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Queening Stool

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The smell of the leather was the second best sensation of the evening, although I must admit that the feel of the handcuffs securing me in the device gave me a wicked thrill as well. It is known as a “queening stool” and its sole function is to keep a submissive’s face (mine) in place long enough for the beautiful dominant woman to enjoy the sensation of my tongue and face against the space between her legs. I stay put until she has had her way with me and then until she feels like letting me go.

The stool is built out of stainless steel and has four legs which are connected on top in a square, but with one side missing. The tops are padded and covered in leather to provide a comfortable place her to sit. Underneath each of those three leather covered connectors is a chain, each of which are also attached to a triangular piece of leather – against which the back of my head was resting.

This toy gives her the choice of mounting my face either facing my body or facing away from it. If she faces my body, I am treated to a view of her butt which I am sometimes given to orally service. If she faces away from my body, I can look up at her (sometimes) nude figure and admire her all the way up to her face while I am tonguing her clit. Either way, I’m a winner, but variety is the spice of life.

This, of course, assumes that she is allowing me the pleasure of seeing her. Sometimes she prefers that I simply concentrate on my job without distraction and am forced to wear a blindfold, but I usually get to look. There are days though when all that I know is her smell and taste as she slides across and humps my face.

On that evening, I lay there, naked of course, while I waited for her to begin using me. She had me for as long as she wanted me, once the cuffs were on she was in control. Part of that control meant waiting. Of course, this was not just to make me uncomfortable but to allow her the pleasure of anticipation. In the meantime, all I could do was stare at the ceiling, what she did in the interim, I don’t know.

Then she was standing over me, straddling my body at first and then running a bare foot across my chest. I looked up at her and saw her naked form. She was beautiful, every curve just right, and she was going to use me for her pleasure.

Sometimes, I need to lick her for awhile in order to get her going. Other times, like that evening, görükle escort she was already wet. If she hadn’t been wet, I would have started slowly, using my limited range of motion to lick her inner thighs and moving in towards the “lower lips.” Too much too soon is never fun.

I said that the smell of the leather was the second best sensation. The first, for me at least, was that moment just before she lowered her body (facing my body, incidentally) onto my face. That was the moment at which I could see all of her and a thought went through my mind that went something like this, “She is going to use you and there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you wanted to.” Not that I would want to, but then, that is part of the point. I had no more control over the situation than any other sex toy she might possess.

She sat down gently. My cheek bones and eyes were up against her butt cheeks and my nose was positioned just inside her crack. I could feel her pubic hair gently and wetly sliding across my jaw. Drips of her essence wetted my lips and I was, once again, taken aback by the overwhelming smell of womanliness. She finished settling down and the rocked side to side, shaking my head with her body, as a signal for me to begin.

I opened my mouth and my sense of taste confirmed what my sense of smell had already experienced. Her juices began dripping from her into me before I could get my tongue out. The slickness of the feeling and the taste made me nearly instantly hard. She could see this, of course, but this only confirmed for her that I was happy to be beneath her and in no way was a request that she do anything about it. There were times when she would sometimes give my cock a playful pat after I had done an extraordinarily good job, but this time was about her pleasure, not mine.

I extended my tongue and licked my way around the outside of the outer lips. It was a slow, soft journey at first. Although I could not see, I did my best to avoid her clit in the beginning. Even when she was already aroused, I didn’t want to do too much too quickly. I used my tongue like a wet, gentle point to caress her folds.

After a little while, I flattened my tongue and touched as much of her as I could with it, moving it back easily. Over and over again I did this, just nudging her clit and perhaps teasing her with the possibility bursa escort bayan of my tongue going up inside her. This is when she began to rock back and forth on me.

We fell into a rhythmic caress of the tongue. Both of our movements resulted in her pleasure. The intensity built. Now when she rocked forward my tongue was all the way on her perineum. When she leaned back, I was clearly making contact with her clit and my nose was slammed solidly into her ass. This went on for a while until she was ready for something different.

When she was, she bore down on my face so that I could get as much tongue into her as possible. Her wetness almost poured out of her, ran down my tongue, and back to my throat. I gasped and tongued as best I could. I could hear that she had changed over from heavy breathing to moaning. It was difficult to focus then as I wanted to imagine what she looked like. I didn’t know if she was still watching my naked form or if she was closing her eyes. What I did know, however, was that things were beginning to really heat up.

This was true in a literal sense. It was getting really hot down there! Her backside and my face were rubbing against each other with greater ease because both were sweating. She was pressed so closely to me that I didn’t dare open my eyes. I desperately wanted to reach up and rub her with my hands, but the handcuffs ensured that I was only going to get to use my tongue and face.

I used what little power I had in my jaw to propel my tongue into her as deeply as I could. It certainly wasn’t a cock, but she seemed to like it. She kept the pressure on for what seemed to be a long time. I would occasionally gasp for breath and even less occasionally get one. She was passed the point of caring though, she wanted my tongue inside her and she pressed down with even harder force to make the point.

Now the noises from above had morphed from moaning into gasps and then little (and not so little) screams. She had no inhibitions about letting me (and people in the next county) know what she was feeling. She bore down with a ruthlessly as she achieved – or as I like to think of it, I achieved – her first orgasm. A small gush of her fluids nearly choked me when she did so. By this point, I don’t think there was a dry point left on my face.

She allowed for an ever so short break once she bursa escort had cum. I took a few very deep breaths and became aware of the pounding pulse inside my head and the hardness of my cock. I loved being able to do this for her!

The break, however, was short, only a few seconds and she settled back down, this time gently nudging my mouth with her clit. She spoke words for the first time, “Suck it.”

Grateful for the chance to rest my tongue, I enveloped her nub with my lips. She had leaned forward so that I could do this easily, but it also allowed me to open my eyes for the first time in… well, I had sort of lost track of time at that point. The sting of sweat, hers or mine I don’t know, and the glorious view of her backside made for a wonderous moment.

While I like to think of myself as being a “tit man,” in that moment, I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than the combination of her taste and the sight I was seeing. If I had died then, well. it probably would have been a bit weird for her, but I would’ve gone out happy.

Again though, my happiness was secondary and my lips had a job to perform. I alternated between kissing and sucking. Sometimes, when I sucked her, I would use my still recovering tongue to massage her nub. When I did this I was rewarded with more good sounds from above, so I kept it up. It was not long before she was shaking and crying out again.

This time, in response to her orgasm, rather than taking a break she bore down again, this time rubbing indiscriminately, using my whole face as a sex toy. She took over the work and while I would throw in an occasional kiss or lick, she was rubbing with a reckless abandon so I couldn’t know whether they made any difference.

One orgasm mounted into what sounded like another and possibly (for those keeping count) a fourth. The wetness between her legs was so great now that she was practically sloshing back and forth on me. My nose was being bent in ways that I wasn’t aware that it could go, but although stretched, the level of discomfort was nothing compared to the feeling of happiness that I experienced in being used.

Suddenly she fell forward and landed on me. Caught off guard, she initially took the wind out of me, but I’m pretty sure I had just done that to her, so turn about was fair play. She splayed herself out on top of me with her back to me and rested her head against my legs. That my cock was being squished seemed like an insignificant detail in light of the joy of seeing her heaving while trying to regain coherent thought. After a few minutes of satisfaction, I was already looking forward to servicing her again.

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