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My name is Robert. I was, at one time, addicted to the online world called Second Life. I guess I cannot say I am not addicted to it any more but that is what this story is all about.

I first heard of second life on a TV show called CSI New York. I was a little intrigued by it but did not do anything about it for over a year. I then decided to try it. My first character was a male of the name Fred. I did not have a premium account so Fred was pretty much a newb character.

Not having a premium account I did not have any money unless I purchased the in game version of money called Lindens. The exchange rate of Lindens was somewhere around 250 Lindens for a USA dollar. I would occasionally splurge and spend 4 dollars and get a 1000 lindens to play with.

I started trying out some of my fantasies in second life.

Even though to all outward appearance I am normal guy in real life, I have always had several urges that I could never fully indulge in. It was not so much lack of courage but understanding that what I wanted was just not possible to have in the real world.

The urges revolved around wishing I was a woman, and wanting to have sex as a woman with real woman parts. I do not hate my male parts, I just would prefer to have woman parts when it comes to sexuality. I took some online tests for gender orientation and every time I took the various tests I came out as Androgynous.

I suppose the term Androgynous needs some explanation to folks that are not that way. Androgynous means I do not see myself as male and I do not see myself as female. It means I see myself as something different from each of those.

To make it even more complicated, I am not attracted to males in everyday life. I am attracted to women then. In my favorite sexual fantasies I am a complete woman and in those fantasies I am turned on by men.

Some would say I am just Gay and in denial. I can not stop people from thinking that but that is why I do not tell anyone about the way I feel or mention anything about my most fulfilling fantasies. It is too much trouble to try and explain the situation and then after I have explained it to be told I am not what I am.

Now back to my SL, (that is shorthand for Second Life) character. Fred eventually broke down and bought a female shape and skin and eventually female body parts. My fantasy to be a complete woman was able to be fulfilled in SL. The problem is that many men in SL are phobic about making love to a SL character that appears to be a woman yet has a RL (shorthand for Real Life) man animating the character. Because my character started out as a male I was constantly being asked about my RL gender and it spoiled the fantasy for me.

I decided Fred would have to go and now that I knew a lot more about SL I would start fresh with a new character that was 100% woman from the start.

Trina was born. I decided not to fool around, figuratively speaking, and made Trina a premium account from the beginning. I spent hours getting the correct look and style for Trina. I started slow, but it seemed like whenever there were men around they wanted to get into Trina’s panties.

I was çapa escort in heaven. I had men asking to be with me and sometimes one man would be making love to me while another was messaging me about getting together. This went on for some time but it started having an effect on my RL. I started not being able to have sexual release unless I had something pushing into me where my vagina would be if I had one.

I began to be worried as I was too old to really be a candidate for Gender reassignment. I was not really happy with the idea of surgery that would transform me into a near copy of a woman. As an Androgynous person I did not hate my penis, but I did wish I had a vagina as well.

I did some research and found out that there are some genetic females that are born with no vagina. In some cases a neo vagina could be formed by persistent use of vaginal dilators. It was called the “Franks Method” There were several methods with similar strategies.

The way it worked for a genetic female was a dilator was pushed into the area where a normal vagina would be. At first a narrow dilator was used and then as depth was achieved, larger dilators could be used until eventually a working vaginal opening was formed.

This intrigued me. I have seen some examples of body modification, the natives that put rings around their necks until they have extended their neck far beyond what a normal person would have. People who study yoga who could bend their body in ways that most could not duplicate. It all seemed to point to an alternative to surgery for achieving a vaginal opening.

I finally broke down and ordered a vaginal dilator set on Ebay after trying several other objects that did not really accomplish anything. Most dildos or vibrators are just too wide and big to begin this kind of process.

I finally received my own set of vaginal dilators and started to use them. At first it was rather uncomfortable but at the same time highly erotic, as I imagined a vaginal opening slowly being formed.

I slowly developed an opening using the thinnest and shortest dilator. I was able to get all 3 inches of the dilator into me when I went to the next larger size.

It was at this point I was finally able to get my smallest vibrator into my slowly forming vagina. I started taking hormones I bought online to give my body a more feminine overall appearance. I started drinking spearmint tea to reduce the effect of my natural testosterone. The spearmint tea coupled with the hormones allowed small breasts to start to develop.

I found a transgender person online who had worked to develop a female voice. Her voice sounded great and I started following her lessons. After 6 months I could talk with a very convincing female voice. It was at this point I started using voice on SL. I then was able to move to the next largest dilator and as a reward for myself bought a realistic dildo in the shape and size of a normal 6 inch penis.

I started shaving my entire body except for the hair on my head which I let grow. The hormones had caused the hair on my head to become fuller and I was able to grow it longer than I had in the past. istanbul escort bayan

I found a way to use spirit gum to hide my penis under a fold of skin. It was at this point I began to do web cam whoring on SL. I could talk like a woman, take a 6 inch dildo like a woman, and my penis was hid behind a convincing bit of skin. My testicles had shrunk to the point where I could push them up inside and use the skin of my ball sack to imitate outer labial lips.

