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Jono’s Journey Home Ch. 09

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Chapter 9 – The Prince & The Stallion

We were awakened Tuesday morning to the annoying electronic alarm coming from Tam’s chronograph wristwatch. I never understood the allure of the digital watch. Give me an old Timex any day. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely, because it was actually I who was awakened by the alarm. I also knew Tam had a full day of evaluations scheduled and his day was going to be long again. Tam had fallen asleep holding me. He never even got out of his uniform. I was tempted to rip his uniform off of him and take advantage of him.

Above all things, I desired to be his good boy. “The sun has risen my beloved…” I whispered in his ear, “…so to must the son of Omar.” I tickled his chin whiskers and slid my hand down to his stomach. My lips caressed his cheek and then I locked my lips upon his in a passionate kiss hoping to breathe life back into my slumbering giant.

His eyes slowly cracked open has he responded to my teasing. “You are worse than a woman.” At which point my pouty lip deployed. My hand slid slowly from his stomach down to his trousers. I wonder if he knew how much his uniform was like catnip to me. “Jono, are you forgetting your promise?”

“The doctor said nothing about me pleasuring you in other ways. Please allow me to send you to work with a smile. Or does my mouth no longer please you?”

He grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me passionately. His tongue explored the inside of my lips, cheeks, and rolled around my tongue. “Whatever shall I do with you Jono?”

“Whatever your heart desires my beloved. For my heart belongs to you.” My hand slipped down inside the waistband of his trousers. Then inside his underwear to his semi hard cock, slowly swelling to it’s fully engorged majesty. I pleaded, “Please Tamam, please let me do this for you.”

He looked in my eyes, “I do not see what pleasure you get from this. But you have color in your cheeks again, and the waxy pallor has gone from your skin. But I will not have you exerting yourself.” My pouty lip deployed again. “Not until the doctor says you can. You frightened me last night Jono. I was terrified that I was going to lose you. That can never happen again. Please obey me.”

I removed my hand from his magnificent wand and replied with a very wounded, “Yes sir.” I kissed his chin again. As annoying as this moment was I reminded myself Tamam is perfect, but I couldn’t stop my mouth. “I know that I am six years younger than you. One of the things I have learned in my short life is that you can find something to smile about or learn from, even in the darkest of times.”

I continued, “Last night was wholly my fault. I knew I was having a bad reaction to the anesthesia. That triggered the drop in my pulse and BP. The General was quite right, my body was having trouble digesting all of the protein from dinner, that triggered the sweating and clammy skin. If you were to have taken me back to the hospital my love, they would have shoved an IV in my arm, and then they would have probably sedated me. That would have compounded the problem and slowed my recovery. It may have even killed me.”

“Tam, I trust you with my life, but you still have much to learn about my body. I am going to give you this to smile about. If it was not for our lovemaking, I would never have found out about the damage to my artery. Your love, saved my life. How’s that for something to smile about?

Tamam smiled as he rubbed his nose against mine. “Jono, That means more than you can ever know Jono. I suppose someone should get in the shower if they wish to have breakfast with me.”

“Of course I will shower for you. However, the General has already advised he will be having breakfast with me.”

“When have you ever had too much food?”

“Technically Tam, that would be last night. Please just order me some fruit and yogurt.”

He kissed my forehead saying, “I know better, that will not be enough.” As he left the room my tummy rumbled, maybe he is learning about my body. I stripped off my pajamas, which were ripe with the smell of sweat. Then padded into the bathroom. Every so often I caught a whiff of my own body odor and was offended. That man must really love me, I thought to myself as I scrubbed myself clean. I heard the door to the shower open as Tam joined me.

“Breakfast has been ordered… I find I could not resist looking upon my beautiful boy’s body. But you shouldn’t be standing so long.” He switched on the rain head shower head. He sat next to me on the shower bench. “No overexerting yourself.” He reminded me.

“This is no exertion.” As I lathered the soap on his broad chest, shoulders, and arms. By the time I reached his waist he was rock hard. He made it clear this morning he would not fuck me, or let me blow him. I lathered soap in my hands and began stroking his very eager pole with my right hand as my left arm swept around his back pulling my frame in tight with his. As the soap melted away I could feel the veins in his cock throb. His breathing arap porno became erratic as his body tensed. I knew he was close. I so wanted to drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his shaft, but his arm held me in my place, like a mighty oak.

