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Coffee Pots

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Jessica Willows was in love with her job at the nearby donut shop where they provided warm freshly baked holes, rings, crullers, and more. Jessica’s co-worker Jack always up early to open the shop, he often called her brown locks the color of the chocolate sauce that was splayed onto the deep fried goods that were sold.

Jessica was always annoyed with getting up so early, she was already groggy and needed her daily dose of caffeine. The warm bitter taste of the black liquid gave her the strength to complete a day’s work.

Pulling into the employee parking lot, Jessica’s lime green eyes peered at the sign above the modestly painted building. The sign that spelled Sweet Donuts had glitch once more. The neon pink lights were flashing the “D” and the “O” on donuts making the title into Sweet nuts.

Great, Jessica thought, those pervy teens would soon be spraying graffiti penises on the side of the building at night as they did when the sign conked out. Jessie sat in her car and squinted looking through the glass of the “eggshell” painted shop, spying to see if Jack had got the coffee started.

All she could see was the coffee pot sitting there, steam rising out of it’s vent. That’s all she needed. Jessie practically jumped out of her car and ran straight for the glass double doors. Once she was inside she closed her eyes.

She just wanted to block out the world for five minutes and inhale the strong rustic scent of coffee bubbling in the silver pot. Jack had emerged by now watching Jessica, the sight of her had him smiling.

He was a little bit in love as well as in lust with her ever since she started working there. The waves of her hair, his hands smoothing through it, down to her soft peach felt face over her pink lips. Jack leaned against the counter examining today’s outfit.

Another tight fitting top, grasping against her, the color was a pale blue, whether she knew it or not, he could always see her nipples popping against her shirts. So firm he thought. And around her waist a skirt, mini skirt of course.

Even though it got chilly every now and then inside the shop it would always get hot from all the baking and boiling. Jack clearly understood why she needed short outfits, and why she was so comfortable wearing them.

When her apron covered her, it would be as if the rest of her body disappeared behind a mystic veil. Jack blinked his eyes once before he saw Jessica open her eyes again. She stared at his blonde hair that was a bit askew on his head. He had just been on the phone with the owner.

“I just got the call, she’s shutting down for the day. We can go home.” Jack smiled and watched as Jessica’s mouth fell open.

“Please tell me I didn’t just get up, drive in an hour of traffic just to get here early to open this store just for you to tell me to leave.” Jessica’s eyes bored a threat.

Jack rubbed the back of his neck with his hand sighing “Sorry, I know how you feel, I just got a batch in the oven after I got done brewing the coffee.”

Damn she thought, today she could have slept in, feel like a little baby wrapped in a cottony blanket only having to sleep. “The coffee’s still hot.” She declared, it shouldn’t be wasted even if it was a wasted trip, she couldn’t fall asleep now which meant she needed to be wide awake.

“That’s the other thing.” Jack watched as she jumped onto the counter and slid over reaching for the black handle of the silver pot. Jessica turned her head to the side hoping that unless the coffee was poisoned she was going to drink it without hesitation, even if it burned her throat, she was going to gulp it down and let the caffeine wave slowly hit her.

“We’re out of cups.” Jack told her “The coffee cups, unless you want to use a measuring cup?” He shrugged unsure what to offer her, he knew she didn’t like drinking out of the tools they used to craft the goods, it was against some illegal bahis unknown law in her mind.

Coffee went into the Styrofoam coffee cups, the ones with cute lilac flowers dancing across the sides. Coffee did not go into a pot, it did not go into a measuring spoon or cup, or a bowl. It all went into a fragile little cup, paper maybe, plastic, possibly, but nothing that they measured ingredients in.

Jessica looked down at the pot opening the lid so the steam flushed her face, she didn’t want to drink it from the pot either, but she didn’t have many other ideas. So she picked up a stirrer, and placed it into the pot and slowly sipped the coffee.

Jack stared at her, she was determined. The coffee entered her throat in small amounts that burned her throat, but the dark delicious drink was giving her energy. She pulled up and stared back at Jack.

“Sorry, you want?” Jack laughed a bit at the question. Jack shook his head.

“I’d prefer a cup too.” Jack sat on the counter “But since I put the work in I’ll wait for the donuts to rise and take them home as a little morning day treat.”

Jessica felt bad for Jack, he was a joyous person sure. But unless he had a full cup he would even get cranky. Morning delight would turn into morning fright in a few minutes without his caffeine high.

Jessica started pulling her skirt down which caught Jack off guard.

“Jessie what are you doing?!” He shouted.

