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The Menu Ch. 03

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This is the third episode in the fictional series on Jeremy’s awakening. Kim is doing everything in her power in an accelerated manner to evolve him into an experienced sexual partner. The elements of this chapter will not be fully appreciated or understood if you have not read the previous chapters. There is a reason for how these events are unfolding and all will be made clear in the final chapter (which is expected to be my next submission). Please be patient and know that I too am evolving with this endeavor. This is my very first work of erotic fiction.

Thank you for taking time to read my story. Enjoy!

Jeremy was in shock after viewing the DVD. He didn’t know what to think or how to react. It was his understanding that the sexual research with Kim was implied to be only solo encounters between the two of them. Never did he envision or expect what had been conjured up for this second session. The whole thing affected him in so many ways. His emotions were scrambled and any attempts by him in sorting them out proved to be an insurmountable task given his novice level of social and sexual expertise. He simply just could not get his head wrapped around the concept of having multiple sexual partners at this point.

Kim recognized from the very beginning that her approach would be radical and perhaps even foreign to Jeremy. It was a risk she was willing to take. She knew his powers of reason would ultimately be challenged with the battles that would rage in his mind. She was counting on it. But, she was not without compassion. Kim wanted to help Jeremy realize his full potential as a person with deep sexual passions, who unfortunately had had these passions repressed, not by his own choice, but from some pretty cruel maltreatment by his peers in his youth and young adult years. Her approach was comparable to “shock” treatments. Except, she was not going to leave him in shock. She had planned to contact him late in the evening (after he was to have viewed the DVD) on the day after their second session with the intent of easing his mind through some “decompression therapy.”

In the primal regions of Jeremy’s mind he was in fact swimming on a sexual high that bordered on the insatiable lusts of an addict. The massive level of endorphins that had been released from his pleasure center began to overshadow all rational thoughts of “foul play” from what on the surface to him seemed to be a “bait and switch” experience last night. These new feelings had a powerful hold on him that transcended beyond any form of reason. The homunculus that used to be such an ordered entity in him was now developing exaggerated appendages like a fast growing cancer with tentacles that reached into all of the sensory regions of his body; and most particularly into his cock. Seeing those sexy young girls on the DVD ravage and devour his tool in so many ways was triggering an avalanche of cascading desires. Insatiable and unquenchable defined the state his cock. He wanted to have more! He needed to have more!

“What the hell had she unleashed in me?” He thought. Just as he began to sink into despair, Jeremy’s phone buzzed with a tweet informing him of a received text message.

“Hi my Lover.” Kim had texted him. “I’ve sent you an e-mail. Please baby, read it tonight.”

“An e-mail?” Jeremy couldn’t see how that would help his conundrum. But, his interests were peaked from the techniques Kim had been employing on him. “So,” he thought, “it wouldn’t hurt to see just what the hell she was up to now!”

He opened up his mail account to find the following message from Kim:

My Dearest Jeremy,

I’m sure that by now you have viewed the DVD I left for you. Undoubtedly, you are most likely in a state of shock about what actually happened last night. Please, please remember my goal in this research is manifold and complex. At this point I do not expect for you to fully understand or accept last night, but I will try to ease your mind by giving you some explanations and background from my side of things.

First, let me introduce you to the three lovely ladies that were my assistants:

Julie: She’s the brunette with the tattoo of a little windmill just above her ass crack. She’s 19 years old and comes from a rural Nebraska farming community. I’ll explain the tattoo another time.

Amber: She has the short cropped red hair and pierced nipple rings. She’s 18 years old and from Los Angeles.

Kara: The Platinum blonde. You may not be able to see on the DVD, but she has a small clit ring. She is 18 years old and from Las Vegas.

You will notice that every one of these fine young ladies, from their tits to their toes, have body types very similar to mine, plus their pussies were all shaved just as mine is. That was my doing. I needed girls that wouldn’t give away the fact that they were standing in for me as they worked you over. I hope you didn’t mind their doing that. So, you can understand then why they needed to be physically like my body.

I know each of these young ladies personally.

