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Two-Family House: Girls Gone Wild

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Halfway up the apartment stairs, Linda hears her name. She stops, she listens. It’s the landlord telling her he signed for a delivery. Back down the stairs, now waiting at his doorway. Feelings of excitement. She knows what it is. She grabs the box and thanks him. Back up the stairs. She enters her apartment. It is a two-family house. She rents the second floor with a roommate.

Too many months have passed since she’s been laid. She is going crazy. She finally purchased some toys off the internet. The roommate is away. She has the place to herself. She throws her keys, cell, and briefcase onto a chair in the living room. She rips open the box. The first thing she pulls out is the thickest, longest dildo she has ever seen. Not that she has seen many except for the occasional gag gift at bridal showers. Eeeep! How the hell will that ever fit inside her? She wonders if the order got messed up. It didn’t look this big on the website. She shrugs her shoulders. She is not about to return it.

Standing by the couch, she strips naked. She doesn’t bother drawing the shades. Two college-aged boys live next door. She entertains thoughts that they may be watching. This excites her.

The couch is against a wall. It is across from a large window which faces their place. She lays on her back on the couch. She rests one leg on top of its back. She rests the foot of her other leg on the coffee table. She messages her breasts. Fantasies, fantasies. She runs through the list in her head. She picks one with Ray Stevenson. That’s always a good one for her. Let’s see. She starts with running into him in a bookstore. They start talking. He invites her for drinks. Lots of flirting ensues. They walk to his hotel. In the room, he pushes her up against a wall. He tears at her clothes. He grabs her breasts, then sucks her nipples. She pinches her own nipples as she daydreams, squirming. Eyes closed, head back, breathing increases slightly. Back to the fantasy. He has her on the bed now, head between her legs. Her own hand wanders down. A finger runs over her clit, enters her opening, moves back to her clit. This continues until she is extremely hot and wet. Back to the fantasy. Ray is naked, sitting on the hotel couch, beckoning her to sit on him. She does, but faces away from him. She climbs onto his enormous cock. His arms reach around, hands message her breasts.

She is ready to try the dildo. She attempts to stand it up straight up on the couch and sit on it. That doesn’t work. It keeps sinking into the seat cushion as she tries to force it in her. She thinks. She looks around. Then she goes over to the bookshelf. She grabs a huge, thick hardcover of a dictionary. She places it on the seat cushion. She stands the dildo on it. She straddles it. A hand holds it in place. She attempts to impale herself onto its rather large head. Her opening resists. She keeps sitting on it. She yells out as the head stretches her rim beyond anything she has ever felt before. It penetrates deeper. The pain is unbelievable. But she is determined to see how much she can take. She stops a second. Sweat is beading on her brow. Her breathing is heavy. She lowers herself and takes in more. Each inch of rubber cock that enters her causes another moment of intense pain, then subsides. Finally, a different pain develops as she feels the tip pressing Betturkey against her cervix. She stops. She prepares herself again. Then tries to take in more.


The pain again. But she wants to keep going. She is sweating heavily now. Deep, raspy gasps replace her normal breathing. She raises up, then up some more. Then slams down, trying to get more of it inside her.


But it also feels good. She wonders if the boys across the way are watching her. She grabs her breasts. She throws head back. She might as well give them a good show.

Suddenly she hears a female’s voice.

“Can I help you with that?”

She freezes. Her already flushed face gets hotter. She looks to the left. A cute, young redheaded girl is standing in the entrance to the living room. She is wearing just a robe. She looks to be in her mid-twenties. Linda recognizes her from pictures around the apartment. It is her roommate’s cousin Melanie.

“Did I startle you? I heard yelling and got concerned.”

Linda stammers, “Well, yes. I thought I was alone.”

Thinking, thinking. What to do? She is so embarassed.

“Teri left you a message on your cell that I was staying the night. Didn’t you get it?”

