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Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 17

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I woke alone in his bed; feeling rather sticky between my thighs the bright sunlight streaming in from the wall of windows opposite the bed made me squint as I sat up.

I was still dressed; if you can call wearing a garter and stockings dressed, in the lingerie I’d worn while Ken fucked me silly last night. Where Ken had slept I found a white terry cloth robe which I assumed he had placed there sometime after he got up.

I needed to shower and possibly have a sit on the bidet in my bathroom, so I draped the robe over one arm and headed to my room. I stripped out of my lingerie and sat down on the bidet. The warm water felt wonderful as it washed away the residue of our sex. I showered quickly and after brushing my teeth slipped the robe on to find out where my lover was this morning.

I returned to Ken’s bedroom and as I walked toward the source of all that sunlight I found him sitting on a deck chair on the small private balcony outside his bedroom.

I had mistaken the sliding glass door in the middle for windows; I opened it and stepped out into the brisk morning air. Ken glanced over his shoulder and said, “Good morning sexy.”

He was naked from the waist up having pulled on a pair of sweats to cover his legs. I moved behind his chair and slid my fingertips down from his shoulders across his chest and wash board abs. “Good morning lover,” I replied.

As my nails traveled back up his firm body I leaned down and kissed him softly on the neck, then asked, “Did I fall asleep on you last night?”

Ken turned his head and returned my kiss with an equally gentle kiss on the mouth. “We were both beat from the long drive,” he said trying to make me feel better.

He lifted his coffee mug to his lips and took a healthy sip as I moved around his chair and walked the short distance to the heavy wooden railing protecting the edge of the balcony. Looking out over the treetops I could see the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the lake. It was a serene setting enhanced by the calls of the autumn song birds.

I turned to face him leaning against the railing; his eyes soaking up the vision before him. I smiled as I moved one hand to my waist and using a finger undid the twist holding the belt around my waist; it fell open enough so Ken could gaze at my supple cleavage, smooth belly, and shapely legs. The chilly air swirled beneath the robe and I instantly felt my nipples harden.

Ken smiled as I began taking tiny steps toward him. “How about a good morning blow job?” I asked.

He answered my question by lifting his bottom off the chair and sliding his sweats below his knees. His cock was resting on one thigh but as I slipped the robe off my shoulders it lurched a little letting me know I’d be able to have him fully erect in no time.

I carefully folded my robe into a square and dropped it between his feet giving me a cushiony place to kneel.

“I love sucking cock first thing in the morning,” I said as I knelt before him.

Ken didn’t reply but moved his hands to the arms of his deck chair while his eyes became fixed on my face.

I left my hands at my side and leaned forward using my tongue and lips to lift his cock off his thigh. I sucked just the head at first sliding my tongue around the glans and sensitive corona.

There is something special about having a soft cock in your mouth; it has a pliable feel to it that reminds me of eating a gummy worm. The surface gives a little when pressured with your teeth or lips, and unlike taking a rock-hard cock the sensation of feeling it surge and harden as you suck it adds to the sexual excitement of oral sex.

As I teased Ken’s cock I kept eye contact with him my eyes widened each time I felt him surge and grow more erect.

Eventually, my teasing began having the desired effect and his cock grew harder and harder as I sucked it, once it took on the meaty feeling of a strong erection I began taking a little more inside my warm slippery mouth.

His eyes stared at me as inch by inch more and more of his growing erection slid beyond my lips until his mushroom shaped cock head wedged into the back of my mouth.

He was almost fully erect when I decided to start pleasuring him with more than my mouth. I brought my hands up; cupping his balls in one and circling the shaft just above his pubic mound with the other.

I smiled at him with my eyes as I slowly stroked up from the base of his cock my lips sliding along with my fingers until he slipped from my mouth.

I sat back a little studying the results of my oral efforts. His cock shaft was now rock solid; coated with my saliva it glistened in the bright morning sunlight. My fingers stopped just below the flaring corona and as I tightened my grip on his pulsing shaft the head appeared to swell even larger, the bulbous cap at the top of his cock invited my touch.

“God that feels so fuckin’ good,” Ken remarked as I studied his throbbing member.