Prior Avrupalı porno to entering my advanced studies, while at my undergraduate school nearby, I worked part time as an exotic dancer. The girls on the DVD are from the club where I used to work. Two weeks ago, I put the word out to all my associates at the club that I needed 3 volunteers to assist me in a research project. Of course, I fully explained to them the exact nature of my research and what I needed them to do. It didn’t take much convincing before I had a large group of girls pleading with me to step up for the task, especially when I had presented to them the pics of your magnificent cock that I took at our first session!

Anyway, I finally selected three girls whom were the cream of the crop. They were only too happy to take turns in pleasuring you. I explained to them how it would all work. That they would start out slow and then work up to longer and more passionate stimuli; eventually giving you the two orgasms I promised you. It was kind of like a game for them. Each had equal time in taking turns with you. The game was similar to “Russian Roulette.” Only you would be the ultimate determiner as to which of them would be the lucky recipient of your “magic bullet” by having your loaded gun blast cum down their throat or cream into their pussy. As you can see on the DVD, Julie was the winner of the cum swallowing contest, and Amber got the walls of her pussy spray painted when your cock finally blasted away inside of her.

Now that you know them, they would love to have you really know them much better. I will not force you, but to give you a hint of the plan for our final session, Julie, Amber and Kara would each be the lucky recipient of one of the three orgasms planned for our third and final encounter. I do not want to spoil the build up to that encounter, so that’s all the details I can give you now.

If you still feel “up” to continuing this research, then a simple “YES” in response to this e-mail is all that is needed. Please, say nothing more than that at this time. We certainly will have all the time you feel you need or desire to debrief any aspect of this project after it is concluded. Any dialog at this point would be counterproductive to the research goals. If you respond in the affirmative, then the restrictions on further communications and your pleasuring yourself will still apply.

You will need to let me know within the next 24 hours.

Until then.

Love You, Kim.

Jeremy’s head was spinning. There was a war raging between his cognitive and cock-native thinking. So much to digest. So very much to decide. It was obvious that his cock was winning the argument. He seemed almost incapable to resist the chance at having another session with these stunning beauties. Kim’s proposal was titillating in every way.

“Double Damn!” He thought. “There’s no way anyone with one eye and half a brain would pass up a FUCK FEST like this!”

Jeremy reacted quickly and reflexively. He opened up his computer browser and typed the following e-mail response to Kim:



Love, Jeremy

After closing his browser, Jeremy knew there was one more thing he absolutely must do before going to sleep. Tomorrow was another day that was given him to pleasure himself. No way was he going to miss out on that cock workout each and every day before their next encounter, especially while having the enjoyment of viewing that smoking hot DVD of those delectable sensual young ladies sucking and fucking him again, and again, and again! He put a discrete note on his phone day-planner as a conspicuous personal reminder to make special time each night just for doing that.

Jeremy then reflected on Kim’s reveal about the third research session. His mind was bustling with thoughts as he knew she had only given him a taste of what actually would happen. He wondered what would be on “The Menu” this time. Since her objectives from these last two encounters appeared to be a pattern of acceleration in the diversity and intensity of his sexual experiences, Jeremy got the distinct impression that this last session would be an event on such a grand scale that he would under no circumstances ever forget it. He had a fitful slumber all that night as countless scenarios with those delectable young girls spun through his head like sporadic jolts of electricity. His brain synapses were working on overtime forming new and vigorous pathways throughout his pleasure center. There was one constant with all this turmoil; the smile that seemed to be involuntarily and perpetually on his face from the anticipation of the licentious things to CUM!

Kim and the girls worked out the details of their plan over the next two weeks. It was all so very exciting for each of them as they looked forward to putting their strategy in “Motion.” Their goal for this concluding session was to give Jeremy the very best of their talents both individually and collectively.

Jeremy watched Video porno the DVD without fail every night. He ogled at how sexy each of the three girls were. It was as if he were a participant in the most erotic and magical dream ever. As he viewed what each of them had done to his cock, he had to pinch himself while watching just to ensure it wasn’t all some erogenous fantasy. There was plenty for him to salivate over.