He was letting me know I had boundaries to this morning’s play. If this was the only way I could play with him I would not disobey him. He shot his load and I caught as much as I could on my palm, and greedily licked my hand clean. He kissed me and left me to finish my shower.

I grabbed a pair of Air Force sweats off the shelf. It made no sense getting dressed up, if I was just going to hang around the hotel room. I did don a pair of the sheer underwear that Tam bought for me. I also wore the brand new blue athletic shoes. Once everything was covered I walked down the hall and peeked into Tam’s room he wasn’t there. I almost made it through the rotunda when I saw something with a big bow on it resting next to the piano. “NO!” I shouted.

Note to self: it is not a smart thing to yell “no” in close proximity to your armed security detail. To a bodyguard an excited gleeful shout, sounds a hell of a lot like panic. The door flew open and footsteps ran through the hallway in my direction. I held up my hands and looked at the security detail and said “I’m sorry false alarm. I wasn’t expecting this, as I pointed to the beautiful old cello.” Tamam put his hand on my shoulder. Quickly remembering my surroundings I refrained from throwing my arms around him, simply saying. “You shouldn’t have sir”

Tam quickly replied that it was not he who gave me the cello. I removed the card from the strings it simply said, “I hope this makes the time pass quickly and your recovery short.” It was signed Papa Omar.

The guard looked at me and said, “The porter brought it up last night. We didn’t think it would be a problem if he set it up.” I thanked him and apologized again for scaring them. “It is always good to train.” They withdrew from the room, and closed the door. Tam, Reza, Ben, and Adar all looked at me expecting me to immediate play the instrument. I was spared by the knock at the door.

Reza opened it to a packed landing. Nessa was the first through the crowd. Giving me a crushing hug. “You look so much better today.” Then she slugged my arm. “That was for the scare last night.” She then tenderly kissed my cheek, She whispered in my ear, “That Baby Bear, was for the introduction to Najib. He was a complete gentleman.”

Najib smiled, “The General was kind enough to loan me a room last night. Father wanted us all close to you. I see you found father’s gift. It’s name is Mara, she was first strung in 1711 by Stradivarius. Father thought it was a fitting gift because of the many birthdays and holidays he has missed.” I told him it was too extravagant. “Jono, we lost a member of our family for half a decade. By God’s mercy he was returned to us. Please let us, welcome you home.” I hugged Tam’s big brother. Then General Mallory and Major Daniels entered. I saw the dark circles under the General’s eyes as he fist bumped my shoulder.

“Jono, I didn’t sleep much last night. I was second-guessing my decision not to send you to the hospital most of the night. Thank you for proving me right Airman.”

“Have you ever had cardamom infused coffee General?” He shook his head no. “Reza, please introduce the General to one of my favorite things on Earth.” The Major rested his hand on my shoulder as he passed by mouthing the words ‘thank you.’

The entourage filed by me into the greatroom leaving me alone with Tam and Mara. After ensuring everyone rounded the corner I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his chin. “May I have a few minutes alone to get to know Mara?” He kissed my forehead and left me to get acquainted.

I plopped down on the piano bench adjusted Mara’s endpin. I discovered to my delight, it was as if she was designed to fit between my legs perfectly. I quickly checked and sweetend her tune.

I chose to play the cellist’s favorite piece, Bach’s Cello Suite number 1. I had just finished the Menuet II when I saw Tam standing in the door he wore a sad smile. When I finished the Gigue, I looked at him again he had a tear rolling gown his cheek. “Did I do something wrong.”

“Mara was my mother’s cello. That piece from Bach was her favorite. I thought I would never hear Mara sing again. What made you play that?”

“I am sorry, it’s actually just about every cellists favorite piece. It’s one of the few written for the cello that doesn’t sound overly maudlin. But if it brings you pain, I will never play it again.”

“This is not pain, but extreme joy. You have brought me so close to my mother. It was as if she was playing for me again. Thank you for this remarkable gift. Come let’s rejoin the others. I have made arrangements with the kitchen they will call up every three hours with something for you to eat. You will take one of the three suggestions that they offer.”

