Dave , Tammy’s Excellent Adventure

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It was a beautiful evening, just about sunset, when I saw you for the first time. We first met on the internet, and everything had clicked right from the very beginning. You laughed at my dumb jokes and silly puns; I loved your direct and open way of sharing. Our ages were dissimilar yet we connected immediately. We were both married, actually we were both married happily, and still are, yet were looking for something more. My marriage was strong and happy, but my wife was ill and unable to do all the things we wanted. Sex did happen, but not frequently and even then, gently so as to not cause her any pain. You had married the love of your life, your soul mate and high school sweetheart. He was a great husband and a great father to your children. He was also gay. Sex also happened in your marriage, but again, not frequently and not with the passion you longed for. We had come from quite different backgrounds, yet we had arrived in the same place. We had arranged to meet in the park, in public you know, for safety reasons, and I suppose so that either one of us could bail at any time if we found things were not to our liking.

We locked eyes, and I found you very attractive. You had beautiful eyes, a small nose, soft, curling hair and lovely, kissable lips. As the sun began to set on the horizon, we began walking around the lake in the center of the park. We talked, laughed, and began to find things in common. My attraction for you grew, and your few slowly subsided. We brushed against each other as we walked, an arm, a shoulder, a hand. It took me some time to build up the courage to take your hand, yet finally, feeling like and awkward teenager, I just reached out and took it. Here we were, just a couple of average people with average bodies and average faces from different generations, in search of friendship, and if that all worked out, the same thing ümraniye escort that human beings had been looking for from the beginning of time.

We looked at each other deeply as we walked, scarcely aware of our surroundings. We could feel the passion build as we walked. The heat from you pussy made your brow glisten, and your breaths came more quickly. Your palms grew hotter and I could tell you were ready to go farther. Our talk had become more sensual, sexy and graphic. We talked about pleasing ourselves, pleasing our spouses, and pleasing our lovers. We talked of straight sex, we talked of oral sex, and we talked of anal sex. I had become hard and my member was straining to free itself from my pants as we walked. We were fast approaching the point of no return. We talked of safe sex, we talked of risks and we talked of rewards.

As we came around the back side of the lake for a second time, the sun had set and dusk was beginning to settle. It was still light enough to see clearly, and we found a park bench to sit on. I put my arm around your shoulder and drew you near. Your head fell comfortably on my shoulder and you breathed deeply. We held hands across our laps and turned our heads to face each other.

We stopped talking and looked without blinking into each other’s eyes. Without speaking, we lean slowly to each other and softly our lips met. It was our first kiss, and there was electricity in it. You felt it in your lips, in your hands, in your nipples and in your pussy. We opened up and French kissed deeply, searching out each other’s mouths and savoring the taste and wetness of each other, and the heat began to rise. We drew closer together and kissed more, my cock getting harder and your pussy wetter as each second passed. We licked and touched and kissed each other, softly and wetly, arms around each other, feeling our pendik escort bodies touch. We took a break to catch our breath, smiled and began again.

I reached for your breast as we continued, and found you had already unbuttoned your blouse for me. At the first touch of my fingers on your tit, you gasped, and urged me onward. Your braless tits became mine, and my hands roamed and touched and twirled your nipples, and discovered the soft fullness of each one. We broke out kiss and took your nipple into my mouth. I sucked softly at first and felt your nipple harder in my mouth. As I sucked on you, your begged me to take you harder. I sucked harder, and then bit your nipple softly. Your first orgasm softly surged through your body and I continued to nibble and suck. As I drew you nipple into my mouth hard, fluid began to seep from the tip. I sucked even harder, and your milk surged in, smooth and wet, slightly sweet. I drank your full tit, and then, with my mouth full of your milk, kissed you again. I opened my mouth and your milk flowed between us, and then your drank it from my mouth.

Your hand then grasped my hard cock through my pants and you gently squeezed it and began to stroke it. My cock was as hard as a rock, and the pre-cum seeping out stained my pants. Slowly we slid off the bench onto the grass, each pulling at the other’s pants. In seconds they were off, and our naked sex was exposed. After a moment’s hesitation to take in the view, your mouth settled over my cock as your shaven pussy settled over my face, and we each began licking, sucking, tasting, savoring the new sensations. Passion had totally overcome us, and we took each other as if nothing else in the world mattered.

My tongue started at the opening of your pussy, licking your open lips and tasting the wetness that was dripping from you pussy. I kissed your bostancı escort pussy as if it were your mouth, and my tongue penetrated deep into the wetness of your cunt. I licked all along your wet slit, from your asshole to the tip of your clit, and you shuddered as my tongue contacted your little bud. It began to swell and I took it into my mouth, sucking and tonguing it. Your hips began thrusting against my mouth involuntarily, and soon you came again on my mouth, hard and fast, the moans and screams escaping your lips, your pussy clenching and your whole body shaking.

In response to your climax, you sucked my cock deeper into your mouth. You softly cupped my balls and stroked my cock, trying to milk the cum out of it. You fucked my cock with your mouth, raising and lowering your head over my shaft, using your hands as well as your mouth, drawing me closer to orgasm. You tongued the opening in my cockhead and stroked me until you could feel my balls tighten, then sucked me hard and stroked me hard as I started cumming. Hot jets of smooth cum shot from my cock with every stroke, filling your mouth with my cum. You swallowed after each shot until it slowed, the slowly stroked my cock into your mouth, making sure you sucked every drop into your mouth. As my hardness faded, you turned around and kissed me deeply, sharing the last of my cum with me. Spent, we lay next to each other, breathing hard and yet hardly breathing. It was intense and it was great.

A few minutes later you I felt your warm breath on my cock. I looked and could see you poised to begin sucking me again. My cock began to pulsate in anticipation, and your warmth completely covered it. In a minute or two I was hard again, and you climbed up on top of me and lowered your wet, hot, tight pussy onto my cock. Your rode me for a few minutes, then we rolled over so I was on top. I lifted your legs to your shoulders, more fully exposing your pussy and allowing my cock to hit your g-spot with each penetration. You squeezed me with your pussy with each thrust, and we both neared another orgasm.

“C’mon,” you said, “Ride me, cowboy.”

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