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Just before I walk into the bar I think about your instructions…shaved pussy (always), short skirt or dress, no sex , no touching , no cumming before we meet. The last two I contemplate breaking because I am always aroused (even more so before we meet) and because I want to push your buttons , to receive extra “punishment.” It has been a while since we have been able to meet and I always feel brave when I have time to myself. But, as usual my desire to be a good sub and not disappoint you wins out. As you instructed, I go straight to the bar and wait. It is packed shoulder to shoulder with people and is hard to get close enough to order a drink. I am already sweating under the coat that covers my dress from nervous energy.

You have not told me what to expect tonight, but as usual, I know it must be something special based on our last conversation.

`”Whose whore are you Kristi?”

“Yours sir.”

“And your pussy, mouth and ass belong to…?”

“You sir.”

“Good girl. I expect you to do as you are told. Don’t push me and don’t fucking disobey me. You have a lot to prove.”

” Yes sir. I promise I will do as I am told. I want to be the best princess.”

“We’ll see Kristi…”

Since we are meeting out in public I know that whatever you have planned will test my limits and trying to figure out what is in store for me is only making my pussy wetter and making it hard to focus on anything . I don’t know how long I have been standing at the bar waiting, but it seems like forever before I feel your hand at the back of my neck, under my hair and your voice in my ear.

“Hi princess.”

You are smiling, but your eyes are serious and your hand bunches briefly in my hair before you lean forward to get the attention of the bartender and order your beer. The bar is so crowded that you are turned into me and I feel brave enough to reach out and put my arm around your waist but you grab my hand before it gets there and squeeze my wrist. You are going to put me in my place and establish who is in charge before I try to distract you.

“Don’t touch me unless I give you permission.”

You say this with a half smile on your face as you lean close to me. Your beer arrives and you are making small talk. I love it. It distracts me for a moment and confuses me. As we stand close talking I feel your hand slide under my coat, across my waist. I turn in to you, thrilled with this little contact. Your fingers are at my hip, bunching the fabric of my dress up until my ass is exposed while the front of my dress is still covering me. I am trying to concentrate on our conversation. Fingers slide across my skin and skim the crack of my ass. I look around, scared that we are being watched, but the bar in front of me, your closeness, and my coat hide your hands. I make eye contact with you just as your fingers slide into my dripping pussy. I bite my lip not to make any noise but no one can hear anyway with the crowd . Your fingers are deep in my pussy now and I am scared to look away from you. Pressure from your arm forces me to turn my body against the bar and allows you to pick up your beer and strike up a conversation with the guy next to you about the beer he is drinking.

I lean in to the bar and put one hand on its surface fingernails digging into the wood as I prop one foot on the rail at the bottom of the bar to allow you more access. My free hand is clenching my raised thigh. Because I have not cum in a week, have not had sex in that long on your instruction and my pussy is throbbing, I am already close to cumming from your fingers.

There is a break in your conversation and you lean into my ear, “Order a drink Kristi.” You smirk a little because you know that I am struggling. Putting down your beer you signal to the bartender with your free hand and he approaches.

I can hardly think of a drink , couldn’t even tell you my name to be honest but I know I have to try. In my mind everyone in the bar can see your hands in my pussy. I figure it is tattooed across my head…the bartender is waiting with an impatient look as your fingers are working in and out of me faster and I feel my orgasm approaching. I force myself to order a beer, the only thing I can think of, but my voice comes out weird and I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror behind the bar. You are looking up at the TV above the bar, but I can see your arm moving beneath my coat. I am about to cum, grateful that the noise around us covers the wet sounds my pussy is making and the noise of my breathing.

You reach with your other hand into your pocket and press money for the drink in my hand. You want me to pay because it amuses you to see my hands shake as I pass the money to the bartender.

Once again you lean in and whisper, “Don’t you dare cum without asking my permission.” I know I am very close to cumming so I whisper my request.

“I can’t hear you princess. Ask louder” I raise my voice a little but you are not satisfied.

“What is it you want princess? I olgun porno can’t hear you.”

