CFNM Randy Summers St Patrick’s Day

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CFNM Randy Summers St Patrick’s Day Bartender.

(I still have the green hat in the closet)

A few weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, I got a call from a gal who had seen my CFNM Party planning website.

She was doing a St. Pat’s party and wanted something special and more titillating for her guests. It was going to be a mixed party of men and women and she wanted to be sure that I did that sort of thing. If you have read any of my stories you know that I am glad to perform naked in almost any circumstance. I am mostly straight but the exhibitionist in me enjoys mixed groups.

There would be food, corned beef sandwiches and such, lots of green beer and drinks made with Midori or Crème De Menthe and even Margaritas (with a bit more green food coloring), even a bit of Irish music mixed in with more generic dance music.

To add to the fun she had green masks and party hats and lots or green Mardi Gras style beads. There were even some novelty items like green plastic backscratchers and shamrock key chains as party favors.

She was planning the evening to get a bit more risqué later, and wanted me to plan my wardrobe to be a “reveal”. That is to start fully dressed in an appropriate themed costume, and lose pieces as the evening wore on. She encouraged me to be as inventive and erotic as I wished in my costume choices for the latter part of the evening.

I had time to shop online and find some fun stuff for the party. It isn’t easy finding green thongs and such, but I managed. It also gave me some time to use plenty of self tanning moisturizer. I don’t like being too pale when I work in the nude. I also try to do a few barbell exercises to “pump” my arms and chest a bit before heading to a party.

I arrived the evening of the party to set up, finding that the caterer had done most of that…I would only need to bartend and waiter a bit by passing around trays of food.

To start the evening I was wearing green slacks with green suspenders, a green vest, no shirt, a green bow tie, green felt hat and an arm garter with a shamrock. I also had on a green thong and a pair of sheer green shorts under the green slacks.

As promised there was plenty of food and drink and as guests arrived things were off to a good start. The hostess (her name was actually Patty…how appropriate) and I had pre-arranged that she would tell her guests that we had been dating a bit and I had agreed to help with the party. She figured if the crowd thought I was something of a “fuck buddy” she would have a good excuse to flirt and fondle me during the evening. That way I could also take more breaks and perhaps dance with her and some of the other guests if they so desired.

Sure enough, as the guests started to get a bit lubricated, my hostess decided to start the fun. We were dancing and she decided it was time for me to start stripping. As we danced, she unbuttoned my vest and removed it, exposing my bare chest and suspenders. She admonished me in front of the company to get back to the bar and make some more drinks. This actually helped me fill my tip jar a bit faster.

I returned to my “duties” making cocktails and passing plates of food. A few of her girlfriends found excuses to touch my chest, arms or butt as I worked around the room.

My hostess came over to the bar and announced to the crowd that she thought that my skin was looking a bit dry. She produced a bottle of baby oil and led me to the center of the room. She sensuously lowered my suspenders and proceeded to drizzle oil on me. This is always a big turn-on for me, and I could tell that while some of the guests were a bit uncomfortable, many were enjoying the sight.

We actually kissed and “made out” a bit while she coated me with oil, which was very erotic. She turned me around, slapped my butt and had me go back to my bartending.

I continued making more drinks and flirting with the party guests. Several of the gals managed to cop a feel of my oiled chest while ordering drinks. This was also very good for my tip jar. Patty came up to the bar with one of her girlfriends, Sue, and while I was refilling their drinks they were chatting.

“Randy is kinda cute. I didn’t know you were dating.”

“Not so much dating as the occasional booty call.”

“Oh. So you two aren’t really a couple or anything. I was just wondering. You usually go for men with dark hair.” Sue was eyeing my glistening Pecs and abs.

“Well, the attraction is that Randy has one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen.”

“Is it REALLY?

Patty was running her hands around my chest and abs and flicking my nipples. “I think it must be 9 or 10 inches, very slim and straight.”

There was a bit of a lineup of guests at the bar as this was going on and I was attempting to get drinks made.

Both gals had come behind the bar and were running their hands on me as they talked. I felt the blood starting to flow to my groin. Listening to two women talking about my dick was starting to get me hard.

