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My Mother My Wife Ch. 05

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We spent the rest of the day lazing around the house. We lay naked in the sun by the pool for a time where I lay staring at my mother’s gorgeous body as she lay relaxed, legs spread, arms akimbo. When I got an erection she pushed me back on my recliner and took me in her mouth.

She took her time bringing me to a climax, and when she eventually let me cum, she swallowed every drop.

I did some work, answering emails, writing a letter. I connected my phone to the computer and downloaded the video of Clara and Michael on the deck. We both watched the images a couple of times. “Did watching them excite you?” I asked. I remembered how wet she was at the time.

“Mmmm,” she said by way of answering, nodding.

“Have you ever watched anyone being intimate before?”

“Once, many years ago. We, a friend of mine, her boyfriend and I, went on a picnic. I’m not sure how it came about but they ended up kissing and cuddling. I watched him pull her panties down and finger fuck her.” I had never heard Nellie use a swear word in normal conversation before. She continued. “I was sitting right there on the blanket with them and could hear the wet sounds as his fingers moved in and out of her, I could smell her. I found it so stimulating, so sexual, that I could not help myself; I put my hand in my jeans and rubbed myself to a climax right there in front of them. Not that they were aware of anything other than each other, that is! She ended up giving him a hand job and I remember him squirting all over the blanket, making a huge mess. That was the first time I’d ever seen a man ejaculate. It was the most exciting, naughty thing ever.”

“How old were you?”

“Oh, I suppose I must have just turned eighteen.”

We were sitting side by side on the couch, the computer on the coffee table in front of us. I slid my hand up her thighs under her dress, until I felt her panties. I slipped my fingers under the leg band and explored the warm lips that greeted my fingers. Nellie spread her legs, laid her head back on the couch and closed her eyes.

Her labia were already slick with her juices; I explored with my fingers feeling the contrast of her pubic hair with the engorged clitoris nestling there, and the smooth shaved lips, the protruding inner lips, and the warm moist opening. I inserted two fingers into her vagina and placed my thumb on her clitoris moving in and out. Nellie sighed and spread her legs further as I collected juice with my thumb and returned to rubbing her hard button.

I started pumping my hand harder, my hand smacking her lips; more love juice, harder, faster, my fingers were flying in and out of her. Smack, smack, smack! I could feel Nellie tense her thighs; then she came, her mouth open, a high pitched cry, her pelvis jerking. As the climax dissipated she reached for my hand to stay the pumping, holding me deep inside her. “Very sensitive…”

She sat with her head back, eyes closed for another five minutes as the color receded from her cheeks. “That was so nice!” She was still holding my hand. She moved it a little, out, then to my surprise back in. “Take your thumb off my clitty, I’m just too sensitive there. I want to feel your fingers deep inside me, inside Mommy’s cunt. So naughty. So bad…”

She continued to move my hand in and out of her. She was so wet I could hear the slurping as we moved. “That’s the sound those two were making as they made out. I didn’t believe anyone could get that wet! Now I know.”

I said softly, “And I can smell you. All I want to do is taste you, suck up those juices. Stick my tongue deep inside you. Pleasure you.”

Nellie moved her bum forward until it was almost off the couch, letting go Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort of my hand. I knelt between her spread knees reaching up and gripping her panties on either side and pulling them down. Nellie brought her knees together and I pulled them past her knees, to her ankles and off. She opened her legs wide again in front of me as I pushed her dress up over her lap and feasted my eyes on her pussy; the hair was wet around her clitoris, stuck to the skin this way and that, leaving the prominent clitoris, red from the stimulating and standing proud in its hood, exposed. Her lips were spread, sparkling with moisture, open so I could see the deep pink of her inner cunt.

I leaned forward and starting lapping. I licked her clean, deep inside her pussy, around her clit, between her inner and outer lips, down and around her anus. I was like a man starved, I could not get enough. “That’s so wonderful! Michael never goes down on me after he’s cum. In fact he loses all sexual interest in me the moment he’s finished. Until the next time, that is!” She paused, sighing. “I’m not going to cum again, but this is so wonderful. There! There!” Her hands in my hair directed my tongue.

By this time I was fully erect, as hard as I have ever been despite having cum twice today already, two of the most powerful wonderful climaxes of my life. After a time she pushed me away, then stood up. “I’ll be back in a moment,” She leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips then left the room going upstairs. A few minutes later I faintly heard the toilet flush.