I was finally living the fantasy.

Then it happened.

The web cam group where I was whoring for in SL changed ownership. I did not think much about it at the time. I also did not realize that they knew my real address due to the IP connection needed for my web cam.

I received a gift from the web cam group in the mail. It was a nice 8 inch vibrating dildo molded from a popular porn star. The note that came with the gift said, “Log on to SL and get ready to feel the best sex you have every achieved, message me at xxxxxxxx when you get online and ready.” This really made me hot. I cleaned up the new toy and got a generous amount of lube ready and signed in.

I messaged the person who had given me the present and we shared web cams. He was an average looking guy, mid 20s, about 5′ 10″, brown hair, clean shaven. He looked like he might have a trace of oriental ancestry. He introduced himself as Louis.

I should say that I look like a early 40 milf. My breasts are nice 38 Bcups and my waist had narrowed down to 24 inches and my hips had swelled to 36 inches. I had died my hair platinum blond and it was over my shoulders. I was a hot milf in all but DNA. We started our play session.

I had just worked about half of the 8 inch dildo into my opening when I suddenly felt a sharp little prick from the dildo. I gasped and looked at the screen to Louis holding a complicated looking control. It was about then that I heard my front door being opened and that was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.

I woke up feeling very groggy.

My body felt different. I looked down and saw huge mounds of flesh on my chest. I looked around the room and it appeared to be a hospital room. It was then I heard Louis speaking.

“Hello Rob, or I should say, Roberta, I hope you really enjoy the changes we have made.” said Louis

“What happened to me!” I cried.

“Well Roberta, I think we both got a bit of a surprise. You see, I was hoping to pick up a cute milf to sell on the white slavery market. What I found was you, not really a milf and not really a guy.” said Louis.

“What have you done to me!” I asked.

“You can see the 38 DD breasts you now have Roberta, and when you finally check you will find you no longer have to hide your penis behind some skin and glue, as you no longer have one, except for the most sensitive parts of it, that is.” said Louis.

“Why have you done this!” I asked.

“We decided to make it so you could give us a good return on our investment, Roberta. We have given you a vagina that can accommodate a 12 inch cock, we have also opened your ass to do the same, and we have performed throat güngören escort surgery that will allow you to deep throat an 8 inch cock. We have also added a pump to supply you with female hormones at 120% the normal level of a genetic woman. We have have been feeding you subliminal training tapes the entire time of your recovery from surgery. We want you to be happy with your new job and life.” said Louis.

“What do you mean!”, I said loudly, “I do not feel any different than from before.”

“Lets try something Roberta, you cumslut.” said Louis.

At the sound of the word cumslut I suddenly found my nipples hardening and I felt a wetness between my legs. My skin got goosebumps and my legs spread of their own accord. I felt one of my hands reach up to tweak my hardening nipples while the other reached down and touched what felt like a very real clit.

“Oooooo , oooooo, ooo my god ooooo fuck my brains out oooo.” I moaned.

I heard these sounds coming out of my lips even as a man I had never seen before walked into my vision. He had his cock out and I gazed at it with longing. I saw him reach out and pull on the nipple I was not tweaking. I felt a gush of wetness around my fingers that were pushing into my vagina.

He pulled me roughly to the end of the bed I was lying on and with no ceremony thrust his cock into my pussy, moving my hand out of the way.

“Fuck me, Fuck Me, God FUCK ME.” I screamed.

I was in heat as he sank into me to his balls. My legs lifted and wrapped around his waist as I played with both of my nipples. I felt myself begin to orgasm after the tenth thrust of the mans cock.

“Yes, a good little cumslut you are , Roberta.” said Louis.

“The programming is working perfectly.” Louis slowly said.

At this point I was oblivious as stars were shooting out of the ceiling of the room and I was on my second orgasm. My toes were curled and I had reached out with my hands and was cupping the mans backside trying to pull him deeper into my pussy.

“FuckmeFuckmeFuckmeFuckmeFuckme.” I chanted.

I moaned, over and over again as my body shuddered and joy filled my being. I felt the man shudder and suddenly a warm wet sensation filled my vagina. I felt liquid dripping down across my anus as the man stopped fucking me and just held my hips, keeping his cock buried inside me.

“You are a most promising addition to my stable Roberta.” Louis gloated.

“I hope you enjoy the upcoming movie you are going to star in. I think it is called, Hot interracial milf gangbang.” said Louis.

“You should be quite happy with your new position.” Louis said, laughing.


You can still see me in SL, but it is on those animations where they show 3 huge black cocks fucking a platinum blond milf who has a look of ecstasy in her eyes. I was told that my surgery that gave me my huge tits and my new vagina cost over 30,000 USA dollars.

The surgery had taken place in Thailand, and they get a lot of bang for their buck there. I think I will have the cost of the surgery all paid off in 3 months.

I am very popular with the people who like to make milf movies with lots of big black cock (bbc) in them.

As a matter of fact I am about to start one right now. I guess I really was not gay, I was just not woman enough before this happened to me. I am now the happiest person in the world.

The happiest cumslut, in the world.

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