Oh God, I can feel my face redden but nothing is as important right now as pleasing you and relieving the tension in my pussy. I have no shame now, I am ready to cum in a bar full of strangers… My eyes never leave yours as I ask in the loudest voice I dare, “Please sir, can I cum?” I see the guy over your shoulder jump a little and shoot a disbelieving look our way but I can’t look away from you. It is taking all of my willpower not to relax and give into my orgasm, but I will not disobey you.

You smile very slowly at me and lean forward. You give me the softest kiss on the lips,

“No Kristi you cannot.”

Then you pick up your beer, pull your hand away and shove your fingers in my mouth. You do this so quickly that it takes me a moment to register the denial. I taste my juices on your fingers and no longer care that by now the people around us have started to pay attention. You are casually drinking your beer and I am sucking your fingers gagging as they hit the back of my throat. I want to cry. I want to scream at you. More than anything I want to drop to my knees and beg you and I don’t care anymore who is watching. I can’t believe you told me no. You reach under my coat again, but this time it is only to slide my dress back down over my ass.

I am sweating and breathing hard and so confused and unbelievably turned on. My submission with you is absolute. Just like your control over me. You spot a couple of open bar stools in a corner of the bar and you steer me to them. Your hand is at the back of my neck again. So far you have been very skillful at hiding your intentions but when we stop in front of the bar stools you stand behind me and I can feel your erection through your blue jeans. You take my coat off and toss it over one of the stools. Just around the corner is the hallway to the bathrooms. I am nervous again, my legs are shaking. You are pulling my hair off my neck and wrapping it tightly in your fist as you sink your teeth into the curve of my neck. You are biting and kissing me and I am squirming against you, all nerves replaced with the need to feel your cock against my lips.

Then you are leading me down the short hallway, its dark and crowded but you are solid behind me pushing me to the first door on the left. Oh god it’s the men’s bathroom. It is a single bathroom. Just a toilet and a sink, barely enough room for the two of us. I can see the crowd of men and women some with drinks just leaning against the wall talking, others waiting for the bathroom. They are curious about what you are doing, but some are smiling. They have seen us and they know what you have planned. Your hand is fisted in my hair and you pull my head back. My eyes are watering…

“Is this what you want princess? To be used like a whore in front of these strangers?”

“Yes sir.”

“Tell them what you are”

“I am a whore sir.”

“What kind of whore?”

“A cum whore sir”

“Good girl…now open your mouth.”

You shut the door on the curious faces and force me to my knees in front of it. It is then that I notice someone has cut a fist sized hole in the thin wood. You squat beside me, slap my face hard , I can smell my pussy on your fingers, then you are spitting in my mouth and forcing my face to the door. I know what will happen next and I feel wetness on my thighs. I want your cock so desperately and I want to be sooooo good for you, but I will have to earn it. It is only seconds before the first cock appears in the hole…


I close my eyes for a moment and some distant part of my brain protests for just a second at what I am about to do but then your hand is on the back of my neck forcing my head forward. My eyes open as my tongue slides down the salty skin of the stranger’s cock. Too late to turn back now.

“That’s it Princess. Take it all.”

My head bangs briefly against the wood and I gag as I take in as much cock as my throat and the door will allow. Drool is gathering in the corners of my mouth and beginning to slide down my chin. You whisper in my ear, “Yes, just like that…” I tilt my head to the side, mouth full of cock and make eye contact with you. The smile on your face is a momentary reward. For the first time I hear the guy on the other side grunt as he moves his cock faster in and out of my mouth. Your fingers are clenched so tightly in my hair that my eyes are watering and stinging, mascara starting to run.

“Is he about to cum?” I nod as much as my position will allow and look up at you. His cock is really thrusting in and out of my mouth quickly and I know he will cum any moment…

“Don’t let him cum in your mouth do you understand?”

Your eyes are serious now and your other hand slides around my throat. Now you have my head totally in your grip and I am choking a little, mouth filled with cock and trying to meet your eyes at the same porno time. I feel his cock throb and know that I have to stop. I pull back just as the first wave of cum hits my lips and cheek. Your face is right next to mine as the stranger spills the rest of his load on my chin. I can hear the crowd outside the door shouting and laughing. “Fuck yeah…that was fucking awesome!” this from the owner of the retreating cock.

