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An Unusual Request

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Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is fiction, and at no time and in no way does this story intend to portray real life, actual circumstances, actual persons or situations, places, or actions. This story is the product of the author’s imagination. This story includes scenes of graphic sex needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.

This story is copyrighted by 49greg under United States Copyright law and the Bern Convention and may not be copied or posted anywhere other than without written permission from 49greg.


It started not long after our fifth anniversary. We were both around thirty years old at that time, I two years over, and she a year away from the ‘big three oh’.

We had gone to bed at the usual time, around ten, after showering (taking turns, it was rare to shower together anymore, sigh,) and were laying in bed, reading.

“I was talking to some of the girls at work today,” Jill said.

“Hmmm,” I said, caught between trying to finish the chapter I was on, and not wanting to miss what Jill was saying, just in case she mentioned it a few days, or weeks, later, and then be told that ‘we talked about it.’

“Well actually it was Beth, it was really surprising actually, I never would have thought anyone really did that sort of thing,” she went on.

“What sort of thing dear,” I answered.

She sat up a bit more in bed, not a lot, but it was the motion that was important, it meant she was going to say something important.

“Jack, you certainly wouldn’t like to do something like that, would you?” she said.

I had no idea, I racked my brain to remember this short conversation, then decided that she hadn’t said anything except that she was surprised that someone did something. I tried to remember anything else that had been discussed this evening, this morning before we went to work, last night. Nothing.

“Um … dear, what exactly wouldn’t I do,” I said.

“Take pictures, you wouldn’t want to take pictures of me,” she said.

I turned, I could tell she was looking at me. I put my book down on my lap, finger holding my place. I was some generic spy thriller written during the cold war, I knew the good guy was probably going to survive, but wasn’t sure how.

“You’re lovely honey, very good looking, of course I like to see you. I’ve got a few pics of you on my cell phone right now,” I said.

I knew I was being a bit disingenuous, I had figured out that she was talking about sexy pics, nude, or lingerie. I just wasn’t sure if it would be wise to tell her that I would love to. I just knew she would never go for it.

She knew me too well to allow it.

“I don’t mean those, although you do pick the strangest times to whip out your phone and click one. No, I mean … well, sexy ones, dirty ones,” she said, not looking me in the eye, her eyes fixed on the ceiling.

“Ah, dirty pics,” I said, trying to think. Did I want to be honest? Was there a chance she would let me, if a friend was letting her hubby snap some? Or would I end up in the dog house if I told her I would like to take some?

Or would I miss out on an opportunity that might never again be available if I didn’t tell her I would like to, and that she was gorgeous and that they would never be seen by anyone but the two of us. Probably.

“I think any man would love to be able to see you in a sexy outfit posing for a picture. Or nude for that matter, you’re a very attractive woman and I’m very lucky that you married me,” I said.

“That’s sweet, but what would you do with the pics, I can see you showing them to the guys at work, trying to get them to show you pictures of their wives, I could even imagine you’d put them on the internet somehow, on some site that showed off wives and girlfriends, am I right?” she said.

“Honey, if you didn’t want me to, I wouldn’t,” I said.

“What would you do with them then?” she said.

“I would treasure them, and sometimes, well, when you weren’t home, or I was out of town for something, well, I would really enjoy them,” I said.

“You’d jack off looking at them?” she said.

“Not every day, but yes, there would be times,” I said.

I was amazed, she didn’t seem mad, in fact when I admitted that I would use any pics to help stimulate myself, she had a little smile.

“So, just hypothetically, what kind of pictures would you like of me?”

“I hadn’t thought about it, honey, something sexy, something with you,” I said.

“You’re serious, you actually do want me to pose nude for you,” she said.

I actually thought she would go for it there for a second, but no, it was sounding like some sort of test that I just failed. But I decided that I would try once again, feel her out, maybe she just needed some more encouragement. After all she was the one that brought it up.

“Well, hypothetically speaking of course, some of you naked kaynarca escort would be good, and also in some of those sexy lingerie outfits you have, maybe some with you in a swimsuit, how about that bikini you never wear?”

