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A New Doctor

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The cock pounded in and out of her cunt with a squishing sound and the slap of their skin as they met at the end of every thrust. Her cunt lips wrapped themselves around the cock, pulling it into her and holding it like a vice. Their groans and moans filled the room as they fucked, their voices were getting louder and louder.

This was the doctor’s last appointment of the day and as I sat in the waiting room, they were oblivious to my being there. Thinking they were all alone, the door wasn’t even closed as they continued fucking as I returned to my seat and listened. The only thing was, my wife was the doctor’s last patient of the day and I had accompanied her to her office. She smiled at me as her name was called and I watched her ass sway as she walked into the room. I didn’t see what the doctor looked like as my wife entered the room, introducing herself as she sat down. I heard them go over a few things as I absentmindedly leafed through a few magazines.

After a while, there was not a lot of talking in the room and I heard a sigh. I was tempted to get up and look into the room but decided against it, not wanting to disturb them.

“Oh, that’s a little cold,” I heard my wife say as I picked up another magazine.

“Don’t worry, it will warm up quickly,” the doctor replied.

Again there was silence for a few minutes as I thought about my wife with her legs spread wide open and the doctor examining her.

“Oh, yes, that’s it.”

My wife’s voice had changed. It sounded like she was enjoying whatever the doctor was doing.

“Yes, that feels good,” she said, her voice trailing off as she sighed again.

“See, I told you it would warm up,” I heard the doctor say, her voice a little huskier than before.

“I see what you mean,” my wife answered.

Again there was silence for a minute or so and then the sighing started again.

“Oh yes. Don’t stop. That feels so good.”

I knew from my wife’s voice that she was aroused and knowing how much she loved to be eaten, I knew the signs of her coming. I looked around the waiting room and the nurse at the far desk smiled at me and then winked. I looked away and then back at her. Did she know something I didn’t?

The noises from the room took my mind off the nurse for a minute. As I listened, I put the magazine in my hand down and leaned back in the chair, listening to the two in the room. The next thing I knew, the nurse was walking towards the room and she quietly started to close the door.

“It’s ok, Mary. That won’t be necessary,” the doctor said.

The nurse was going to say something but after seeing what was going on in the room, just turned, winked again at me and walked back to her desk. When I looked at her again, she had a funny look on her face, a look of lust. I watched her for a few minutes and it was obvious that she was turned on as she fidgeted bursa escort with her uniform, spending extra seconds, running her hands over her breasts and down her front. I heard her chair squeak a little as she pushed it back from her desk, her hand disappearing under it. She looked directly at me and she smiled then closed her eyes, throwing her head back.

What kind of doctor had my wife come to see? She was supposed to be here for her yearly checkup but from the sounds coming from the room and watching the nurse play with herself under her desk, I was beginning to wonder. The nurse moaned softly, her arm jerking as she played with her cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, a big grin on her face. Getting up from her chair, she came around the front of the desk and sat on it, sliding up onto it, moving things out of her way as she did. She then hiked her uniform up over her hips and spread her legs wide open. Her bare cunt was shaven and she pushed a finger inside herself quickly, moaning at the feeling. She then took her soaking finger out of her cunt and put it in her mouth, all the time, watching me. She gently sucked on it and groaned.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I was doing but I stood up and slowly walked over to the nurse, keeping my eyes glued to her cunt as she inserted her finger inside herself again, this time, fucking herself with it. As I neared her, I could smell the wanton odor of her cunt and I got on my knees in front of her, her cunt inches from my face. I pulled her hand away from her cunt and leaned into her, running my tongue the length of her slit, thrusting my tongue up her cunt and licking inside her. She groaned loudly and grabbed my head, holding me against her cunt as I continued to lick and suck. I found her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth, licking around its hood and this made her groan even louder.

