Cote d’Azur Wedding Ch. 03

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This is a true story which happened while on a business trip to Europe. Doing a favor for a business colleague turned into an opportunity to explore an unknown side of elegance, culture and fantasy of which I will never forget.

Chapter 3

What an amazing night. Literally a Cinderella princess fantasy come true. I dreamed about the entire experience while in bed with Jurgen.

Eventually I got up to use the bathroom. I looked out the window at the magnificent view of the Cote d’Azur and then climbed back in beside him. It was about 11 a.m., so we had slept for about seven hours.

Jurgen woke and I could feel his hands touching my skin. We only had a light sheet over us now.

He said, “Beth, did you sleep well?”

I rolled over to look at him, our heads only inches apart. I slid my leg over his and put my arm across his stomach. I gave him a light kiss on the lips, and said, “I slept fantastic. You sure know what a girl needs.”

He smiled and I continued, “How about you?”

“Fantastic as well.”

He continued, “Last night was wonderful. Thank you.”

I said, “I thought so too. You were truly great.”

He replied, “You also.”

He then asked if I was hungry. It was a little impulsive, but I slipped my hand down to grab his penis, saying, “I sure am. Do you have anything for me to eat?”

That was not his original intention, but I could feel him start to get an erection again. He moaned as I stroked him. Getting no resistance, I took him into my mouth and began sucking him. I loved the feeling of him getting hard in my mouth.

But this time I wanted to see if I could make him come this way and I was more intense. I was squeezing his balls in my hand while I sucked him more intently. I think I am good at cocksucking, probably because I like it and that I try to be perceptive to what the man likes. Jurgen liked the classic deep throat coupled with a deep intense sucking. It was only about five minutes before I felt him tense up.

He said, “Beth, I am coming.”

Of course that was to give me warning, but I already had a game plan that I wanted him to come in my mouth. It was only a few seconds before I felt him shoot into my mouth. Slightly salty and warm, and I kept sucking him intensely.

Jurgen was groaning.

I let him finish spurting inside my mouth and then beginning to relax before I lifted my head. I opened my mouth to show him his come on my tongue and then swallowed.

He was looking at me with absolute lust as I licked my lips and smiled, “Mmmmmmm, thank you for breakfast.”

He laughed and said, “Well, I had intended to call room service, but I like your idea much better.”

I laughed too, “You can call them now if you like. I am also hungry in a more conventional manner.”

He got up and found the menu, and asked what I would like. I said I wanted scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. He nodded while he got room service on the phone. I went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower.

The hot water felt great as I soaped myself down and shampooed my hair. I dried off but brushed my hair wet and let it air dry, which is kind of an interesting look on me.

I asked Jurgen if he had a shirt I could wear or a robe. The suite was well equipped and they had both terry cloth and more of a silky white light style. I opted for the latter, although it certainly was what you would call revealing. Jurgen took his turn in the shower. He was in a little longer than me as he shaved as well.

The service was fast. Jurgen just came out of the bathroom when the door bell sounded. He went to let him in and Marco wheeled in a loaded cart.

Marco said, “Bon jour, Monsieur. Bon jour, Mademoiselle.”

We returned the greetings. Marco asked where we wanted to eat. I replied first, “On the terrace.”

Jurgen laughed and said, “As the lady directs.”

Marco also laughed, “Very good mademoiselle.”

I looked over at Jurgen, “At least he is not calling me Madame any more. I won’t have to kill him for making me feel old.”

They both laughed as Marco set the table, “Never again madamemoiselle.”

Jurgen had ordered a great deal more than eggs and toast. I saw a variety of fresh fruits, bacon, croissants, as well as a large pitcher of orange juice and coffee.

Marco asked me how I like my coffee, to which I replied, “Café au lait please.”

He was never bold about it, but I saw a couple of glances as Marco appeared to be admiring my robe. It doesn’t take much attention like that, and sure enough, I could feel my nipples harden, which became quite prominent under the thin material.

I also realized he knew I had my own room and must have assumed I had spent the night with Jurgen as I sat in my robe and wet hair. I guessed he was about 20 or 21, but working in a hotel, I imagined he had seen a lot.

We sat down to eat as we thanked Marco and he left.

