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“Hands against the wall!”

“Why? I didn’t do anything.”

Rather than answer, I grab your right wrist with my right hand and pull your arm towards me and to the right. The sudden motion throws you off balance and before you realize it you are spinning around facing the wall. Your right palm pressed against the wall. It is cool to the touch. You feel me grab your left hand and pin that one to the wall.

You feel my knee spreading your legs a little beyond shoulders width apart and move your feet closer to me so that it becomes necessary for you to support yourself with your arms to keep from falling forward. This causes your blouse to fall away from your body a little. You can feel the cooler air on your stomach and breast. The cooler air causes your nipples to harden just a little.

It’s a pleasant summer day, so you are wearing a light blouse with a medium length skirt. You were just going to run out to take care of a quick errand and hadn’t even planned on getting out of your car so you didn’t even bother to put a bra on.

The motion of using my knee to spread your legs creates a subtle sway in your breast. You can feel tips of your nipples brush against the soft fabric of your blouse. A shiver of pleasure runs through you, causing goose bumps to appear all over your body, making your skin that much more sensitive. So that when you feel my hot breath against your ear, another shiver of pleasure runs through you and you can feel yourself starting to become wet.

I whisper into your ear “Are you going to continue to be difficult, or am I going to have to cuff you?”

“But officer, I didn’t do anything!”

“You were doing 35 in a 30.”

“But that is just 5 miles an hour over the speed limit! Hell, I shouldn’t even have to get out of my car for this!” You start to try and turn towards me, but find that you are unable to move your hands and feel me slide my leg further between yours to keep you pinned where you are.

“Why are you being so difficult, you trying to hide something?”


“I don’t believe you, I’m going to have to search you. I know your type, looking all sweet, sexy and innocent when in reality you are smuggling contraband. “


“Yeah, now keep your hands against the wall and legs spread!”

I let go of your wrist and the tips of my fingers graze your arms as I do so. The sensation borders on being ticklish, but you feel yourself getting wetter.

I start at your ankles now. You can feel my hands moving them up your legs, it feels more like massage than a search. They are now halfway up your thighs and you can feel the hem of your skirt starting to lift. Your body starts to tingle in anticipation, wondering just how far I’m going to going. One inches, two inches, three inches my hands are now almost all the way up your thighs.

As my hands move higher and higher, you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. You feel a bit of your wetness escape and start to run down your leg. You start to become worried that I might notice and start to shift a little and hope your moisture loses its momentum before it hits my hand.

“Be still!” And to emphasize my point, you feel my hands squeeze your thighs. This causes more moisture to escape giving the first drip of moisture just enough additional momentum to connect with my hand.

“Ah ha! Just want I thought! Contraband!”

I remove my hands from your thighs and let your skirt fall back down. The rustle of your skirt creates a gentle flow of air that caresses you. You are not wearing any underwear so the cool air touches your moistness and generates another tingle of pleasure.

“Turn around.”

You turn around and you can see wetness glistening in the sunlight contrasting nicely with the darkness of my skin.

“This is what I am talking about! Contraband!”

To verify the potency I lift my finger to my nose and inhale deeply. My eyes close and my body shudders as I take mardin escort in the aroma of your wetness. You can see me starting to get hard as I stand there with my eyes closed savoring your scent. You know that you are caught because you have great stuff. Knowing that you are caught, you feel a shiver of pleasure run through you in anticipation of the punishment for getting caught with contraband.

I open my eyes, give you a wide smile and say “Looks like I’m going to have to gather more evidence.” I take a step to you, which causes you to take a step back into the wall. It is cool and hard against your back. I continue to move towards you. Pressing my weight against you. Your breast crushed against my chest, the bulge of my excitement pressing against you just below your stomach.

I hold your head in my hands and bring my mouth to yours. My large lips feel soft against your smaller thinner ones. You feel the tip of my tongue caress your lips. Your mouth opens slightly to let me in. Our tongues touch and slowly start to dance with each other. You can feel my hardness growing even more against your stomach. You can feel your own moistness increasing as my tongue penetrates deeper into your mouth and the tingle of pleasure running through your rock hard nipples pressed firmly against my chest.

