Best Company Christmas Party Ever

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Because you are one of our most important clients, I know that it is important to make sure you have a very good time at our year-end holiday party. During the cocktail hour, we have a couple of drinks and chat. My husband and your date are there – we’re all enjoying the evening. On a few different occasions, I notice you looking at me with a lingering glance…and you make it clear to me that you like what you see.

During the dinner, you are seated next to me – our dates on either side and several others around the rest of the table. We continue talking…flirting shamelessly…but all in the name of good customer relations. A couple of times during the meal, our fingers accidentally brush against each other as we reach for something at the same time – each time we touch, it sends delicious shivers through my body.

After dinner, the president gets up to give a year-end speech – the lights dim for his presentation. As soon as the lights go down, I can feel you hand move below the table. And then suddenly, I feel your hand on my thigh…resting at the hem of my dress. After just a second – I feel you slide your fingers under the edge of the fabric and pause again at the top of my thigh high stocking.

You shoot me a glance when you hear me breathe in quickly – clearly surprised by your brazen touch, but not at all unhappy about it. Your fingers begin to stroke the soft skin on my thighs… dropping to the inside of my thigh and moving higher. You can tell that my breathing has quickened and I shift slightly in my chair to part my thighs for you.

You fingers finally reach high enough so that the tips are brushing against my panties. You rub your fingers across the silky fabric – teasing my clit by pressing your fingers against it through my panties. I squirm – trying to not draw attention to what you are doing to me in the darkened room. You feel me rock my hips forward a little bit to press against your fingers. You can feel how damp my panties are already.

You quickly slide your fingers under my panties and slide one right into my pussy – I am so wet that there is no resistance. You feel me shudder a bit, trying to maintain control and you slide it in and out – finger fucking me right there in front of the whole company. Suddenly, the room begins to applaud something in the speech and your hand quickly leaves so that you can clap, too.

As the applause dies down, you look over at me and you can see that I’m flushed and a little bit breathless. I return your gaze and you raise the fingers that were just fingering me to your nose and you sniff… and then smile wickedly at me.

I can’t concentrate on anything going on in the room, but I do notice that bursa eskort your hand slides into the pocket of your jacket. You take out your coat check ticket and you lay it on the table in front of us and nod. The message is clear – meet you at the coat check. I lean over to my husband and whisper that I’m going to the ladies room. I make my way to the back of the ballroom – my heart pounding in my chest…my pussy throbbing lightly, knowing what is to come.

I walk like I’m going to the restroom, but then quickly turn in the direction of the coat check. Within a few seconds, you are striding out of the ballroom and walking quickly towards me. Without saying a word, you take me by the arm and pull me into the coat closet. The coat check clerk is nowhere to be found and as soon as we are inside the closet, you pull me to you roughly and plant a deep, hot, searing kiss on my lips. We kiss passionately – hands pulling each other closer, your hand on the back of my head, holding me in place while our tongues explore each other’s mouths.

My hands move down your body until I feel your hard cock through your pants. My hand wraps around your shaft and I slide my hand up and down – squeezing just a little to feel how big and how hard you are. You break our kiss and groan deeply…reaching for my tits and squeezing – pinching my hard nipples through my dress.

I close my eyes and moan as I feel the effects of your pinch on my tits all the way down in my clit. You reach under my dress and push my bra aside, so that my breasts spill out, exposed. You bend your head down to suck and lick each nipple – lightly biting and making them even harder as I continue to stroke your cock through your pants.

Then you raise your head and whisper roughly “Do you like my cock, you little slut?”

“Yes.” I whisper lustfully and my eyes drop to see you reach down to undo your pants.

You pull your cock out and say, “Suck my cock, you horny fucking slut.”

I immediately go down on my knees…my tits still spilling out of my dress…as I take your fat cock in my hand and rub the precum over the head. I lick my lips in anticipation as my hand slides down your shaft – rubbing in all of your precum.

“Suck it”, you say hoarsely, “Suck my fucking cock.”

Needing no more encouragement, I open my mouth and slide the head of your cock onto my lips, flicking the underside with my tongue as my lips close around your cock and I slowly suck you into my mouth. I continue to move my way slowly down your shaft as you look down and see my lips stretched around your shaft.

