Dances in Erotica Pt. 04

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I watched Ken strip off his clothes and when he stood naked before me, I was in lust. Meg saw the look in my eyes and smiled lasciviously at me, knowing what I was thinking. It wasn’t hard to tell. I eyed him up and down and took in the sights and let my vision come to rest on his cock. Even at rest, it was four inches long and had some girth to it. I could only imagine what joys Meg had been feeling, having that ream her pussy and ass.

He was looking down at Meg, giving her a look of strong desire and then turned and looked at me just the same. He smiled and lay down beside Meg, who was waiting with expectant arms to embrace him to her. The look left me wanting him in a bad way and I was ready to get with them and get started. I didn’t though and watched, as they made love before me.

I could see the hot passion they felt for each other and it excited me to watch. This was so new to me, to watch a couple share their desires like that. I was getting so turned on watching him suck and play with Meg’s nipples and how it made her respond and how she gave back her joy by the way she caressed him. I’d watched Brian and Meg together many a time, but this was so different.

Girls, you know what having a new cock is like. You want to know everything about it and what it’ll do.

I watched Meg spread her legs wide for Ken as his hand trailed down and caressed her thighs and saw how wet she was already. I couldn’t blame her. Who wouldn’t be that wet living a fantasy. I know I would.

In an abrupt move, Ken stopped and rolled to his side and propped his head up with his hand. I was disappointed it stopped and Meg looked even more so. He motioned to me with his finger to come on the bed.

“I think we’re ready for you to come and play now. Meg looks like she could do with more of what I was giving her, so why don’t you two pick up where I left off.”

I slid down and lay beside Meg and started kissing softly in small pecks at first and then increased our contact until were eating each other’s mouth and wrestling for dominance with our tongues. Ken watched us closely and then I felt his hand caressing my hair, running his fingers into it and gently grabbing it, he pulled back gently, just enough to get my attention and then I turned to him and his mouth was on mine, eating me like I had just been doing with Meg.

His aggressive power made my head spin as his tongue dominated mine and I submitted to his. I was just getting lost in this thrilling new kisser, when he broke away and turned to kiss Meg, just inches away, looking wildly at us, turned on by what she saw. Ken broke away from Meg and gave my head a nudge towards Meg and I went back to kissing Meg, our ecstasy building rapidly.

I was losing focus of what was happening as Meg’s hands hugged and caressed me and Ken moved so he could pull my leg in between Meg’s and pushed my knee into her pussy. I felt how wet she was and rubbed it into her as my hand came to her tit and cupped and squeezed it, forcing blood to swell her nipple. Ken was moving around us and I felt his hand caressing my leg and squeezing the top of my thigh. I sensed he was doing the same to Meg as well. I felt Meg’s hand come around and cup my tit. Her finger and thumb squeezed my nipple hard and I felt that delightful surge in my clit and my pussy getting slipperier.

Ken started kissing my leg and then Meg’s, close to where my knee was. I stopped rubbing and he moved his tongue in to replace me. Meg moaned out loudly and arched her back, forcing her nipple into my mouth, as Ken sucked on her lips with his lips and tongue. He let it pop from his mouth and then looked at me. His eyes beckoned me to him.

“She really likes this, come down here with me and let’s take turns doing her.”

That deep, soft voice, the inviting smile, the eyes warm and dark, I was hooked.

I looked at Meg and her quick nodded yes said, ‘get to it’. Ken moved and made room for me to join him and Meg opened her legs wide to accommodate us. I slid down and rest my cheek against Meg’s soft thigh, cuddling into it.

“You first, Ken. Let me see some of this magic, Miss Wet Pussy here has bragged about.”

I teased and taunted him, smiling and lewdly giving him the eyes.

“By all means. Let the show begin.”

He slowly licked her from stern to stem with his tongue flat, spreading her open as it pressed in. I watched his saliva coat her and leave her clit gleaming in the light. Meg wriggled and squirmed as Ken repeated it again and then gently pulled her lips open and I saw how full Meg was inside. Ken dipped his tongue in and lapped at it like a dog, making Meg squirm even more.