When Nellie returned to the room I was sitting on the couch looking out the window at the river mouth. It was mid-afternoon and the sun was flashing off the windswept waves. I saw she was wearing a long toweling bathrobe, the belt loosely tied around her waist. She sat down next to me and took me in her arms and started kissing me; I mean really kissing me, deep and sensuous. I felt her undo the buttons of my shirt, her fingers, her nails reaching for my nipples. There must be a direct link between my nipples and my cock, as she tweaked a hard nub, so I felt a jolt of pleasure deep in the roots of my cock.

Then her mouth was on them sucking, biting, licking; first one then the other. “Does baby like Mommy sucking his nipples?” I replied by pulling her face tighter against my chest; she bit harder, painful ecstasy!

“Mommy has a very special present for her baby,” Nellie whispered in my ear, twirling the tip of her tongue around. I shuddered at the sensuousness of it. “Take your trousers off.” She continued to tease my ear; warm, soft, wet. In moments my trousers together with my underpants were lying in a heap in the corner.

Nellie knelt down in front of me and, pushing my knees wide apart, she leaned forward to take the head of my cock in her mouth. Warm heaven! I looked down and saw she was fiddling with a small tube. When it was open she squeezed a liberal dose of clear gel onto her hand then, releasing my cock from her warm mouth, she smeared it onto my cock; it was cold and I shivered. “Sorry baby.” As she rubbed her hands up and down I felt a soothing gliding sensation. Normally I do not like anyone to rub the uncovered rim of the glans because it is very sensitive and hurts, but this was wonderful!

When the gel was spread all over Nellie stood up, removed the gown, then moved to the end of the couch and lay down over the armrest, her ass in the air, her legs spread, her head on the seat cushion.

She handed me the tube. “Put some Astroglide in Mommy’s little hole.” My already rock-like erection jumped as I took in the implications. I took the tube and moved around Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort behind Nellie, removing my shirt at the same time. Kneeling I could not believe what I was seeing! Her rosehole was exposed to my view, her cheeks relaxed, her cleft spread wide. I leaned forward and touched my tongue exactly on the opening; her cheeks jerked reactively. I could taste the freshly washed flesh, the faint smell of soap, I licked harder. Nellie brought her hands back and spread her cheeks giving me more access. I pushed my tongue through the sphincter muscle, penetrating maybe half an inch.

“Use the lube. I want to feel baby’s big cock in my ass; I want to feel you cum deep inside my belly. Lots of lube!”

I squeezed a big dollop directly into her stretched crack just above her anus and watched as it slowly ran down to the puckered hole; using my finger I spread it around. Nellie whispered, “Inside…”

I pushed the tip of my index finger against the opening; I could not believe how easily it slipped in. I spent time spreading the slippery goo around, inside, sliding my finger in to the second knuckle, twirling it around. Nellie moved around, her hands keeping herself spread to my gaze. “Now stick that big thing into Mommy’s naughty hole. I want to feel you inside me. Do it now!”

I stood up and, taking my cock in my hand and, making sure the lube was spread all over, placed the tip against her anus. The head of my cock is much bigger than a finger and I felt the resistance, the sphincter tight against the intrusion. “Push…”

I pushed and it popped in; I felt her tense and stopped, looking down. The head was in, I could see the stretched hole gripping tightly, could feel the pressure. Slowly Nellie relaxed and I pushed further. Fascinated I watched my cock disappear into the forbidden hole, into my mother! The tight squeeze piled the Astroglide around her hole and my cock as I pushed in. Soon I was in to the hilt, my pubic hair in the lube, my testicles resting against her warm cunt, as deep as I could go. I stayed there for a moment feeling the tight pressure of her anal ring around my cock, the intense warmth of her canal.

I lay forward over her back. “Thank you, my darling. Thank you.”

“I want you to enjoy it. I want my baby to fuck my ass without worrying about me. Hard or soft, however you like it.”

“Is it good for you?” I asked still fully embedded.

“I love it! You are not as thick as Michael, but longer; more comfortable.” We were lying still, not moving. “I can’t think of anything more intimate, more personal than letting a person you love fuck you up the ass. I’m sorry, that sounds so crude, but that’s what it is. Now fuck me!”