Her juices flowed onto my tongue as I continued sucking her and she came, holding my head tighter against her. I didn’t stop after she had come. Her juices were sweet and I wanted more of them. I licked and sucked her clit some more and she started huffing, her breath coming rapidly, her cunt quivering. She thrust her hips towards me, trying to get my tongue deep inside her. For a fleeting moment, I thought about standing up and taking my clothes off and fucking her as hard and as fast as I could.

It was then I realized what I was doing and I quickly stood up and stepped back for the nurse.

“Oh, god. That felt good,” she whispered. “I needed to be eaten in the worst way. I needed a tongue inside me.”

I smiled at her but didn’t say anything. I turned to go back to my chair and that was when I first saw what was going on in the room. My wife was on her back, her legs up in the stirrups with the doctor on her knees, hovering above her, a long strap-on fucking her cunt. I wasn’t sure at the moment escort bursa whether I was imagining it or if it was really happening. I stood and watched the two women fuck and could just barely hear them. After a few minutes, I started towards the room, keeping my eyes on the doctor’s ass as it clenched every time she thrust into my wife. Their voices were getting louder as I neared the room and I stopped at the doorway, just out of their view.

I watched the long fake cock disappear into my wife over and over again, her groans telling me that she was close to coming. The doctor seemed to sense it too as she started thrusting faster and faster, all the time talking to my wife.

“That feels good, doesn’t it? You like to get fucked, don’t you? You like to have a big cock inside you, fucking you hard, don’t you?”

My wife couldn’t answer her as she was coming, screaming out as she did. The doctor didn’t stop.

“I’m going to fuck you until you tell me to stop, you slut. I’m going to fill your cunt with this big cock until you can’t take anymore.”

“Yes, yes,” my wife weakly said, her juices starting to run down her crack, lubricating the strap-on more as it thrust in and out of her cunt.

“I bet your husband would love to have this big of a cock,” the doctor said.

My wife didn’t answer.

“This is what you have been missing,” the doctor continued. “Having this big cock in your cunt makes you come, doesn’t it? You love it, don’t you?”

My wife finally spoke.

“Please don’t stop. Fuck me harder with your big cock. I want it, yes, yes.”

The doctor moved up and pulled my wife’s feet from the stirrups. She pushed her over onto her stomach and pulled her hips up to meet the dildo, thrusting it back into her from behind. My wife gasped as the doctor thrust it hard into her, the strap hitting my wife on her ass, making a slapping noise.

“Fuck me,” my wife yelled. “Fuck me harder.”

The doctor moved closer and lifted my wife’s hips a little higher. She ground the dildo into her unmercifully, thrusting it in and out as fast as she could. My wife was panting as she took the big cock in her and was pushing back against the doctor’s thrusts. Her juices started running again and this time, I could see them on her legs, slowly seeping down towards the back of her knees.

“I think you’ve had enough of this,” the doctor said as she slowly pulled the strap-on out of my wife.

She didn’t let my wife lower her hips though. Instead, she got up on the table, straddling her, pointing the dildo at my wife’s ass hole.

“Now you’re going to feel really fucked,” she said as she pushed it against my wife’s ass hole. “Now, you’re going to feel my cock up your ass and you’re going to enjoy it.”

“No,” my wife weakly said but the doctor wasn’t listening to her as she pushed the dildo harder against my bursa escort bayan wife’s ass hole.

“You know you want it,” the doctor said just as the head entered my wife. “You know you want it and you’ll enjoy it, I promise.”

I watched the big cock slowly push its way up inside my wife’s ass and heard her groan loudly. We had never had anal sex but obviously, it was something she maybe wanted to try. The doctor had the whole length of the dildo inside her ass now and was slowly withdrawing it.

“That feels good, doesn’t it? You love the feeling of my cock inside your ass, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes.”

The doctor started thrusting in and out of my wife. I could see her anus pucker around the big cock every time the doctor thrust into her. She was screaming louder and louder with every thrust as the doctor sped up.

“Oh, fuck me,” she yelled.