I take your hands in mine, interlocking our fingers and squeeze passionately. Our tongues are dancing their little dance, no longer just teasing. I raise your hands above your head and hold both wrists easily in one of my hands. I break the kiss and pull my head back to look deeply into your eyes. The passion in your eyes turns me on. I move in and kiss you deeply again. Then say with a smile, “Time to gather more evidence.”

You can feel yourself tingling with anticipation. You spread your legs a little further to give me better access. My free hand moves down to your leg while still keeping your arms pinned above your head with the other.

You can feel my hand on the inside of your thigh now, slowly lifting up your skirt. I stop when I encounter some more of your escaped moistness. I use it to lubricate the tips of my fingers and start moving them in a circular motion as I make my way further up your thigh.

I’m close enough now to where even with your legs spread I can touch of both you legs at once. Starting from your inner thighs, I run my ring and pointer fingers along the line that would normally be highlighted by your panties. My middle finger grazes ever so lightly against your slightly parted lips. It comes away wet.

I bring it up to my mouth and suck on it, savoring the taste of you. With my finger still in my mouth I move to you and kiss you, moving my finger from my mouth into yours. You can still taste some of yourself on it. You are very sweet. I slowly draw my finger out of your mouth, the darkness of my skin contrasting nicely with the paleness of your own.

I let my finger linger on the edge of your lip for a second before letting it drop down to your chin, trace down your neck, run between the little valley at the base of your throat formed by where your collar bones meet.

I put my finger back in your mouth. I can feel you sucking me deeper into your mouth, your tongue caressing me. I bury my face into the side of your neck and start kissing it, intermingling the kisses with gentle nibbles.

I start sliding my finger in and out of your mouth. I can you quickening your pace. The energy that you are devoting to my finger is translating directly through my body and I feel like I’m going to cum.

I don’t want to do that yet so I withdraw my finger from your mouth and cup your breast in my hand. I rotate my thumb in a circular pattern over your breast looking for your nipple. The fabric of your blouse feels smooth against my skin. I find your nipple and give it just the slightest of tweaks with the nail. I hear a moan escape from your lips. I then van escort take the finger that is wet and slowly start to circle your nipple. The thin fabric of your blouse is quickly wet and immediately starts clinging to your nipple, adding to the pleasure you are feeling.

I move my mouth from the nape of your neck to the same nipple. I give it a few flicks with my tongue before taking it into my mouth. Then I flick my tongue back and forth across your nipple very quickly.

Letting go of your wrist, I move my hand back down between yours legs, my palm pressed firmly against your mound and fingers resting on you lips. You are so wet now. I start moving my fingers, lubricating them with your wetness.

I pull my mouth from your nipple and whisper into your ear, “Yes, just as I thought, lots of contraband”

“Yes officer, your caught me. I guess this means that you will have to arrest me.” You say as you hold your hands out for me to slap the cuffs on. I take a hold of your wrist, put the cuff on it, flip you around so that your arms are behind your back, put the other wrist in a cuff and walk you over to the squad car.

As we approach the squad car you start to walk towards the rear door, but I change your direction and direct you towards the front of the car. I put my hand on the back of your head, grab a fist full of hair and bend you over the hood of the squad car. You feel the heat of a hood warmed by the sun and engine on your face and through the flimsy material of your blouse.

You can hear me behind you, but you can’t see what I am doing. You are thoroughly wet though and can feel your wetness running down your legs. It seems like an eternity before something happens, when suddenly you feel the cool air on your exposed bottom as I lift up your skirt, your wetness intensifying the feeling all the more. That feeling is immediately followed by the sound and stinging sensation of my hand slapping your ass, a pleasant stinging sensation warming my hand also.

I slowly start moving my hand in a circular motion and then bring the other hand to your ass with a slap. Now both of my hands are moving in a circular motion on your ass. I’m getting more turned watching your lips open and close as I move my hands back and forth across your ass.

“Mmm, yes, yes, looks like I’ve hit the contraband jackpot. I think its time that I see how deep the well really runs”

You hear the sounds of me undoing my gun belt, belt and zipper. You hear the sound of my pants falling to the pavement and feel the head of my cock brush up against your leg as I free it from my boxer briefs. You can feel a bit of my wetness on your leg where my cock grazed you.

I push my cock back down between your legs and let go. It springs back up and you feel the head smack against your open lips. My head gets coated with your juices. I put both hands back on your ass and start moving my hips back and forth, moving the head the length of your pussy, my pre-cum and your juices acting as a lubricant to make it feel silky smooth. I can feel your pussy opening up inviting me in.

