Coming Home To Her Wife

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Samantha James walked. She felt fine. Wearing out shoe leather was a new experience for her but she liked it; seemed to soothe her somehow and allow her thoughts to assemble. As she continued through the residential streets the afternoon sum warmed her. She walked briskly but elegantly; her head held high her heels clicking rhythmically on the paving stones. Her recent weight loss had given her hips a sway that she knew others found attractive and the shortish skirt and low cut blouse ensured that any she was treated to immediate double takes by any onlookers. She felt fine – she must be; they had all told her that she was.

Turning the corner and continuing her wanderings, this new street was familiar to Samantha. Her eyes immediately took in the rows of smart, older style houses that flanked each side of the road; their carefully manicured lawns straight away recognisable to her. A man in a hard hat and working construction on one of the houses whistled at her as she passed and, despite herself, she smiled back at him. But men in general held little attraction for Samantha. She would not exactly term herself a lesbian – she had slept with many male lovers – but it was certainly true that she preferred the soft female form to the hard, ruggedness of men.

And it was a female that she sought now. But not just any female, Maria Cantallini was the only woman for Samantha and, after all this time, she had to find her – Samantha James was looking for her wife.

She could never have forgotten the house – never would – she could sense herself approaching it way before she caught sight of its old walls thick with creeping Ivy and the sag in the roof that she had told Maria needed to be fixed. The house of course could never have belonged to her – always to Maria – but a lot had happened within its walls. A lot that Samantha could never forget even if she had wanted to.

It was clear to Samantha that the house was empty – not permanently empty, not abandoned, but just waiting for Maria’s return. For a moment Sam was confused. She had planned this visit down to the last detail but had not allowed for the possibility (a very real possibility, she know realised) that Maria would be out shopping or otherwise engaged outside of her home. The only idea that now seemed to spring to mind was to wait for her return.

The rear garden was unlocked and came equipped with a small summerhouse. This, it seemed to Sam, was the obvious place to wait; the window afforded a good view to the back door and also, she realised, to the downstairs bedroom window. Samantha felt a sudden surge of excitement as she recalled that bedroom. This was the room that she had shared with Maria after their wedding ceremony had been performed and in which she had experienced the joy of her lover’s body. Sam had known right from the start – as soon as she had selected Maria, in fact – that the other woman was probably not of the same sexual persuasion as she her self was, but she would change all that. She HAD changed that.

Voices startled Samantha out of her reverie and she sank a little lower behind the window in the summerhouse. Her heart pounded in her chest as she recognised Maria’s dulcet tones and her excitement rose again – she was going to see her wife again after all this time. But then another voice found its way to Samantha’s ears. No female voice, this was unmistakably male. For a moment she bristled with anger. How could Maria be talking to a man? Had she not “cured” her of this? Sam watched silently as the pair came into view. She had never seen the man before but had to admit that there was a certain attractiveness there; tall and continental looking, his short dark hair combed back neatly from his temples. The dark suit he wore looked expensive. But Maria hadn’t changed at all. Her long auburn hair framed the face that Samantha had fallen for. Her water-blue eyes seemed to sparkle and the tiny upturn of her nose looked just as cute as it had alt porno ever done. Maria wore a suit too. Again dark and business like, it seemed to Samantha that she had probably just come home from work in an office somewhere – but early for what reason? Samantha’s anger rose as she tried to deny what, from the way the couple were now entering through the rear door, hand in hand, was very obviously the reason.

But what should she do now, Samantha wondered? She would have liked to burst in through the door, of course, like an indignant husband who suspects his wife of cheating on him (not very far away from her own situation, Sam realised). But that was a dangerous idea. She had not seen Maria in such a long time and she didn’t know who the man was at all. Maybe he would be violent and hurt her, or at the very least throw her out. No, the best reasoning – the safest – would be to wait it out, just hide out where she was until the man had left and then, at last, she would be reunited with her bride.

Samantha waited and she watched through the window. Twenty minutes passed, then a half hour and the man didn’t seem to be showing any signs of leaving – in fact they were now both sipping white wine and laughing together like old friends. How could Maria do this to her? How could she forsake her for a man?