“That’s it, slut. Take the whole thing,” the doctor yelled at her. “You love the feeling of my big cock inside your ass hole, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” was all my wife said, groaning loudly as the doctor pounded the cock into her over and over again.

I quickly looked around at the nurse and she was intently watching the two women in the room. She had a finger in her cunt and was fucking herself as she watched. Her lips parted and a loud groan came from deep inside her as she fell back on her arms, taking her saturated finger out of her cunt and licking it with her tongue, cleaning her juices off it. She looked at me and winked again then looked past me to the two women in the room. I turned just as my wife came again, screaming out at the doctor.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good.”

“You love it don’t you slut? You love to be fucked in every hole, don’t you? “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Next time you come to see me, I’m going to fuck you again. I’m going to fuck you in every hole you have and you’ll love it. I’m going to fuck you every time you come to see me, you cock loving slut.”

The doctor started to withdraw the big cock out of my wife and let her lower herself to the table. I quickly went back to my seat and waited for her to come out of the room. When she came out, she had a big grin on her face and turned to thank the doctor, motioning me to follow her. I got up and we left the office.

On the way home, I asked her how it went. She just looked at me and smiled.

“Oh, you know, the usual thing. Exams can be so monotonous. I imagine the doctor gets a little bored doing them so often,”

“Yes, I imagine she does. How do you like her?”

“She was great. I have another appointment on Friday. You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I’ll come with you. I don’t have anything planned.”

“It may take a little longer than this time. She wants to exam a few things she missed this time.”

“That’s ok, I’ll just read some more of the magazines.”

Friday was only two days away. I knew I was looking forward to it and from the look on my wife’s face, she wouldn’t miss that appointment for anything. What did the doctor have in mind for my wife? If, only today was Friday.

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Horizons Ch. 09: New Beginnings Pt. 01

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Jody and I were quietly driving, heading home on the highway. I had dried tears on my face. She was holding my hand as I stared out the window. “You okay hun?” She broke the silence. I simply shook my head yes. I didn’t even know if she could see it. “Do you want to eat?” I shook my head no. I just wanted to get home.

The day was supposed to have gone very differently.

We were up early, had packed the Jeep the night before with all Jessie’s stuff for college. Her mix of nervousness and excitement was contagious. Jody had stayed overnight; my own anxious nerves were as calm as they could be. I was excited for Jessie. She was starting her life. Timmy had no desire to go with us and I didn’t feel like forcing him, so he stayed at his friend Kyle’s overnight.

We piled in the Jeep, the back seat had just enough room for Jessie. The long drive was filled with bad singing, laughter and junk food. We arrived and went to all the move in day activities together. The energy around campus was infectious. We made it to her dorm and started moving her in. She was sharing a quad with 3 other girls. She had spent the day with 2 of them a few weeks ago and seemed to like them. I prayed they would all mesh and her year would be amazing.

Jody and I were heading out for the last load of stuff when I saw him. Evan. He was leaning up against the Jeep. We had barely spoken since Jessie’s graduation and she had made it clear to him she didn’t want him here today.

“Why are you here? She doesn’t want you here Evan.” I was hoping I could get him to leave before she saw him. Jody opened up the back of the Jeep so we could get the last few things out.

“She’s my kid too, Eleanor.”

I fucking hated when he called me that. “She told you she didn’t want you here.”

“Yeah, cus you’ve brainwashed her against me. You and her.” He said pointing at Jody. I could feel the contempt pouring off him. He got closer to me, I backed up. Jody moved between us. “I know what you two are.” He seethed at us. He got in Jody’s face, “Maybe if you hadn’t been fucking my wife behind my back my daughter wouldn’t hate me.” My body recoiled into Jody with his words.

“Shut the fuck up!” It was Jessie. She must have come out to help. “Get the hell out of here dad or I’m calling campus security. I told you I didn’t want you here. They are not why I hate you; YOU are why I hate you. Leave now!” He glared at her then back at me and Jody. She had stayed between Evan and me. She was holding my hand now.