I use my hands to spread your ass even more so that can get a clearer view of my cock rubbing up against your pussy. It is such a hot sight. The dark brown color of my cock contrasting nicely with the pink of your open lips. Your cute little asshole, stretched wide by my hands on your ass.

I start rocking my hips a little more, my thighs bumping up against your ass. It causes your whole body to move. You can feel the fabric of your blouse moving across your nipples as you rock back and forth. I can see you struggling against the cuffs, trying to free your hands so that you can give your clit some of the attention that it is looking for.

Your clit is out and exposed now. I can’t see it from my angle, but your lips are so open that it must be out. I lower my hips a little so that length of my now slick cock is rubbing against ankara escort your clit as I move my hips back and forth.
You can’t take it anymore and scream “Fill me! Let me feel your cock inside of me!” Ever the obliging civil servant, on my next forward thrust I change the angle of my hips and slide slowly into your wetness.

Your hungry pussy easily accepts the head of my cock, but I quickly meet some resistance. You can feel the head of my cock stretching you to make room for me, your juices and my pre-cum acting as the perfect lubricant. I apply a little more pressure with my hips and feel my head break into the deeper wetness of your pussy.

“O my God!” I bellow as I slide further into your wetness. You are so incredibly tight despite how wet you are. I continue to slide deeper into every so slowly allowing you to adjust to my girth. I can feel your body start to quiver and shake as an orgasm takes over your body. I can feel your wetness running down the length of me and onto my balls. I’m ready to explode, but I don’t want to just yet. So I stop continuing to push deeper inside of you and just enjoy the sensations of your pussy coming on my cock.

As I feel the tremors in your pussy starting to subside, I slide further in you until I am buried to the hilt. I can feel the head of my cock just barely pressing up against the opening of your womb. I slowly start to pull out, savoring the sensations of your pussy as the head of my cock glides against your walls.

There is a loud popping sound as I withdraw from your pussy. My cock is coated with your juices. I bury my cock back deep inside your pussy. The suddenness of it catches you by surprise and I can feel your pussy tingle with excitement.

I reach down grab a fistful of your hair, pull you head back towards me and start driving my cock in and out of you hard with nice long strokes. Pulling your hair has just barely pulled your breasts off the hood of the squad car. Your breasts are now swaying with every thrust of my cock, your nipples brushing against the fabric of your blouse sending tingles of pleasure throughout.

You can feel my balls slapping against your pussy. I slow the pace down and you can feel may hands on your pussy, pressing your lips against my cock. My hand is soaked with your juice which gives me an idea. You feel me pull out for a second and then I’m back inside of you, my hand massaging your clit.

I start a steady long stroke rhythm and enjoy the ride your pussy is giving me. You then feel my fingers working there way around your asshole. At first I just tease the edges a little bit, which causes you to involuntarily clench up, but as you become accustomed to my fingers being there I can see you start to relax.

Using your own juices as lubricant, I slowly work my finger into your asshole. There is a moment of resistance and then I slide the rest of my finger smoothly in. I start pumping your asshole with my finger and feel you slowly start to relax enough to let two fingers in.

My fingers are moving easily in and out of your asshole now. You are totally relaxed. I can feel my cock sliding in and out of your pussy with my fingers. I withdraw my fingers from your ass and replace them with something else. It is cool and hard. You scream “Oh My God!” as you realize that I am about to stick my baton in your ass.

The moment it enters you, I feel your pussy clamp down on my cock and spray me with your juices. Your body starts to shudder and shake as I work a little more of the baton into your ass. Its almost like having two hard cocks in you at once. Feeling your pussy explode like that on my cock sends me into an instant orgasm. You can feel my cock pulsing and throbbing as I come deep inside of you. Waves of pleasure cascading through my body and I collapse on top of you in exhaustion, my semi hard cock still inside of you.

It seems like forever before we both feel the need to move, but reality is starting to creep in and we have to get a move on. As I withdraw from you a thick glob of cum drips out of your pussy and lands with a loud splat on the. You turn around and we kiss.

I say to you “Thank you so much honey, that was wonderful” and kiss you deeply again. ”So am I picking the kids up after work or are you?”

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