Caught Wet Handed

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I stepped into my apartment and let out a sigh of relief. I kicked my shoes into my shoe cubby and hung up my keys.

I stripped as I headed toward the bathroom. Work had been horrible, a huge pile up had the E.D packed with people all night. All I wanted was a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee to follow, possibly Irish.

I scrubbed my skin vigorously, turning it a rosy pink; washed my thick red hair and shaved all the necessary areas. Making sure I was smooth to the touch.

I started to rub my pussy, feeling the soft skin in my most private place. I love the way it feels right after shaving. I continued to play. My left hand slid up my soapy body to pinch my big pink nipples, the left and then the right. All the while I rubbed my lips, just on the outside, my labia still tucked together.

“Fuck” I moaned softly. This is what I needed, I thought.

My index finger slid up through my wetness, parting my folds and finding my engorged clit. Circling it gently. I was so into my own pleasure I didn’t hear the door open.

“What are you doing baby girl?”

“Oh shit…sorry!” I dropped my hands and covered myself in shame.

“Daddy, I didn’t know you were home. I know you asked me not to play with myself, but I forgot.” I whined petulantly. I knew he would be disappointed in me.

“Little girl, I asked that of you, for my pleasure and yours. I want you to cum hard for me, to be pent up for me, when I finally fuck that sweet cunt again.” He pulled the glass door open and shut off the water.

“Did you cum slut, or did I interrupt you before you got that far?”

I fidgeted under his scrutiny, but I looked him in the eye when I answered. “You interrupted Sir. I haven’t cum since you told me not to.”

He pulled me out of the shower and dried my body with the towel, taking extra care of my curves, methodically wiping me down. My nipples hardened as he brushed the towel over my breasts back and forth.

“Alright little girl, head to our room, ass up over the bench at the end of the bed please. I’ll be there in a moment”

“Yes sir.” I bit my lip and slipped past him. His big hand smacked my round ass as I brushed by, heading into the master bedroom.

My legs were shaking as I knelt down on the bench, lifting my bottom high into the air. My plump pussy lips peeked out from between my thighs. He was Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort letting me stew in here, waiting to ramp up my anxiety. My glutes tensed in anticipation.

“Now that is a beautiful sight babyslut. You have such a kissable ass.”

He grunted. “No kisses today though. You know what’s in store for this big pale bottom, slut?”

I swallowed my groan and attempted to relax my muscles.

“Yes Sir. I was a bad girl and you’re gonna spank me.”

I knew when he started calling me slut, he wasn’t my Daddy anymore. This was my Sir, commanding complete control over me.

“That’s right babyslut, I’m gonna turn this ass a nice shade of red before I fuck it.”

My insides squirmed. I knew I was in for pain and punishment, but my pussy was on fire for it, dripping down my thick pale thighs. My ass swayed unconsciously, as if begging to be spanked and marked.

With my face down against the soft material of the bed, I could do nothing but listen intently. The rustle of his shirt as he slowly unbuttoned it, falling to the floor in a shush of fabric. The way his belt jangled as he undid it. My ass cheeks clenched in response. I heard the flick of the button on his jeans and I shivered, knowing how he looks with them slung low, his athletic build looks strong when he wields a belt, so sexy when he builds up a sweat.

My heart rate was erratic. My body was caught in between extreme arousal and trepidation. I could feel my cunt throbbing with need even as my body tightened in response to the snap of the leather. It could have been the sound of that belt or my damp hair that made me shiver.

My muscles flexed as I felt his heat tuck in close behind me.

“Take your spanking slut, take it like a good girl. You’ll even enjoy your punishment, won’t you?”

He played with my big round ass cheeks as he spoke. The leather belt trailed up my outer thigh. Goosebumps dotted my skin everywhere the leather dragged against me. I had almost started to relax when the first strike rained down onto my left butt cheek. I howled in pain and surprise. He wasn’t holding back.

“Oooooh!” I cried, eliciting a chuckle from him.

“You can scream better than that babyslut.”

Another hard blow landed against my pale flesh, searing into me and leaving my bottom burning.

“Eight more Ataşehir Çıtır Escort my slut. I want to hear you as they land. Count for your Sir.”