He examined and re-examined every aspect of the three girls. Their pussies were all petite and hairless as Kim’s. He knew from the wonderful experience of having had the most delightful strawberry meal of Kim’s luscious little lips, that their hairless and silky cunts would be a king’s feast for sure. He also noticed each of them had smallish and pert titties that he longed to feel and suck. Their bodies were all similar to Kim’s in that they looked so very young. The three of them could easily get student discounted tickets at the movies if they had faked High School ID’s. It was a magnificent banquet of tender flesh!

Jeremy also observed that their bodies were unique in subtle ways too.

He noticed that Kara did indeed have a cute little black clit ring, and that her pussy mound was fuller than the others due to her larger outer lips. Her overall skin tone was much lighter than the rest of the girls and her dark chocolate areolas made for a striking contrast to her lighter color. Her platinum blonde hair was super straight and cut even to just below her jaw line. There was precision also in the cut of her bangs as they fell evenly across the upper border of her eyebrows.

Amber must have been a natural redhead because she had just a touch of the classic smattering of freckles on her cheeks (face and ass). Her pussy lips were bright pink as were her nipples. The silver rings in her nipples were intriguing to Jeremy. He wondered what it would be like to suck and nibble on them. Her hair was cropped in a short butch style; yet it was still a fiery red color even with its shortness.

Julie’s brunette hair was somewhat curly and full. She kept it shoulder length and the way that it framed her impish face gave her a dreamy country girl look. The windmill tattoo just above her ass crack seemed appropriate to her Nebraska roots. Jeremy still couldn’t fathom what its underlying connotation was, as alluded to, but unexplained by Kim in her email. “Another intrigue yet to be discovered,” he thought.

Jeremy was primed and ready as ever for their third session. Especially when it no longer was a secret to him who his pleasure givers would be. The days were not going fast enough. Even with daily masturbation, the relief to his wanton desires was minimal at best. His cock ached all day, every day. His mind had one tract only, and that was to lick, suck and fuck these girls nonstop until he passed out from exhaustion, and then do it all over again!

Kim’s methods were working as she had intended. She wanted to awaken the sleeping giant between his legs. It was now definitely wide awake, on steroids (testosterone mostly, mixed with epinephrine when in close quarters with female flesh) and insatiable with desire.

After a couple of weeks of torturous anticipation, Jeremy finally received the following e-mail from Kim:

Dearest Jeremy,

The time has come for us to get together again! I am so excited, I hope you are too. The girls and I have made great efforts to prepare for this final session to ensure that it will be well worth the wait you have endured. I am pleased that you responded in the affirmative for our research to continue and be majestically culminated as I hoped it would. I trust that you have been good in keeping to the conditions of only pleasuring yourself once each day. I’m sure by now you have probably worn out your DVD player! Lol.

It will be necessary for you to clear your schedule this Thursday for the entire day. You will need to be ready at 10 am that morning. I know that’s pretty short notice with today being Monday, but It’s the only day that will work for all of us.

There is an additional restriction you will need to comply with so that we may obtain the optimal result for this last event. That is: You must refrain from any form of masturbation for two days prior to the date of the planned session. This means no more touching yourself starting tomorrow! I know this will prove to be quite a challenge. But trust me; it will serve to multiply your pleasure immensely.

Also, please do as before and thoroughly bathe and groom yourself just prior to the planned meeting time. This includes touching up any shaving of your private parts so that they will be silky smooth for all of us to enjoy. Dress in some casual sweats and sandals. No underclothing allowed. Leave your door unlocked and just have a seat in your recliner as you wait for me.

That’s all for now! See you Thursday morning!

Love You, Kim

Jeremy reflected on the peculiar fact that for their meeting to be on a Thursday and for what appeared like it might be an all-day event, that the activities they had planned must be something very unusual. The suspense was almost unbearable.

He made a mental note to himself to ensure that his last jerk-off tonight would be a slow and deliberate process. He wanted to savor this last time and try to make it something that would keep him from going crazy for the next two abstaining days. Kim was in fact partially correct; over the past few weeks he was amazed that his DVD player and remote control hadn’t been worn out from all the playing, pausing and reversing commands he had made while watching the scorching sucking and fucking exploits directed to his cock.

