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Rest Stop Surprise

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I had been driving down I85 for four hours, on my way home from a work convention. After going through a bitter divorce, I tried to be away from home as much as possible. The large soda I had gotten at a convenience store was starting to get the better of me so I knew I was going to have to stop soon. When I saw the sign for the rest stop, I pulled in without a second thought. It may have been two o’clock in the morning, but I needed to go to the bathroom.

In the parking lot there was only one other car, a silver Camry. I parked next to the other car and sprinted into the bathroom. I immediately felt dismay when I walked into the men’s bathroom to see all of the urinals with signs over them stating “Out of Order”. I was needing to go so badly that I decided to use one of the three stalls . The furthest and largest of the stalls was occupied, so I chose the middle stall for some reason, I really can’t remember why. I quickly pulled down my pants and began to relieve myself.

When I looked to the floor towards the occupied stall I saw something that made my jaw drop. In the stall next to Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort mine was a woman wearing bright blue glittery high heels. As I stared at the shoe, it began to inch towards my stall while slowly tapping. I could barely believe what was happening. I didn’t know how to respond. I rarely went to the bathroom out in public and had never had someone cruise me. I had heard about gay cruising and had heard the rumors of foot tapping in restrooms, but I never thought it would be happening to me. At first I wasn’t even sure if the person meant anything by it.

When I finished relieving myself, I still wanted to see what would happen so I sat down on the toilet to act like I still was using the bathroom. Now thinking about it, it would probably be obvious what I was doing, but at the time it seemed like a smart move. The tapping of her shoe continued until it was right under the divider. At that time I knew that I needed to respond in some way, or I would never know what the person wanted so. So, I stretched my legs out wide so that my foot was right next to hers. Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort Then I tapped once.

I thought this weirded her out, because the shoe pulled back. My heart sank. Then without warning, the occupant of the other stall got on her knees. I saw her sexy smooth legs and the bottom of a shimmering blue dress. Then, quickly, I saw something I was not expecting.

A large cock slid under the divider. It was glorious. I would have guessed that it was at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. The mushroom head looked perfect with the smooth as silk shaft. I had never touched another cock in my life but I had a yearning to touch it, to rub it, to kiss this perfect specimen.

Without thinking and before I stop myself, I reached out and grabbed the cock with one hand. I slid my hand up and down, enjoying every second that I got to touch it. With my other hand, I reached under to caress the balls that went with such a great cock. They were smooth and large. As I varied my speed of pumping, I began to hear moans of pleasure coming from the other Kurtköy İranlı Escort stall.

After what seemed to be a long time but likely was only minutes, I began to notice the glistening of pre-cum on her cock. I then heard from the other stall in a very feminine voice, “suck it baby, please.” I knew it was now or never. I sunk to my knees and began by licking her shaft then kissing the head. As soon as I heard her moan again I wrapped my lips around as much as I could.

It was nothing like I expected. Although her cock did not have much of a taste, the pre-cum tasted salty. I loved sucking her dick. As she became close, she grabbed the back of my head from under the stall and began to gyrate with her hips. I felt her shaft begin to flex, and quickly she began exploding in my mouth. It seemed to continue forever. If I had guessed at that moment I would say she pushed a gallon of cum in my mouth.

As I eased back onto the toilet to think about what I had just done, she got up. I could hear sounds of her tearing toilet paper, and what must have been her cleaning herself. I was disappointed. I wanted to see her entire body. I wanted to do so much with her. I heard the sound of her stall door open and close. She was leaving and I would never get to see what she looked like or even to have her help getting off.

Then I heard a knock on my stall door.

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