Close Your Eyes, Mom

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I fucked my mother for the first time a couple of months ago and I would like to tell you about it while the memory is still fresh. I’m a student at an Ivy League university. I used to go to State, but after my father won the lottery, I transferred to a more expensive and far more prestigious school. Dad sold his hardware store and bought the most luxurious camper he could find. He and Mom traveled the country on an endless vacation.

I finished my first year of college and went to join my parents for the summer. We didn’t stay long in one place. As soon as they felt the first pangs of boredom, they moved to another campground. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that they had become swingers. The bumper sticker that read “Swinging Gypsies” tipped me off right away. All of the campgrounds that we went to were hotbeds of swinger activity.

Mom is a very hot babe. She’s in her early forties but doesn’t look it. She’s petite, no more than five-two and one hundred pounds. Her tits aren’t big but they are just the right size for her body. Her long, unblemished legs may be her nicest feature. Dad is a good-looking guy with a full head of dark hair and a brilliant smile. They were very successful swingers. As soon as the men got a look at my classy mother, they all wanted to fuck her.

We were at a campground in Florida when I committed the forbidden act. Within an hour of checking in, Mom and Dad hooked up with another swinging couple. I will call them Bob and Carol. That evening, we went over to their roomy camper for a cookout. Carol, a high school teacher, was as cute as could be. Dad looked at her the way a hungry bum looks at a thick steak. The horny bastard was practically drooling. Bob was looking at my mother the same way. I was very uncomfortable with the whole scene and was trying to think of an excuse to leave. On the other hand, I figured there was a possibility, however remote, that I might be included in the fun and games, even if it was just to watch.

The four swingers were drinking heavily, a vice that seemed to be part of the lifestyle. We men were drinking beer while the women drank margaritas. Mom is not a good drinker. She can handle a beer or glass of wine, but hard liquor is like poison to her. Dad kept warning her to take it easy, but she ignored him. Just about the time the sex should have started, Mom keeled over. Dad gently slapped her to try to bring her around. Carol sprinkled ice water in her face. Nothing worked. Mom was out cold. Dad and I carried her home.

After we put Mom on the bed, Dad said, “Help me get her undressed.” I assumed that he meant undressed down to her panties and bra, but he didn’t stop there. He took off her bra and her beautiful tits rolled free. They were even finer than I had imagined. “Go ahead and take her panties off, son,” Dad said. My hands trembled as I slid the little bikini down her thighs. She had a full bush on her pussy, just the way nature intended.

“Well, what do you think, son,” Dad asked. “Isn’t she a fine piece of ass? Loves to fuck, too. Can’t get enough.”

He reached down and played with her titties. “Watch this, son.” He blew on one of her nipples and it began to harden. “Go ahead and blow on the other one, son.” Her light-brown nipples were the size of silver dollars. My warm breath against the tiny nub caused it to swell like a stiff little cock.

“Go ahead and suck it, son,” Dad said in a husky voice. “Give those honeys a squeeze while you’re at it.” I turned to see him watching through the viewfinder of his expensive video camera. I put my hands on her tits and gave them a gentle squeeze. They felt as good as they looked. Then I sucked them just the way I must have sucked them as a newborn babe.

Dad stepped forward and fondled her pussy. “Look at this, son,” he said. He took her labia between his thumbs and fingers and pulled them wide apart. “That’s the hole you came out of nineteen years ago.” The opening was so tiny that it didn’t seem possible that something weighing ten pounds could come out of it.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you, son? Well go ahead and do it. I would love to see it. She’ll never know the difference, if you prefer it that way. And don’t worry about her waking up. I’ve seen her like this a few times, and, believe me, a hurricane wouldn’t wake her up.”

I fondled her furry pussy as I considered Dad’s offer. Sucking her tits and fondling her pussy probably didn’t count as incest, but fucking her certainly would. Did I dare go that far? Was I man enough?

“Go ahead, son. Did you get so much young pussy at college that you aren’t interested in some vintage stuff?”

“Dad, Starzbet I’ve never had pussy. I’m a virgin. College life isn’t as wild as you think.”