He turned around and started to leave, then turned again, “You won’t turn Timmy against me too. I won’t allow it. You will hear from my lawyer Eleanor.” And then he left.

I was shaking when he finally drove away. “Mom. It’s okay. He’s gone.” But it wasn’t okay. We had been outed. There were people everywhere in that parking lot. I had no idea who heard the exchange. “Come on. Let’s get this stuff in the room.” She pulled on my arm and the three of us walked back to her dorm room. They both looked at me like I was going to break.

We got to her room, brought her stuff to her bed and she shut the door. Tears spilled down my face. Jody wrapped her arms around me, Jessie around both of us. “It’s okay. He’s such an asshole.” We stood that way, both of them trying to keep me in one piece. I finally shrugged them off. “Mom. It’s okay. It will be okay.”


“First off, Timmy knows. About you two. He has for awhile. He figured it out last year when you weren’t together. He’s apparently a lot less blind than I thought.”

I just stood there, trying to process what she was saying. Jessie had told me more than once he was growing up, he was not little anymore. I wondered if that was her way of trying to tell me he knew. I looked over at Jody. She laced her fingers through mine.

Jessie looked at Jody.” And that means Madi knows too Jody. It’s just not a thing to them. It’s not. Maybe when you guys were teens it was different, but now, stuff like this doesn’t bother us. They are happy for you guys; bursa escort happy you are back together. We have talked. We’ve all been waiting for you two to be ready to tell them, to tell everyone. I don’t know how everyone hasn’t already figured it out anyways. Have you ever seen how you two look at each other? How you smile when someone says the other one’s name?”

I sat down on her bed. I was not ready for any of this.

She kept talking. “Timmy isn’t going to let dad take him. He’s not a child anymore.” She sat next to me and hugged me. “And don’t worry about me. I think my father being a total ass to my mother and her girlfriend in the parking lot on the first day of college is going to be a great ice breaker. Kids my age eat this stuff up mom, I promise. I’m going to be a legend.” She laughed.

I couldn’t bring myself to be as not worried as she was. I couldn’t read Jody. I wished that I could read her like she could read me. What was wrong with me that I didn’t know what she was feeling? We finished helping Jes get her stuff settled and then it was time to leave my first born. I had promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I broke that promise. She had grown up so much in the last few years.. “I love you Jessie. You are going to do amazing things.”

“I love you too mom. So are you. Love you Jody.” We each got hugs and kisses then we made our way back to the parking lot.

Jody paused and looked at me before she started the Jeep. “Please just drive.” I told her. She did. Now we were less than an hour from home, and I didn’t know what was waiting there. Logically I knew nothing different. That Evan wouldn’t be waiting for us, that no one was going to take Timmy when we arrived. That a phone call wasn’t waiting to tell me not to bother coming to work Monday. But my brain couldn’t be convinced. My body was fighting the panic on the horizon.

I could feel myself edging closer to an attack. I folded at my center and put my head between my knees. I couldn’t freak out. Not here. I could feel the Jeep speed up. I worked on breathing. Her hand was on my back as she drove. I didn’t notice she pulled off at the next exit until the Jeep had stopped. I unfolded myself and saw that we were in the back of a parking lot. She got out of the Jeep and walked over, opened my door, unbuckled me and took me in her arms. “Just breathe. I’m right here.”

She held me until I could breath again. She released me a little, “you good?” I shook my head yes. I was as good as I was going to be. She kissed me before she told me to sit back and buckle up, then shut my door. She got behind the wheel, took my hand and we drove the rest of the way to my house on the back roads.

We walked inside together. Timmy was not home. Jody took my phone out of my hand and started texting. I looked at her. “I’m checking on Timmy.” I started to protest; she moved the phone away from me. A minute later she handed it back to me and I checked what she had written. She told him to stay at Kyle’s again, that I was having a rough night and she was staying the night.

“Seriously Jody.”

