Bradley’s Life Pt. 01

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Bradley’s Life Part 1

All characters are over 18.

It’s was a quiet night, full of promise and temptation as Bradley found himself alone with his voluptuous blonde girlfriend in her shared apartment. The young couple was newly minted, having just finished their seventh date. Bradley moaned deeply into her mouth as she sat astride him in the living room.

Thus far, the furthest he’d been allowed to push her was kissing, but he was content with that. He had heard, through mutual friends, that Veronica had been through the wringer with previous boyfriends. As such, he was determined to set himself apart by not escalating things too quickly. Something that Veronica has seemed greatly pleased with up to tonight.

Whimpering quietly, Veronica pressed herself into him, subtly grinding her tight jean shorts into the telltale sign of her young boyfriend’s manhood. She wrung her hands on the back of his head, lightly clawing at him with her nails and sending shivers down his spine. “I love kissing you Bradley. It’s so much fun.” She cooed into his ear, taking a break from kissing whilst continuing her back and forth grind atop his lap.

Bradley gasped loudly as she sucked his earlobe between her lips. He lifted his hands slowly towards her hips, but was stunted by a quick grasp to his wrists.

Giggling softly, Veronica moved his hands back to the wooden arms of the chair. “Not yet baby. I’m not sure how far I want to take things with you. Yet.” She whispered, returning her hands to their rightful place behind his head.

Fighting for grace, Bradley sighed happily as his beautiful new girlfriend launched an attack on his tonsils with her tongue. He returned her lustful kiss, gripping the chair with white knuckles. He knew she wasn’t ready, and although he was a virgin, Bradley was no stranger to heavy petting. He had even had a girl go down on him once in the bathroom at a party. Though that wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience as the girl in the event was very drunk, and stopped after barely wetting his cock to turn and vomit into the bathtub.

Bradley pushed that thought aside as his gorgeous girlfriend began panting and increasing the pace and pressure of her grinding against him. When her lips separated for a gasping mewl, Bradley caught her harried expression and flushing cheeks. “Are you going to cum baby?” He asked the petite blonde on top of him.

Veronica bit her voluptuous lower lip and lowered her forehead to his. The look in her eyes was confirmation enough but Veronica nodded none the less.

Bradley watched, captivated by the young goddess as she panted, leaned back, and gripped his shoulder tightly with her right hand. Her manicured nails dug into him.

Her mound pressed hard into his erection, the denim warm from friction and damp from her arousal. She continued grinding, whilst taking her left hand and caressing her breast and tugging at her nipple through her bright red halter top.

His eyes widened as Veronica whimpered again and bit her lip. Having never seen a woman so turned on, Bradley caught himself fighting the urge to plummet over the edge along with her.

Veronica continued her display as she rubbed herself against him. Arching back, she slid her hand down to her stomach and started slowly exposing her impossibly flat stomach by raising the hem of her shirt. Her other hand clutched his shoulder for balance as she inched herself closer to climax, simultaneously revealing more and more of her body to him.

Bradley gripped his seat fighting off his own orgasm as he saw the first peak of her lacy black bra. Though covered, his cock ached at the stimulating experience. Having only exposed the underwire, Bradley was hypnotized and staring ahead diligently in awe.

The spell broke abruptly as the apartment door swung open and shut in quick succession. Two heads turned simultaneously as Veronica’s roommate Valerie giggled at them from the doorway. “Hope I’m not interrupting.” She chuckled lamely at them.

Bradley groaned in exasperation as Veronica giggled at her friend. “Only a little.” She said, removing herself from her seated position and lowering her shirt. “But it’s probably for the best. Bradley here isn’t ready for my wild side yet. So thanks.” Turning away from her boyfriend, Veronica walked up to her roommate and wrapped the svelte brunette in a tight hug before giving her a light peck on the lips.

Bradley watched this all play out in slow motion, first her irresistibly perfect ass swaying away, noticing for the hundredth time how her cheeks peeked out, then the too close hug that gave him goosebumps, followed by the slight kiss that he wished would’ve lasted longer. Seeing the two close friends while in the state he was made Bradley groan again as his erection fought for release.

To her credit, Veronica noticed his predicament and gave him a sly wink. “Quit your grumbling baby. It’s no use getting jealous.” She said, before turning back to her friend. “You look so hot tonight. What’s the occasion?”