The food was delicious. I was hungry anyway, so anything would suffice. But everything had a great taste, the view was magnificent, the weather xslot wonderful and I was still on my high from the great sex the night before. Something about having great sex – it is very satisfying, but it leaves me still horny.

Jurgen looked hungry too as we both devoured the food.

He asked me if I would join him for dinner, but mentioned he was going to be away for the afternoon. He had already made arrangements to visit relatives who lived about an hour away.

He asked me if I wanted to come along, but he said I would likely find it boring.

I said, “I think I will stay here then, maybe go to the beach or the pool. But dinner sounds great.”

That was the plan then. I would have to leave the next day for the United States. Nice to Amsterdam was a short flight, but over the ocean would take the most time.

Jurgen got ready while I relaxed and drank coffee, watching the calm sea and the slight breeze moving through the trees.

Jurgen had arranged for a rental car and he was running a little late.

I playfully apologized, “Sorry that blow job made you late.”

He smiled and came over to kiss me, saying, “Yes, they can wait a little.”

As he was leaving, he said, “You can use this room if you like, the terrace view is better. Marco already knows you can sign for everything.”

I started to protest, when he gave me the scolding look, “We are not debating this, you are my guest.”

Then he softened up, “My very precious guest. Have a great day, wherever you decide to go. They also have a very nice spa, by the way.”

He leaned down to kiss me again, saying he would return around 7 p.m.

It was not quite 1 p.m. yet, so I would have plenty of time. One thing on the South of France, there is no need to be in a hurry.

I sat in the warm sun having another cup of coffee. Such a debate. I knew I wanted to get some sun, but should I go to the beach or pool, or should I just stay out on the private terrace?

While I sat relaxing, housekeeping came and made up the room. They also took away the breakfast dishes, although I had them leave the coffee, juice and fruit. The fruit might make a nice snack. The strawberries and pineapple slices were both fantastic.

I came to a perfect decision on where to sun; no decision at all. I could start out on the terrace for a while, and then move to the pool and beach later since I had enough time. What lost out this time would be walking around the city, which I had done last time, and the spa. Despite Jurgen’s suggestion, and that in my still horny mood, a massage sounded great, I thought it would be unbecoming to impose on his hospitality in that way. He had been very generous already, and I do not appreciate people who ride someone’s generosity into the ground.

The beach, pool and terrace all had their pros and cons. While I like being around people, which the pool and beach would solve, the pool would likely require a full bathing suit or maybe topless, while the beach would allow topless sunbathing.

I could sunbathe fully nude on the terrace. And I was still feeling a little sleepy and lazy. They had very comfortable chaise lounges, with deep cushions and large towels to spread over the top. I positioned the lounge chair and took off my robe, lying on my stomach.

The first flaw in my plan became evident, as I had things in my room I would want such as sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as my bathing suit. Oh well, I would not need them for a while.

There is just something perfect about nude sunbathing. Of course no tan lines are one advantage, but it is also very liberating. I was deeply relaxing and I started to think about the previous evening. The party and my gown were fabulous, but I also thought about the photographer and his offer. A thought struck my mind that I had time and maybe could call him. But the middle of the day was not appropriate timing. It seemed impulsive too, as I had not thought through the whole thing enough yet either.

My mind then wandered to after the party in Jurgen’s room. That was certainly impulsive, but I had been rewarded with fantastic sex. I could not say Jurgen had ‘surprised me’, but you can never anticipate when truly great sex will occur with someone for the first time.

I was thinking about him inside me, when I heard a voice from the suite. It was Marco.

“Mademoiselle, I did not want to frighten you. I was just returning Monsieur’s’ laundry. I am sorry.”

He had not come out to the terrace, as it was obvious to him I was nude. It was a little awkward, but not a problem.

I said, “Thank you Marco. No problems at all, don’t worry. I am sure you go out to the beach and see lots of people.”

He replied, “Yes, that is true, but I did not want to disturb your privacy.”

I said, “It is really not a problem. I don’t mind.”

He came a little closer, and added, “Since I have already disturbed you, is there anything I can get you? Monsieur asked me to look after you today.”

That was very sweet of Jurgen to arrange xslot Giriş that. I am sure he had tipped him well.

