Claiming Katy Ch. 08

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[Author’s note: This story was originally posted in “Lesbian Sex”, but due to the heavy sadomasochistic themes of the series, I have moved it to “BDSM”.]


–Dr Isabella Pacetti’s Notes:

To recap: Katy has introduced Sophie to the cellar of Mrs Alderney’s house, a room which is effectively a dungeon. Unable to explain her motivation, confused by her nerves and feeling teased by her friend, she lashes out and insults Sophie. Not remotely hurt by the insult and forgiving her immediately, Sophie nevertheless uses this as an excuse to promise Katy more punishment. Katy is delighted.

The apparent sadism of the following events may appear brutal, but I hope it is clear that these women are all consenting adults fulfilling their desires.

–Katy’s Statement:

The remainder of my afternoon was busy. I had neglected or messed up most of my chores all day, and now I had to get all of Sophie’s bedding washed and dried and returned to her room before six o’clock. At six I had to prepare and serve the evening meals. At seven o’clock I had to report to the cellar.

I made Sophie’s bed and briefly tidied the room, not disturbing the unpacked shopping bags. I noted they were expensive-looking bags, with the branding of quite exclusive clothing and shoe shops. Sophie had spent a lot of money today. I was fascinated by what she might have bought, and I longed to peek inside, but I didn’t dare, and I didn’t have time.

I cooked a light meal of grilled fresh fish, a recipe I’m quite good at. I know I’m a mediocre cook (though a lot better than when I started at Mrs Alderney’s) and I wanted to do nothing to spoil things.

I served up two dishes — unable to face any food myself — and was preparing to take them to wherever my mistresses were eating tonight, when I heard the clip-clip of shoes on the kitchen floor behind me. I turned to see Sophie, dressed as she had been all day in her clinging blouse and trousers and her stiletto boots. She crossed the floor with a dry smile on her face and a tall glass of white wine in her hand.

“Good evening Katy,” said Sophie, grinning. “That smells lovely. I’ll eat mine here, thank you. Mrs Alderney will have hers in the office.”

I nodded and arranged a knife and fork around one of the plates. I scooped up the other and hurried into the office.

Mrs Alderney was seated behind her desk, reading, but unusually she had a bottle of wine open on the desk beside her, and a half-full glass in her hand.

“Thank you, Katy. How was your day?”

I arranged plate and cutlery and stood back, wringing my hands absent-mindedly.

“Well, good, I think, Madame. Erm. But Miss Sophie wants me to go to the cellar at seven. Erm. If that’s all right.”

Mrs Alderney paused with her glass touching her lip.

“Of course it is. Her Key, her cellar, her Katy. I hope you don’t question her actions to her face. Or is that why she is taking you to the cellar? No…” She held up a warning hand as my mouth opened “…it’s of no consequence. Just try to be attentive.”

“Yes Madame. Thank you. Will you be having a sweet course?”

“I don’t think so, thank you.” She glanced at her watch. “You have a quarter of an hour, Katy. You should go and see that Miss Burton has everything she needs, then go and make yourself presentable. Please try to be on you best behaviour. I believe she will be looking for faults.”

I felt a sudden chill. They had been sharing a drink, hadn’t they? “What..? Has she told you that?”

“No Katy,” Mrs Alderney smiled, “she has told me she will be punishing you this evening, that’s all.”

“Did she… did she tell you why?”

“Katy, I know nothing of what has gone between you, beyond what I can read on your body. Nor have I asked. I think you should be attending to Miss Burton, don’t you?”

“Yes Madame. Thank you…”

Sophie wasn’t in the kitchen. Half a glass of wine and half a plate of food were on the table. I looked around in a panic, as though I might find some trace of her. The clock still said ten-to-seven. Then I heard clip-clip on the stone steps to the cellar and Sophie emerged.

“It’s unlocked,” she said coolly, “if you’ve finished all your chores you can go down and wait for me.” She slid back onto a chair and continued to eat.

“I… I should wash up when you’ve eaten. And Madame—”

Sophie waved dismissively. “No, that can wait. I’d like you to spend some time in the cellar, thinking. You can go down, stand facing the tool racks and look at the contents. Consider each one. Think about how it might feel to wear the restraints. Try to imagine how the whips feel, if you don’t know already. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Sophie. Thank you.” I was shivering. I looked at her, desperately wishing she would hold me and soothe me. So I thrilled when she looked up and smiled gently.