She wasn’t wrong. gorukle escort Bradley noted her roommate as discretely as possible. She was the same height as Veronica at 5’5″, though tonight she stood taller in a pair of purple heels that framed her feet delicately. Her brown hair was slightly red and hung curled down the middle of her back. She wore a black dress with spaghetti straps that clung to her body and flared out slightly in the middle of her thighs. Seeing her standing there with her hand settled on Veronica’s waistband made the notion of calming his manhood an impossibility.

Valerie leaned forward to press a soft smirking kiss on Veronica’s lips in return, making eye contact with Bradley as she did. Upon pulling away she said, “Oh just a date with Micha. You know how I like to tease him.”

Valeria chuckled as she spun around and led her roommate towards the living room couch. She held her friend’s hand and the two sat down across the room from Bradley. Their knees and thighs pressed closely, maintaining contact and causing Valerie’s dress to lift up her legs.

Bradley fought a grumble at the separation, but was intently fascinated by their rapport. “Any other plans tonight Val? We were just about to watch a movie.”

Valerie’s hand reached around his girlfriend’s waist and squeezed. He noted Veronica biting her lip and inching her face closer to her roommate. “A movie sounds fun. Although I’m still a hungry. You guys want to order in? I know a guy who does deliveries from Cheezus.”

Thinking about the famous local pizza place had Veronica’s mouth watering, that and the hungry look her boyfriend was giving them. She stroked her nails gently from her roommate’s knee up her bared leg, looking her beaux in the eye. “Mmm pizza sounds good. What do you think baby?” She asked him while Valerie shivered under her nails. “Do you want some hot and ready?”

Bradley groaned at the display and nodded his head, his own nails digging into the chair arms where his girlfriend had left them.

“Let me send a text.” Valerie intoned, removing her arm from behind her friend and bending over the arm of the couch. Her dress lifted in her position, showing off her firm ass in a pair of orange boy cut panties.

Veronica admired her roommate in that position for a moment before looking over towards Bradley. He too was staring. “BABY!” She yelped at him. “Oh no no no. You don’t get to ogle at other girls with me around! What’s wrong with you?”

Valerie chuckled, but stayed in place focused intently on her phone. Her hips swayed a bit, back and forth, as her friend scolded Bradley.

“I would think that you could keep your eyes in your head around me! YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” Veronica continued as Bradley raised his hands in defeat.

“You’re right! I’m sorry! Please? Okay?!” Bradley offered.

Veronica kept on like she hadn’t heard him, “You know what? I think he needs to be punished. What do you think Val?”

Valerie played her part to perfection, keeping her ass raised and wiggling further in Bradley’s direction. “Mmm. Sounds interesting.” Bradley tempted as he was at the offering hazarded a quick peek. Veronica caught his glance as he tried to hide it.

“That’s it!” She grunted, vaulting herself up and over to Bradley.

Though he was acutely aware of the trouble he was in, Bradley couldn’t help but feel excited as his girlfriend stomped over to him. Veronica thumped herself down hard on his erection, straddling him like before. She took his cheeks in her left hand and pursed his lips out before kissing him hard. With her right hand she deftly unbuckled his belt, whilst simultaneously licking and sucking on his plumped lips.

Once she had untangled his belt, she stood up abruptly, and harshly pulled it free of his jeans. He would’ve been scared for his life at her glaring look if he wasn’t so supremely aroused. Pausing for a moment, Veronica winked over her shoulder at Valerie and caught her smirk.

Bradley waited patiently, and for once didn’t glance over at the pretty brunette perched on the couch. His eyes never left his gorgeous girlfriend, and so he watched as she sauntered around his chair, belt in hand. Not knowing where this was going, he trembled slightly in anticipation.

Veronica stopped behind him, and slapped his own belt down on his thigh from above causing him to yelp out and try jumping up. She held him firm with a hand on the shoulder. “Oh don’t be such a baby. That wasn’t even that hard. Here. I won’t hit you again okay?!”

Bradley nodded mutely as his torturous girlfriend dragged the belt back up his body, his cock twitching as it passed overhead.

The blonde girlfriend locked eyes with her grinning roommate and lowered the belt over her boyfriends eyes. She cinched it tight without a pause, effectively blindfolding Bradley before placing her hands on his shoulders and mouthing ‘oh my god!’ at her friend.