I smiled at him but resisted the urge to tell him that his cock was Escort bayan being pleasured by the best cock sucker on the planet. Instead, I pursed my lips and using my delicate hand circling the shaft I pressed his cock away from my mouth until the head rested against his abdomen. He wanted me to take it inside again; to have my warm, wet mouth surrounding him again, to feel the head press into the back of my mouth. With cat like quickness, I pulled his cock toward me, the head slapped against my soft lips.

Ken moaned his approval so I repeated the move several more times before I opened my lips and extended my tongue so I could slap his cock head against a warmer wetter surface.

His eyes screamed at me to take him; I wanted, no needed, his cock inside my mouth again. One last time I pulled it toward my slippery tongue but when it slapped against my wet flesh I held it there as I tilted my head forward and did what I needed most.

His eyes widened as I closed mine and let his cock slither along my tongue until it pressed against the back of my mouth.

“Yes, that’s it; suck my fuckin’ cock,” Ken exclaimed.

I lifted my mouth up until only the head remained inside then took him again; his cock head pressing harder against the entrance to my throat.

As I lifted up a third time Ken exclaimed, “Yes fuck me with your hot mouth.”

I had gone from needing his cock in my mouth to craving for it to impale my throat. I dropped down again but this time when his flaring cock head touched the back of my mouth I relaxed my muscles and pushed it through. His cock surged and in an instant, he was engulfed in the smooth, hot confines of my throat.

“Oh, my fucking god,” Ken exclaimed as my nose pressed against his abdomen and my throat caressed his cock head.

I love having a man’s cock buried in my throat; swallowing to gently massage every part of the sensitive head with my flesh. I love the feeling of having my supply of life sustaining oxygen cut off by a man’s raging erection; feeling my eyes tear up and my saliva glands go into overdrive. I love everything about deep throating a beautiful hard cock, and Ken Sacks’ cock was no exception.

As I raised up to once again fill my lungs, his cock slipped from my mouth; several strands of thick saliva stretched from my lips and tongue to his bulbous mushroom shaped cock head. I slurped the spit back into my mouth then let it spill over my lip; a long, thick line of saliva stretched down and filled my warm cleavage.

“My god that’s so fuckin’ hot,” Ken said.

I leaned forward and again took him deeply; the soft flesh of my throat grasped at his rock-hard cock. His hips lifted a little and that incredible cock surged deeper down my throat.

I somehow found a way to extend my tongue over my lower lip and lavished his scrotum with my slippery wet tongue as my nose pressed hard against his pubic mound.

As I held him there impaled in my throat he knew that I couldn’t take him any deeper; there was no more cock left to swallow.

I massaged his cock head with my muscles and continued giving his balls a sexy tongue bath.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Ken exclaimed as I gave him the ultimate of pleasure.

His hands moved to my head and I fully expected him to push my mouth harder against his cock, but instead, he pulled my mouth up and off his raging erection.

An even larger almost mucus like flood of thick saliva cascaded from my mouth coating my tits and adding to the spit already between them.

His eyes focused on my mouth as I wiped the residue from my lips then followed my hand as I smeared it evenly over my big soft tits.

“You want to fuck these big tits, don’t you?” I asked knowing that’s what he wanted.

He grinned and shook his head yes.

I straightened up a little bringing my soaking wet cleavage within inches of his pulsing rock-hard cock.

“I love having my tits fucked,” I said with a smile on my lips and a sexy twinkle in my eyes.

I placed my hands flat against the outside of each soft orb of pleasure and leaned forward; his cock came to rest perfectly between my tits and disappeared in the soft wet flesh when I pressed them together.

“Oh yeah,” Ken said as he felt the heat of my body surrounding his rock-hard cock.

Tit fucking like cock sucking is an art form; your lover can only sit there and enjoy the visual pleasure of seeing his cock pop out above your cleavage when you drop down than endure the physical pleasure when you lift up and draw his hard erection back into the soft warm flesh between your tits.

I gave Ken both for several minutes; occasionally dipping my head and extending my tongue to tease the tip of his bulbous cock head and spitting on it to add lubricant to my cleavage.

I smiled at him and asked, “Do you want me to tit fuck you until you cum?”

He flashed a huge smile at me as he vigorously shook his head yes.