Suddenly it occurred to me, “Marco, you could do me a favor.”

“Of course, what may I do for you?”

I said, “In my other room, I have a suitcase with all of my things. I want to get my sun lotion and bathing suit. Could you please bring the suitcase up here?”

He said, “No problem mademoiselle, I will get it right away.”

While it was true he could see at least topless women on French beaches regularly, it was not the same, because they were not me. And while I might not be a supermodel, I think I look better than most. It had not been my intention to let him see me nude, but I also got a bit of a thrill by it too.

He was not gone very long, asking me where I wanted the suitcase.

I replied, “Please lay it on the bed.”

While it had not been my intention to let him see me nude, now it was deliberate. I got up from the chaise lounge and walked fully nude into the bedroom as he set the suitcase on the bed.

I said, “Marco, I know the beach is topless, but what about the pool?”

He was about five feet away standing. My nipples got hard as I knew he was looking at me as I unzipped the suitcase.

He replied, “Normally women wear tops at the pool here. Occasionally someone will go topless, but it is not too common. But the beaches are different. Many women are topless and some are even fully nude.”

I said, “I did not know that about the beach. I am not in France that often, but mostly I have seen most women wear both pieces of their bathing suit, and maybe 25 percent topless. I have not seen women nude.”

He said, “It depends on the location of the beach you go to. Each section is slightly different and it matters on the particular people also. I can tell you nearby places you may go, depending on your preference.”

He was very casual about it all, as was I. Marco was a nice looking young man. As I mentioned, I thought he was probably about 21. Perhaps 6 foot and thin. Curly black hair, a little long.

“Thank you Marco. That is very helpful. If possible, I would prefer topless or nude sunbathing.”

He replied, “From the front of the hotel, you go right for about 400 meters. Right past a rock wall should be satisfactory for you.”

He had very good English. There was definitely an accent, but I could understand him perfectly.

As we stood there, while he tried hard to look at my eyes, every so often he would take a look at my body and then turn away.

I uncapped the sun lotion; good old SPF15, and put some on my arm.

Marco said, “Please do not be offended. But would you like me to put that on your back?”

I thought for a second, and then said, “That would be nice, thank you.”

I walked out and laid stomach down on the chaise lounge as he followed me out. I handed him the lotion and pulled my hair off my shoulders.

As he rubbed the lotion on my back, I asked him, “How long have you worked here Marco?”

He said, “This is my second year. I only work the weekends though, as I go to school during the week.”

I learned he wanted to be an artist, but was also taking management classes. Very interesting.

He had finished with my back, “Would you like to do the rest yourself?”

I thought it was an intelligent question, to be careful about being too forward.

I replied, “Unless you would rather not, it is OK to finish.”

He said, “No problem, I just did not want to offend.”

“Thank you Marco, you have been a perfect gentleman.”

I always like the feeling of someone’s gentle touch on my skin. The lotion was not massage oil, but it felt good anyway. He smoothed down my legs first and then quickly did my butt, being careful not to overstep his bounds.

He finished, asking if I needed anything else. I replied that I was fine. As he left though, I got up and went to my purse.

Marco already started protesting as I held out a five euro note, “No, no. Monsieur was very clear.”

I said, “Well, he is not here, is he? I don’t plan to tell him, do you?”

He smiled but did not say anything.

I held out the bill, smiling, “I am sure you do not want me telling him you could not follow my instructions.”

He sheepishly took the money and I smiled, “Don’t worry. I appreciate you taking good care of me.”

He left and I went back to the lounge chair. I stayed on my stomach, so as not to wipe off the freshly applied lotion.

The sun felt lovely on my skin. It was very warm out, but the sea breeze was wonderful. The sheer curtains to the suite were billowing in, a beautiful sight.

I could have easily slept, but instead I was in that sort of middle state were I was daydreaming and once in awhile dozing off. Perhaps semi-conscious. I played out a fantasy with Marco where he had applied the suntan lotion more provocatively. All in fun.

I flipped over onto my back after a little while. It was not long before the sun xslot Yeni Giriş had my skin glistening. I usually prefer to spend the first part without sunscreen.