“Don’t wind yourself up again, Katy.” She held out her hand and I took it. I was gently squeezed. “I’m not angry, remember. This afternoon you practically begged me Bostancı Yabancı Escort to take you down there and hurt you. This is all your choice. You can think about that while you’re down there, too.”

This wasn’t quite the reassurance I had been seeking, but it was entirely true. I nodded, mumbled my thanks and pattered towards the cellar.

I looked at the restraints, the harnesses, the spacer bars, and I dutifully pictured how each could be used the shape me and pose me. How they would expose my most intimate, delicate parts to the easy cruelty of a barely interested mistress. How they would make me wriggle like a worm, or flail uselessly like an upturned beetle or dangle like a fish on a line. I could be twisted, pinned, opened wide. I would be an object.

I had already sat and thought about all of these things. I had lain in bed and thought about them… Of course, they had been fantasy objects then; Madame had never shown any interest in actually using most of them.

I didn’t honestly know how most of the whips would feel. I knew that there were floggers and beaters that were designed to be noisy and scary but do little harm. I also knew there were serious weapons – like the cane, the crop, and the cat — which could cut me and scar me if they were used correctly. I had suffered their kind of pain often enough of course, but until the previous night I didn’t realise there were whole landscapes of agony still to be mapped out on my body. I looked at my hands and saw they were shaking. I seemed to have no blood in me. I felt sick.

I heard the clip-clip on the stairs and made an involuntary sobbing sound. I stood up very straight and faced the wall.

The footsteps travelled to one of the high stools on the opposite side of the room. Something in my head was telling me something was wrong, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything but my nerves.

Then I heard a similar clip-clip on the stairs and I realised Miss Sophie was not sitting behind me. I spun on the spot and saw Mrs Alderney perched demurely on the stool, sipping at a full glass of wine. She was dressed in her office clothes, the dark suit and skirt, dark sheer stockings and low-heeled shoes. I gaped. Mrs Alderney looked impassively at me and made a tiny gesture with a finger: turn around.

I turned, and now my jaw was quivering. I stared blindly ahead as Sophie entered the room.

“Hello Mrs Alderney. Are you comfortable there or would you prefer the Throne?”

“Here is fine, thank you.”

Sophie clicked her fingers. “Katy! Come here!” Her voice was still informal and not unkind, but quite impossible to defy. I turned with painful slowness and shuffled towards the women. Sophie was also still in her crisp office clothes, and she too had a glass of wine. She also had a half-empty bottle and she now placed both on the workbench. She smiled and took my hand again.

“This is the first time I’ve properly disciplined you Katy, so I’ve invited Mrs Alderney to observe. She is observing me, Katy. She might speak with me. She is interested in me, not you, do you understand? Don’t bother her.”

“Yes Miss Sophie. I mean… no…”

Sophie nodded and stroked my hair absently as she turned back to Mrs Alderney. She was still holding my hand.

“So I was thinking,” she said in subtly different tone, speaking now to Mrs Alderney, “I don’t want to use her pussy, partly because that’s taken a lot of punishment recently, and partly because I don’t want to directly stimulate her. Ditto her breasts. Katy, lift up your dress, hold it over your face, I want to see your torso. Thank you.”

I was dazed. I had spent all this time staring in terror at Mrs Alderney, while Mrs Alderney ignored me and nodded at Sophie. Now I was forced to let go of Sophie’s hand and raise the hem of my dress until my body was exposed but my face was covered. I let my breath warm my face as I listened to Sophie’s voice and felt her hand wandering over my skin, pointing to illustrate her monologue.

“See, her breasts are badly striped and her nipples have got some bruising. I used her bobby pins by the way, here and on her labia. She responded very well, in many ways, worth experimenting with. Not today, though. There’s some bruising here inside the thighs, you can see, that’s just from a belt, but she’s sore, look…”

A finger flicked the skin on the inside of my left thigh and I squeaked.

“…So I’ll leave that for a day or so. So I think I’m left with her legs and back, which are completely clear, and her buttocks which haven’t really been beaten since I took charge of her. Turn around, Katy.”

I shuffled around on the spot and felt my knickers being pulled this way and that.

“Some therapeutic spanking, but no real marks left there. So that will be the main focus tonight, aside from a few, you know, punctuations.” A warm hand patted my right breast and I flinched. “Cover yourself up now.”

