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Sarah’s Sister-in-law

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I first published this experience a few years ago. I prefer to call them ‘experiences’ since the term ‘story’ implies fiction to me. My experiences are based upon my real life. Since I started posting my experiences my writing skills have improved a little. While, I cannot change what actually happened to me, I have added some more details and corrected some grammatical mistakes.


I do not write ‘chapter’ stories but this experience does follow-on from my experience, ‘I visited my sister in-law.’ This experience is free standing and there is no need to read the previous experience before this one but they do share a common situation.

My sister-in-law, Alison, told me to come over for a surprise that she had prepared for me. I am a crossdresser. Alison found out about it but my wife has no idea that I dress as a girl. It has meant that Alison has me under her control since she will tell my wife, her sister, if I did not do everything she says.

When she opened the door, she was wearing really short white shorts and a t-shirt tied at the side. By now, she knows how to turn me on. Dressed like that, I’d do anything she asked even if she didn’t have the crossdressing hold over me. She gave me a kiss on the check and gave the front of my jeans a gentle squeeze. With a very naughty smile she told me that she had plans for us. She said, “If you are a really good girl, you will have fun today.”

First, she told me to go and put on one of my dresses. As I turned to go up to her bedroom she patted my butt. I could tell that this was going to be fun. We were going shopping. I kept all of my girls clothes at her place to keep them hidden from my wife. I went to her bedroom and chose a floral knee length dress. For lingerie, I picked out a matching blue bra and panties set.

I did my makeup. I would be in trouble if I did not dress completely as a girl. I chose strappy sandals. I am 5ft 10in and don’t want any extra height for daytime adventure. It’s a different story when I go out for the evening. I chose my yellow shoulder purse and my bright red wallet with gold studs around the edges. I feel so girly every-time I take it out of my purse to pay in a store. I put my purse on the counter to ensure that the shop assistant sees it.

I went back out to the living room to see if she approved of me. She said, “Nice, now sit down here.” I sat in front of her and she took my hand. She took out a red nail polish and did my nails and then I had to take of my sandals so she could do my toes. I realized this was going to Kurtköy Olgun Escort be a special treat. She only did my nails on special occasions. Having my nails painted was the ultimate step to becoming a girl.

We went out shopping. First we went to a naughty lingerie store. I had to buy a pair of black ruffled panted, a see-through lace bra and thigh high stockings with white bows on the sides. I had to make it clear to the assistant that they were for me but, for once, she did not make me wear them to go. What was she planning for me?

Then, we went to a store specializing in fetish costumes. She picked out a French Maid outfit for me. It was black with a pleated very short skirt. She made me go and try it on. She told me to come back out to let her see. Several other customers looked at me showing off the dress.

It had puffy short sleeves that I love in my dresses. The puffy sleeves masks my masculine shoulders a little. The dress was so short and poofed out, I knew my panties would show if I bent over at all. That was exactly what she told me to do. In front of the other customers, I had to turn around and reach for my toes knowing that my powder blue panties were on full display. Everyone could clearly see them. She liked the dress on me and so I bought it.

We went back to her place. She told me to go to her bedroom and put on all of my new things. Touch up my makeup and wait there until she called for me.

I did as I was told. I got changed: redid my makeup and sat on the bed to wait for her. My dress was so short; it poofed out behind me and left me sitting on my panties.

Finally, she called for me to come back to the living room.

I found three guys sitting on the couch. They were watching a porn movie.

First Alison told me to stand in front of them and lift up my dress. I had to stand in the middle of the room, right in front of them and lift up my dress. They could see my ruffled panties, my stokings with the white bows and my very evident erection in my panties. Then she had me turn around and bend over. I had to show them my butt. Alison came over and gave it a gentle slap and said, “She’s all your entertainment this afternoon. Enjoy her, she will love it” I was so embarrassed and excited at the same time. What would they make me do or what would they do to me? My cock was about ready to cum just thinking about it.

Alison told me to tell them what I wanted to do. I had to admit, “I want to suck cock, get fucked and be watched doing it. That I loved being called “Sarah” and told that I was a sissy slut. That I am a sissy and love to make guys cum Kurtköy Sarışın Escort in my mouth.”

Alison asked me, “You like the taste of cum in your mouth don’t you slut'” I had to admit that I did love to taste and swallow cum.