Thankfully bedava porno his nagging was interrupted by a knock at the door. I open the door Pete was there with a big smile saying, “Hey Jono, day watch is here. Was that you on that big ol’ fiddle?” I nodded an affirmative reply. “Hell’s bells son you had both of the security teams damn near leaning on the door. You are really good. Speaking of really good, the breakfast trolleys came up with me it smells great.”

As the trolleys passed, I was greeted with good morning sir, or good morning Mr. Al-Amin. The maitre’d advised me it would take just a couple minutes for them to set up the buffet. Then handed me a leather folio that contained suggestions for the rest of the day’s meals. We will call in two hours for your preferences for your next meal.

Pete continued, “Sorry for manhandling you last night Jono. It was just easier for me to pick you up and carry you. You scared the hell out of all of us.”

“Pete I’ll bet you haven’t eaten either last night or this morning. Go join the buffet, you can’t defend me if you’re not fed. Adrenaline and caffeine doesn’t replace food.”

“Thank you Jono.” With that Pete, Tam, and I rejoined the rest of the menagerie waiting in the lounge.

The General said, “Jono that was outstanding playing son. You really are going to be leaving the service at the end of this enlistment aren’t you.”

“General the Air Force has always been a means to an end. My goal is to get my bachelor’s degree out of the way so that I have something of value to offer the world.”

Major Daniels said, “Jono, a piece of paper is not an offer to the world. You have real skill linguistically and musically. I have no doubt you probably have far more to offer.”

“Between Papa and Professor Ghorbani, I learned more about archaeology and ancient civilizations than most professors I know. Just sucks that I have to sit in a classroom to prove that I know it. Sorry for the use of the colorful metaphor Sirs. But seriously, how many ‘scholars’ can read ancient Persian cuneiform, or sanskrit without referring to a reference manual?”

Najib pulled Tamam and Reza away from the group and the three were in deep discussion. I was curious but I knew my place.

“So General have you heard how the evaluations went yesterday. No one’s willing to worry me about my students.”

“All but one of them got a highly qualified. You and Sergeant Gilmore are obviously outstanding instructors.”

Nessa chimed in, “Sergeant Mosbec got the qualified.”

“We saw that coming didn’t we Nessa. He will be a ‘good’ AST so long as he is paired with an outstanding ASO. Sadly the ASO I would put him with is Captain Nelson.”

Ben replied, “Actually Jono, he’s slated for a posting in Dhahran. I know of an outstanding ASO there who will be able to take him under his wing. You’re not going to get rid of me that easily, by pawning off of substandard AST on me. I trained the best, I want the best.”

Nessa, “Hey! what am I chopped liver?”

The maitre’d interrupted my depressed thought with he announcement, “Breakfast is ready for you sir and your guests. Please call down when you are finished.” I thanked him and asked him to thank the staff for their outstanding service.

“Gentleman, Nessa, please grab a plate, grab some food, and as the Baptists in my family would no doubt say, Let’s have us some have some fellowship. My wish is that you all have a safe and productive day. I wish I could be there with you.”

Nessa pulled my sleeve clearly she wanted to talk to me quickly and privately. “Jono, are all of the Hassan brothers gay?” I had a puzzled look on my face and shook my head no. “Why didn’t Najib go further? Am I ugly to him? Does he like western women? Is he offended I am performing a man’s job?

“Nessa, he recognizes you are a woman of quality. He will probably pursue you very aggressively. But he will do it with gifts, and attention. He wants to show that he can care for you. He and Tamam are like my Papa. They wish to pursue and woo their mate. I know for a fact Najib prefers Western women. You will have to learn how to adapt to an eastern style relationship. I will know more when he approaches me. He knows you think of me as your younger brother, he will treat me accordingly. He will probably ask me at some point to date you again. In the interest of propriety it will likely be a chaperoned date. I would not be surprised if he asked me to bring you out to the ranch. If he does would you like to come?”

“Oh God yes, I’m lonely and he is so gorgeous. I’m glad to have you as a surrogate little brother and kissed my cheek. I am so going to miss you when I go back to Germany. You have been the single best friend I have had since I left Alabama. Heck, you are my best friend ever. Now, let’s go get you some food.”

“You know Tam is gonna nitpick everything I put on my plate.” The doorbell rang. I started to go to answer it Vanessa grabbed my cüce porno collar, pointed to the buffet, and Ben responded to the door. He and Doctor Connor entered.