As I smoothed my dress against my body, shyly from one woman to the other. Sophie Bostancı Yeni Escort was taking a drink and Mrs Alderney was gazing intently at Sophie.

Why did it have to be like this? Why both of them? I knew I deserved punishment, but this was already terrifying agony. Certainly there was a strange masochistic thrill in being displayed and discussed like livestock, but where was it leading? Were they ganging up on me after all?

Both women returned their attention to me at once, and I hastily looked down at the floor.

“Okay Katy? Go to the blackboard please.”

As I turned and padded silently to face the board, I heard Mrs Alderney speak.

“Do you have a lesson planned? Or is only punishment warranted?”

The conversation was not meant for my ears, and even in the quiet of the cellar I had to listen hard.

“No, I thought I’d do it in three parts: first the lesson, identifying the misdemeanour; second the exercises to drive home the lesson; finally the punishment. I’m hoping the punishment will also reinforce the lesson. We’ll see.”

The footsteps clip-clipped across the floor and stopped behind me. A hand stroked my neck and I shivered with pleasure in spite of my numb fear. Sophie spoke in a whisper that I could barely hear.

“Okay, baby. I know we talked about this earlier, and we know where we stand. But I would like you to tell me now, in a loud clear voice, what you have asked to be punished for.”

I took a moment, cleared my throat and closed my eyes. I was at the top of hill, and it fell away steeply in front of me. I was about to tumble out of control.

“Miss Sophie, please may I be punished for… for insulting you Miss Sophie?”

“You may, good girl. Pick up the chalk and write on the board what you called me. Write it across the top in big capital letters, and put it in quotation marks.”

I stood still with my eyes closed. Please, not this. I didn’t mean…

“Obey me promptly, Katy. I’m being gentle with you, but don’t take advantage.”

I lurched forward and snatched up a stick of chalk from the base of the blackboard. I reached up with a trembling hand and wrote in careful letters:


I heard Mrs Alderney shift suddenly on her stool. My head snapped around to look at her, and saw an expression of shock and anger on her face. I opened my mouth, desperate to explain, but Sophie’s hand gripped my jaw tightly and jerked my head back around to face the board.

“Eyes forward, pay attention. I won’t tell you again.” Her voice remained calm and soft, and I looked at her with large eyes, looking for comfort. But her face was impassive. As she spoke now she went to the tool rack and selected a nasty–looking cane. It was little more than a three-foot length of narrow wood, with a few inches of leather bound tightly around it at one end for a grip. The whole thing was dyed black.

“So you insulted me, and you think you should be punished. But let’s talk about why. Why do you think this is bad?”

I looked her in the eye and shook my head. “It isn’t true,” I whispered.

Sophie smiled. “Good girl. Write on the board: Not True.”

I hastily wrote the words, in slightly larger letters than the phrase at the top.

“Why else?”

I thought for a few seconds.

“They’re bad words?” I ventured. Sophie smiled even wider and nodded.

“Good. Write: Not Polite.”

I obeyed and then looked at Sophie for instructions.

“Nothing else, Katy? I mean… was it justified? Even if it is a lie, had I done something to deserve your abuse?” I shook my head frantically. “But you said it, why?”

“Because you… you were teasing me. But you tease me a lot and I like it, and this was no different, so it’s my fault.”

Sophie beamed at me, pretending to be proud, but mocking me. All at once it was humiliating and pleasurable. “Well done Katy. Good girl. Write: Not Fair.”

I did so, considering how Sophie was saying ‘Good girl’ like I was dog. I knew I should feel insulted, but to my shame I felt my heart leap every time I heard it. I imagine dogs feel the same.

“I think you should read that out, and then we’ll move on.”

I cleared my throat again and read out loud.





I looked for approval again, secretly hoping for another ‘Good girl’, but Sophie was already walking back to the tool rack, gently tapping the cane against her leg as she browsed the restraints. She soon selected a pair of ordinary handcuffs, took the key from them and put it in her pocket. She returned to me, swishing the cane from side to side.

“Exercises now. Take off your dress please.”

I was suddenly aware of my growing arousal as I pulled the dress over my head. The movement was instinctive and familiar, yet always gave me a tingle of pleasure, whatever the circumstances. I folded it and placed it carefully on the nearest stool. Sophie pointed across the room with her cane.

“Go Bostancı Masaj Salonu and put on your leash, Katy.”

I followed her direction and scampered around the room to where the dog leash was hanging from the ceiling track. I stood on tiptoe and fastened the collar around my neck, lifting my chin to ease the pressure on my throat.