I pulled my hips back a bit, then in again; she was so tight it almost hurt. Almost.

Lying on her back prevented me from moving much so I pushed myself away and stood up again, placing my hands on her hips. Nellie had removed her hands from her ass cheeks and was using them to support her weight on the couch, to brace herself.

I pulled my hips back again, this time pulling my cock almost all the way out. I could see her anus pull out with me, glimpsing the inner pink flesh, then I rammed it back in. Smack! “Uhhh,” I heard. Again. “Uhhh!” And then I was pounding into her, “Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Nellie was raising her ass to receive the onslaught, clenching as I withdrew. I was going out of my mind! Never before had I felt anything like it. I stopped for a moment, resting, my breath coming hard and fast.

I would normally have shot my seed by now, but the tightness of her anal ring was holding me back, and the fact that I had cum twice today Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort already.

I took the tube of Astroglide and poured another big dollop onto my cock, spreading it with my fingers. I reached down and spread some in and around her cunt, my fingers penetrating her, then around and over her clitoris. “That’s so nice. But I want my baby to cum in Mommy’s ass, deep and hot. You can pleasure me later.”

I returned both hands to her hips and really started to pound into her. The couch was moving forward under the onslaught, forcing me to shuffle forward. The slight change of angle felt so good, almost loosening some of the pressure of her anal muscles, and I felt myself start to cum. I rammed in as hard as I could, as deep as I could get. The express train started at my toes, coursed up my body, taking my breath away. My cock convulsed and I could feel each spurt of semen as an individual orgasm as I came deep in Nellie’s bowels.

“Baby, baby…” I heard Nellie chanting. “Let it all go. In my belly! That’s it, yes. Oh, I love you!” I collapsed on top of her as the massive orgasm subsided, her warm back against my chest. “Baby, baby…”

I lay like that on top of her for what seemed a long time; my breath slowing, my heart stopping its pounding. I was warm and contented, still deeply sheathed in her ass. “Don’t go to sleep now, the others will be back soon. We need to clean up.”

I slowly pulled out of her, standing up. I could see the cum seeping out of her anus as she turned towards me, rising stiffly to her feet. “If Astroglide tasted better I would suck you clean.” She reached up and, putting a hand behind my head, she pulled my lips to hers, kissing me deeply. “Thank you, that was wonderful.”

I was speechless. Thank me! It was Nellie who needed thanking; who needed admiration and love.

Nellie took my hand and led me naked up the stairs. I could see the combination of lube, semen and her love juices trickling down her thighs as she climbed the stairs in front of me. Erotic was not the word; I could not think of any word that described the intensely sexual picture before me.

We were sitting watching television and drinking wine when the other two returned. It was almost dark outside and the air was cold. I had made a fire and it was cozy in the living room. I heard the garage doors open, then close. They came down the stairs together. Michael, slightly ahead was smiling, Clara had bright red spots on her cheeks.

“Hello, the travelers!” Nellie greeted them. “Come and sit by the fire and warm up. What can I get you guys to drink?”

When we were all seated Nellie asked how their day had gone. Michael replied, “Oh, I took Clarissa to places she has never been!” He kept his face straight; Clara blushed deep red, choking on her wine. He patted her on the back. “There, there my dear. Can you believe, Clarissa has never been to Port Elizabeth before?”

We all looked at Clara and she blushed even deeper red, if that is possible. She looked around like a rabbit looking for a hole. No escape! She recovered quickly. “Oh! Yes! Michael,” ‘Maychael’, “Took me around and showed me the sights, the beautiful buildings.”

“Clara certainly enjoyed the sights,” Michael quipped and Clara looked down, still blushing. Changing the subject he asked, “What have you two lazybones been up to?”

“I did some shopping, cleaned around the house. John worked on his computer, read his book, lazed in the sun. We caught up on old times, very lazy and uneventful.” She caught my eye and smiled. “What do you want to do tomorrow?”

“What about going through to Port Alfred for lunch tomorrow? That new artist, Rob McKenzie, has some of his paintings up in the restaurant at the old wharf. Worth seeing. My treat,” Michael said. We all agreed.

The rest of the evening passed easily and uneventfully. By ten we were in bed; Clara lay on her side of the bed, the duvet up to her chin. “Don’t you dare come near me! Last night…”

I smiled in the dark. If only she knew…

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