“Getting you a cup of coffee.” Jessica shrugged as if it were no big deal. The double doors she went through was on a time lock for super early customers and employees so it’d definitely locked by now. Jack tried not to eye Jessica’s lovely thighs, and up to her underwear which she started sliding down.

“Okay what are you doing?” Jack asked again.

“I already told you.” Jessica pulled her underwear all the way down moving them down her legs, she side stepped out of them, completely exposing her nether regions. Jack blushed looking at the curve of her hips, the delicate pink outlining of her vagina staring back at him.

Jessica hopped up on the counter next to the coffee maker, Jack froze mesmerized by what he was seeing, something electric shocked through him causing something with in him to stiffen.

“Hand me the tongs.” Jessica asked so sweetly, Jack picked up the tongs that laid above the display case and approached her, he handed them to her and watched as she lowered the tongs into her pink opening, spreading her pussy lips wide for the world to see.

“I’ll be your cup, Jack.” She said this seductively, Jack was too in love with this scene, he was in disbelief, her lovely pink cave was heaving, he could see into her. He wanted to touch her so badly, but snapped back into reality when she tapped the counter with her hand.

“Pour the coffee.” Jack picked up the pot placing the tip end into her glorious pussy removing the tongs watching as the lips clamped down on it.

“Ohhh.” Jessica blushed, she enjoyed the feeling of something stretching her, she hadn’t felt anything pull or give inside her in a long time, and now her pussy was almost like brand new, tight and hot, ready for attention.

Jack began tipping the pot upward. Jessica groaned again at the warm liquid entering her, the tip was rubbing at her clit and it didn’t help that Jack was pouring real slow. Jack soon pulled the tip of the pot out and placed the pot back on the counter.

“What are you waiting for?” Jessica asked as the coffee started pouring out of her. Jack knelt down pulling his head under her pussy lips and started to lick slowly tasting the coffee mixed with her juices, bittery sweetness. He used his arms to propel her legs back as he began attacking her cunt wanting to drink all she had to offer.

“Mmm.” Jessica started rubbing her breasts through her shirt, Jacks tongue was longue and reach lengths inside casino siteleri her sticky walls. Jack licked long and hard before he started to suck her insides.

“Jack…” She groaned, his tongue was cleaning her pussy out as well as surging through her, his saliva running rampant throughout her gooey center. Jack pushed his tongue in further feeling her vagina muscles tighten against his tongue, it was forcing him inward and he didn’t want to stop.

“Ohhh…” Jack was tonguing her long and hard, tasting her, trying to drink all her juices up. Jack finally released his tongue from inside her body and watched as she leaned against the wall out of breath, her cunt was dripping wet with her juices and his saliva, all out onto the counter.

Jack was so horny right now, he rubbed his fingers between her pussy lips watching her quiver against his touch.

“You’re so cute, Jessie.” Jack whispered rubbing his fingers harder, she squirmed a bit from his warm rough fingers “Can I touch you more?” He asked.

She nodded with enthusiasm. “Can I touch you with something other than my fingers?”

“Like what?” Jessica asked and watched Jack go into the back. “Are those the donuts or the cookies you were baking?” No answer. Jessica sighed and waited for Jack to return.

“I had these already done this morning.” Jack held a platter of churros, the grease was still sizzling on them even though they were probably rock hard by now. Jack sometimes over cooked donuts such as churros, but he always tried his best to perfect their texture.

“Mmm put it in.” Jessica turned around, her legs hand off the counter on the floor as her head lay on the cool counter, she used her finger tips to pry her cunt open further, her juices were spilling down onto her thighs onto the floor. Jack grinned as he slid the head of a churro into her wet cunt.

“Uhhh.” Jessica tightened her legs against the churro, Jack had really fried the hell out of that thing, not only was the grease still warm, but the churro itself was hard as rock. Jack started to move the churro inside her slick body.

“Ohh, yeah…” Jessica groaned, feeling the grease and cinnamon spread inside her as he pushed it inside. Jack felt his cock press against his pants wanting to join the party sooner rather than later. Jack wanted to play with her more, so he moved the churro in and out, further into her hole, it was sucking it in hitting at her center.

“Jack!” Jessica moaned loudly as she felt the hard treat hit against the end of her pussy, creamy cum exploded out onto the churro and a little on Jack’s hand. Jack pulled the churro out, she breathed in hard. A churro made her cum, a baked good made her cum so hard, it felt like an odd dream. Jack licked the soaked churro sucking off her juices.

Jack licked her pussy lips sucking off it’s sweet juices, cleaning her.