“Come here.”

I tottered around the room, swaying and lurching as I towed the chain through its track behind me. When I neared Sophie I saw she was laughing silently at me. She gave me the gentlest possible tap with the cane and said, “Do another circuit. It’s priceless.”

As I went around the room again I risked a glance at Mrs Alderney, and thought I saw a trace of a smile on her lips too. This sent a flame of excitement through me and I walked with a little more pride. I stopped in front of Sophie, unable to keep a smile from my own lips. Sophie reached forward to take both of my hands. Slowly and gently she lifted my hands until they were level with my head. When she let go I clasped my hands behind my neck.


I shuffled around on the spot and shuddered when the cold metal of the cuffs caressed my wrists and then closed with a sort of rattling click. The metal bound my wrists together, and fixed them behind the leash, so that they could not move far.

My breath squeaked nervously when I felt the tip of the cane halfway down my back.


I turned, and this time the cane tickled my skin as I moved. When I was finally looking up into Sophie’s cool eyes, the cane was pointing into the middle of my ribcage. With a cold, unmoving expression on her face, Sophie began to stroke the cane from side to side across my chest. It didn’t hurt, but the cane caught my nipples and flicked them, making my breasts jiggle slightly, and making me gasp and twitch.

“Exercises,” said Sophie and a low, stern voice. “Name-calling. I am going to give you some names to call yourself. And while these will be true, and they will be fair, they will not be polite. This…” she tapped the cane against my face, “… will help me to keep your concentration. All understood?”

I nodded.

Sophie stood close, so that I could faintly smell her perfume.

“First name. We’ll pick on one of your perversions. A fetish. Tell me in loud, clear voice, why you’re jealous of my bedroom carpet.”

My mouth gaped and my voice deserted me. Not like this, please! I would admit anything to Sophie, and would tell Madame all of my most shameful secrets, but not like this, please…

I turned to look at Mrs Alderney, silently pleading, although I didn’t know what for. Once again Sophie jerked my face around. This time she slapped my cheek hard, making me cry out.

“Bad girl!” Sophie’s voice was sharp but not angry, and she delivered another slap to the same cheek. “Bad girl! Bad!” A third stinging blow, and I wanted to get away, but I was helpless and could only squirm and whine. I loved it when she slapped me, or kicked my face, but to receive it as punishment made me want to cry.

“I’m sorry Miss Sophie! I’m sorry!”

“You will pay attention and you will obey me. You’ll only make this session worse for yourself. I can hit you twice as hard and in much tenderer places without any inconvenience. Now answer the question. What makes you want to kiss the floor wherever I’ve been standing?”

I closed my eyes again and whimpered.

“Your feet, Miss Sophie. Oh god, your feet. I lov… worship them…”

Sophie grinned wickedly. She was clearly starting to enjoy the evening, but for once that didn’t give me any pleasure. I couldn’t stop myself imagining Mrs Alderney, sitting so close behind me, watching and listening and taking in all of my abasement. Sophie turned to the blackboard and wrote:



“When I strike you, you will tell me what you are and thank me. Understand?”

“Yes Miss S…”

The cane whipped around the back of my thighs, fast and shocking, and I shrieked, flinching and staggering on the spot, feeling the leash tighten against my throat. The cane twitched menacingly and I spoke quickly.

“I’madirtyfoot-licker! Thank you Miss Sophie!” I whined and grimaced and rubbed my legs together pointlessly. There was the familiar intense aching in a stripe across the back of my thighs. It was clear she was not going to hold back.

“Good. Second name…” Sophie regarded me calmly and thought for a moment. “Let’s consider that you have traded your body for purposes of sex. That makes you a whore. You gave me your body, sexually, in exchange for a kind of payment. That makes you a whore. That fact that your payment was in the form of pain makes you pathetic. You’re a… pathetic… whore.”

She wrote “PATHETIC WHORE” as she spoke. She turned and brought the cane around in a wide arc and struck savagely at my hip. As ever, this second blow was worse, the sound of it was icy and cruel as it tore towards my already aching flesh. I squealed as the cane added a second stripe to my legs.

“Aaow! Whore, Miss Sophie, I’m a pathetic whore. Thank you Miss Sophie.”

“Well, the third is easy, it’s the reason you were selling your body for pain. You were desperate for orgasms, and you were willing to do anything for them, yes?”

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