I heard the whistle of displaced air as the third spank came down. My ass puckered as the belt crossed over the first line he marked me with. I howled.

“Three Sir!”

Three more spanks came down in rapid succession.

“Four, five, six!”

My eyes were wet and leaking onto my flushed cheeks. The pain was spreading a warm throb, straight to my greedy pussy. To my chagrin I realized my slick juices where now smeared between my thighs and glistening on my labia. He must have realized too because a thick callused finger slid up and down my slit. He breathed deeply behind me. His jean covered cock, pressed against my red, hot globes.

I could hear the smirk in his voice as he said, ” I knew you’d enjoy your punishment babyslut.”

My ass wiggled and tensed in preparation for the next smack. It landed across my lower right cheek, the tender spot where my ass meets my thigh. I sobbed.


He pet my burning bottom before eight and nine caught me along the same spot on the opposite side, then right over the split of my ass. I knew where ten would land before I finished counting for him.

My pussy throbbed and my pelvis clenched as the belt licked against my most sensitive flesh. I screamed a full, hearty scream, cumming even as the pain blazed.


The belt fell to the floor with a thud. His big hands rubbed over my ass soothingly at first, then squeezing my cheeks and down my thighs. Pulling my ass open so he could look down at my tight puckered hole. I whimpered and cried silent tears; My orgasm still radiating, sending tingles through my body.

“I love you babyslut.” He afforded me this small warm gesture before I felt his spit dribble down my cleft, running over my rosebud.

His fat mushroom shaped head rubbed through my slick folds as his knees pushed mine to a wider position. I felt him at my hole a breath before he was pushing inside me. My swollen cunt grabbed his shaft as he pushed forward, my cum lubricating the way.

I made breathy grunts and moans as his cock plunged in and out of my tight cunt with ferocity. His deep groans of satisfaction spurred me on, made me hotter. I started to thrust back against Ataşehir Elit Escort him. Each smack of skin lit my ass up again, making the burn and ache inside me grow.

With a suddenness that left me feeling empty, he pulled his shaft completely free of my warm confines.

“Flip onto your back slut, ass up, knees to your chest.”

My body was vibrating with need as I turned over, laying half on the bed. I looked up at him, my teeth worrying my bottom lip. I could see the way his eyes had gone dark, the pupil dilating to obscure the natural blue color. His voice was husky and deep and made me tremble, more of my juices drooling out of my pussy as I arranged myself as ordered.

He put his big hands on my legs and pushed them down and back, squishing my large chest with my knees. My ass was opened for him and he pushed against my pucker. The resistance there held only another second before he breached my star. I whimpered as the thickest part of him stretched my outer ring. My ass burning slightly at the invasion.

He took his time, letting my bottom open and swallow closed around him. He reached down with his right hand and started to expertly manipulate my clit, rubbing it in firm circles as he began to saw in and out of my tight anus. I wriggled beneath him, so full. The sensations on my clit made my ass tighten around him.

“That’s a good girl. Clench your ass on my cock. Let me feel you ripple around me as you cum. Milk the cum from balls.”

“Oh fuck.” I managed as he sped up his fingers, rubbing my clit faster. His cock like a piston, pumping in and out, in and out.

It was looking into his coal dark eyes, his teeth bared in a look of feral pleasure that caused me to peak and fall into my orgasm. My muscles clenched down tight around his cock. My whole pelvis spasmed as I screamed out for him.

“Sir, oh fuck Daddy!”

My pussy splashed against his stomach as he growled and pumped his hot seed inside of me. My head rolled back and forth against the bed below me. Seconds or minutes passed before I fully came back to myself. He pulled free from my tight channel and scooped me into his arms, cradling me close.

My head rested against his chest, listening to his heartbeat; bobbing slowly as he walked us back to our shower. He sat on the seat with me on his lap and turned on the hot water. He pressed kisses along my temple and against my hair. The heat and steam filled the glass shower quickly, warming me and rinsing me clean of our combined mess.

As I sat up and started to wiggle, Daddy whispered, “Now babygirl, if your gonna masturbate in the shower, we should try out the detachable shower head.”

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