Valerie giggled and hopped off the couch and skipped into the kitchen as her roommate started massaging Bradley’s shoulders. altıparmak eskort bayan Leaning in close to his ear she whispered, “play along baby. This is only gonna get better for you.” She punctuated her statement with a long lick to his earlobe. Feeling devious, she followed that up with a small bite as her unseeing boyfriend trembled. “Now I don’t want to hear a single word from you for the rest of the night!” She said, loud enough for Valerie to hear. As if summoned, Valerie chose that moment to return, with gifts.

In her hand, the brunette bombshell held two large zip ties. Veronica raised a fist in triumph at her friend’s genius. She took one of the ties and mouthed a countdown to her friend as they readied them. On one, the girls each held down a wrist apiece. Bradley didn’t have a moment to react before his hands were secured to the chair arms with a telltale ZZZZiip.

Preempting her boyfriend’s confusion, Veronica again squeezed his cheeks and kissed him soundly. She held him there for a moment before pulling away sweetly. “No talking baby. You just sit there and listen. Valerie and I need to catch up before the pizza gets here. Understand?”

Bradley was loving this kinky side to his girlfriend, so new and definitely outside of his normal bubble. So he nodded and then groaned as he felt a hand squeezed his erection harshly. It was just an instant, but his imagination ran wild as he had no idea if it was Veronica or Valerie that had grabbed him.

Not offering the information, the two girls sat back down on the couch and giggled whispers to one another outside of Bradley’s earshot.

Bound and blinded, Bradley strained his ears to deliver the missing information about his surroundings. At first all he could detect was the cute giggles and whispers, but a few minutes later he started to hear more. A light smacking noise mixed in, and then whimpers. His imagination did the rest for him. Their whispers were clearly interspersed with kissing, causing his flagging erection to fight for rebirth.

Veronica kept a close eye on her helpless boyfriend, intentionally increasing the sounds they made as her tongue met with her roommate’s. She loved the power she had over him, keeping him bound tight and wound up. Her juices flowed at the naughtiness of it all. She knew her boyfriend was a virgin, and Valerie grabbing his cock through his jeans was further than she had ever taken things herself. It was a position she wanted to prolong, to keep her boyfriend pliant and eager.

The only problem was, she needed to get off. The situation had made her hornier than she had been in weeks. The last time she felt like this was when she walked in on Valerie giving Micha a lap dance in the very chair her boyfriend was now zipped to. She had just come back from her second date with Bradley, sharing a slow kiss outside the door, and then she walked in to see Val in a thong and high heels shaking her tits at Micha. His night had ended there, her arrival throwing cold water on the situation, not that Valerie cared, mind you. Micha was just too embarrassed and hurried out the door.

The girls had laughed about it for a good twenty minutes before they started practice their dance moves on one another. When the night was over, the two girls slipped into Valerie’s bed and helped each other burn off some tension before cuddling up to sleep.

Lost in her memories, Veronica barely noticed as her friend pulled her head down. She slid off the couch, quiet as a mouse, and entrenched herself between her roommates thighs. Valerie gave her encouraging moans as she began kissing the lace thong hugging Valerie’s clit.

Bradley was so sure that things were escalating on the couch. It was like they weren’t even hiding it anymore. Valerie’s words hit his ear like a freight train, quiet as they were. “Oh yes baby. Kiss me right there. Fuck. I’m so wet for you.”

Though turned on by the sounds around him, Bradley couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that Veronica was cheating on him. They were in college, so it’s not like experimentation was off limits, they just hadn’t talked about anything like this. Hell, she had barely started to feel comfortable enough to spend time with him alone in her apartment. He honestly didn’t know how to feel about any of it, but his cock was hard, and Valerie was moaning. “That’s it baby. Lick my clit like that. Oh fuck, you do this better than any of my boyfriends. Mmmm. Uh. Yes. Yes. Oh god. YES!”

Veronica loved the way her roommate gripped her hair and bucked her hips. She couldn’t help but force her fingers into her tight shorts and rub her own clit as she suckled at her friend’s. Her need had only grown, and the image of her boyfriend behind her, all trussed up with nowhere to go, combined to bring her right up to the edge.

As Valerie’s gripped slaked, Veronica rushed to sit next to her on the couch, undoing the buttons on her shorts and readying to thrust them over her hips.


Valerie giggled nilüfer eskort bayan as her roommate groaned whiningly. “Pizza. I forgot about the fucking pizza.”