Linda shakes her head. Damn Nextel phones. The message will probably show up tomorrow. Melanie shrugs. She unties her robe. It falls to the floor. Linda’s mouth drops open. She quickly snaps it shut. She has never been with another woman. But she has been curious. And this one is very well-built. About 5’5″, not thin at all. Much more ‘meaty’ than the entertainment industry seems to like. But not heavy either. Very firm. Good size breasts. Maybe a D-cup. Pink nipples, splattering of freckles. Just a small patch of red hair at her snatch. She walks over to the couch. Linda is still squatting with the dildo inside her. Melanie stands directly in front her. Grabs her face. Kisses her softly. Presses her breasts against Linda’s and rubs. Nipples against nipples, hard and taut. Linda moans.

“Have you ever felt another woman’s tit before?”

Linda croaks, “No”.

Melanie takes her hand. Places it on her breast. Linda squeezes. She likes the way it feels . She lowers her mouth. Her other hand holds Melanie’s shoulder for support. Mouth on nipple, then tongue, flicking. Kneading the breast. Sucking the nipple. Melanie sighs. Linda squirms. The dildo moves in a little deeper. Melanie pushes Linda’s head away.

“No, let me do you first.”

Melanie grabs Linda’s ass. Squeezes. Kisses her neck. Her shoulders. Her chest. Finally kisses her tits. Linda bows her back. Melanie sucks a nipple. Nips at it. Tugs at it. She listens to Linda’s gasping. Grabs her ass harder. Shoves it down. Linda cries out. The dildo goes in even deeper.

Melanie falls to her knees. Fingers dig into Linda’s hips. Linda moves her arms back. Her palms rest against the back of the couch. Back arches. Hips shove toward Melanie.

“Hmmm. A waxed pussy. I like it.”

Melanie’s tongue travels around Linda’s pubic area. She finds her nub. Light flicking of her tongue. Linda jerks and moans. Melanie’s tongue presses harder. Her mouth encircles it. She sucks and nibbles. Linda wriggles. Melanie’s fingers squeeze Linda’s hips Betturkey Giriş tighter. She shoves her down again. Linda cries out.

“I’ll have you taking that whole damn thing in you soon enough, don’t you worry.”

Linda groans. “Please stop! No more!”

Melanie tells her to relax. She continues working Linda’s clit. It is swollen. Melanie sucks it like a pro. Linda feels something touching the back of her thighs. She realizes that it is the dictionary. Her cunt has completely swallowed the dildo. Melanie raises Linda’s hips up and down. She flicks Linda’s clit with her tongue. Faster and harder. Linda is screaming. All that cock in her. It is causing her lower abdomen to feel extreme pressure. Her thighs are trembling. Melanie moves her hands. Her thumbs are on either side of Linda’s clit. She presses and rubs. And still she is flicking her tongue.

Linda’s hips jerk. Her orgasm is beginning. It is intense. Feelings of ecstasy mix with the pain inside her. Every shudder of her orgasm causes her cunt to claim a tighter hold on the rubber cock.

Linda begs Melanie to stop. “I can’t take anymore!”

Melanie instead sucks Linda’s clit harder, stretching it. Linda screams. Melanie pulls the book out from under Linda. Her thighs quiver with muscle spasms. Her legs give out. She sits down hard. The dildo’s base hits the couch. SLAM!

Linda yells. “Nooooo! Please!”

She tries to roll onto her side. Melanie’s hands move back to Linda’s hips. They lock her in place. Her sucking becomes biting. Linda’s lower body twitches and jumps. The dildo rams in and out with each movement.

Linda begs. “Please take it out of me!”

Melanie ignores her cries. Linda convulses. She is still cumming. Her legs are too weak . She cannot lift herself. The dildo is now rammed to the hilt inside her. Melanie’s grip on her clit eases. She licks it. She caresses it with her tongue. Then she finally releases Linda. She collapses onto her side. Her body shivers. Melanie grabs the cock’s base. She gently yanks at it. She twists it back and forth. More cries from Linda. She removes it little by little. Excruciatingly slow. Linda whines. Her body continues to shudder. Her orgasm is subsiding. Melanie gives one last tug. It pops out. Linda scrunches into a ball. Hands on her stomach. She whimpers. Melanie strokes her hair. Linda begins to relax. Her breathing slows.

Melanie whispers, “Don’t get too comfortable. It’s my turn.”