“Good girl! But you have a lot more work to do.”

Some of the cum slid onto the hand around my throat and you hold it up to my mouth for cleaning. I lick it slowly, eyes locked with yours and enjoy the salty taste of your skin and his cum together. I fight the urge to wipe his cum from my face. That would be a big mistake. I want the reward of your cum too much to upset you now. You tug the front of my dress down and expose my tits. Pulling my nipples hard you tell me to get back to work.

The next cock is already waiting and I tune out the sounds of the crowd on the other side of the door as I begin again. This cock is not really long, but is very thick and I strain to get my lips around it. My nipples are hard and brushing against the door with each stroke and the sensation is making me crazy.

You are behind me again whispering instructions, “Slower…let me see your tongue…” I open my mouth wide to circle the head of his cock with my tongue while you watch. “Now his balls..” I tilt my head sideways and lick as much of his balls as my mouth can reach. I grab the cock with my hand and suck hard on the head. My knees are beginning to hurt from the filthy concrete floor and I shift into a squatting position. You push my dress up to my waist then your hand slides between the lips of my pussy. I struggle to concentrate as my incomplete orgasm comes back to haunt me.

You wrap one arm around my neck, other hand deep in my pussy. “What a little slut you are Kristi…” I am moaning from your fingers, gagging on cock and trying hard to hold off another orgasm. The tiny bathroom is filled with the sounds of wetness, from my mouth, my pussy, your tongue along my neck, in my ear. Now this cock is ready to explode and I strain against your arm to pull back in time. You are holding me so tight I start to see stars and cannot break free before his cum splashes the back of my throat and tongue. The cock retreats and I swallow, but not before a trickle leaves the corner of my mouth.

“You let him cum in your mouth?” You look surprised and angry. I nod my head and look at the floor.

“I’m sorry sir” I mumble ” You were holding me too tight..”

You tip my chin up gently and wipe smeared mascara away with your thumb.

“No excuses Kristi…do you understand? Don’t let it happen again.”

Then you slap me once, twice…the drying cum and spit on my face adding to the sting of each slap. I nod again.

“What do you say Kristi?”

Chastened…”Yes sir.” And I lean down and kiss the toe of your boot.

“Good girl. Now you have one more chance to correct your mistake. Make it count. Open your mouth for me…”

I comply and you spit into my mouth again and reposition my head in front of the hole. You knock twice on the door above my head and another cock appears. I gulp and look sideways at you. This cock is much larger than the other two. You laugh at the fear and surprise on my face.

“Earn your reward princess.”

I open my mouth and slowly slide my lips and tongue down the heated skin of this new cock. My lips are beginning to tingle and my jaw is just beginning to ache but I am so determined to please you. From the corner of my eye I see you stand and pull your phone from your pocket. You take my picture, eyes on you, cheeks bulging with a stranger’s cock. My dress is hiked, my face smeared with fluids and my hair is wild.

“You look like a complete cum slut and now I have a reminder of my little whore.”

I close my eyes and continue to work on the stranger. With one hand I stroke his cock, unable to take him as deeply into my throat as I would like. With my other hand I finger my clit hoping to sneak an orgasm in. You grab my arm roughly and trap it behind my back.

“No fucking cumming without my permission. Earn it.”

Your hand pushes at the back of my head forcing his cock all the way to the back of my throat and I can hear the wet clicking sound it makes with the rhythm of his thrusting. I gag hard. You ease your hand off my head and I pull away in time to take the full brunt of his orgasm in my face. My eyes, nose and mouth are soaked with cum. I blink rapidly against the sting. There is a string of cum sliding down my chin to my chest.

“What a pretty cum whore you are Princess. Look at yourself..”

You help me off the floor and turn me to the dirty bathroom mirror. I am almost too embarrassed to look. Almost. But I do. My mouth and nose have globs of cum on them and you take your fingers and scoop it into my mouth. I suck eagerly cleaning off each Porno izle digit. You smear your hands around the string of it on my chest and then rub it in my face. You make sure that I have taken every drop. I lick your hand, greedy for more and eager to make you smile.

I am watching you in the mirror as you meet my eyes and bite the side of my neck hard.