I was getting so turned on by his skill and true enjoyment at what he was doing. I knew Meg was a juicy girl. She could give it up in large doses when given the right attention, and she was getting that now. As much as Ken lapped up, Meg seemed to replace it effortlessly. I looked up at her and her head was back and eyes closed. She was türkçe porno sighing with every deep breath in low moans, her hands squeezing her tits and nipples as Ken’s tongue worked her up.

He stopped lapping and sucked in the exposed flesh and worked his tongue in again, drawing Meg into his mouth. Meg cried out and quickly put her hand over her mouth to stifle herself.

“Oh yeah, damn that looks like it feels good.”

I saw Meg nodding her head that she agreed too. Ken worked his mouth up without breaking contact, sucking Meg’s pussy into his mouth and latched on to her clit. Meg thrashed her head back and forth and her hands clutched at the sheets, as she must have been cumming like mad. I looked below Ken’s chin and I could see that Meg was expelling large globs of cum with her contractions. her ass was soaked, as were the sheets below her. With some flicks of his tongue and then a broad flat one to end it, Ken moved back and wiped his mouth and chin.

“And for my second act, I’ll require the help of a lovely assistant. Miss, would you be so kind.”

“Well, that was truly magical to see. You’re amazing. Go to a ‘magician’s’ college to learn that, or does it just come naturally?”

“I’m not one to brag, but, I’ve been known to make a woman forget she’s married with kids.”

“Well, I’m married with kids, want to see if you can make me forget too?”

“Hey Baby, want to lie there for a minute and relax for the next round, while I give Syn’s pussy some action? I’m really looking forward to seeing you two go at it. As much as I love pussy, I love watching two women explore that same pleasure.”

“Hmm, sure.”

I moved up so I lay beside Meg and lay my leg over hers and she moved her hand so it came to rest on my inner thigh. She caressed me lightly as I saw Ken move between my legs and bring my other leg over his shoulder. I ran my fingers into his hair, urging him to get started.

Meg turned to me with half open eyes and said, ” You’re going to love this.” and smiled.

I kissed her lightly and lay back, as I felt Ken’s breath on my pussy.

His tongue just touched the folds of my labia and traced a line up and down, and I could feel his saliva making it wetter and slippery. The sensation made me shiver and my nipples went erect. I squeezed them as Ken’s tongue worked deeper between my lips. I could feel my own wetness start as his tongue caressed the sensitive tissue inside. His slow lapping motion urged me to respond even more and my clit started to ache for attention. His hands played lightly on my inner thighs and I was shivering and shaking at his touch.

I was being wracked by it, unable to stay in control and focus. His tongue circled out and ran up and down the outside of my lips and along the mounds of my outer labia. The wet skin was exposed to the air and it made me quiver as he blew lightly on it. Then his mouth covered me and the sensation of cool to hot brought the first orgasmic waves through me.

His fingers pried my lips apart and spread me wide as his tongue darted in and out stiffly, fucking my pussy and I knew it was opening to him, wanting him to crawl inside and lick me everywhere.

Meg was watching me and whispered in my ear.

“I told you.”

Her soft breathy voice and Ken’s tongue made me flush again and the waves swept over me. This was heavenly. Oh my. He lapped at me and I knew what Meg had felt earlier. Each lap felt like it was drawing my insides out, coaxing me to spasm and secrete. I had two nice starter orgasms already and he hadn’t touched my clit yet. I have to get Brian and Ken talking fast. He’s got to share this info with my Honey and more. You can never be too good a pussy licker, can you?

I felt a strong surge of pleasure start to build inside me. As Ken sucked me in and licked the sensitive insides, I started to ache right in my clit. I wanted some action there and was moving my hand down, when Ken stopped me and held it there while he kept working at my ever widening pussy.

I could feel his nose against my clit, breathing in and out, his breath caressing my clit ever so lightly, as his tongue and mouth continued sucking and licking my pussy out of me. I was starting to cry out in desperation of need and Meg heard me. her mouth softly covered mine and her tongue silenced me. I wanted to cry I was so explosive. Just when it seemed they were going to drive me mad, Ken shifted his mouth 3″ north and my clit was barraged by his tongue with hard, flat licks and then a short series of quick flicks and then his lips engulfed me and I felt my clit being sucked out and Ken’s tongue beat against it rapidly.