“No more lying to him Ellie, apparently there’s been no point anyways. Go get changed, wash up, I’m ordering us food. You need to eat; I need to eat.”

I went up to my room and sat on my bed. I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. I laid down, closed my eyes. My body started shaking. “Ellie. El wake up.”

“What the fuck.” I rolled over. “Leave me alone.”

“The food is here. We need to eat.”

“Leave me alone Jody. I don’t want food. I don’t want you here.”

“Bullshit. You are going to eat, and we are going to talk.”

“No.” I felt her climb on the bed. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

She laid down next to me. Her arm was around me. I tried to shrug her off, she wouldn’t move.

“Not going anywhere El.”

I sighed. Tried closing my eyes again. “Why are you like this?”

“Because I love you.”

“You might be the unstable one.” I rolled onto my other side; we were face to face. I reached over and kissed her. She kissed me back. My hands started to go under her shirt. She stopped kissing me, escort bursa put her hands around my wrists.

“No. We are not doing this Ellie. At least not until we eat and talk.” She sat up and pulled me up too. “Please Ellie.”

I glared at her but followed her downstairs. She had gotten Pizza. Quick and easy. Two pieces were on a plate where she sat me down. She went into the fridge and handed me a water. “Eat Ellie, please.”

I picked up a piece and took a dramatic bite. She rolled her eyes at me. I hated to admit it, but I was hungry. I finished what she had given me then got up and grabbed another piece. I sat back down. “I’m sorry for being a bitch.”

“You should be. I didn’t deserve that El.”

“I know.” We finished eating in silence. I got up, started cleaning and putting the leftover pizza in the fridge. I was shutting the door when she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“It’s going to be okay hun. Our timeline just got sped up a little.”

I turned to face her. I knew she was right. We had already discussed outing our relationship. We just both had wanted a little more time. We hadn’t been back together that long. My mental health was still shaky at best some days. “What if he’s already told Joe, this doesn’t just affect me Jody.”

“Joe already knows. He’s known since we split. I think he suspected before that, but he won’t admit it.”

I pulled away from her. “What? Wha. Why didn’t you tell me?” She had not talked much about her split with Joe to me. I just knew they were co-parenting and existing in the same space much better than Evan and I did. She once said they did much better as friends than they ever did as a couple.

“I kept meaning to. I’m sorry. I just didn’t know how to, then so much time had passed and I wasn’t sure. I’m sorry.”

I knew that what she wasn’t sure of was how I’d react. I was so sick of being handled. Of needing to be handled and taken care of.

“I’m going to shower.” I left her in the kitchen. I needed some space and to think. I went up to my room, turned the shower on and let the water warm up. I put my music on and stepped into the steamy water. The hot water and music worked together to relax me and I was soon singing along, loudly and off tune.

I was rinsing my hair when I felt a chill hit me. Then I felt Jody behind me. She kissed my neck, my back, her arms wrapped around me. “It’s going to work out hun. I’m ready. We are ready.” Her warmth mixed with the warmth from the water. It was dizzying. I rested my head against the wall as she filled her hands with my breasts. She tugged and kneaded them as she kissed my neck and back.

I turned around, grabbed her boobs treating them the same way. My mouth went to them. I backed her up against the wall, the water was running down my back. My fingers teased her mound. Hers went to mine. It was like we had never touched each other before. One of her legs was on my hip as my fingers continued to play. I thrust and curled and hit the spongy part inside her as her breathing got more ragged. I was nipping at the skin under her ear, certain I had left a mark. My thumb pushed her swollen button then backed off. Pushed again. She was clawing at my neck my back, left her own marks on my shoulder. “Oh god Ellie..” And I felt her whole body give in. The water on my back was still hot, I was thanking God for the tankless hot water heater.

