Two hours and three glasses of champagne later, Millie swayed. Aiden wondered if she had simply underestimated the effects of what four glasses would do to her. He watched as she took a few deep breaths and rose. And swayed so much she had to sit down again. She was a tiny little thing and surely inexperienced at drinking. Normally Aiden liked inexperienced drunk girls but perhaps he should go aid her. Save her the embarrassment in front of all their family members. Put her to bed. Yet Madeleine was being quite naughty on his ear. Telling him exactly what she wanted to do to his cock and who would he be turning down a good cock-sucking?

Still, he watched Amelia. Even while Madeleine pressed her lips on his dick and nipped. They were in the darkness of the patio. Too cold for guests to want to be outside. He could see Millie as she rose again, this time with great caution. There she was upright, inching along the edge of the sofa, seeking support from walls, eventually leaving his sight.

Aiden looked down and groaned. His cock was getting sucked by the prettiest young blond at the party. He shouldn’t be so distracted but he could no longer see Millie. He could no longer Bycasino keep watch of her. How she irked him, such a dumb little girl. His cock was half way down Madeleine’s throat when he pulled away. He yanked her up to her feet and firmly bent her over. Keeping her in place as he slammed his dick in her. The little slut wasn’t even wearing panties. She wanted to get fucked badly and that was just what he’d do. He pumped her fast and hard. Her moans getting louder as her hole got tighter. Once she came, he put his wet cock away and went inside. Leaving her to catch her breath while her pussy still pulsed from her orgasm.

His cock was still hard in his pants since he himself hadn’t cum which was making it rather difficult for him to walk fast by the crowd. He spotted her. Or most specifically her smile, a smile so full of perfection that he could never overlook it and feel happy in its radiance. But his happiness soon faded when he heard the conversation she was having with the bartender.

“No way your penis is fourteen inches,” she said.

Such poppycock. The bartender spoke but inaudibly to Aiden’s ears. Millie was being just a little too loud, her mannerisms Bycasino giriş changing under the influence of champagne. And the smile that made his heart skitter preserved but she stopped well short of . . . Something. He knew Amelia, the bartender told her something that left her suspicious.

She frowned. “It only gets that big once it’s inside me?”

“Yes. You must bounce on it many times and eventually it will start getting bigger and bigger,” he said. “Would you like to see for yourself?”

It came back again, her smile. And with the return of her smile, his anger followed. No doubt she was fascinated by these lies. Without warning his fingers clamped around her arm and marched her mercilessly upstairs, then gave her a shove that sent her stumbling to the middle of her bedroom.

So she’d been very pleased with the proposal of having a dick grow while she bounced on it? Horny drunk. He should cram his cock deep inside her right now. It’d go in easily with it still being all wet from Madeleine’s juices. Would she continue smiling after she learned that? That he’d fucked another girl silly and now he’d be fucking her. Perhaps he should Bycasino güncel giriş put his question to the test. Quickly, he pushed his pants down to his ankles and revealed his wet and rock hard erection. He yanked her up and tossed her on the mattress, pulling on her panties as she tried to get herself comfortable, and that’s when he saw it. A sleepy smile. Had he been any other kind of man, he’d have put her panties back on, tucked her, and left. But Aiden wasn’t a kind man. In his mind, Millie should be taught a lesson.

“Amelia.” She looked up sleepily at the sound of her name. “Do you still want to see if it will grow more once it’s inside you?”

But he didn’t even really give her a chance to reply. Already he was roughly rubbing his cock against her tiny hole. It wasn’t wet yet but Madeleine’s juices made it so. God he wanted to cram it in her. It’d be acceptable right now. She was drunkenly sleeping there with her legs wide open. Moaning softly whenever he was nice enough to rub her little clit. Her pussy was so wet now she was soaking the bed but it was too tight for his cock to even accidentally slide inside. So he tried to force it. But just as he was trying to push his dick head into her small opening, there came a knock on the door.

Quickly, Aiden pulled up his pants, hiding his erection as best he could. Tucked Millie in and made his way to the door but not before grabbing her spare set of panties from her night bag.

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