A short nervous laugh from Linda.

A half hour passes. Linda is still on the couch. Melanie is behind her, spooning her. Melanie has waited long enough. She grabs a hold of one of Linda’s breasts. She plays with the nipple. It perks up.

Melanie whispers, “I have a feeling you left the shades open for a reason?”

Linda nods. She giggles. She explains about the college boys next door.

Melanie purrs, “Naughty girl.”

She gives Linda a good smack on the ass.

“Ow! I’m not even sure they’re home. It just excited me to think they could be watching.”

Melanie kisses her neck. “Get up. If they’re there, we’ll drive them crazy.”

Linda stands. Her legs are still somewhat wobbly. She faces the window.

Melanie steps in front of her. “Kiss me. And grab my ass.”

Linda obeys. Hands message Melanie’s bottom. It is definitely not small. But it is firm. She pulls Melanie against her. Breasts touch. Hips touch. They are about the same height. Linda kisses her neck. Her hands squeeze Melanie’s cheeks. She pulls them apart. Then together. Then in circular motions. The two of them squirm against each other. Melanie pulls away. She turns around. Her back is now to Linda. Linda reaches around to grab both breasts. Her lips kiss Melanie’s ear. Down to her neck. Down to her shoulder. She nibbles. Melanie rests against Linda. She moans as Linda pinches her nipples. One hand moves to her stomach. It presses her belly. Then it slides further down. Fingers run over the small patch of hair. Melanie places her feet further apart. Linda’s fingers are everywhere. She wants to explore. She has never felt another woman down there. It’s smooth. It’s warm. It’s moist. Linda sighs. Fingers expertly find Melanie’s clit. Melanie squirms. Her ass moves against Linda. Linda circles a finger around Melanie’s nub. Then pinches it. She rolls it between her fingers as she rolls her nipple in the same manner. Melanie cries out.

She grabs Linda’s hands. She shoves them away. She crawls onto the couch. She is on all fours. Her breasts jiggle slightly.

“Finger fuck me, you bitch!”

Linda places her right knee on the couch. Her left foot is flat on the floor. Her left palm lays on Melanie’s lower back. She feels around Melanie’s cunt with her right. It is extremely wet now. Her middle finger flicks at Melanie’s opening. A gasp is heard. Linda continues to tease. Her fingers roam all over. Melanie’s juices moisten her rear entrance. She moves her hips and ass in response. Linda rams her middle finger into Melanie’s cunt. She curls her finger. She presses her inner walls. Melanie lets out a long groan. Linda slips a second finger in. Then a third. Her thumb circles around Melanie’s asshole. It slides in. Melanie lets out a startled yelp.

“Oh, you bitch! Harder!”

Linda slides her fingers and thumb back. Then drives them in deeper. As far as they will go. Melanie moans. Linda uses her own body to drive harder. She thrusts in and out. Her body moves in time with her hand. Melanie rocks forward and backward. Their rhythm falls in sync. Linda watches Melanie’s tits sway. She thinks about the college boys. She reaches between her own legs with her left hand. She rubs herself, stimulating her clit. Melanie rocks faster. Linda matches her own hand’s thrusts to meet her. Sounds of moaning and crying fill the room. Melanie shutters. Linda feels a tightness around her fingers. Melanie’s insides are clamping hold. She is cumming. Melanie claws at the couch cushion. She collapses onto her elbows. She bites a pillow to muffle her screams. As Melanie’s orgasm dies down, Linda’s begins. She stiffens. Then trembles. It comes and goes quickly. No where near the intensity of her first orgasm. But still, it feels good.

She pulls her fingers and thumb out of Melanie. She plops onto the couch. Melanie stretches out onto her stomach. She rests her calves over Linda’s lap. Linda massages them.

She looks through the window. There is definitely a shadowy figure across the way. She thinks that maybe at least one boy has been peeking. She tries to imagine how she will feel the next time she sees them on the street. Her face blushes. But her body also tingles. A tightness develops in her nipples as they grow taut again. Her mind wanders. Material for another fantasy??? Hmmmm………

To Be Continued.

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