Some of the mersin escort other lady guests had overheard the discussion about my equipment and were lingering at the bar even after I had refreshed their drinks. One of the gals asked “Can we see it?”

With that Patty went for the front of my slacks, unzipped them and pulled them down. There was a general groan of disappointment to see that I was wearing sheer green shorts and my privates were covered by a green thong.

Sue laughed. “Patty you bitch. You knew I couldn’t resist!”

“That’s right…I know you too well. You love cock!”

“Does this mean I don’t get to see it? ’cause that sucks!”

Several other ladies chimed in to repeat that sentiment.

“Randy is VERY playful. We’ll see what the evening brings.”

Sue and several of the other ladies looked very determined to get a look at all my “goods”.

As I served more drinks and made the rounds with a food tray I noticed that the guests, the ladies in particular were staring at my thong. It had a special feature, a built-in elastic cock ring of sorts that pushed my cock and balls very forward, making me look big and hard even when I wasn’t. I seemed to be producing the desired effect. The excitement of all these women staring at my crotch helped my thong bulge even more. I was indeed starting to feel very playful.

Sue asked me to dance. She was cute and blonde and buxom, which I like a lot. They were playing a slow song, so Sue used it as an excuse to rub against me, stroking my butt and rubbing against my crotch, which was swollen from the attention. As we swayed, she began toying with the waistband of the sheer shorts, and quickly pulled them down. This put her at eye level with my now very bulging thong.

“Wow!” she said as she grabbed hold of my cock and balls and gave a firm squeeze.

Some of the other gals laughed and a few applauded. Some of the men looked uncomfortable, some envious.

She even gave my package a few tugs, which made it swell even more.

Patty interrupted her recreation.

“Now, now Sue, I did ask Randy here to help with the party.”

A gal in the back yelled, “He IS helping with the party!” Several guests laughed.

“Maybe later he’ll show us more if you all want him to.” There were a few shouts of affirmation.

I returned to my duties as bartender/waiter. As I made the rounds more than one guest, one or two males and most of the females managed to sneak a grope at my crotch.

I needed a bathroom break. Sue headed me off in the hallway.

“You know I want to see what you’ve got.” She pressed against me and kissed me, which aroused me of course. She began tugging at the waistband of my thong, trying to dislodge me.

Patty came along and stopped her.

“My, my you are the slut tonight, aren’t you?’

“You got that fucking right.” She laughed. “You know big dicks make me crazy!”

“Now I want Randy to be a tease for the gang. The uptight ones will leave early and we’ll see what happens later. Now try to behave a little.”

Sue turned and left the hall, more determined than ever to see my goods.

“So Patty, are you pleased with how my bartending is going?”

“Very. The horny ones can’t keep their eyes off your crotch and the uptight ones are cringing. It’s fabulous.”

“Cool. I was going to change to a more see-thru thong, if you think its time to get more risqué.”

“Yes. It will send the party-poopers running home and leave the real partiers.”

I went to her bedroom where I had placed my costumes and got out of my cock ring thong. I was very glad it was elastic as my dick pretty hard from all the attention. If it had been a metal cock ring I don’t think I could have gotten it off.

As I picked up the next thong, green again, but with a very sheer mesh pouch that hid nothing from view, I heard the door open and close behind me. I turned around and instinctively covered my crotch with my hands, fully expecting to see Sue.

It was my hostess, Patty.

“I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No problem. I was almost expecting Sue. I guess I’m making her horny. Is anything wrong? Am I doing what you wanted for the party?”

“Oh yes, absolutely so far. When we talked, you did say that you were willing to go “full monty”.”

“No problem. Just let me know when you think the guests are ready. I have one or two more thongs to wear that are fun”.

“Great. You know, although you did email your pictures when we planned the party, I never did get to see you, I mean all of you, in person.”

“Why no, we didn’t do the interview in person”. I was still standing there with my hands covering my crotch.

“Before I allow you to unveil yourself to my guests, I think I should see what I’m paying for, don’t you?’

“Yes, of course, you have every right to approve what your guests get to see. You are the hostess and therefore in charge of everything”.

“Then take your kocaeli escort hands away from your crotch so I may see everything.”

Our eyes locked and I did as I was told.