I definitely dozed off and when I woke, I heard Marco’s voice again. I looked at my watch. He had probably only been gone for about an hour.

He said, “I did not want to wake you. I was just about to leave when I saw you wake.”

I wondered how long he had been there watching. It was not really a problem as I had been pretty brazen about walking in front of him before. And to be truthful, how could I be surprised if he had a number of guests to care for, but he came back first to the nice looking nude women who had him put lotion on her back.

He said, “May I get you anything? Would you like something to drink?”

Actually, I was thirsty. I said, “Yes, that would be nice. Ummmmmmm let me think.”

Marco replied, “How about a glass of wine?”

I replied, “Perfect idea. Please make it the local rose’. And some water too please.”

You can never get the same flavor buying French rose’ at the store and taking it home. There is something about the heat, the sea air that makes the light local wine special.

He replied, “Excellent choice. I will be right back.”

Marco returned with the wine and a large bottle of mineral water. The wine was perfect.

I said, “I just adore this wine. It is wonderful.”

He replied, “It is also my favorite.”

I replied, “Then it is settled. Bring another glass.”

He really did protest then, “No, I cannot. The hotel manager would throw me off the balcony.”

“If you get drunk, that is true. But a little bit would not hurt?”

It was a question, as I would not have pushed him to drink if he was unwilling.

I was right though, as he replied with a big smile, “Well, maybe just a little.”

As he went to get another glass, again I notice my nipples had hardened from knowing he was looking at me.

He returned with the glass and poured himself a half portion.

We clinked glasses, “La dolce vita.” To the good life indeed.

He smiled after he drank, “This is the perfect wine for the warm weather. I was happy you selected it, and even happier now to taste it.”

I had been out in the sun too long without sun lotion. I did not want to burn.

I picked up the bottle. Marco noticed, saying, “May I reapply it for you mademoiselle?”

I was taken aback a little. I said, “Well, for starters, let’s try you call me Beth instead of mademoiselle?”

He paused without comment, so I said, “How about at least while no one else is around?”

He smiled, “As you wish ….Beth.

I said, “Thank you.”

He responded, “May I assist you with the lotion?”

I realized he sounded eager. It was probably a bit of a thrill for him, even though he had acted very professionally previously.

I replied, “You don’t mind doing my front? Or perhaps you would be uncomfortable?

He paused, then added, “Oh, I am sorry, I did not realize. I did not intend to be forward.”

I said, “No problem. I thought you might have been thinking that way.”

He was quiet, so I added, “You can do my front if you like, now that we are friends. I just wanted to make sure you would not be uncomfortable.”

He had this perfect expression. I could read his mind as he was racing through the possibilities. On the one hand, he would get to touch a nice looking woman. On the other hand, he did not want to get in trouble. I took the main decision out of his hands as I adjusted the chaise lounge to lay flat and closed my eyes.

I could imagine him still thinking as he considered what to do. I was fairly confident though, which way he would choose.

He was still quiet, but I felt his hand touch my foot as he smoothed on some lotion. He had obviously put some on his hands first.

I then felt him pour some from my ankle to knee, followed by his gentle hands. It was nothing like a massage – he simply smoothed it on. He was on my right hand side. He reached over and did the same thing to my left leg, again going up just past the knee.

Clearly he was going to have some awful choices to make about how far he would go. I realized I was making him squirm a little and he probably had his brain going 1,000 miles an hour. He did my arms next, a safe choice. He stayed safe again as I felt the lotion on my upper shoulders. I then felt lotion dripping onto my stomach, followed by his gentle hands once again.

He avoided touching my breasts, but came close. I was completely shaved on this trip, providing quite a view. But if I had had a small strip of hair, he would have come to just the top of it.

Actually, the very light touch felt great. I was in a danger mode for me. I was still horny from the great sex earlier with Jurgen. Coupled with the heat and having this young guy touch my body, I had these fantasies of forbidden fruit dancing in my head.

He leaned over to put lotion on my left thigh and outer hip. He took the safe approach next. He went high enough on my thigh, but only on the outer portion. Very deftly, I might add.

He surprised me next, as I felt lotion poured on my chest between my breasts. Laying flat this way, they had separated. He had not put any on my breasts themselves though.

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