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My Step Brother Matty Pt. 02

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Here’s a little bit of information for you:

Well, now you’ve seen the spark and ignition of the lust between myself, Snow, and my step brother, Matt. Perhaps you’ll enjoy hearing about our true first time beyond the simple encounter in the bathroom, beyond simple lust from a hot shower and a peeping tom. Let me set the mood for you, candles are optional and lotion is essential.

As you well know by now, my name is Snow. I’m a 24-year-old twink with porcelain skin, and a small body for being a male. Going into more details for the audience. My hair is long, down to the lower mid-back area, with curls and waves, a dark chocolate brown that compliments my rich emerald-chocolate eyes. The word Hazel being way too bland, blasé. Lips always a subtle red, even without lip stick or gloss. My body itself is kept hairless, typically, not that I have much anyway. With a soft bubble butt and some manner of hips, I believe I could say thin with some actual body.

My bedroom was a fair size, fitting a queen bed with black silk-satin sheet sets and matching blanket set, the decorum around the entire room was dark. Ebony wood furniture went with the entire black-purple theme I had at the time, and my typical attire would go between genuine pairs of silk pajamas, V-necked women edition. Or, a gown with lace trim and silk. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m very effeminate. If not to a fault even at times, considering I’m often mistaken for a girl.

Now, the beginning:

After that choice encounter with my step brother, it was a small shame that he chooses not to take me right then and right there. A steam filled, hot, bathroom. Though, he chose the next best thing. Waiting a day later, whilst I was laying in my bed at the hour of 11:00pm (2300H).

Having fallen asleep while reading one of my favorite novels, only one small lamp on beside my bed on the nightstand. My body was half covered with a light silk sheet, up to my navel, while the only other things on my body were the lace panties and silken pajama top. Sometimes I got bored or lazy, not wanting to wear pants to bed, you have to admit it was pretty comfortable. Especially in the summer, and even with my air conditioner humming softly in the nearby window.

Unknowingly to me, Matt had decided to peak in on me to see if Alanya Yabancı Escort I had stayed awake, as I often did. Especially on a night off, or a non-school night. Spotting that I was sleeping softly in my bed, he snuck into my room and shut off my lamp, leaving on a very small amount of light in the room for visibility. I had a small moon-light on my dresser for a night-light, and no! I’m not afraid of the dark. Hehe. Even in my sleep I could feel something sliding into my bed from the base area, but didn’t think anything of it, considering we had a Pitbull. She often joins me.

Slowly he drifted his body up to my own, getting between my legs and having them curl up onto his hips. In this position, I wouldn’t be much of a threat to him. I could feel him lowering his face right into my neck, which happened to be one of my weak spots or turn on spots. The first thing he did was give my soft skin a firm set of very lippy kisses. The kind of kisses that drive you crazy. Just the feeling of that alone, made me begin to wake up as some soft noises began to stir from me. Gentle hums as I felt him enjoying my body. By this point he had already pushed my pajama top up, revealing most of my belly and chest, which felt his own touching and rubbing. He had a very manly body, something that turned me on just to look at, not to mention touch. His lips soft began to kiss at mine, lightly at first, with a gentle nibble on my bottom lip.

It didn’t take long for my mind to come too, as I felt his hands caressing my skin. Fingers running over my hardening nipples, which were quite sensitive to stimulation. A few soft pinches here and there as he assaulted my body, making me feel so hot and aroused. Though, I could tell that foreplay wouldn’t be much, considering I could feel his large hot meat pressing against several parts of my body, he wanted me. And I wasn’t going to say no. His hand traveled down my body and found my little lace panties, hooking them with his fingers, he simply ripped them open and off. Wasn’t long before I was shocked by the feeling of his fingers gently teasing my untouched hole. My ass was another one of those weak spots, my cheeks flushed a dark red as I felt his slip a finger into me. My body was already burning up as he smirked verbally as a reaction Alanya Yaşlı Escort to my reactions, at first a light gasp and yelp. Body shivering as his finger dug in and out of me, teasing me before adding a second. All the while, he was nipping lightly at my neckline and shoulder. Needless to say, I couldn’t help but moan, slightly embarrassed as he heard my high-pitched girly moans, but I didn’t want him to stop.