And then, while Sam watched, the atmosphere between Maria and the man seemed to change. It was an almost imperceptible change but Samantha noticed it immediately. They were standing close together, their faces only inches apart and, to Samantha’s growing concern, getting closer. Sam held her breath as she watched their lips touch and felt a strange tingle run up her spine. Why was she getting excited when all she should be feeling was blind fury at her wife’s adultery?

The kiss intensified. Suddenly Maria’s lips were locked against the man’s and her arms were snaking up around his neck. For his part and, again, to the excitement of Samantha, the man placed his hands on Maria’s breasts through the fabric of her top.

Against all her better judgements, Sam knew that she had to get closer – to really be able to see what was going on. She knew it was risky; it wasn’t yet dark and she could be seen as a trespasser should she be discovered. But, in Samantha’s mind, the need to see – the excitement of watching – outweighed the risk involved and so, quietly but quickly, she crept out of the summerhouse and approached the undraped window.

Samantha gasped silently as she looked into the room and saw that the man – whoever he was – now had his hands up inside Maria’s top and was roughly fondling her large, firm breasts. Maria’s hand was in his lap and clearly searching for the zipper. The deep, long kiss continued as they explored each others bodies.

Samantha suddenly realised that her throat was as dry as parchment and took a hard swallow. Her tongue felt two sizes to large for her mouth and there was a strange tingling sensation at her groin that she had not felt for a long time. She was a little startled to note that she was feeling the tension in other ways too: her nipples were stiffening and now seemed to swell and throb under her shirt. She could see the way that the man was squeezing and teasing Maria’s nipples under her top and Sam couldn’t resist a quick touch of her own breasts as she mimicked the mans ministrations. As soon as her fingers touched the hard points unhindered by the lack of a bra, a shiver coursed through Samantha’s body. There was no doubt now that she was completely turned on by watching her wife with this man.

Samantha licked her lips again as she watched the couple finally break their long kiss and come up for air. She could actually hear them now and Maria gasped as she sucked air into her lungs.

“Let’s get naked, darling.” Maria said breathlessly, “I want you so badly.”

Samantha now knew that she wanted to see this situation go further. She hd abla porno wanted to see it go as far as it could! It was like watching a movie as she saw Maria peel her top off, stand and unzip her business skirt. She stepped out of it almost casually but never for a moment seemed to take her eyes off the man. Sam stifled a gasp again as Maria stood before the window in her underwear. The black stockings complimented the same colour bra and panties she wore – she looked so sexy and Maria, feeling another rush of excitement, squeezed her legs together and closed her eyes for a moment. But only for a second. She didn’t want to miss a single moment of the action that was turning her flesh to quivering goosebumbs.

The man was now stripping. His actions were neither as slow nor calculating as Maria’s but rather he almost tore at his shirt and pants, throwing them into a heap on the floor. Samantha had to admit again he was attractive – a good, firm, muscular body and a decent sized cock too! Not that Samantha had much time for male sexual equipment, she reminded herself quickly. But, he did look good, she had to concede that!

As Maria lay back on the bed, Sam watched the young man position her body. First her legs were spread wide and then he pulled down her black bra to expose her breasts. Samantha could see that Maria’s nipples were equally as hard as her own, and she – Maria – cupped the firm orbs. As the man’s head descended between her spread thighs and pulled her panties to one side, Sam began to massage her own breasts. Undoing the top three buttons of her blouse she was able to slide her fingers inside and let the long, painted fingernails slowly scratch over the wrinkly aureole. Shivers of lust began to run up and down her spine. She desperately wanted to close her eyes and revel in the sensations and had to force her eyelids up so that she could continue to watch.

Maria was now gasping and moaning deeply as the man’s tongue lapped and tickled between her spread legs. Sam had to move position slightly. Maria’s leg was slightly blocking her view and she wanted to see deep into her wife’s pussy as she climaxed. And she didn’t have to wait long. Clamping her thighs around the man’s head, Maria’s whole lower body rose from the bed as the orgasm ripped through her tight frame.

As the man rolled over and let his head rest against Maria’s still quivering thigh, Sam could see that he was fully erect, the head of his penis glistening with pre-cum and his balls clearly full of the real thing. Sam couldn’t resist licking her lips fleetingly as she thought of how that would feel inside Maria’s tight pussy.