“Good girl. You like being a whore don’t you? ”

“Yes sir.”

A kiss on the lips makes me sigh. The rasp of your zipper and the heat from your body makes me tremble in anticipation. I grip the sink with one hand and brace the other on the mirror. I look over my shoulder at you as you position your cock against my pussy. I have to stand on tiptoe and my legs shake with the effort but all I want is to feel your cock and to finally, finally cum. The first stroke is deep and slow and I want to cry in relief. We are both looking in the mirror now …our own little porno.

The little room reeks of cum, sweat and pussy and I am almost overwhelmed with the thrill of it. My orgasm, so long denied approaches too quickly…”Please sir” I pant… “Oh God, I have to cum…please” I don’t even know if I am making sense your cock feels that good. “Cum for me Kristi.” Finally the words I have been waiting for! The hot rush of my orgasm makes me pant and my legs go rubbery. But you don’t let me rest for long.

You pull me down and around by my hair and shove your big cock in my mouth.

“Clean it.”

You are just beginning to sweat and your eyes have stopped smiling. I savor the taste of your skin and inhale deeply. My tongue and lips are working up and down, my hand joining them. You grip my head thrusting your cock deeper into my throat. With both hands you hold my head as you force me to take all of your cock to the base- into my throat. I gag and tear up loving every second of it. When our eyes meet you smile quickly and then close your eyes. Head tilted back, hips moving, filling my mouth and throat you are getting close…when you stop and withdraw.

Without a word you turn around and place your hands on the wooden door behind you. For a moment I see a set of eyes peeking through the hole in the wood. We are being watched.

Your ass is directly in front of me and I lick my lips in anticipation of another of my favorite tasks. I spread your ass open and bury my whole face there, lips and tongue eagerly rimming you. I can hear you speaking to me, but I am so focused on my work that it does not register. I try to insert my tongue in you as far as I can. I know that I am pleasing you and that makes my pussy begin to throb. I reach a hand between your legs to rub your balls and as much of your cock as I can reach. I run my tongue from your balls all the way up to your asshole, circle it briefly and then up to the top and down again. You turn around and I smile slowly.

“What do you want Princess?”

“I want to please you sir.”

“What are you?”

” I am your cum whore sir.”

“And do you think you have earned your reward?”

“I want my reward sir, but only if you think I deserve it.”

“You are very greedy Kristi and you have proven your sluttiness tonight. But there is always room for improvement. ”

You rub your cock against my lips then hit my cheeks with it. I lick my lips eagerly in anticipation. I am grinning because I have been waiting for this moment. I am squirming in anticipation when you squeeze my jaw, opening my mouth for your cock. You hold it just out of the reach of my tongue and I stick it out as far as I can trying to reach your skin. You move your hand to my hair to keep me far enough away. I stare hard at your cock just out of my reach. Now you are stroking your cock with your other hand. I look to the side and see eyes watching you. You are performing for me and for them. Stroking slowly, pulling at your balls, then back to your cock. I wish you were fucking my mouth, deep in my throat. I can almost taste your skin and pull hard against the hand in my hair. I look up at you and you say “No.” I try to smile and bat my eyelashes at you…hoping to get my way. My mouth is watering and I hear myself moan.

It is then that I realize that you will not let me suck you. I am crushed, tears gather in frustration. You are stroking faster and I am desperately trying to reach you with my tongue and lips. You yank my head back hard…

“Stick your tongue out .”

I comply and feel the hot splash of your cum on my tongue. I am disappointed that you deprived me of your cock, but grateful that you didn’t punish me by withholding your cum. This is almost all that I have wanted tonight. It shoots in streams across my tongue and down my chin. I swallow it all and savor the taste of it on your fingers as you feed me the overflow.

I follow your finger as you point silently to your black boot where a drop has fallen.I eagerly bend down and lick the boot clean loving the leather and cum mixture. I lay my cheek on it and sigh. My lips are numb, my jaw is sore and I know how used I look . I am more than a little cum drunk…but happy that I have pleased you…for the moment at least.

“Good girl! You were a very good princess tonight. Next time, no mistakes and you can have everything you want. ”

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