I kissed Meg hard as I felt the orgasm finally detonate inside and blow through my body like a shock-wave. I cried loudly into Meg’s mouth and she pinched my nipple hard as I started shaking hard, convulsing in time with the rippling of the waves. I felt myself being sucked out of my pussy into Ken’s mouth as he sikiş izle went back to my opening and sucked in greedily at his rewards. I kept crying in sheer ecstasy as Meg kissed me and fondled my tit nicely, and Ken slowed down to lapping me slowly.

“So, true magician, or slight-of-hand artist?”

“Holy Fuck!!”

“Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve been a wonderful audience.”

He said it while taking a bow, kneeling between my legs, his mouth and chin shining with my cum. Fuck he was hot. I loved his confidence and humour and felt that twang of jealousy that Meg was getting this all the time. Brian better be as quick a study as I hope he is. I could only imagine what these two guys could do to a woman together. The thoughts were racing.

I opened my eyes and looked at Ken, looking down on me like a conquest conquered. I reached up and grabbed his hands and pulled him on top of me. I took charge and kissed him strongly, letting him know I was very happy with his performance. He equalled my vigour and locked me in an embrace with him and I was swooning.

Yep, I felt like a school girl during her first real kiss. I felt light-headed and fluttery inside, tingles up and down my spine. Yep, swooning.

I locked my leg around him, grinding my soaking wet pussy into his thigh, feeling it get wetter the more I rubbed against it. He pulled my leg to his and increased the friction I felt. So much passion was being given freely by him and I responded in kind. I moaned my lust into his mouth and felt my pussy yield again to him. I tensed and jammed my clit against him hard, feeling myself yet again surge a copious flow that trailed off my labia and onto his thigh, making the contact slippery. I was so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment, I didn’t feel Meg shift and her mouth was on me, sucking my cum into her mouth.

I cried my passion into our kiss and Ken sucked my tongue out and sucked on it slowly as my pussy contracted repeatedly to Meg’s persistent tongue, lapping me slowly. It finally subsided and I stopped kissing Ken and looked at him nose to nose. Meg came up to us and we were all as close as we could get.

“I have a million questions for you and you’re going to answer every one of them. I won’t take no for an answer and failure is not an option. Where did you learn to make love to a woman’s pussy like that? You have to teach my sweetie how to do those things and more. As much as I love Meg, she’s not going to get great action like that and leave me out in the cold, uh-uh, no way. Sorry Meg, I can’t let an opportunity like this slip away.”

Meg laughed and then so did Ken. I thought that they weren’t taking my request seriously.

“Really. You have to teach Brian how to do that.”

“Ken has a confession to tell you. I only found out last night myself, so don’t get mad at me.”

“Yeah, I do have a bit of a confession to make. I told Meg about my past and what I did with my ex-wife. For three or four years we were actively swinging. We went to several clubs and trips and had a great time. We met a large number of couples we socialized with in and out of bed.”

Meg was cuddled in behind me and caressed my back and hips and kissed me softly on the neck and shoulders. as Ken continued.

“It wasn’t something I really wanted to bring into the relationship, this early on. I mean it’s been six great months so far and I really see us going the distance, but not something you can just slip into a conversation. At least not until this sexy lady pressed the issue. So I was curious to see what she was eager to try and when you came up right away as her choice of female partner, I had a suspicion you two were wanting to or had already tried doing it together. Am I right on that?”

He asked knowing the answer, but wanted my acknowledgement at his conclusions. I smiled, but knew I looked guilty and confessed my ‘yes’ with a nod and my eyes. He glanced at Meg and smiled at her and then looked back at me to continue.

“So with all these different women and all having individual likes and dislikes, you have to build a repertoire of techniques to make as many happy as you can. With so many positions and partners and combinations of things, it’s like a comprehensive course in sex. If you add in each person’s knowledge and passion to satisfying their partner, the sex becomes incredible. I learned from every woman I was with. They would instruct me on just what they wanted me to do to them. I learned so much about women and their bodies and what made them tick. I mean, all of that and the fact I just love a woman’s pussy and making her cum.”

He talked about it all like it was so natural to be with so many people and do it.

“So, you don’t really have a problem with another guy in bed together with Meg.”