“Hey Doc, you are just in time for breakfast. Join the queue.”

Thank you Jono. I reached over and grabbed a waffle and put it on my plate. Tamam true to form scowled and made a gesture for me to remove it. “Thanks to Reza pulling a few vials of blood from you last night, I have the results of your lab work. Boy you need to get some more calories in you. Put that waffle back on your plate, and give it a partner, doctor’s orders. You are also anemic he reached over and put a couple pieces of sausage on my plate. The lab work shows that you also have been overdosed on sedatives and anaesthesia. I have made a notation in your record to half the dosages in future. As a result of the overdose you are exceptionally vitamin deficient. Here’s a general multivitamin you will be taking with your antibiotic in the morning. You will be taking it for at least for a month or so. I want you to increase your intake of veggies and fruits. I want you to try the local yogurt too. For the record you’re the kind of patient every doctor hates. With your metabolism you could actually thrive on fast food.” I noticed he was having what I was going to have. Fruit and yogurt clearly the doc was fighting weight issues. I also noticed Tam was hanging on his every word about my diet changes.

“Thank you Doc.” My plates were now fully loaded and I sat down next to Nessa.

Vanessa looked at the General and said, “Sir, this is going to be cool. You’re going to see the Doppler effect in action. Watching a hungy Jono eat is a sight to behold. It is the best work of magic. You will be left asking yourself where in the hell did it all go.”

“Well Vanessa, while that is a lot of food, I have seen people eat more.”

“Sir, the only reason why there’s not more is for the appearance of propriety. I will probably go back for seconds and thirds. Sergeant Gilmore is the only person at this table has seen me when I’m sick or injured. I’m glad she was paying attention.” I looked at the Hassan brothers and continued, “Naser would know about my appetite. I got very sick after saving him in the swamp.” Both Najib, and Reza turned and looked at Tamam in confusion. He mouthed the word ‘later’ in Arabic. “If I got sick Afsoon Ghorbani practically did a head count of the other foster children after every meal.”

The General spoke as I laid into one of the waffles covered with fruit. “So your father saved the life of Omar Hassan and the King. And you saved the life of one of Omar Hassan Sons. I’m starting to understand the relationship between the Hassan family and you. Boy, you come from a long line of heroic sons of bitches.”

I swallowed hard, “Sir, we do what needs to be done to protect what we care for. Yes, we would lay down our lives to protect what was ours, but damn straight someone will be made to pay for that exchange. When I greeted the King the other day, I told him ‘My life for my King.’ I meant it, and not just because my father would expect it of me. I would lay down my life to protect you as well sir. I know your value as a flag officer and leader. There are other generals I have met recently, I might pause for a moment, but I would fulfill my obligation.”

The Mallory replied, “I am so glad you are on our side.”

While we’re on the subject of sides Have you heard anything about that you a Marine from the embassy?

“He’s in a lot of trouble son. He got caught trying to smuggle the girl out of the country.” All three of the Hassan brothers and Lieutenant Nejem shook their heads.

“The embassy staff might be able to work out a trade. He would have to leave the country permanently, in exchange for him not being prosecuted locally. The girl is in far more danger at this point. With your permission I could go to the Embassy with this idea.”

“Jono, just so long as you know this is an embassy staff problem, not yours. I will go ahead and have the detachment commander and the JAG stop by to talk to you. Remember, the doctor wants you resting! If they choose to go a different way that is their choice. You are not to get involved.”

“I understand sir. I will advise only. It might help if I knew what naval and air assets were in the area in case we had to get him out of country within a certain number of hours.”

“I will try to get that information for you. Major Daniels will send it to you via STU-II just before your meeting. Please play nice with the JAG officer.”

“I made a promise with the Gunnery Sergeant to help and advise as possible. I have also made a promise to you as well sir. You have my word, I will break neither promise.”

Major Daniels whispered in my ear, “You have a plan already don’t you?”

“You want plausible deniability for the General, don’t you?” I replied in Russian.

“Da, nimnOga, tovarish.” he replied, letting me know he agreed but I was on a very short leash.

The group continue to chat for about five minutes. The general look down at my now empty plates, “Holy crap son, did somebody swap plates with you, when I wasn’t looking? Vanessa was right about the Doppler effect.” Nessa looked at me and replied to the general with a simple told ya.

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