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This is a continuation of my previous story “My Love Of Lingerie”.


I met a girl called Emma through a mutual friend. I was almost nineteen years old and she was a year younger than me. I worked two jobs for three years to save up to buy my first car. She was seeing his older brother but he used to mess her around a lot. I used to take her out for a drink every now and then – as I had my own car. Emma was quite busty and looked fabulous when dressed up for a night out. Her boyfriend was away in the USA studying. She was a bit insecure at the time. Before the internet arrived keeping in touch long distance was quite hard. I was seeing Emma’s best friend. Her name was Anna F. Anna was a tall thin blonde and had really long legs, just like a supermodel. She was very flat chested, but her legs were amazing. Her older sister had given her some black lace holdups for her birthday. She was lovely. She was also a great kisser.

She was bubbly and outgoing and fun to be around. Her bra size was AAA but her body was really good.

She wore simple underwear, often choosing a black or silver style from M+S which was popular at the time.

She often wore a chequered maxi dress, front button and very short. The first night we got together we travelled with friends up the Motorway. There wasn’t much to do in our area, but the Services were open 24hrs.

In the back of the car, Anna snuggled up next to me. She teased me with the lace of her black hold ups whilst I caressed her bra cups with my hands over her dress. My friends were unaware as she reached over and groped me for ages under the orange lights of the motorway. Her forwardness and bravado turned me on.

Later that night I took her home. She wasted no time and quickly helped me out by unbuttoning her dress all the way down, so it sat loosely on her shoulders. Her underwear was silvery grey. And she looked fabulous in the flickering Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort light of the television. Blonde hair, blue eyes, half undressed and wearing black lacy hold ups.

She was passionate and forceful. She lifted my T-Shirt off, and as we kissed she quickly unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped them and pushed them down. As our tongues met and I undid her Bra, she vigorously wanked my cock. I was excited about how confident she was and I soon came in her hand. Her hold ups felt amazing as I returned the favour using my fingers. After that, she moved to the far end of the sofa, kneeled down, pulled my boxer shorts down and slowly started to suck my cock. I’ve never forgotten the sight of her taking me in her mouth wearing that underwear. That was only the second time for me although we soon stopped as I feared my parents would disturb us at any moment.

One day Anna told me that she’d had to stand guard at the Photo-Me booth in the main Post Office. Emma was sending some sexy snaps over to her boyfriend in the USA. She was worried he’d forget about her. They were slightly teasing, nothing explicit.

I used to drive both of them around as they both lived in a rural village, away from pubs or clubs.

Anna had a holiday job so I used to hang about with Emma during the daytime. She used to talk about her boyfriend a lot. One day she asked me if I would take some pictures of her. She wanted to pose for him in her underwear and show her boyfriend what he was missing. I’ll admit that I was quite shocked at the time but also quite excited. I played it very grown up and cool as if it was no big deal. But secretly I was hoping I’d see her in her underwear. Of the two of them, Emma did definitely dress a lot more sexily. Emma was also quite confident and we often made jokes about sex together.

One balmy Summer night, I took Emma to a country pub. She’d really had enough of her boyfriend by then. He’d stopped writing to her and they had argued on the phone the last time they spoke. She was annoyed, frustrated and tired of being messed around. She looked gorgeous with a short bob haircut, tight body top, with a black bra underneath (I think it was a Wonderbra) – she had a black pencil skirt and what I thought were black tights and high heels. But I did catch a glimpse of thigh as she sat on the bench next to me. As I drove her home through the country lanes, she suddenly asked me to stop the car. I pulled over onto a verge and she demanded to be kissed. It was pretty a pretty intense moment as we kissed. The car began rolling forward as I had forgotten to apply the handbrake. She grabbed my waist and pulled me towards her. She was half standing in the footwell of the car and was pulling my hips against hers really hard. I could feel the lace of her underwear through the thin fabric of her tiny skirt. My cock was rock hard and somehow a spark passed between us as our bodies touched together.

It was strange as I was dating her best friend. We agreed that this was a one-off and shouldn’t be repeated. But we did kiss again in a lovely way when I dropped her off outside her home.

The next day her Dad dropped her off at my house shortly before lunchtime. She was wearing a tight white blouse, short skirt and nude tights. We sat watching TV on the sofa, close together. It wasn’t long before she asked me for a shoulder massage. It was lovely and thrilling to be so close to her again. She was really pretty and always smelt amazing. She lay face down and I did my best at rubbing her shoulder blades. I could feel her bra straps through her blouse. Her skirt rode up and her legs looked golden. Her blouse was untucked and I lifted it slightly and kissed her lower back. This made her moan like crazy and she obviously enjoyed it. I pushed up her blouse and kissed all over her back. This memory is so clear to me. She asked me to close the front curtains as we had a big front window. One of my best memories as a teenager. She sat up and asked if it would be OK if she took her blouse off. By this point I was hardly going to disagree. She unbuttoned her blouse revealing a silky and shiny peach coloured Bra. She asked if I like it and said it was her Gossard Ultrabra. Again, she was beautiful and this was easily one of the most erotic moments for me. Her skirt was hiked up slightly. It was a sexy sight I’ve never forgotten. She looked so so sexy.

Returning to the sofa she straddled me and we enjoyed that lovely feeling of frottage together. I was turned on seeing her in her lingerie and she was turned on undressing to show it to me. Our kisses were those hot wet teenage kisses that you never sort of forget. She lay face down on the sofa towards the back edge. The sofa cushions had a small fabric ridge along each side. She positioned herself so that was slightly straddling the two cushions. I was kissing the back of her neck and each time I did that she sighed and moaned. I traced my fingertips along each shoulder strap of her bra. Then I traced around the clasp of her bra across her back, reach slightly around to gently cup each breast very gently and slowly. Something was definitely happening to her and she was more and more worked up at my gentle touch. Her skirt was fully hiked up and I admired her matching Gossard panties stretched beautifully across her pert bum. I *think* she came suddenly, gently humping the seam of my parents sofa, turned on as I kissed her all over her exposed back. She was a little breathless and had a big smile. Her hair was tousled in just the most perfect way.

As I’ve written before, I’ve always found lingerie really wonderful and exciting. So to see Emma looking *so* sexy was incredible for me. At this point, we heard a noise outside. It was Dad coming home unexpectedly for lunch. Emma quickly jumped up,pushed down her skirt and hurriedly began buttoning up her blouse.

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