it was too expensive for her. She made a deal with George her landlord and gave him sex whenever he wanted it, which seemed to be about three times a week.

Having sex with him paid the rent. She liked to shop and needed extra cash to pay for her shopping habits. She was looking at the newspaper on-line and saw an ad for some creep wanting to buy dirty panties. The price per pantie was significant. She got the number and decided to get more information.

Peggy called the number and some old guy answered the phone. He told her he would pay one hundred dollars for each dirty panty. He specified he wanted them to have cum on them and wanted panties soaked in urine. He said if she bled on the panty, he would pay three hundred dollars per panty.

Peggy knew that this job would be super easy. The person wanting the panties told her to set-up an account on-line and he would make deposits into her account. The man wanted her to buy black and white panties. The black ones were for the cum and the white ones were for her piss and blood. When she had them packed, she would call him and tell him what she was sending. He would then give her half the money and when he received the package, he would put the rest of the money in her account.

He specifically said he wanted her panties to smell ripe and needed her to wear them for several days. She was to wrap them in plastic sandwich bags and send them to him by federal express.

Peggy went to the mall and bought the desired panties that the creep wanted. She spent three hundred dollars on the specific panties. She drove home and on the way home George was standing outside of his door.

“Rent is due! I think it’s time for a cock-suck and a roll in the hay.”

“Okay! I got a new part-time job. Make it quick!”

“As soon as I cum, you can be on your way.”


George opened the door and Peggy walked in. She left her bag against the door. She knelt in front of George. He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. She unbuckled gorukle escort bayan his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants down and grabbed his semi-hard dick.

“That’s it girlie! Put your hands on my dick. Pull on my dick, princess.”

“I know the drill.”

“You are quite the slut. You have fucked me for the last year. You must like my dick, or you would get a better job. Fucking whore! You love my dick. Suck it cunt!”

Peggy jerked his cock up and down and all around. She squeezed his hot balls and opened her mouth wide. His cock was large, and she stuffed as much as she could while massaging his balls. She did like having sex with him. She would not tell him that or he might want her to move in. She looked at it as a job. He did let her stay in a gorgeous apartment rent free.

He was not ugly; in fact, he was decent looking. He was just missing some teeth and did not shower too much, so he always had a scent to him. He ate pussy good and he was a good lay. His dick was big, and it felt good in her tight pussy.

George loved her hot mouth and began pumping his hips. Peggy was a good cocksucker, but he did not want to waste his cum on her sucking efforts. He liked fucking her pussy and fingering her ass. She got easily turned on by his efforts.

“Take your clothes off and get on the bed. Get on your hands and knees!”

Peggy got up and undressed. She stood their naked before assuming the position on the bed. George liked her a lot. She was a petite thing with huge breasts. She had a shaved pussy and several tattoos were on her body.

George loved fucking her and for the most part she played the part. She moaned and groaned and came buckets when George fucked her silly. He made sure he got his moneys worth because he did not take money for the rent. He fucked her whenever he wanted. She had been doing it for about a year. She had a piercing on her tongue which felt nice on his cock. She also had a clit piercing which really turned him on. She was a super sexy whore.

George grabbed Peggy’s hips and licked her ass and pussy before pushing his huge cock into her tight hole. Once he was inside of her, he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Her big breasts swung as he drilled into her cunt.

He pushed his pinky into her butt which made her cum hard nilüfer escort bayan on his cock. It made him so excited he blasted her cunt with his cum. He always wondered if she was fertile. He would love to put a bun in her oven. Eventually, he would give her an engagement ring. He really had a soft spot for her.

He figured she was on the pill or something. George pulled out of her pussy and licked his cum from her tight hole. He loved to taste his cum and ate it all out of her. He liked her to orgasm on his tongue and pleasured her until she came.

When he was done, he liked to play with her huge breasts. He sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy.

“That was hot! Get dressed and go work on your new part-time job! What will you be doing?”

“Selling my panties. Sounds like something you might like.”

“Fuck! You can get paid for that shit? Make me a batch, I will pay you what the creep pays.”

“Yes. The money will pay for my shopping habit.”

“You already have a job with me for your rent. I guess your panty venture will pay for your pocket money. You are a sexy slut. You better go, or I will want to fuck your butt this time. You get my dick so hard.”

“I know George. I am your whore. See you next time.”

Peggy would never say to George that she kind of liked him. He owned the building and made good money. She wondered if any other women fucked for their rent. Peggy got dressed and blew a kiss to George. He really liked her.

Peggy walked up another flight of stairs and went into her apartment. She took the bag of panties and removed all the tags. Her pussy was juicy from the fucking she just had.

She took off her clothes and grabbed her vibrator. She went on her bed and masturbated for a while. She needed to cum up a bunch of black panties for her new creep in her life. She wondered what he would do with her panties. She imagined he would smell them and taste her cum.

He would probably wrap them around his cock and cum inside of the cotton. Maybe he would sleep with them. She had no idea what the man wanted with them. It was easy money and something that was not hard to do.

She slid her vibrator into her pussy and fucked herself hard. She felt an orgasm coming on and took a pair of panties and pulled them onto herself. She slid the vibrator in bursa otele gelen escort bayan and out of her pussy and she screamed and creamed up the first pair of panties. She grabbed another pair and came in those too. She was told to wear them until they were ripe.

Afterwards she needed to pee and grabbed another pair and peed on the cotton. She grabbed a few pairs and tinkled on them too. She peed on three pairs of the white ones and came on three pairs of the black ones. When she had her period later in the month, she would bleed on a few of the pairs.

Peggy was giggling. She was thinking of all the money she was going to make with this job. She would make six hundred with this batch of panties. The bloody ones would earn three hundred a pair. She knew that his guy must have some crazy fetish.

She was pleased to do her new job. She opened a bottle of wine and read the classifieds. She saw there were other crazy ways to make money. She noticed that selling breastmilk made a ton of money. She wondered if she should go off the pill and have a baby.

George would probably marry her, and she could make some nice change selling her breastmilk. She would think about that. She really did not want a baby just for that. It was something to think about in case she got pregnant. George fucked her a lot. She had been lucky at this point. She did take the pill but sometimes forgot to take them.


A month later Peggy had made ten thousand dollars. She had sent the creep a hundred panties. On her period, she sent twenty pairs and made another six thousand.

She had made enough money to buy a car. The creep had another request he wanted to meet Peggy. Peggy did not want to meet the creep. She said she would be happy to keep sending him panties, but meeting would be too weird.

She did not want to end up dead or a slave on the black market. That request was too weird. Peggy continued sending her panties. She liked the money and eventually George asked her to marry him. She accepted the ring and the proposal.

She stopped selling her panties and her and George moved to a nice house. Life worked out for Peggy. George showered her with gifts and eventually Peggy got pregnant.

Peggy never forgot about the breastmilk and all the money she could make with that. She knew that she would try that after she had the baby. She would not tell George because he might get creeped out. The money would pay for extras for the baby. Peggy liked making money in weird ways.

This would be her little secret. It was a very dirty secret that would pay for lots of things for her new baby. She was excited thinking about all the money she would make.

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