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Death Grip

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Ok, i’m going to start the story off with a little context. I wrote this story to sexually excite the love of my life. We were several thousand miles apart, and she encouraged me to share my fantasies with her, thus this story was born. The title is an inside joke between the two of us, and because of that joke, i now refer to this story by the name “Death Grip”. I’m posting this here to find out what others thought of the story, and perhaps may continue writing. For the record, she liked the story. Also, for the sake of anonymity, any and all names have been removed from the story.

We’re lying in bed asleep and in each other’s arms. You’re head rests gently on my shoulders and my head is facing away from you. All of a sudden I feel something against my neck, you’re kissing it. I wake up, look at you and smile. We kiss each other, innocently but incredible all the same. Our kiss begins to get more passionate, our tongues meet, as I slide my hand up your shirt. I gently massage your breast as we kiss, and you slide your hand down my pants, massaging my already hard cock. This causes me to get more forceful, I take my hand out of your shirt and grab your arm that’s down my pants, i roll us over so I’m on top of you, and I take my shirt off.

I grab both your hands, pin them to the bed above your head and kiss you Escort bayan passionately. I begin to get a little rougher; I take one of my hands off of yours and slide it under your shirt, forcefully massaging your breast. I let go of your other arm, and use it to take off your shirt. As soon as it’s off I grab both your arms again and pin you to the bed as I kiss you again. While holding you down I begin kissing your chest, starting at the top and working my way down, and then over to one of your breasts. I kiss and lick your nipple; I gently bite it and pull my head away while my teeth grasp it. I kiss you again, and then let go of your arms.

I move down, between your legs, I start kissing your chest again, working my way down to your stomach. When I reach it I start sliding your pants off while I have my tongue follow. I stop just shy of your pussy and completely remove your pants. I start kissing the inside of your leg starting just above the knee and working my way up. I reach your pussy and I slide the tip of my tongue from the bottom of your pussy up. You’re so wet. The tip of my tongue gently touches your clit. I begin to lick it harder, using the wider part of my tongue, long licks. You moan with delight as I lick your clit, and it turns me on so much, I go faster, moving my tongue back and forth along Bayan escort your clit, kissing and gently sucking on it. You arch your back, I can tell you’re going to cum soon, but then you tell me to stop and you sit up.

I get up wondering why you told me to stop and you kiss me, then you throw me over so that I’m on my back and you sit on my stomach. You begin kissing me, then kissing my chest, your hands moving down my stomach to my waist. I can feel you sliding your hands into my pants. You look at me and smile while biting your lip. You remove my pants exposing my cock that is throbbing because of you. You kiss me while you rub it, I arch my neck it feels so good and you bite my bottom lip gently. You get up reposition yourself so that your head is right at my cock. You grip the tip with one hand and begin to lick starting at the base, all the way up to the tip. It sends chills down my spine and feels so good. Your lips meet the tip and you gently slide it into your mouth. I can’t believe how incredible this feels. Your lips work their way down the base of my penis while your tongue licks it inside your mouth. I begin to shake it’s so amazing. My cock is now throbbing harder than it ever has. While, you massage it with your lips and tongue, I move your hair out of your face with my hand which is shaking Escort terribly I’m so aroused. I can tell I’m going to cum soon, and all of a sudden you stop. You kiss my stomach, then my chest, and then me, then you whisper to me saying, “Fuck me”.

These two words send me into a frenzy. I roll you over so I’m on top, and I grab your legs, wrap them around my waist, and kiss you. I slide my cock into your pussy, it’s so tight, but you’re so wet that it slides in with ease. I’m throbbing so hard inside you, I almost can’t stand it. I start moving my waist, thrusting my dick in and out, both of us moaning passionately. Your fingernails grip my back as I thrust into you harder and harder. I can barely hold up my body up I’m shaking so hard, but I have ample strength in my hips as I thrust my throbbing cock inside of you. You bite my lip as I’m kissing you, all the while fucking you harder and faster, in and out of your tight pussy. We’re breathing heavily, moaning with every thrust, faster and faster. You utter, “ungh, fuck me.” It feels so great, I can tell I’m going to cum soon; every moan you let out brings me closer and closer. You arch your back and let out a light scream, I can feel you cum and it makes me cum too. I cum inside of you, it’s the hardest I’ve ever came, chills go down my spine. I slide my dick out of you and lay down beside you holding you in my arms. We look at each other, smiles on both our faces, just lost in each other. I tell you that I love you; you tell me that you love me. You put your head on my chest and we hold each other.

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