“Jack I need you.” Jessica moaned. She wanted her pussy filled again, but not by a baked good. Jack unzipped his pants. Jessica turned to see it’s might, what a thick cock. She leaned her head against the counter waiting for it to trap itself into her dripping hole.

“Put it in.” Jessica begged him urgently. Jack smiled, he held his cock and started to prod a hole, but not the one she thought.

Jessica blushed “Jack, it’s too big to fit..”

“Then I’ll make it fit.” Jack didn’t have any lube and he didn’t want any, he wanted his roughness into the tightest hole inside her body, so with his hands he started spreading her ass hole. Jessica gasped as the head of his dick entered her ass. It was so hard.

“It’s only ten inches.” Jack grinned shoving it further into her squeezing hole.

“Ah!” Jessica grasped for the counter, his dick was taking up so much space inside her ass, there was barely any room to breathe as he sank another two inches inside her. Her ass was spreading to accommodate his thickness.

“Ohh.” poker siteleri Jessica felt her head spinning as Jack crept all the way into her ass, it hurt, but it also felt warm and pleasurable. She felt her pussy gushing juice the entire time he sank inside her.

“You feel so good.” Jack began moving in and out of her ass.

“Ah!” Jessica groaned loudly, her ass was really sucking his dick inside her, he was ramming her ass hard, he didn’t wait for validation, he just wanted to feel her tightness and warm, liquid began squirting from her anal cavity.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Each motion was quick, pull half way out just to slam hard against her inner depths, a tug of war, back and forth, back and forth. Jessica was high from the pleasure and the pain. Soon Jack began pumping harder and harder into her tight ass.

“Yes! Yes!” Jack pressed his cock head hard against the walls of her ass, but it started to tighten even harder until he couldn’t really move at all. Her ass was sucking him too tightly.

Jack still all the way inside her ass placed her on the floor hoping to slide out, and yet his cock stayed buried to the hilt.

Jessie bent over, her arms and hands stretched out and her ass high in the air as Jack tried grinding his sack against her ass.

“God!” Jessica felt so hot, she wanted to burst, but she wanted him inside her other hole before she let loose.

Jack grinded roughly feeling the liquid in her ass give him way, it was still tight, but he was able to pull his entire length out in one pull. His cock was pulsating, throbbing from being squeezed so hard. Jack wasted no time in sliding his cock into her pussy. All ten inches against her cervix.

“Ahh!” Jessica was in heaven, Jack was spreading her so wide as he stretched her moist tight orifice. Jack sat behind Jessica and levered her body over his placing her in his lap, pushing his might against her cervix once more.

“Ahh!” Jessica felt Jack start to pick her up and slam her against his cock, she began grinding hard against him, he was so long, she wanted him to stay buried inside her, the feeling was euphoric.

Pumping roughly, Jack felt her cunt tighten around him, she was about to flood, he wanted her too. Jack pushed his head against her cervix repeatedly wanting her to cum, feeling her grind against his balls as she groaned in passion.

“I’m cumming!” Jessica yelled feeling herself rise, Jack felt himself close to his rise as well and pulled out of her tight cunt and back into her ass, it caused Jessica’s pussy to twitch as he plunged up her ass again, she came, her juices fluttered violently out onto the floor.

“Oh god…” Jessica groaned her ass was full of his cock still, it took one more pump at her depths before Jack bit his lip and felt his thick creamy wealth flow into her ass. It felt like milky frosting, warm milky frosting inside her ass. Jack pulled out and watched as his cum mixed with hers onto the floor.

Jack and Jessica collapsed together on the floor not caring if it was thick with cum.

“Um, are you two gonna clean this up?” They both saw Amanda, her ginger hair was unmistakable, she was one of the other workers, but she wasn’t much of an early riser, so seeing her was surprise.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jack groaned, his member still twitching. “We’re closed for today.”

“Oh, damn.” Amanda sighed looking at the coffee pot she walked over the two semi nude people on the floor. She opened the pot and frowned.

“Where’d all the coffee go?” She looked down at Jack and Jessica who both burst into laughter, they both pointed at one another accusingly.

“Jessica drank it all first.” Jack grinned.

“And then Jack drank the remainder.” Jessica smiled.

“You two are so damn greedy, save some for me and Derrick next time.” Amanda hopped back over the desk and turned back to them “If that puddles still here in the morning, I’m not cleaning it up.” Amanda then left without another word, but she was curious about something.

What blend of coffee were they drinking? And where could she get some the next time she found herself alone with Derrick on their next shift?

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