Alison told me to give them what EVER they wanted. I asked if they would like a drink. The order was two beers and a chardonnay, with another chardonnay for Alison. I got their drinks from the kitchen. I quickly had a glass of wine before I returned to the living room. II knew that when I put the drinks down on the coffee table, they would see my stocking tops and my black ruffled panties.

After putting the drinks down and giving them a good view up under my dress. I stood back against the wall and waited for my next order. I blushed because they had seen my panties when I had put their drinks down. Well, not just my panties but, me, wearing a maid’s dress and make-up.

One of them called me over and I had to stand in front of him while he ran his hands up my legs and stroked across the front of my panties. He traced along my cock and laughed when it jumped. He moved his hands around my hips, lifted up my dress and squeezed my butt. He gave it a squeeze and licked his lips as he looked into my eyes.

Alison told me to serve them more drinks.

I fetch drinks and as I bent over the coffee table, someone slid his hand up my skirt and felt my butt. His neighbor felt my cock and ran his fingers through my ruffles. The first guy slipped his fingers inside my panties and touched my balls. By now, my cock was so hard; I nearly came when he stroked it. The second guy nudged him and said, ‘Make her suck you off. The slut will love that and we want to watch her.”

He pulled me closer and pushed me down on-to my knees. I put my hand on the front of his jeans and felt a bulge growing there. I undid his belt and slowly pulled down his zipper. I love this part of giving head. I knelt there wondering what his cock would look and taste like. Every cock looks a little different and each cum has different flavor.

I slipped my fingers inside his shorts and touched his cock. It was quite long and I knew it would go way down my throat. It had taken me a while to be able to take a cock right into my throat but now I love it.

I licked the head and then slowly slid my lips around it. I stoked his shaft as my tongue went around its head. He rested his hand on my head and then pushed his cock right into my mouth. His friends were watching intently, knowing that their turn would come.

One of his friends moved behind me and lifted up my short black skirt. Kurtköy Şişman Escort My black ruffled panties were on display for everyone to see. Now they could all see me sucking a cock and my butt in the air. When he pulled my panties down, they could see my erection waving around as I sucked. I loved every embarrassing moment. The guy behind me gently slapped my butt and made my cock jump from surprised. Everyone laughed, including Alison, she loved every moment of my sissy humiliation.

He pressed his thumb against my ass-hole and pushed it into me. He moved his hand in and out to fuck my butt while I sucked off his friend. My cock was so excited I would have cum if I could have touched it. Suddenly he pushed his thumb in as deep as it would go, I so nearly came, but I managed to hold back.

I slowly slid his friend’s long cock into my mouth until it was rubbing the back of my throat. I played with his balls and tweaked his pubic hair. I could feel his climax building, when he came; he shot a load of cum down my throat.

Alison said, “See the slut loves cum, keep it coming guys, she wants more.”

By now, the second guy had his cock out and thrust it into my face as soon as his friend relaxed. It was a little shorter but fatter. It filled my mouth as a sucked on it. His cum tasted almost sweet.

The first guy was already hard again and he came behind me. I felt his cock pressing against me. I felt it against my ass-hole and then push inside into me. As he pushed right into me I felt so slutty. I was being fucked in view of others. When he got deep, I felt his balls slapping against my butt as he fucked me. I was being fucked while giving head. Two cocks in me at once. He moved in-and-out of me as I sucked cock. Alison and the other guy were watching our every movement.

Someone said, “Look at the slut, she loves being fucked at both ends. “See how hard her cock is, she loves this, fuck her, man.”

The third guy was masturbating before I even took him into my mouth. I managed to get his load right onto my tongue. That way, I was able to roll it around in my mouth before I swallowed it. I knew that the taste would stay with me for hours.

When they were all satisfied, Alison said, “Now stand in front of us and show us what you can do. Lift your dress and masturbate while we watch our little slut at play.”

I had to stand there and rub my own cock until I came. They watch the blobs of cum shoot out. I was told to taste what was left on my cock. I stood there licking my own cum off my fingers.

I felt full from all of the protein I had been made to swallow. I was right, each cock had been slightly different and the cum was delicious.

After they left, Alison called me over and told me that I had been a good girl. I was too spent to do anything more that day but she said to come over in a few days and we would have fun. She would also work on planning our next treat.

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