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In my first year at college, I had a boyfriend, David, who lived in a shared house with 4 other students, one of whom was his cousin Huw. I was his first lover, and he quickly progressed from inexperienced fumblings, to more accomplished sex with me. I’m not even sure we truly liked each other very much — but we did enjoy sex together and seemed to fill a need for each other.

David told me he’d always been curious about bondage, after he’d found a porn film belonging to his cousin Huw. I hadn’t tried this but had been curious also, so we agreed we’d try some mild bondage. I was a little nervous so we agreed that there’d be a “safe word”, when either of us felt things weren’t right we could say the safe word and the whole thing would stop straightaway. The safe word — “sausages” — was chosen to make us laugh.

We came back to his house one night, and after chatting briefly with his housemates, I knew this would be the night for us to try bondage. I was anticipating pleasure and I knew I looked hot and excited. I caught Huw’s eyes on my tits – well I was wearing a low-cut top that evening — and I felt pleased to receive attention from David’s cousin. I’d also noticed some men looking at me in the club that evening which David and I had been dancing at — surprising how easy it is to detect when someone is sexually interested..

David and I went to his bedroom, and we began by kissing and caressing, to get each other into the mood. His hands caressed my nipples, which were hard and projecting out through my silk top. I felt a direct connection to my cunt, moistening with excitement.

He pulled out a blindfold — I was amused to see this was actually an eye mask from a cheap airline — bahis siteleri and slipped it over my head. Immediately my senses felt more alert as my sight was taken away. Each of my wrists, in turn, was tied to the iron frame of his bed, using climbing ropes (as David enjoyed abseiling and climbing, so these were easily available.) He undressed me slowly until I was naked apart from my black high heels. I was positioned to be bent forward from the hips, my legs apart.

I felt vulnerable — but also very excited — aware that my arse and cunt were projecting towards him, and I thought he could probably smell my excitement as my juices were flowing. My clit was throbbing, my nipples hard and I was desperate to be touched… well, touched first and then fucked really hard.

I felt his closeness –his bodily warmth — as he reached round and squeezed my tits, pulling the nipples and taking the weight of my breasts in his hands. I could also feel the tip of his erection, just pushing gently at my arse — he was being careful not to directly touch my cunt or clit as yet. I’d always thought he was more interested in anal sex than straight sex, and it seemed I was right — I could feel the tip of his cock moistening and pushing against my arsehole. While I wasn’t anti anal sex, I didn’t feel in the mood right now and certainly wanted more attention to my clit. “Please — touch my clit, let me feel your cock in my cunt first” — I said to him, conscious of what a ridiculous request this must seem, surely he could tell what I wanted?

“I’d rather fuck your arse” — he said, trying to push his cock into my unyielding arsehole.

“Not right now — and not without lube” I replied. We argued radissonbet back and forward for a minute or two — which I found profoundly unarousing — until he walked out of the room in temper. I tried saying our agreed safe word but he didn’t come back to release me.

Hmm.. What now, I thought. I was still tied by my wrists to the bed frame, with a blindfold on, naked. David had stormed out — he was often quite childish like this — and I didn’t know when, or if, he’d come back. Not a good situation. I tried pulling on my wrist ties but they were pretty firm. Damn.

After a few minutes in which I felt increasingly annoyed, I heard the bedroom door open behind me. At last! — I thought — David’s seen sense and come back to apologise. “About time! Untie me!” I said.

There was no verbal reply but I heard some rustlings as if clothes were being taken off. OK, I thought, maybe his apology is physical.. I can live with that…

A finger probed my cunt as if checking for my status and readiness– quickly rubbed my clit — then I felt two warm hands move my legs further apart and the head of his cock pushed against my cunt. His hands went to my hips, spreading me further — and then he shoved his cock straight up my cunt so hard I gasped and almost came in the first moment. He pulled out completely and then fucked me again, harder and harder, stretching my cunt with his cock. I could hear his balls slapping against my arse and the sticky sound of our bodies meeting together. By this time my juices were running down my thighs. I’d never had anything like this before with David, I was amazed, and could only imagine the sight of us together, fucking as if we betsalvador wanted to bury ourselves in each other.

I came hard, in deep spasms, and instantly he pulled out of me. I heard him walking round to the front of the bed and then I felt his cock pushing at my lips. I opened to lick and swallow him, tasting my cunt juices and the sharp scent of his sex, as he pushed deep into my throat while his hands were on my tits. I was almost coming again from excitement, I could not believe how much I was enjoying this rough and wild sex. Still he hadn’t said a word to me.

He again stopped before coming, and moved underneath me to focus back on my cunt. First one finger, then two moved in and out of me…then three, I think. I loved it so much I was almost crying with desire and came, again, in a huge spasm that squirted my cunt juices over his fingers and hand.

“Do you know who I am?” –he said and my whole body stiffened. It wasn’t David’s voice. I felt a hot wash of emotions — embarrassment, excitement, shame, delight — and a little part of me thought “Of course! –David wouldn’t have been so good at sex..”

“I’m going to untie you”, he said, “and then I’m going to fuck you finally til I come. And when I come you’re going to say my name”.

I felt my wrists come loose from their ties — which was a relief as they’d begun to ache — and he pushed me down on the bed. My legs automatically parted for him “Good girl!” he said, with a laugh, as his weight came on top of me. This time he fucked me slowly first, then speeding up, and as I felt his excitement increase, I squeezed my cunt muscles round his cock. “Damn .. Yes!” he said, groaning as his cock was squeezed tightly by me. For the first time, he kissed me and I felt our tongues twine together greedily. With one hand I pulled off my blindfold as I felt his orgasm overtake him. He fountained into me with a yell, and as he came, I looked at him and said “Huw..”.

David’s cousin gave me a slow smile.

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