She circled me, running her hands along my shoulders, back, arms and butt. This naturally got my cock to rise. There’s just something so erotic about being naked and scrutinized by a woman who is fully clothed. I could feel my cock rising to feel hardness as she stared at me.

“Yes that is impressive. My guests will be truly amazed. I think you need more oil now; you look a bit dry in spots. You look really hot all wet and shiny. And what were you going to wear next?”

I reached into my gym bag and produced the green see-through thong, and as I did a brown bottle of poppers fell out and onto the floor.

“That’s very festive. I like how you followed the St. Patrick’s Day theme with all the green. And I see you like poppers” she laughed. “Don’t be so surprised I know what they are, and what they do.”

“Poppers are a weakness, I do enjoy them”.

I reached for the baby oil, but Patty grabbed it away from me.

“Since I’m paying for it I should make sure everything looks right.”

She had me stand with my arms out at my sides and my legs spread apart. She proceeded to oil me again starting with the chest and arms, butt, and then the legs starting at the ankles and working slowly up my thighs toward my crotch. I’m sure it was an odd sight with me naked except for a green felt hat, green bow tie, shamrock arm band and a raging hard-on.

“Take a hit of poppers”.

I did as instructed. As the head rush hit, she began applying baby oil to my balls and cock. I groaned with the sensation of pleasure as she stroked my throbbing shaft. I was very turned on and my cock was starting to leak pre-cum.

“Now, now” she squeezed my balls firmly “I don’t want you to come just yet. We’ll save that for a big finale.”

My cock managed to back off from what would have been an orgasm. I do enjoy a bit of “edging”. The whole scene was making me very horny and very exhibitionistic.

“Now let’s get you in that see thru thing”.

She watched in amusement as I struggled to fit my still hard cock into the pouch. I was thankful for stretch spandex. As I said it was so sheer I might as well have been nude, but the fact that there was still a bit of fabric shielding me from full view added to the eroticism.

Patty grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back out into the party. The thong left NOTHING to the imagination and had the desired effect. The more uptight guests said their good-byes leaving the more adventurous party-goers.

I was becoming less involved in bartending and waitering, the guests were happy helping themselves at this point. I was instead somewhat in demand as a dance partner. The gals were getting very bold, and I was getting groped very openly. A few of their dates looked on with chagrin, hoping to reap the benefits of my getting their dates “turned on”.

I was chatting with one of the female guests, she was asking about my party services and I gave her my business card. We talked about my possibly doing a birthday party for a friend of hers. All the while she kept running her fingernail up and down the front of my cock through the sheer green fabric. The increasing bulge in the thong told her that I was enjoying the attention.

I spotted Patty and Sue off in a corner giggling. I’m sure they were up to something and I figured it involved me. Patty came over to me and asked if I had any other costumes for the evening. I told her there was one more if she so desired. She asked me to bring it to her.

I headed for the bedroom and retrieved it. In keeping with the theme, it was neon green. It was shaped to fit the ball sack and erect cock with a thin, transparent mesh, and snug enough to massage the shaft and keep the wearer aroused with the cock sticking straight out in front. It made for an extremely blatant; some would say obscene, display.

I came out and handed it to Patty.

Patty called to her guests. “Has everyone been having fun?” The crowd laughed and applauded. “Has Randy been taking good care of you all?”

One gal piped up, “Yes…but he’s wearing too much clothing!”

Everyone laughed.

“Be patient, tramps. The night isn’t over yet. Are you ready for a little more fun?”

More laughter and catcalls from the crowd.

Most of the guests had gathered on one side of the large den we had been using for bar and food service. Patty and Sue each grabbed one of my arms and pulled me over to the other side of the room.

Sue had been hot to play with me all evening and now she and Patty were going to really have some fun in front of the crowd.

Patty grabbed my arms and pinned them behind me. Sue produced a bottle of poppers (it seems Patty had her own stash) and gave me a hit. They positioned me so the crowd couldn’t see my front, and Sue proceeded to remove samsun escort the thong I had been wearing.

I felt both sheepish and aroused and the crowd loved it.

Sue held out the next thong for all to see.

“I think this is supposed to be worn with a hard-on. Do we want to see it that way/”

Calls of “yea” and “damn right” came from the gals in the crowd.