Unlike cock sucking, when you’re wet humping a rock-hard cock with Bayan escort your tits there is an added advantage of being able to verbalize to your lover. You can talk dirty to enhance his experience, and I seized the opportunity to do just that.

“I love how your big, hard cock feels sliding between my tits,” I said.

Ken just smiled.

“I can feel it throbbing on my soft wet flesh,” I said.

His smiled remained.

“Watch how sexy it looks when it pops out from my slippery cleavage,” I continued extending my tongue.

Ken lifted just a little off his chair to make sure that his cock head touched my tongue.

“Hmmm; your cock tastes so good,” I said

“Tell me how it feels when I lift up and your cock head slides down between my big soft tits,” I said as his cock once again disappeared.

“It feels fucking incredible,” Ken answered.

“Does your corona tingle when it slips along the soft wet flesh?” I asked.

“Yes, it does, and the sensation is starting to spread,” Ken said letting me know that he was approaching orgasm.

My soft tits and dirty talk were having the desired effect; my awesome lover was about to cum.

“When you’re ready to explode I want you to make sure your cock it sticking out above my tits; I want us to be able to watch as you blow your hot, thick load all over my tits and neck,” I said pleadingly.

Ken smiled and said one word. “Soon.”

He was right there; cock swelling, hands gripping tightly on the arms of his chair, an orgasmic grimace on his face.

With an animalistic howl Ken lifted off the seat; his cock head extended above the soft flesh of my cleavage enough that his flaring corona was visible.

“Yes, cum for me, shoot your thick hot load all over me,” I exclaimed just before the first wad flew from the tiny slit at the tip of his cock.

It splashed against the bottom of my jaw dangling down from my chin. Another explosive shot flew from him and splashed along my neck.

“It’s so fucking hot,” I said as more and more sperm pumped from his pulsing rock-hard cock.

By the time Ken finished my neck and chest were covered with his searing hot cum.

“Let me stroke it,” I said as I released my tits and grasped his still oozing cock. As I stroked him; eliciting ever possible drop from his balls I used his cock head to smear his seed across my tits.

I noticed the death grip he had on the chair release and knew that his climax was waning.

“Morning cum shots are so massive,” I remarked as I looked at the thick coating covering my chest.

Ken just smiled.

I knelt before him for a while; playing with his softening cock, his huge cum load and even dipped my mouth to savor his taste.

Once I was certain he’d recovered from an incredible orgasm, I released his now limp cock and carefully licked my fingers; gathering the cum that had collected on them.

I slowly stood up; Ken’s eyes followed me.

“Now that’s a picture I’d love to have,” he remarked.

I made a mental note that perhaps I’d allow him to photograph me with his cum coating my face sometime this weekend.

I reached down and grabbed my robe holding it in one hand as I moved around his chair.

“I think I’d like to take a dip in your pool,” I said as I leaned down and kissed his ear.

Ken didn’t reply.

I returned to his bedroom then downstairs to the rear deck. The pool looked completely inviting; the surface as smooth as glass, tiny wisps of steam rising from the warm water.

Before I stepped in I used the robe to wipe most of his cum from my chest then lowered one foot down the steps. The water wasn’t as warm as I expected, but it was warmer than the chilly morning air. I took the plunge and dove in swimming underwater as far as my lungs would permit.

It took only a minute or two for my body to become accustomed to the temperature of the water but my nipples still became rock-hard as I swam toward the opposite end of his pool. Once there I turned around and discovered a ledge that extended out from the wall perhaps twelve inches wide. I could stand on it and lean back against the wall; the water came up to my shoulders. I was glad I’m not shorter for obvious reasons.

I dipped my head under the surface again then tilted it back so I could smooth my hair tightly against my scalp and over the back of my shoulders. The water began to feel even better as I slid my hands up to cup my tits. Funny thing about my tits; because of the implants they seem to be more buoyant which makes them rise on my chest when I’m swimming.

I was about to push off and swim a leisurely lap when Ken appeared in the doorway to the deck. He had pulled his sweats back up but remained naked above.

