Bad Mood

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Ava Addams

I walk through the front door and heave my backpack into the corner.

“Are you here?” I call to the quiet house.

“In the bedroom” you call.

I walk through the house, and find you standing in the middle of the bedroom, wearing only a black silk under bust corset, matching thong panties, and opaque black lace top stockings, and looking self conscious.

“I’m really not in the mood Darlin'” I tell you in an exasperated tone, “I had a really annoying day at work and I’m kind of in the mood to hurt someone”

You reply “I know, that’s why I’m dressed this way”

I shoot a wicked grin back at you looking out from under my eyebrows that sends a shiver down your spine. “You really think so hu?”

For a moment you consider running for the bathroom and locking the door, but you stand your ground. I normally prefer not to be in control, but every so often I get in a mood… and you need me to be in that mood today.

I cross the room in two strides, wrapping your hair around my hand and pulling your head back to passionately kiss your lips. Nibbling from your neck to your ear, and back to your lips. After a few moments my free hand slides inside the front of your panties to find you already soaking wet, a finger slides easily inside you.

“Are you sure you want this?” I dare you, but I already know you’re past the point of saying no.

“Please take me, do to me what you will” you response, barely choking you’re the words.

I instruct you “Fine then, lay down on the bed, if you want me to stop say ‘Penguin’ and I will, anything else and I won’t”.

Another shiver runs down your spine again and you silently walk to the bed and sit on the edge, crossing your legs and still feeling exposed, almost naked with me standing there fully clothed. You fight the urge to cover your bare breasts.

Standing over you placing my hand on the back of your neck I tilt your head denizli escort up to kiss you again, then slowly work my way down your neck, across your color bones, down further, you gasp as I take a nipple between my lips, softly at first, then feeling it harden, harder, alternating between pleasure and the slightest bit of pain as I take it gently between my teeth and tickle it with my tongue… after a few moments sucking it hard, then back to gentle kissing and repeating the cycle with the other.

Eventually I move still further down, nibbling your hips, kissing the inside of your thighs, tracing the line of your panties with my tongue, I can feel and smell your excitement, my breath hot on it’s source, but purposely avoiding touching you there. You arch, whimpering in frustration at my teasing, begging for my touch there.

I feel your hands on my head, guiding me to what you so desperately want, but I shake them off, grabbing your wrists and holding them to your sides.

“No” I say “you can’t have that yet” you whimper in frustration as I continue teasing you, your lust growing and burning. You try and squirm out of my grasp, and I stop and stand up. Your body shakes in frustration, and you beg “Please Dave, please make me cum with your tongue.”

I give you another wicked smile, and grab some neckties from the closet. I return to the bed you look up at me knowing what I have in mind.

“Do you want me to stop, or will you do as I say?” I tease you again.

“Yes, please whatever you want.” You respond, knowing I intend to torture you more, but also knowing that eventually I will grant you the release you so desperately crave.

I grin wickedly again and tie your right wrist to your right ankle then repeat the process on the left. I stand to admire my work and laugh maniacally. “Remember the word Darlin’?”

A moment of terror diyarbakır escort crosses your eyes, as you realize in the passion of the moment you’ve forgotten it. I roll you on your side and swat your butt. It stings, but doesn’t hurt bad, but it clears your mind enough that you remember. “Oh yes, I do!” you blurt out suddenly proud of yourself.

I laugh, and smile down at you, “good, then we can continue”. I return to teasing you, a kiss here, a nibble there, I reposition you on your side and run my tongue up the center of your back, barely touching the tiny hairs, my breath hot on your skin, I kiss the inside of your thighs and play with your nipples, alternating between soft and rough, giving you just a hint of the pleasure and pain to come.

From time to time I nibble or kiss your clit through your panties with my lips, causing you to gasp and arch for more, each time staying a bit longer, then moving off to tease another part of your body, each time not moving quite so far away, returning more and more frequently, until your body is shaking like a leaf in a storm from your frustration, and your panties are soaked with your excitement.

Then the moment you’ve been aching for, I pull your panties aside and press my lips to your bare clit. Euphoria explodes in your mind and you let out an involuntary moan of excitement.

I continue to tease this most sensitive place with my tongue and lips, you feel yourself building toward orgasm, and I can feel it in you. I start to count… 10… 9… 8… my counting brings you from your haze… you think to yourself “why is he counting?!” it’s enough to keep you from going over the edge to the release you are desperate for. My counting continues, 3… 2… 1… and I stop. You’ve never been denied an orgasm when you’re so close, and you struggle against your bonds and scream in frustration.

“Nooooo, antalya escort please, Dave, I’m soooo close… don’t stop!”

I grin wickedly at you, and laugh.

You curse me, “How can you laugh?!” You try everything, your knuckles white from clenching your fists in frustration, your body aching for release.

The moment passes and you lay your head on the bed with a sigh and a pout… with that I start again, teasing your clit with my lips and tongue… bringing you closer and closer, moments later when I feel your orgasm building again, I start to count 10… 9… 8… this time you know the trick. You scream “No, don’t you dare!” you try and concentrate, try and beat the clock… I just keep counting, my fingers on your breasts, every number I lift off one finger… I reach one, and stop, a second longer and you would have had it…

Four more times I bring you to the edge and deny you. The last time I don’t count, I say to you, “you may come” it takes you a few seconds to realize, you’d almost given up the hope waves of ecstasy wash over you, it feels like it will never end… your thighs clamped around my head in passion. I just continue, your clit engorged and sensitive, you beg me to stop with the same fervor that only moments ago you begged me to continue, and now your back arches and your thighs tighten attempting to get me to stop.

When I finally do stop you are laying on the bed, panting, spent… uncomfortable in your bonds, you plead with your eyes and words, “Please Baby, untie me, let me please you now.”

But one look at my eyes and the bulge in my pants you know that I’m just beginning, and that your excitement only served to awaken the animal sleeping inside of me.

I lay down beside you, kissing you softly, and whisper evilly in your ear… “Remember I told you I was in the mood to hurt someone… and you egged me on. You’ve had your pleasure, now it’s time for a bit of pain.”

Standing beside the bed I smile at the fear in your eyes… “Please, no” you whisper.

“No what?” I smirk at you.

“I don’t know…” you reply “you’re scaring me.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet dear.” I say as I walk out of the room… “we’re just beginning”.

To be continued…

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