“I suppose you want me sprawled on the bed, all spread out, something like that,” she said with the hint of a sneer.

“Well, if you want to, I suppose that would work, I guess.”

“Oh, I … well, not really,” she said, a little taken aback.

“I was thinking a little more like something classy, posed, more sensual,” I said.

I was thinking something like you might see in some of the better, ‘name brand’, men’s magazines that I had back in my late teens. I was already planning a photo shoot, maybe one of her undressing, or going from her sexy lingerie to nudity, gradually becoming sexier and sexier.

“Show me, show me two, for starters, I’m curious what you think it classy,” she said, suddenly getting out of bed, standing with her arms crossed under her breasts, her feet about shoulder width apart.

“What do you mean, do you want me to pose?” I asked, not sure what she meant.

“No, me, tell me what to do,” she said.

“OK, well, take off your T shirt,” I said. She didn’t normally wear panties to bed, except for those few days each month or so.

“No, this is a dry run, no camera, no phone with camera,” she said.

I thought hard, not sure what to say. She was putting me on the spot, and I didn’t want to blow this chance, it might be the only one I got. If this went well, maybe she would let me actually take pictures. If she didn’t like what I proposed, well that was going to be it.

Or was it? Her friend obviously had some pics of herself. Maybe I could count on a “keeping up with the Joneses” type of situation. If her friend had some sexy pics, maybe she would want to. It didn’t fit what I knew of my wife, but I had hopes.

“OK, open your closet door, and stand in front of that mirror,” I said.

She did, the mirror was floor to ceiling. I got up and went over. If I stood in the right place, I could see her, and see her other side in the mirror. I walked around. I even put my hands up, thumbs extended, making a sort of box with my thumbs touching, to get a rough idea of what the camera could see. I’d seen actors who played directors in movies doing that.

“Move over a little. That’s good,” I said.

“Like this?”

“That’s it, now turn a little to your left, and look over your shoulder, away from the mirror.”

It was good, I was looking at her back, but her front was in the mirror. Her face was pointing away from me, and the mirror.

“Can I take a pic with my phone, just to show you?” I said.

“No, use mine instead,” she said.

I took her cell phone, it was identical to mine, and got the camera working.

“Now lift your arms up, put your hands into your hair, like you’ve got your hair on top of your head, that’s it, just pile it up. Arch your back, yes, that’s good, just bury your face in your upper arm, perfect.”

I took the shot. Lifting her hands up had raised the long T shirt up, exposing more leg. I walked over to her, she turned and took the camera from me.

“Oh, that’s not bad, you can’t really see my face, but … Oh, you could see everything if I was naked, it got all of me clear down to my knees, front and back, you can almost see my bottom as it is,” she said, slowly half to herself.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“Only with my camera, and you hand it to me as soon as you take the pic, I don’t want you sending it all over the world,” she said.

“All right, then just take off everything,” I said.

“Oh no, I have to comb my hair, and put some makeup on, and … if I do it right my nails won’t show, they’ll be in my hair. And I have to do some trimming, maybe a little shaving too.”

She turned and walked toward the ensuite bathroom. Once inside, she called to me through the open door.

“Make up the bed, and think of something with me on the bed, something similar,” she said.

“Don’t put too much makeup on, make sure your face has the same skin tone as your body,” I said to her.

“OK, good point. Hmmm, it is already darker than everything but my forearms,” she said.

“At least don’t make it lighter than your body, darker is normal, that’s OK,” I said. I could remember some B movies and less than top of the line magazines that showed nudes with faces made up to be more pale than their bodies. I isn’t a good look.

I made up the bed, then unmade it. I stripped off the quilt and top sheet, and left it with just the white fitted bottom sheet. My idea was that the plain white would be an anonymous background, it could be on any bed, anywhere.

I went to to the junk drawer in the kitchen and brought up those hooks, the ones that you stuck to the wall, and then just pulled the strip and they came loose. I also brought some clothesline from the laundry room.

By the time I got back, Jill was out of the bathroom, küçükyalı escort checking herself out in the mirror. I could see a slight smile as she posed this way and that.