I waved at him as he started across the deck; it didn’t take more than a few seconds for Ken to walk to the edge of the pool, but in those few seconds I studied his strong body from the waist up. For a man over fifty, Ken’s body is incredibly fit; Escort I’ve already mentioned his washboard abs, but in addition to that his torso has a distinctive wedge shape from the waist to the shoulders. I was certain he worked out on a regular basis paying close attention to not only his abs but his pectoral group as well.

“Are you going to join me?” I asked.

He didn’t respond but answered me by hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of his sweats and sliding them down his legs. As he straightened up I discovered something else that I’d missed before; Ken Sacks has an all over tan.

I wanted his sleek naked body against mine; I wanted to touch him beneath the surface of the water, but most of all I wanted his soft lips pressing against mine. “Don’t make me wait too long,” I said.

Ken stepped down; one, two, three steps until his feet touched the bottom of the pool, then like a gazelle buck leaping toward his mate Ken dove into the water surfacing almost instantly. His freestyle strokes could be compared to an Olympic sprinter, and in literally less than twenty seconds he swam the distance that took me more than a minute to cover. His hands reached out on either side of me and grasped the lip of the pool; he held himself at arm’s length until his body and legs sank from horizontal to vertical.

“Did I keep you waiting?” Ken asked.

I just smiled and shook my head no. In the bright morning sunlight, I studied his face. His eyes seemed to sparkle even more and with his skin dripping wet the defined features of his face and jaw were highlighted even more than last night when I studied him under the dim dashboard lights of his exotic sports car.

From my perch on the pool’s ledge; with my butt and shoulders against the side, I could do little more than wait for Ken to make his move. I could have ducked under one arm and dove off into the deeper water, but that idea never crossed my mind since doing so would be self-defeating.

He didn’t move or speak for the longest time and I knew he was studying my face in the bright morning sunlight. I wasn’t the least bit worried about what Ken would see; a night of sleep, an early morning oral sex session and finally a dive into his pool had most likely washed away the cosmetics that hide what I viewed as imperfections. But this incredible man; I wanted him to see me for what I am, I wanted him to see the tiny crow’s feet at the corner of my eyes, the blemishes of maturity that every middle age women tries to hide.

His eyes flickered in their sockets as he memorized every part of my face. I almost reached for his hips but before I could he bent his arms and pulled himself through the water and closed the distance between our bodies.

Some things are enjoyed and forgotten, but this moment would forever be ingrained in my memories. The first point of contact was when his hard chest touched my tits, followed almost instantly by his loins touching mine. The final point was our lips and Ken made me wait for that; poised a scant few inches apart he stared into my eyes searching for the bottom of my soul.

When he finally closed the distance, I could have sworn sparks jumped across the minuscule distance just before our lips touched. It was a tender kiss; Ken took my lower lips between his and gently sucked it, his lips moved and did the same thing to my upper lip. I curled my arms under his sliding my hands toward his shoulders then pulled his body tighter against mine.

While our kissing remained tender it took on a more sensual nature; he offered his tongue which I gladly accepted drawing it deeper with my moist soft lips. I moaned as his taste spread throughout my mouth. His tongue slipped from between my lips and once again he kissed my lower lip; then moved his mouth to kiss along my jaw toward my neck. I tilted my head giving him access to every part. His hands remained locked to the curb of the pool holding our bodies in place as his lips moved up toward my ear where he whispered, “You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

The tenderness of his kisses, the sensual way he whispered in my ear and the sensation of having his hard body pressed against me all contributed to the feelings I was having in my loins. I needed to touch his cock; feel it begin to swell in my delicate hand and grow to rock-hard from my sensual caresses.

As Ken kissed me again he released his grip on the edge of the pool; his body started to float away from mine and our lips parted.

As he tread water, a foot or two from me, he said, “Wanna race?”

I almost said no I wanna fuck, but I knew that would happen in time.

I giggled, then said, “I saw how fast you swim, what chance would I have of winning a race with you.”

He smiled and replied, “I’ll give you a head start.”

I knew there was no chance of me actually out swimming him; but I also knew that in the deep end of the pool it would be nearly impossible to do what I wanted most, fuck him.

I smiled as I dropped below the surface drawing my legs up and bending my knees; I pushed off the wall and started on my head start.

I surfaced and began furiously kicking my feet and flailing my arms to at least win the race to where I would be able to stand with my head above water.

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