Jeremy was wishing it was Thursday already. “Damn.” He hated the wait.

Two agonizing days later and he was up at the crack of dawn. No alarm clock needed! Jeremy spent several hours smooth shaving, bathing, and completing all of his other bathroom duties. Then, dressing in sweat pants and t-shirt, eating a light breakfast (nerves), and finally settling into a fidgety 30 minute recline on his chair.

Right on time at around 10 am, Kim walked through his door. He was set back when he saw that she was slovenly dressed in old sweat clothes. No sexy outfit today?

“HHmmmm?” Jeremy wondered why the seemingly reversal in her attire.

“Hi Lover!” Kim chirped with a cunning grin on her face.

“It’s that time! Now remember our restrictions about your complete and unwavering obedience and nonverbal communications unless specifically asked a question.” She asserted. “All of that begins now!”

“So, are you ready?” She queried.

“Yes Mam!” Jeremy snapped back with abundant enthusiasm in his voice.

“Okay!” Kim then directed: “We are going for a little ride in my car for about 40 minutes, so put your sandals on, get your keys and lock the door on our way out.”

Jeremy soared out of his chair and grabbed his keys in response; making a bee-line for the door.

“Let’s hit it Mister!” she barked as they walked quickly to her car.

Kim got in the driver’s seat and Jeremy understood he was to be the cargo as he got in on the passenger side. Once they were in and buckled up, Kim gave him further instructions.

“Open the glove box.”

He did.

“In there you will see our favorite prop that you have CUM to know well.”

Right away Jeremy spotted his familiar and trusty blindfold.

“Recline your seat all the way back as if you were attempting to take a little nap, then put on the blindfold.” She decreed, and he quickly complied. “Make sure it’s secured on tight so that you can’t peek out anywhere!”

Kim was enjoying every minute of this. She recognized that the mind games with Jeremy were just beginning and that there were considerably more in store. If he only knew! As the day played out, he would eventually know. Kim could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

Kim began driving.

As soon as the car started rolling, Jeremy heard music come on the car’s sound system at a volume level ample enough to drown out most of the car and road noises. That wasn’t what bothered him. The killer was that it was bland elevator type music. “YUCK!” he thought. “What the Fuck is up with this crap?”

Kim on the other hand knew her attire and the music would seriously frustrate him. The purpose was to make it so that when the fun really began, its contrast to the present doldrums would drive a home run out of the park with his sensory systems. She was all about the bottom line; what the final outcome would or was desired to be, that was her focus.

The music was so “uninteresting” that Jeremy did actually nod off within the first ten minutes of the drive. The next thing he remembered was Kim poking his arm to wake him up.

“Hmmm, Whaaat?” He mumbled as he stirred from his boredom induced slumber.

“We are at our destination, so it’s time to wake up sleepy-head.” Kim informed him.

“Leave the blindfold on for now. I will help you out of the car and to our next location” She did just that; leading Jeremy into the doorway of a building. “Take my arm and walk slowly. I don’t want you to trip and fall.” With that she directed him through a few corridors and eventually into a large room. Kim sat him down into a plush office type chair that rolled easily on castors but it was without any arm rests.

“Let your arms hang down!” She ordered.

Jeremy felt the familiar clinking of handcuffs being placed on each of his hands. A rope was placed running under the chair seat securing the two sets of cuffs to each other. Jeremy was all too acquainted with this form of restraint. The next thing he felt were several sets of hands tugging on his sweat pants. The pants were slowly inched down and then finally removed leaving him naked from the waist down. He heard several muted “Ooooh’s and Ahhhhh’s” as his semi-rigid cock was apparently being scrutinized when it came free from under his clothing.

The chair was then moved a little distance to relocate him. He felt something solid come into contact across his chest. It remained there giving only light pressure to his body. This was intriguing. He wanted to know where he was and why all the stealthy maneuvers to bring him here.

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