Valerie whispered something to her horny roommate, much too quiet for Bradley to hear. Then bolted to the door with a shout. “COMING!” Finding a bit of humor, Bradley let a slight chuckle escape his lips, before remembering that he was supposed to be quiet. Lucky for him, Veronica didn’t mention it, so she must not have heard him.

Isaiah waited outside the familiar apartment with pizza in hand. Fondly recalling the last time he had been there. The two sluts inside had been drinking with a friend of his, who graciously texted him to bring over some grub and join the party. For his efforts he had gotten a slow handjob from the brunette while she whispered remarks about his friend’s ability to “fuck her so good.” All the while the blonde was bouncing her head up and down in his buddy’s lap, interspersing her efforts with comments about some new guy she was seeing. Isaiah came way too soon at her soft touch and her cheating friend’s comments, but it was just as well since he was still on the clock. Luckily for him, he had the forethought to ask for her number before leaving.

Tonight Isaiah hoped to redeem hisself and had punched his time card before heading over with the pizza. Tips were left to the drivers so although not technically allowed by the insurance company, his boss usually turned a blind eye.

Valerie opened the door looking as spectacular as he remembered. They had been exchanging flirty texts for a while now, but this was only their second meeting. His lust fueled memory didn’t do her justice, and she was just fucking perfect. Everything a man could ask for, and kinky too. Before he had even said hello, Valerie pushed a finger to his lips, effectively silencing him. Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she pulled him into the room. “Pizza’s here!” She announced.

Valerie led him by the hand over to the couch while he took in the sight of Veronica smirking at him. She too held her finger to her lips to keep him quiet. Confused, he nearly blew their game when he noticed the guy in the chair. His laugh got cut off by Valerie’s hand slapping over his mouth. She glared at him and shook her head before shoving him harshly onto the couch.

Veronica leaned over and pulled the pizza from his hands as her roommate dropped to her knees in front of him. Setting the pizza on the end table, she then turned to the confused but still compliant Isaiah and placed her hand over his mouth. Leaning in close, her breasts pressing into his arm, Veronica purred into his ear. “No sounds. If he hears you this is all over. Permanently.” She whispered. “Nod if you understand.”

Isaiah nodded desperately while the two girls looked at him pleadingly. Both grinned and started slowly and quietly undoing his khaki shorts. Once freed of its confinement, his hard cock stood up proudly to salute the pair. Taking him in her grasp, Valerie coo’d loudly. “Ooh yummy!”

Giggling, Veronica joined her, “I can’t wait to scarf that thing down.”

Isaiah silently thanked God for the amazing experience he was having, just in time for the girls to start stroking his cock.

Bradley nearly wept as the smell of pizza hit him. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but the girls were clearly trying to torture him. He could hear their sighs and moans as they ate without him. They played it up to perfection, making it sound so sexual and joking about gagging and taking bigger bites. He listened intently as each subtle innuendo was levied in his direction for what felt like twenty minutes.

“Oooh that’s so good.”

“Oh my look how drippy it is.”

“Whoops. That was a hot piece.”

“Hmmph, make room for me baby.”

“There’d be more room if you took those heels off.”

“Mmmm. Good idea. Do you like my pedicure baby?”

“Hmps compck ish soo yummy.”

“Veronica, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full. Ipts soo mrood.”

Isaiah pulled the blonde in for a heated kiss before warning her that he was about to cum, silently gesturing.

Veronica grinned at him and grabbed her friends hair before forcing her head down onto the pizza guys cock. She locked lips with him as her friend flailed her hands. He couldn’t hold out. His cum shot out of his cock with strong bursts as Valerie’s throat contracted around him. Veronica giggled as she let her friend come up for air, earning a silent glare from her friend.

“Val you’ve got to share some of that stuff with me.”

She then dropped to her knees next to Valerie and shared a steamy kiss from either side of Isaiah’s cock. Twitching, his cum still dribbling out, Isaiah relished the feeling as the two girls made out with the head of his dick. He did his damndest to stay silent throughout.

“Mmm. Yummy.” Veronica purred.

“It’s so good baby. We’ll have to get it again some time.” Valerie posited, looking only at Isaiah who nodded with a grin.

The two girls stood and then pulled Isaiah to his feet, marching him sneakily out the front door without a word. He kissed both girls deeply outside the door for a few minutes before waking off with a spring in his step and a slice of pizza one of the girls had slipped into his hand. He munched it down, practically skipping down the hall.

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