You moan as I take you all the way into my mouth, the head of your cock sliding down my throat. bursa escort bayan I hold there for a few seconds, sucking so you can feel it all the way up your cock. Then I slide my mouth back, licking my way back until the head is at my lips again. You have enough of the teasing and I feel your hand on my head, pushing it up and down your cock. All the time I’m sucking and licking, you keep telling me how sexy I look with your cock sliding in and out of my mouth, my tits hanging out of my slutty dress.

Eventually, you take your cock out of my mouth and ask me if I’m ready to get fucked. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply so that you can see how I taste after sucking your cock.

As we break the kiss, I whisper “I need to feel you inside of me so bad – please, fuck me now.”

You reach behind you and pull forward the folding chair that the coat check clerk used to sit while waiting for people to retrieve their coats. You sit down – your pants around your ankles – your hard cock stiff, waiting for me to ride. I pull my dress over my head and then slide my panties down and off so I’m standing before you wearing only my bra, thigh highs and stilettos.

I straddle your hips, facing you, pushing my tits toward your mouth so that you can suck them while I fuck your cock. I lower myself until the head of your cock is right at the opening of my pussy. You have your cock in your hand guiding it toward me when you stop to tap the head against my swollen clit. The feel of your cock head rubbing against me makes me moan and push my hips – wordlessly telling you how much I want you to fuck my hot pussy.

You position the head of your cock at the opening of my pussy and then move your hand to my hip where you push me down hard so that your cock in buried in my cunt in one fast, hard movement. I cry out because it feels so fantastic to feel you all the way inside of my pussy. And then I begin to ride you…sliding up and down on your shaft, raising and lowering myself on your dick….my tits bouncing as I move.

You continue to hold my hips – pushing me hard – telling me how much you love to see my pussy stretched around your cock. We fuck for a few more minutes like this – our skin slapping against each other as I ride you hard. You pinching my nipples and fingering my clit as we fuck. Then I slow down my pace and tell you that I need to be fucked really hard like a cheap, slutty whore.

You stand up and we move – you don’t say a word, you just push on my back to let me know to bend over. I hold onto the chair for support as you run your hands over my ass, slapping it and making it hot and red, as I cry out with görükle escort a mix of pain and pleasure. You then rub your cock up and down my slit, getting it wet from my hot pussy juice that has been flowing.

Without a word or even a tease with your finger, you slide your cock into my tight little asshole. I arch my back and cry out – it hurts so exquisitely – that enticing mix of intense pleasure with just the right amount of pain. With my back arched, you reach out and grab me by the hair – pulling my head back further as you start sliding your cock in and out of my ass – faster, harder.

“Finger fuck your cunt, you horny slut” you tell me roughly as you fuck me hard.

You slam against my ass with your body…you watch my ass shake every time you slam your cock into me. I slide two fingers into my pussy and press my thumb against my clit as you fuck me. I can’t help but moan and cry out with the intense pleasure I’m getting from feeling your fat cock stretch my tight asshole. The whole time, you are telling me what a hot fucking ass I have, what a good little slut I am and how hard I make you.

Hearing all of these things and feeling you fuck me so thoroughly, it doesn’t take long before I feel my orgasm building…rushing like a freight train, I cry out as it washes over me and makes my pussy clamp down on my fingers.

“Oh fuck, yes…keep fucking my asshole.” I cry out as I cum hard and feel my pussy juice flowing out of my cunt.

Hearing my words and feeling me cum on your thick cock has the desired effect on you and you tell me that you are going to cum. You pull out of my ass and push me down on my knees again…you standing right in front of me with your hard cock in your hand.

As your hand moves up and down your shaft, my hand reaches underneath the tease your balls with my fingertips before I slide my long, slender middle finger into your hot, waiting asshole. You moan deeply as I slide my finger in and out of your ass and I lick my lips, waiting for your cum. You keep stroking, faster now….until you finally shoot your thick ropes of your cum shoot all over my tits. Your cum drips from my nipples onto my stomach and my thighs. You rub the sensitive head of your cock against my hard nipples – rubbing the cum into my skin. As you pull back a little, there is a line of cum from the tip of your cock to my tits. I smile up at you as I scoop some of your cum off my nipples and lick it hungrily from my fingers.

You tell me to get myself cleaned up and while I’m pulling myself together, you’re telling me what a hot little cumslut I am. As we begin to dress ourselves, I reach out to kiss you again and you can still taste your cum on my lips. And we smile at each other devilishly before we leave the coat check stand and walk, separately, back into the ballroom where my husband and your date are waiting – clueless to the hot fuck we just shared. And needless to say, we’ll be seeing more of your business at the bank next year.

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