“I want my guests to see Randy at his best. Perhaps Sue can help him out.”

More catcalls and applause form the crowd. Sue gave me another hit of poppers and knelt before me. Patty and Sue had me positioned so that the crowd couldn’t quite see what was happening, but from my squirming and writhing it was obvious Sue was giving me a hand job.

When Sue had me at “full mast” she had me step in to the waistband and slipped the thong over my equipment. The material was stretchy but snug enough to help keep me hard. It was designed to keep the cock shaft erect and pointing straight out from the body. The material so sheer it basically looked like I had painted my cock and balls a pale green! And yes, I still have on the green hat, green bow tie and shamrock armband. I looked like some demented and very raunchy leprechaun!

Patty and Sue led me over to where most of the other gal guests had gathered and pushed me into the crowd. This was met with lots of laughter and hooting. I became a very sought after dance partner with multiple gals surrounding, brushing up against me, groping, and a few even being so bold as to grab and stroke my cock. The sensation of having my cock stroked through the thin fabric was pretty wild!

Several of the gals started “decorating” me with those green St. Patrick’s Mardi Gras-style beads, draping them around my neck, and stuffing them into the waistband of my thong. One gal tossed a strand of beads and it landed over my cock. It was decided to play ring toss with my cock.

A bar stool was produced and I was seated, or rather perched in the center of the room. The edge of an area rug was deemed the toss line. Patty quickly came up with some rules.

One strand toss per try. The tosser had to stay behind the line. The beads had to encircle my cock. For a consistent target, the tosser could use whatever method she wished to be sure that the target was fully erect.

It would be the best 3 out of five for the contestants. I would have to do the winners bidding, as long as it wasn’t illegal or harmful.

The stool was placed just far enough away, and the gals were tipsy enough that it was no easy task to “ring” me. Each gal had her own method of keeping me “up” whether it be some kissing and making out, licking my neck and nipples, or stroking my cock and balls. I was so turned on that pre-cum was leaking profusely from the tip of my cock and drenching the sheer thong.

One of the gals, a lanky redhead noticed this as she came to take her turn and pointed it out to the crowd. This was met with hoots and catcalls and laughter. She then decided that she wanted a taste and before I realized what was happening she went down on me. It must have been a hot sight. I was all oiled and sweaty and shiny getting a very public blow job. The crowd was dead silent and watching, seemingly mesmerized. I imagine that most people don’t get to witness such a public blowjob. It’s not very often that I allow myself to be blown in so public a setting so I was intensely turned on. The feeling of her mouth on me through the fabric of the shaft covering was mind-blowing as well as cock blowing!

Patty came to break things up calling out “Don’t spoil the target…the game isn’t over.”

The smell of sex was noticeable in the room. By now most of the couples had gone, leaving what I assumed were single ladies. A few mixed couples were off in various corners making out, reaping the benefits of the sexually charged atmosphere. I was beginning to feel strangely vulnerable and wondered what the contest winner would want from me.

The game continued until there was a winner or should I say winners. Sue and the redhead had actually tied.

I looked over at Patty and motioned her to come over to me. I was very much in need of a break. Not only was I getting a case of “blue balls” I needed to pee very badly!

I got her ok to do so and that’s when the redhead piped up: “That’s what I want for my prize…I want to watch him pee…just like that…hard and while wearing that thong!”

Several of the other guests chimed in that it would be a sight worth seeing, so I got permission to go into the backyard and piss on the lawn.

The gals were not about to make this easy for me. My redhead and a couple of other gals insisted on touching my chest, thighs, and butt…which was keeping me aroused. I needed to pee so badly that I managed to shoot a good stream of piss through my hard-on. This was met with squeals of delight from the onlookers. The sheer mesh fabric of the thong proved no obstacle to an insistent torrent of piss.

I reached down to shake off the last drops, but the redhead grabbed my shaft and performed that task for me.

“I think its SOO hot that men can do that” she said. “My boyfriend won’t let me watch him do it. Thank you.”

“My turn…my turn” Sue chimed in as the gals pulled me back inside.

By now I was really exhausted, and I’m sure it showed.

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