“A virgin? You’re a virgin? Well, then you have to fuck her.”

I continued fondling her but couldn’t bring myself to do more. “Do you have to be here, Dad?” I asked. “Damn right. I don’t let anybody fuck my wife unless I get to watch. All right, if you don’t want her step aside and let me have her.” Dad casually tossed his clothes aside and I saw him naked for the first time. His daily workouts had given him a superb body. A thick carpet of hair covered his chest. His cock was about the size of my own – seven inches. He handed me the camcorder and pointed at the record button, then he mounted my unconscious mother and shoved his cock into her.

“I would be fucking that other bitch right now if this one hadn’t passed out. Anytime you want to cut in, just tap me on the shoulder. And if you feel like jacking, don’t let me stop you. I kind of like the idea of you jacking off while you watch me fuck your mother.”

I pulled my aching cock out through my fly and masturbated as I watched Dad fucking Mom. If not for pornography and masturbation, I would not have had a sex life of any kind. Watching Dad fuck my comatose mother was hotter than any porno flick that I had ever seen. He fucked her so hard his belly slapped against hers. He constantly squeezed her beautiful tits with both hands like he was playing a pair of bagpipes.

I couldn’t take it any longer. By then I was convinced that Mom wouldn’t wake up. “Okay, Dad, I want to try it.” He probably hadn’t smiled a bigger smile since the day he won the lottery. He got off the bed, took the camera, and taped me stripping down. “Nice cock you’ve got there, son,” he said.

I crawled onto the bed and stared down at my beautiful mother. I’m going to put all of the blame for what I did next on the four beers I drank at the cookout. I mounted my mother and probed for her fuck-hole. “You’re a little high, son. Lower your aim.” And then I stuck the head of my cock into the very same hole that my other head had emerged from nineteen years earlier. Mom’s pussy was warm and slick. I pushed my cock in all the way and instantly shot my load. Dad knew by my clenching ass and twitching balls that I was cumming. There was no way to hide it.

“Well, that was quick,” he said. “It’s very common for virgins to ejaculate prematurely. Nothing prepares you for the feel of a warm, wet pussy around your cock. Keep fucking and you’ll probably stay hard.”

“What if I knocked her up, Dad?”

“Don’t worry about that. She’s on the pill. Now throw a good fuck into her.”

Dad was getting it all on tape. When the doorbell rang, he propped the camera up on the dresser so he wouldn’t miss anything. I continued to shamelessly fuck my unconscious mother. Then I felt a draft, and when I looked back over my shoulder, Bob was standing in the doorway gaping at the scene.

“Hot damn! Incest! I’ve always wanted to see it, and mother-fucking is my favorite variation. Hell, I just came by to see how she was, now I’m going to get the hottest show of my life. Go ahead and give it to her. Just pretend I’m not here.”

I lost some of my bone, but not so much that I had to stop. I continued practicing my thrusts. Even though I didn’t have any sexual experience, I had done considerable reading on the subject, thanks to the Internet. I had read someplace that the secret to a great fuck is variety. Every stroke should be different from every other stroke. As I pumped my cock in and out of Mom’s pussy, there seemed to be an infinite number of possibilities. Bob was soon as naked as the rest of us and was enthusiastically working his big dick. I nearly fainted when I shot a second load into Mom. Bob rushed forward to take my place but Dad intercepted him.

“Sorry, partner. Getting sloppy-seconds after my son will be the experience of a lifetime. You can have her next. Hey, look at this, you guys.” He was pointing at a bump at the top of her slit. I was pretty naïve, but I knew enough to know that it was her clitoris. “You gave her a hard-on, son,” he said with a chortle.

Without being told to do so, I picked up the camera and taped Dad getting the best sloppy-seconds of his life. As he drove his cock into her, my custard spurted out and trickled down over her ass-hole. I felt a little better about my own premature ejaculation when Dad’s balls boiled over after only a dozen thrusts.

“That was amazing!” Dad exclaimed. “Look at my cock all coated with my son’s dick-juice.”

