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Unexpected FMF

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My girlfriend, Mary, was, like me, in her mid-20s, full of life and very sexual. She had dark hair to her shoulders, brown eyes and a seductive, husky voice. I was 5’10 and she was shorter, around 5’5; sex was exciting and very physical. I hadn’t been going out with her for very long when one weekend, we were joined on the Saturday night by a girlfriend of ours called Janine. Janine was blonde, bubbly, big-breasted, kind and loved by us all, but she was engaged to a friend of mine and he was away on business.

We had a lovely evening chatting about the wedding and listening to music; after several glasses of wine, we became sleepy we realised it was bedtime. Mary and I went to her bedroom and as we were saying good night, Janine said that she hated being alone. Mary and I looked at one another, shrugged with smiles on our faces said simultaneously, ‘Come and sleep with us then’.

We brushed teeth quickly and headed to Mary’s bedroom. As I entered, I immediately enjoyed the intimate sight of Janine stripping to knickers and then slipping a T-shirt over her bra-covered breasts; the bra then fell off by sleight of hand, so it seemed. My cock woke as I watched her breasts swing freely under the T-shirt. ‘Stop staring, Davey!’ she said with a laugh. She hurried into bed and joined Mary side-by-side under the covers.

I then realised that their eyes were on me as I was peeling off my shirt and teasingly I turned my back to them, took the shirt off and tossed it onto the chair nearby to murmurs of approval. I delighted them again with a reverse striptease – they couldn’t see but could work out that I was undoing my jeans, first the leather belt and then the button, finally the zip. Very self-consciously, I pushed the jeans down my thighs and onto the floor. I bent and flashed my taut buttocks in my boxers before putting the jeans with my other clothes. I then turned, with a semi bulge in my boxers and squeezed in between them. I felt their eyes all over me, especially Janine’s.

We were friends together but I had never been naughty with Janine and I felt I shouldn’t be now. We hugged as friends and then it was lights out and we started going to sleep. I found it impossible as I was lying between two bahis siteleri gorgeous girls and my cock was semi-hard. my monk impersonation fled as I snuggled up to Mary, spooning her and very gently caressing her breasts. I was making sure we were not being noisy and avoided shaking the bed. My erect cock nestled between her buttocks and both of us started getting very aroused. My hands explored her body and eventually my fingers caressed her pussy, gently rubbing her exotic protruding lips and pressing into her wet cavern. She whimpered softly, opened her thighs and lay on her back. She was inviting me in and oh so gently I moved onto her welcoming body. I could smell her sex, my cock was rigid and I wanted to feel her warmth wrapped around me. She reached for my cock and pushed it to her pussy; I needed no further invitation and filled her very wet pussy in a single thrust. She had a trimmed bush and I could feel the hairs rubbing against me as I fucked her very slowly.

Janine hadn’t stirred so I got a little more vigorous and Mary reacted by lifting her thighs so I went deeper into her. I had an fair-sized cock and Mary found this gave her the greatest pleasure. After a few minutes, I could sense her orgasm about to erupt but as she lifted her thighs further, she pulled the duvet off Janine. She seemed to wake and tugged it back and then stunned us by saying ‘don’t stop… but keeping me awake AND stealing my duvet is SO NAUGHTY!’. She turned and watched us in the half light, just as Mary was reaching her peak…. with Janine awake, she released a loud moan and started to shake. I still marvel to this day at the vigour of her orgasms; they took over her body and were quite simply extraordinary to watch and feel. I forced myself against the clenching thighs, literally forcing myself to stay in her as she came. Then I slowed as I knew she became momentarily over-sensitive.

Janine reached over and caressed Mary’s breast, then she moved closer, forming a trio that was touching one another. I was still hard and in Mary, but super-aroused as Janine joined us. She half-lifted herself and removed her T-shirt so I could see her gorgeous D cup breasts, I reached over and caressed her, stroking canlı bahis siteleri her nipples as they hardened. I had wanted to fuck her ever since I met her, but Paul had got there first.