His deep voice, and hot breath soon spoke right into my ear. Bing! Another one of the things that you can do to drive me crazy! “Mmm, you prepared for this. It’s so hot and wet, sorry baby, but I need to be inside of you. Get ready for me.” It seemed an eternity had passed as he removed his fingers and hooked his strong arms under my knees, bending my body slightly. He knew what he was doing, pure and simple. Feeling the tip of his large, man-meat pressing against me, I could feel my entire being tremble with a mixture of excitement and a hit of nervous.

Moans of surprise erupted from my throat while he began pushing himself inside, a few grunts from his end as I felt the girthy cock using the wetness to push past my extreme tightness. “Ohhh… Fuck, Matt… It’s so big, p-please… Be gentle?” I heard myself say, still slightly embarrassed as he surprised me yet again. This was not going to be gentle, by any means. He used his strength to bend my body practically in half, starting to thrust right after letting my insides coat him in wetness. Suddenly, I had almost all of his massive length buried deep inside of me, hearing a chorus of loud uncontrolled moans from myself. While he simply began using me as his own personal cock sleeve. His voice saying dirty to me like, “Fuck! Such a tight little one, this… Is exactly what my cock needed.” And, “Your raw little boy pussy, feels better than my girlfriend. I think I can get used to fucking this!” And lastly, “Gentle? Think again, baby.”

He pressed a deep kiss onto my lips as I moaned and let his tongue slide against my own, taking full advantage of the current state of thing. My hands grasped, clawed at anything within reach as he began to plow me, not showing mercy. Using me. Enjoying me. In every aspect. I could barely speak as he plunged deeper and deeper, it seemed like he was going to rip me Alanya Yeni Escort in half. But… It felt so damn good, even with some slight pain of losing my anal virginity. He had done well to pop my cherry, and I wasn’t regretting it. We shared quite the passionate discussions as well, passing the simple teasing parts of sex that people see in porn. Things got serious, quick. I still remember begging him to fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. Use my little boy pussy to please his cock. Though the hottest part of all, was when he found my equivalent G-spot (My prostate) and began purposely hitting it with all he had. I had the biggest, longest, more frequent orgasms of my life. My cock shooting thick loads of cum onto myself and him, then, he hit home and whispered hotly into my ear…

“Ngh… F-Fuck… Baby, here is comes. I’m going to cum inside you. Mark you for life as mine! Maybe… I’ll even put a bay in you!” My whole body was nothing but fire, Jell-O, uncontrolled moans as I made a few sounds of approval. “Y-Yes… Please… Cum inside me… Put a bay in me, please Matty!” He growled lowly, primal as his pounding got much harder yet slightly slower. Grinding his cock into and inside of me as he bit my neck hard and sucked, making me cry out. Practically scream. A hot sensation filled me as he had begun erupting within me, holding onto my body tight while making the hottest sounds I had ever heard from a man.

After we shared a huge orgasm together, he relaxed on top of my body. Using me as a pillow for a moment before moving his head. His eyes looked directly into my own and we share a few very passion, slow kisses. My body, mostly legs, were still shaking – trembling as we both finally smiled and spoke. I said, “That… Was great, my first time went well. I loved it. Y-You’re still hard though, inside of me.” He simply smiled, almost grinning as he licked his lips and whispered. “Who said it’s over…?”

The night went on for hours afterwards, him using me over and over for what felt like hours. Introducing me to several positions as well, doggystyle felt incredible. But, our personal favorite was when I rode him. Cowgirl. He came in me, as far as I remember, 4 times that night. And my orgasms were countless, not trackable, numerous. That night, I became his. And he became mine.


My next part will share a very interesting turn of events, and an even hotter moment we shared. It was when he decided to… Have his cake and eat it too, sharing with his best friend. Jake. Another entire story of other first-time experiences for me. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

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