Jody came down and put her arms around my neck. Moved me under the water as she assault my mouth with her tongue, her hands played everywhere. Her heat mixing with the heat from the water had my head spinning. I reached over and turned the water off. I couldn’t take the heat anymore. Jody didn’t stop when the water did. She was tugging and twisting my nipples and my clit. Her fingers plunged into me. “Fuck.” Her hand was on my neck holding me up. My legs went weak. My head collapsed onto her shoulder. She was kissing me again. “It’s going to be okay El. It’s going to be more than okay.”


That night we brought the 3 kids into my living-room, FaceTimed Jessie and told them, officially, about us. It was like a weight had been lifted bursa escort bayan off me as the words came out of my mouth. I knew that 3 of the 4 already knew but Kevin was the wildcard. He had dealt with so much change in the last year and it hadn’t always been an easy transition.

We finished talking and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Madi and Timmy were talking, telling us it was about time we made it official. They joked about how they were dating and so were their moms and that was going to be a very interesting family picture.

The way he so casually talked about her and I, like it was no big deal we were together, was going to take some getting used to. They were growing up in a very different world than I had.

“Mom, does this mean we can finally do one of those dorky Christmas newsletters so people understand our new dynamic? I mean you are a writer, just think of the way you could spin this.”

Jessie scolded him from my phone. I just laughed.

I was still checking Kevin for his reaction. I glanced over and Jody was too. We had decided not to prod him. Let him process. She said he would need time. As we sat there it hit me why Jody was always so good at letting me process my shit all the time. I squeezed her hand, she squeezed back.

He stood up. “Mom, I’m ready to go home.”

My heart sunk just a touch. I stood up when Jody did.

“Okay. Madi are you coming now?”

“No. Ellie can bring me later.” She glanced over at me and I nodded.

“Not too late. El has work in the morning.”

Ugh, why did she have to remind me. The kids didn’t start back until Thursday but I was back tomorrow. I loved my job but getting back into the routine was always a chore.

Kevin started walking towards the door. Jody followed him and said goodbye. I watched at the door as they got into the Jeep and drove away. I finally pulled away and told the kids I was going up to get my stuff ready for work.

I was packing my bag and getting my clothes picked out when my phone went off.

Jody- he’s fine

I knew she meant Kevin.

Me- Really?

Jody- yep. He’s taking it in stride. He’s talking more about starting his classes than us.

He was starting college classes at the local community college next week. I helped him pick them out, I knew a lot of faculty there. I had been contemplating an offer I received to teach a creative writing class in the Spring there. I hadn’t taught since I was in grad school. I moved away from teaching and into guidance after I had finished my first masters.

I hope his lack of interest really meant he was fine. I guess time would tell.

Me- I’m gonna bring Madi home around 9

Jody- okay. Make sure you come in

Me- I will ??

I finished getting everything set and went downstairs and packed my lunch. Madi and Timmy were watching a movie. I made popcorn and joined them on the couch. “How much time is left?”

“It should be over by 8:30.” Madi told me.

“Okay, I told your mom I’ll bring you home around 9.”

She nodded and went back to the movie. I settled in and watched what was left with them. When it ended I told Madi we were leaving in 20. I gave her and Timmy some space but warned that again I was leaving in a few.

I started out to my suv and Timmy ran ahead of me and jumped into the drivers seat. He was only a few weeks away from being able to get his license and took any chance to drive he could. He was proving to be a good driver so I sat back and relaxed as he drove us across town.

“Ya know mom, now that we all know, it’s totally okay if you and Jody kiss and shit when we are around.”

“Timmy!” Madi yelled at him.

“Well they can!”

I just shook my head. I was certain this was going to be an interesting adjustment, for all of us.

We walked into the house and Madi and Timmy flopped on the couch. Apparently they had no intention of this being a quick drop and run. The dining room was filled with packing boxes. I heard Jody in the kitchen and went in. She came over and gave me a quick hug and kiss.


“No thanks.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Just not looking forward to the alarm clock in the morning.”

She laughed. She had zero sympathy for me on this.

“Welcome back to the real world Eleanor.”