Mary came down from her orgasm and smiled softy at Janine then kissed her cheek. She asked in her seductive voice ‘Do you want Davey too, Janine darling, as a pre-wedding present?’ ‘Yes!’ she said, ‘ I know I am getting married but I am not married yet! Lie on me Davey if Mary lets you’. Mary pushed my chest so I fell off her and I got the message. I pulled out of her gorgeous pussy and lay beside Janine, with both Mary and I focussing on Janine. I was still rock hard, my cock now pressed wetly against Janine’s thigh. My hands stroked her pale beautiful skin, in such contrast to Mary’s mediterranean tan. Mary sucked Janine’s nipples and my hands slipped to her panties; gently caressing the cotton, I could feel her tight but very wet pussy. She moaned as I fingered her, lifting her hips to me. I half turned, kissing her tum, then her belly, then I felt the knicker cotton on my lips; I licked her, feeling the give in the material as I dipped into her vulva. Whereas Mary tasted musky, Janine was as sweet as nectar; I felt her hand on my cheek as she pulled her gusset aside for me. I lapped eagerly at her lips and moist pussy. Her hand was on my head, fingers twisting my hair. As I sucked and sucked on her clit she moaned louder until she suddenly shook violently, pussy bumping my face as the orgasm made her convulse. Wow, I uttered, then kissed her pussy softly as the waves subsided.

Having been focusing on Janine, I now felt a hand grasp my hard cock and the most delicious hot mouth sucking on my cockhead; I looked up and saw Mary kneeling over my cock and Jane lying with eyes closed, post-orgasm. I groaned as Mary used her mouth, taking me in deeper and deeper; I was still so hungry, and started to thrust up into her mouth – she looked deep into my eyes in acknowledgement.

Janine awoke, saw what was happening asked to join in. Of course! What utter bliss for me to have these very, very sexy girls sucking my shaft and my balls. I was close and said so – promting Mary to whisper to Janine. güvenilir bahis Smiles adorned their faces and then Janine lay back, tucking a couple of pillows under her bottom. She opened her thighs directly towards me and said urgently, ‘Fuck me Davey, fuck me please!’. Mary have me a last suck and in her sultry voice said ‘Oh I want to watch this!’.

Janine looked so delicious even in the dim light; her breasts full but pert, her thighs wide and her hairless pussy open to me; her hand was already stroking her clit. Mary pushed my cockhead into Janine as I approached her and spanked my buttocks hard in encouragement; she then lay back and started masturbating as she watched, looking both of us in the eye. My cock was clenched by Janine’s pussy, her pussy taking me in and yet wanting more. I pushed into her deiciousness until my balls were squeezed on her lips. I was very conscious I was fucking my best friend’s wife-to-be but it was bliss; I also felt it was giving her one more deep pleasure before marriage, so I wanted to make it the best for her. Throughout all this, Mary was masturbating, touching us, kissing us, and now and then cumming on her fingers.

When I was balls deep in Janine, I lent forward and kissed her; she responded with wild passion and I knew that moment there was no sense of guilt on her part. Over the next hour I pleasured Janine in every position, somehow managing to restrain my orgasm by altering my pace and level of edge, but giving her orgasm after orgasm. Eventually she said between gasps, ‘Davey cum in me, I want to feel you fill me’. I wanted to see her face and for her to see my face, so I took her finally in the missionary position. Our eyes looked deeply into one another’s as I fucked her hard and deep and her eyes seem to beg me to cum hard. Oh it was amazing; the edging had got me so ready that as I felt the orgasm flow through me I groaned so loud; spurt after spurt filled her wet pussy. I thrust deeper, that feeling a man knows when he’s trying to make his wife pregnant. I lowered myself into her and felt her wrap her limbs tightly around me. ‘Thank you, lover!’ she whispered.

The three of us lay in post-orgasmic bliss, sticky but sated; we slept deeply till the morning sun woke us. We hugged, kissed and reminisced, but we didn’t have more sex. We were back to being friends with Janine, not lovers.

The next time I saw Janine was at her lovely wedding; at the end of that day I was fucked by the groom’s sister; but that’s another story.

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