Dad took over the camera Starzbet Giriş and taped Bob fucking Mom. I felt a little sick and wanted to leave then, but Dad talked me into laying next to them and jacking off. “It will make a really hot scene,” he said. He had let me fuck his wife, so the least I could do was give him what he wanted. I stretched out on the bed and did the one thing that I was good at – beating my meat. As Bob pulled his cock out and unloaded on Mom’s belly, my jism spurted out onto my belly.

Before Bob left, he and Dad agreed that I should participate in the sex party they were planning for the following night. I had mixed feelings about that. I certainly wanted to fuck his pretty wife, but I was undecided about letting Mom know that I had fucked her. My cock decided for me when I awoke in the morning with a powerful woody. I imagined it saying, “I’m tired of your hand. I want some more pussy.”

Bob and Carol showed up as Dad was putting the finishing touches on the charcoal fire. Carol really looked hot in a skimpy blouse tied off just below her tits. I could see her dark nipples through the almost-transparent material. She was wearing a pair of hip-huggers that barely covered her pussy. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she knew what I had done. Mom acted as though nothing had happened, so I wasn’t sure about her. If Dad hadn’t yet told her, when and how did he plan on breaking the news?

The steaks were perfect and the baked potatoes were crunchy just the way I like them, but I didn’t taste a single bite. All I could think about was what was to come. When we finished the meal, we sat around drinking the way we had the previous night. Mom prudently stuck to Pepsi.

Mom excused herself to go to the bathroom, and a few minutes later Dad asked, “What do you guys say to a little fun?” When we walked into the livingroom, Mom emerged from the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile. Damn, was she hot! When she had been prone on the bed, I couldn’t truly appreciate her beauty. She pulled my pants down, pushed me back in a chair, and sat on my lap. While she was doing that, Dad was loading a tape into the VCR.

“I’ve just got to see this,” Carol said. There was a shot of Dad’s jiggling ass as he pumped his cock into his unconscious wife’s pussy. Then I was stripping and mounting my mother. My face turned beet red when they giggled at my premature ejaculation. Then Bob was sitting next to the bed watching and jacking. I tried to get Dad to shut off the VCR before it got to the scene of me jacking off, but he refused and I’m kind of glad he did. Mom gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I’m sorry I missed out on the fun. Now you’re going to have to make up for it.”

Mom went to her knees and started sucking my cock as the others shifted their positions to get a better look. Dad had already started taping. Bob and Carol undressed slowly while paying careful attention to what Mom was doing. It was as though they were afraid to look away lest they miss something. I had never had a blow job and couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Carol was just as scrumptious as I had imagined. Her plump tits were just the right size for her body. I felt a twinge of jealousy when she sat on her husband’s lap and encouraged him to grope her. Mom’s velvety lips slid up and down my slick shaft. She constantly swished a mouthful of spit around my cock. As hot as I was, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see steam come out of her nostrils.

“Mom, I think you had better stop now. It wouldn’t be right for me to come in your mouth. Mom, please stop now. LOOK OUT, MOM! HERE IT COMES!”

The decent thing to do would have been to pull my cock out of my mother’s mouth and shoot off on my belly, but I couldn’t do it. The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t give it up. Bob succeeded in masturbating his pretty wife to an orgasm. “THAT’S IT!” she shouted. “SHOOT YOUR LOAD IN YOUR MOTHER’S MOUTH!” She began whinnying like a mare in heat. Mom continued sucking as my cock spurted in her mouth. There was more jism than she could handle, and some spilled down her chin. Dad couldn’t have been more pleased. The spillage added a nice touch to the porno he was making. Mom smiled up at me with come dripping off her chin. “Yum-yum,” she said as she smacked her lips.

Mom took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom. I stumbled and staggered on legs that barely functioned. She pushed me to my back, mounted me, and impaled herself on my cock. Dad, Bob and Carol watched for a few minutes until the novelty of watching a woman fuck her son wore off, then they got down to business themselves. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Carol demanded a double-penetration fuck from both of them. After setting up the camera to record all of the action, Dad greased his cock and went to his back. Carol straddled him and took his cock up her ass.