She looked sexy, she wasn’t as slim as when we married, but who is. Her breasts were a bit larger, a full C cup now, and I loved her nipples. She had a bit of a tummy, and nice curvy hips. I started getting excited.

“What’s up honey?” she asked.

“I’m just fixing things up so that anyone who has or might have seen our bedroom, won’t recognize it,” I said. I wondered what she would say if I told her that ‘I was up,’ I nearly was too.

“I’ll take down the pictures on the walls,” she said, and proceeded to do it.

It took another fifteen minutes, but when I was done, I had more white sheets hung so that a picture from the mirror would only show white in the background, and another draped from the headboard made any shots from the foot of the bed equally anonymous.

I was worried that by the time I finished she would be out of the mood, but my precautions were appreciated. I could see though, than it wouldn’t take much of a touch on the clothesline to knock them off of the small hooks I had put up. Well, it was only temporary.

“OK, honey, that should do it,” I said. It was then that I looked at her, wow, it was fantastic. For some reason I wasn’t sleepy, and she didn’t look sleepy either. She actually looked excited. I know I was.

“Wow, you look fantastic!” I said.

“Thanks hun, is this how you want me?” she said, getting into position.

“Yes, give me your phone,” I said.

“No, take the good camera, I put it on the dresser.”

“That’s it, just turn your head a bit more, perfect,” I said, then took the picture.

“Let me see.”

I took the camera to her and we looked at the pic I had just taken.

I could easily see her pussy, now with much of her triangle of hair gone, and what was left was trimmed short. I could even see the beginning of her slit. It was very sexy. And her nipples were seriously erect. I suddenly had the idea of getting a spare shoe lace and connecting each nipple by tying each end of the shoe lace to a nipple.

“That’s good, but take another, same pose, just zoom in a little more, make me fill the screen,” she said.

Wow, my wife, my prudish wife, was wanting to improve the naked photo of herself.

“How’s this one,” I said, showing her the shot.

“That’s good, what do you want to do next?” she said.

It took a few minutes of thinking, and all the while she was standing in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, trying to see her bottom, cupping and hefting her breasts, trying to see what they looked like from the side, inspecting her pubic hair, apparently making sure she had trimmed it evenly.

She was beautiful. Her light brown, or maybe it was dark blond, hair was up on top of her head in a loose chignon, her face was very lightly made up, her blue eyes somehow looked bigger, more arresting, and her lips were a bright candy-apple red that I had never seen on her before.

“It’s a good thing you weren’t wearing panties to bed tonight,” I said.

She looked over at me.

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Then there would be lines on you from where the panty elastic was. It always takes a little bit to fade away,” I explained.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, going back to what she was doing.

I noticed that her toes were also painted to match her fingernails and lips. Instead of the full bush she usually wore, that she joked looked like a map of Tasmania, she had trimmed it both in length and coverage. Now it was a shallow and narrower “V” that pointed to her pussy. Everything else was completely bare, as were her lower lips.

I had never seen her like this. I liked it. Not that I didn’t like the look she had before. I’m not usually turned on by a completely bare pussy, but what she had done was to accent and emphasize. I couldn’t wait to go down on her, I knew that would make an already fun pastime even better.

I licked my lips seeing that, no more short hairs in my mouth. Not that we had done that in a long time anyway. Seeing her so nonchalantly naked in our bedroom, made up, was turning me on. I got ideas, ideas about her, just like this, in other places, places in the house, and outside it as well.

Then and unpleasant thought intruded, but she spoke before I could explore it.

“Are you ready yet?” she asked.

“OK, I’m ready,” I said, but before I could say anything she spoke again.

“How’s this pose,” she said.

She was standing in much the same position, but one hand was cupping a breast, and the other was pulling the erect nipple outward, held between the red nailed forefinger and thumb.

I took the picture without saying anything. I was in awe. How could she had suddenly changed. Was this something that I could have been doing for a long time, if I had just asked?

“I’d like a closeup of that nipple,” I said, making my voice sound as matter-of-fact sancaktepe escort as I could.

“Sure, go for it.”

I moved to a better angle, made sure of my background, and used the zoom lens. A breast, a boob, a tit, nipple pulled out by finger and thumb, everything else out of focus. I was great.