But Maria seemed to have other ideas first. Pushing her young man slowly back on the bead she lowered her head and extended her tongue. Sam watched as she flicked lustfully over the swollen head of the man’s cock making him groan so loudly that she could clearly hear him from outside. And then, suddenly, the man’s cock had disappeared inside Maria’s mouth. It seemed to Sam that she had swallowed the entire appendage whole; her lips were so far down his shaft that her nose brushed the course hair of his pubis.

Maria’s head bobbed and her mouth sucked as she deep-throated the large cock. Sam could clearly see the expression of pure lust on the man’s face and knew that, if Maria kept up her oral attention, she would soon be rewarded with a mouthful of seed.

But again, Maria seemed to have other ideas – Sam began to wonder if she really knew her at all. Her mouth and throat seemed to bulge with the shape of the man’s penis as she tilted her head back and finally released him. There was a moment of objection from him but a smile and a sign from the near naked Maria quickly had him anticipating the delights to come.

Samantha watched closely as Maria slowly pulled her panties to one side and straddled her prone lover. Sam’s breasts and nipples felt hot with all the attention that she rokettube porno had been giving them and she knew that she was also wet between her legs. Looking around her furtively she quickly slipped a hand up and under her skirt. Pulling her panties aside exactly as she had seen Maria do, she slipped a finger between the wet folds of her vaginal lips and sighed. A series of waves pulsated through her body as she climaxed with a soft moan.

After a few seconds, and now on rather unsteady legs, Sam peered back through the window. Maria was now up on top of her lover. Her legs were positioned on either side of him and his hands supported her around the waist lifting her up and down on his cock. Both of them were groaning loudly as they coupled – hers a high pitched squeal of delight and his, a deep guttural moan of lust.

“Mmmmm! You want my cum in you today, baby?” The man gasped loudly enough for Samantha to hear.

“Oh no! Better not. No condom!” Maria replied through clenched teeth. It was obvious she was climaxing again. “Let me have it on my face and tits! You know how I love that!”

Samantha stood with mouth agape as she heard her wife utter these words, her hand still down the front of her panties and stroking her throbbing clitoris. How could she have him empty himself on her? It was almost as if she were enjoying herself!

But there was no more time to think Samantha’s orgasm was upon her again just at the same time that the man unleashed a torrent of pent up seed onto Maria’s face. She gripped the spasming erection between her large breasts and milked every drop of his essence from him.

Samantha was cumming hard this time. Her head was spinning as she heard the voices from inside the room. But then, suddenly, the voices were different. Not the ones in her head that she had come to rely on but stricter voices – voices with authority in them.

“Here she is. Samantha? Will you come with us now please?”

Samantha tried to wheel around to where the voice was coming from but could barely make out the shape of the person in white through the red haze that had descended over her mind. She cried out as she felt a needle stab in her arm and her legs weakened quickly. Darkness began to drift over her. Swirling thoughts and images. The red haze gave way to colours of pink and green until………..

“So,” the young detective said as he stood in front of Maria and Michael Cantallini, “you had no idea she was there?”

“Of course not,” Michael replied. The detective really should have been looking at him rather than at his bath-robed wife, he thought angrily. “Do you think that we would have been…”

“So you were…..?”

“Yes.” Maria stated evenly. She knew how her husband hated to talk about these things and wanted to come to his rescue. “We were having sex. Right there if you want to see? I expect the sheet is still warm!”

The detective cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“Yes, well, that won’t be, er, necessary, thank you.” He flipped open a note book and referred to it professionally. “So I gather you know the suspect?”

“Know her?” Maria exploded, “of course I know her! Samantha James is the bitch that held me a prisoner in my own home six years ago. She’s a complete psychopath – the courts said so when they locked her up. She thought she loved me. Worse still she thought that I loved her! She even performed some sort of sick wedding ceremony so that I would be her wife. The cops found us just before she raped me, thank God! Yeah, I’d say I know who she is!”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry to much about it now,” the detective continued “I doubt if she will be bothering you again. Breaking out of the prison hospital will buy her a good few more years away. I don’t expect she’ll ever get out now.”

Samantha’s James opened her eyes as she was driven away in the back of the ambulance. The lights dazzled her and the many wailing sirens filled her head. But her mind was working again now. She had shared another moment with her beloved Maria and she had the dampness between her legs to remind her. She felt fine again.

“Wait for me, darling.” She whispered as she looked back at the house, “One day I’ll come back for you!”

The End

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