“No, I don’t really. It’s really easy to have a three way with two women, but two guys usually get territorial about who’s first, or who’s better at this or that, or who’s porno 64 cock is bigger and shit like that. Once another guy and I can agree on the terms, I have no problem getting together and doing what we’re there for in the first place, bringing our fantasies to life in a safe, consensual atmosphere. No guilt, no blame, no worries of, ‘am I pretty enough?’, or any insecurities. That’s what makes it fun and allows you to open up and explore what’s out there. Then you get to try all those new things out on each other and have the greatest love life together. That’s why I agreed to do this with you two. I guess Pete and I have some talking to do and get to know one another. That’s first and foremost and I think you two little schemers should be the ones to break that to him and set it up.”

I took his hand and kissed it softly.

“We have a confession to make too, don’t we Meg,”

I turned my head towards her, still behind me cuddling. Ken looked at both of us to see what we would confess about. Meg started to talk and I talked over her and told him what had gone on since we met four years ago. I told him how I introduced Meg to this life style and how we had been getting together and enjoying what we shared, but Meg was lonely and wanted someone in her life more than we could provide.

“The asshole, Steve, almost fit the bill, but his dick did all the thinking and he blew a great thing with my sweetie, Meg. Well I guess, our sweetie really.”

Meg turned and kissed me and then turned to Ken.

“I’m sorry Baby, I didn’t want to say anything yet either. I really love Syn and Brian and we’re kind of like family and all and I really was going to tell you about them, soon. I just wanted to make sure we were sure of our relationship and it didn’t come between us. Forgive me. Us?”

Meg pleaded as sweetly as she could.

“Forgive us.”

He smiled that killer smile at both of us.

“Of course, I forgive you. Now, show me a little forgiveness and give my big fella a taste of those sweet lips you girls have.”

We pushed him onto his back and clamoured around so we were in a good position to get at him each. He made himself comfortable and gave us access to his body. He was already a handful when I looked at his cock and was anxious to see how much bigger it got. I took it in my fingers and felt the solidness of it and the gentle pumping of his blood as it filled the spongy tissue underneath.

I held it erect and let Meg take first crack at him. Her head lowered to it and her tongue came out, wet and dripping and slid it around the head. I felt it pulse in my hand at the sensation and grow in size. Meg puckered her lips and slid it over the head, pushing the saliva down the shaft and then back off again.

“Lick him with me Syn. Let’s suck this thing together.”

I lowered my head and together we licked his shaft up and down, making it wet and slippery. The head grew darker and bulged and the shaft thickened with each stroke, until it stood of its own accord. I marvelled at his length and girth and knew he was a size bigger each way than Brian, at least nine inches and if I had to guess, two inches in diameter.

Nice hunk of meat in any girl’s book. I had no doubts as to the extent of Meg’ss satisfaction after a session with this and the amazing man it was attached to. I took the lead and took him into my mouth. I really had to stretch wider to get him in than Brian’s, and I lowered my head down. I got halfway and had to come back.

I could feel it stretching my throat too much. Meg saw me struggle and took a turn. She followed the method I showed her years before and slowly lowered her mouth down his shaft. I knew my jaw dropped as I saw it hit bottom and then come back. Meg was a talent. She took the whole thing in one stroke and didn’t gag or struggle.

“Oooo, Baby, you’re good.”

“You taught me well, Darlin’ and the rest was getting used to this salami. What a cock! Oh Syn, wait till you see him in action with it. He’s like Brian and has really good control of it. He drives me crazy whe…”

“Umm, weren’t we in the middle of something girls? Love to sit and chat, but I have a more pressing matter that needs attending to.”

We laughed and went back to keeping his cock hard and wanton. I took a deep breath and gave it another try. I slid my mouth lower and felt it fill my throat and stopped to adjust to it and then continued slowly.

I could hear Ken moaning loudly as my tight throat squeezed his head and shaft, consuming him whole. Meg moved under me and licked his tightening balls. I loved to see Brian’s balls swell and contract during sex. It amazed me how much change occurred in them. One minute they could be compact and tight and then loose and swinging the next.

Ken’s sack disappeared into Meg’ss mouth and she sucked them, stretching them out, while I made a repeat journey down his rigid member. I got used to the extra length and took pleasure in sucking him in entirely and drawing on him hard as I came out. Ken’s cock was as hard as solid bone, he was so stiff. Meg took several nice, long strokes herself and then I told her.

“Meg, baby, get on up here and slip this inside your pussy and let me watch him fuck you with it.”

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