“OK, now turn away from the camera, just look away from me, over your shoulder again, and put one hand on your hip, the other resting under your breast, yes, fingers spread, maybe a bit lower. Perfect,” I said as I took the pic.

“Now turn slightly, still facing away from the mirror, but over this way, put your hand up more, cupping your breast, and look down at it, yes, the other hand still on your hip,” I said. I took one more, but wanted another.

“Same thing, but take the other hand from your hip, and pull on your nipple, yes, and more, and more,” they were interesting shots, and I could see she had a good grip on the nipple.

“That didn’t hurt you did it?” I asked. She just looked and grinned, making a kissing motion with her lips.

“OK, give me the camera, lets see what it looks like,” she said, holding her hand out for the camera.

For some reason I pulled down the bedsheets, thinking that we were done there.

I was sporting a full erection at this point. It was late on a Friday night, long after the usual bed for us. It just wasn’t normal for her to parade around in makeup, freshly done nails and nothing else at any time. She brought me back to the matter at hand.

“I’d like to do these last two again, maybe I could make it better. I hope you don’t mind putting the sheets up again,” she said quietly as she was looking at the camera display.

As I put the sheets back up again I thought our bedroom looked like a laundry. I noticed that she was taking some full on as well as side on shots into the mirror, the camera obscuring her face.

“OK, now turn away from the camera, just look away from me, over your shoulder again, and put one hand on your hip, the other resting under your breast, yes, fingers spread, maybe a bit lower. Perfect,” I said as I took the pic. She turned, she had a wild sort of look in her face, excited and turned on, and something else. She gave me the camera.

“What now?” she asked.

“Now turn slightly, still facing away from the mirror, but over this way, put your hand up more, cupping your breast, and look down at it, yes, the other hand still on your hip,” I said. I took one more, but wanted another.

“Same thing, but take the other hand from your hip, and pull on your nipple, yes, and more, and more,” they were interesting shots, and I could see she had a good grip on the nipple.

“That didn’t hurt you did it?” I asked. She just looked and grinned, making a kissing motion with her lips.

“Let me see, let me see,” she said, reaching for the camera.

“Those look good, I’m really impressed that you’ve posed me like this. Now, what have you got in mind for the bed?” she asked.

“How about a look at the ones you took?” I asked.

“Not now, lets get to the bed.”

Truth is I hadn’t thought about that at all. I had planned to use a couple of pillows to simulate her body and take some shots with my phone to test out various compositions. No time now. Think Jack, think!

“Well, before that, I would like a shot of you, full frontal, smiling, just as a reference, and then side and back, and other side,” I said.

“Not going to happen, no face, smiling or not,” she said, her face revealing nothing.

“OK, without face. I was wondering if you, we, would like them so we can look back later in life, to see how things have changed,” I said.

“Good Idea, but not imaginative, I was thinking of something like that, but want something less clinical, something like we just did. we’ll plan on a few basic poses, same ones, every year or two, if we do it at all. Of course we could do some of your, erect and soft, with a ruler as well.” she said.

I was wondering where all this was going, that nagging thought intruded and suddenly got a little worried, why the sudden interest. Who was going to see these, she didn’t want me spreading them around, I was hit with the thought that she might have a secret life and they were for someone else. Down below, something wilted.

“Well?” she said.

“On your belly, diagonally, face to the headboard,”

I took several angles, she did have a nice bottom. I made sure to see it from the best angles.

“Lift one leg up at the knee, that’s it,” I said.

“That’s good, now turn, face to me, same thing, just turn your head away,” I told her.

These looked good too, I moved around again, even took some close ups of her bottom.

“Lift up on your elbows, let your breasts hang down,” I said.

“You mean my tits, my boobs?” she said grinning.

They were good shots and I love seeing her tits hanging down.

As she had before, she wanted to see the results. I had taken several pictures of her, all good, in my opinion. I waited as she checked each one.

“I don’t like this one,” she said as she deleted it. “But I like the rest, they’re keepers,” she continued.

“All right, now, straighten out on the bed, head at the top, on this side,” I said. I was winging it, and hoped for the best.

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