Mom fed me her tits. When she tired of having one nipple sucked, she pulled it out of my mouth and fed me the other. I was learning that being able to suck the woman’s tits was the best thing about the woman-on-top position. Next to us, Bob was on top of Dad and his wife and was pumping his cock into her pussy. The way they were moving together lead me to believe that they were not strangers to the perversion. Carol was moving back and forth between them taking their cocks on alternate strokes.

Mom said she wanted me on top of her and we somehow managed it without unhooking. It really got good then. We were all going at it so hard that I swear the whole damn camper shook. Mom had her feet squarely planted on the bed for leverage and was raising her ass to meet my thrusts. She was thrashing about too wildly for me to fuck with anything resembling finesse, so the best I could do was just ram my cock in and hope that I hit the crucial nerve that would trigger her orgasm.

Both of the women were braying like donkeys by then. I worried about the neighbors hearing us until I remembered that we were in a swinger camp. Mom and I were fucking at around three strokes per second. I couldn’t keep that pace up for long, and was a little relieved when she started to come.

“OH, MY GOD! THAT’S IT! YES..YES..YES! HE’S MAKING ME COME! MY SON IS MAKING ME COME!” That outburst was followed by a long whinny. Her pussy clamping down on my cock set me off, and I fired my buckshot against her cervix. The others had stopped fucking to watch mother and son come together.

“Nice work, son,” Dad said. “I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

“Yeah, good job,” Bob said. “Now if you’re finished with her, how about letting me try her out? Go help your father with my wife.”

I jacked my cock to keep it hard and knelt between Carol’s legs. Dad’s cock was planted up to the balls in her ass. She grabbed my cock and frantically jacked it to keep it up. “Don’t you dare go soft on me,” she hissed. It worked and she soon guided me to her fuck-hole. I shoved my cock in and discovered that she was just as tight and slick as Mom. I could feel the heat from Dad’s cock through the thin membrane separating us. Carol began to buck up against me and urge me to fuck her. I gave her what she wanted.

I felt Dad’s cock lurch six or seven times as he shot his load up her ass. He valiantly tried to continue, but his cock went soft and slipped out. Dad’s half-hard cock poking my balls was interfering with my strokes until he reached down and moved it out of my way.

“Take your father’s place in my ass,” Carol said. “Shove your cock up into the mess he made.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Mom said. “I want to be the one to give him his first piece.”

Carol went crazy when she started to cum. She said something about me not fucking her hard enough, and, with what seemed like superhuman strength, flipped me onto my back. She posted up and down on me taking my cock deep on each stroke. Meanwhile, Dad had gone to work on her ass with his fingers. He shoved three greasy fingers deep into her ass and twisted them around. She had a very powerful orgasm and then went limp on top of me.

I had been so distracted by Carol’s orgasm that I hadn’t noticed Bob and Mom switching positions. She had mounted him and was riding him hard. She looked at me through glazed eyes and said, “Get over here and stick your bone in my ass.” I could hardly believe what was happening, and pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

My cock was slick with Carol’s sex juices so I didn’t bother to lubricate it. The way my cock slid into Mom’s ass so easily made me think that she had been sodomized plenty of times. The anal penetration triggered her orgasm, and the clenching of her sex muscles did it for Bob and I. There is no way I can describe the ecstasy I felt when I shot my load up Mom’s ass.

The five of us had almost continuous sex for a full week. Dad and the imaginative swingers wanted to see Mom and I indulge in every perversion that they could dream up. Probably the nastiest thing I did was Dad’s idea. I fucked between her big, silky-soft tits while he and Bob held her by the nipples. When I felt myself starting to cum, I said, “Close your eyes, Mom,” then I shot my load in her face. Dad slapped me on the back and said, “You’re a real man now.”

Dad got most of the action on tape. He made copies for me to take back to school. My frat buddies and I had some great jack-off parties with those tapes. They wanted to fuck my beautiful mother and they eventually did. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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