I gave her a side glare then laughed.

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Her name was Megan. We’d been best friends since high school, and now even in college. I loved her, you know? I loved the way she would touch my shoulder when she was making a point. I loved the way that she cuddled up against me when it was cold outside. All of the time, she was so close – close enough for me to smell her hair, to touch her cheek – but yet she was so far from me. She was smart, one of the most brilliant and hardworking minds I’d ever known. She helped me with my biology homework, my math homework, and pretty much anything requiring numbers. I wasn’t dumb, but I was more at home with a word processor than I was a calculator.

My fantasies distracted me. I’d be trying to find the derivative and suddenly I’d think about her pussy. I’d never seen it. Was it shaved? Trimmed? I didn’t know if she even masturbated. I’d sit there in silence, not daring to look at her for fear my face would give me away. She’d bring me back, thinking I was just tired or thinking about the problem, but running her hand down my back. My whole body would erupt in goose bumps. I’d want more but I couldn’t touch her.

Those study sessions sometimes went really late, and she’d stay the night in the dorm with me. I was an RA, and had the room to myself so I never had to worry about a roommate. She’d slip her bra off without removing her t-shirt, and I’d secretly wish I could run my fingers up her sides, feeling her spine the soft flesh under her arms, finally letting my palms press against her breasts. I’d lift her t-shirt over her head, and start my mouth at the hollow of her neck, licking and sucking my way south until I could suck her nipple, worshiping it.

I wanted her. Oh god, how I wanted her. I knew I could make her feel like no other woman had ever felt before.

My dorm bed was small, small enough that she was fine with curling up against me, her ass grinding against my crotch. I tried to remain chaste, keeping my arm under her head and my hand on her shoulder. Usually then I would let my mind wander, and I’d fall asleep to sensual dreams of endless pleasure.

On this particular night, however, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted her so bad my entire body ached. It took every ounce of willpower I possessed to keep my hands to myself. I lay there, sure that she was asleep, wondering if I could get away with laying a hand over her supple breast. My fingers twitched, I was so indecisive. I settled with gripping her arm tighter. I could smell her. She never wore perfume, but she had used some gardenia lotion on her arms and legs before bed and it smelled perfect on her. I moved my head closer to hers, trying to get as close as I could without stifling her in her sleep.

Suddenly, she broke free of my grasp. My whole body sank. She’d figured it out. But instead of climbing out of bed like I thought she would, she turned over and ran her hand down my cheek.

“What bursa escort took you so long, Kate?” Her was soft and pliant. Oh how I loved that voice, that mind, everything about her. And then she did the unthinkable.

She gripped her fingers in my hair and pulled me close – close enough that I could taste her sweet breath. She started with my eyebrows, softly kissing each one. Then she kissed my nose, sucking in the tip of it slightly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I moved her on top of me, and then I kissed her. I tried to take in as much of her as I could, our mouths open wide and tongues exploring. I moved her legs apart with my knee, and then pushed my knee against her pussy. She ground against me, gasping. I reached for her again, kissing, licking, sucking her jaw, her skin smooth under my tongue.

“Kate,” she said between whimpers. “Kate, please, oh god Kate, please.” I moved her underneath me, my face hovering over hers, withdrawing my touch. She sighed and tried to rise her body to mine, desperate for some sort of contact with me. I smirked a little. She had tortured me for so long, it was time to return the favor.

I pressed my hands against her arms, over her head. She struggled against me, groaning, moaning. Again, I moved my knee between her legs, letting her grind her pussy on my leg. I looked up, looking for something to tie her hands to the headboard. I found a scarf, started to tie her hands to my headboard. She struggled a little, looking alarmed.

“What are you doing, Kate?” I looked down at her, grinning.

“Do you trust me?” I asked, my mouth following that question with a soft nip to her neck. “I want you to feel everything I have to offer, Megan, but I can’t have you getting distracted by me.”

She chuckled as I finished securing her hands. “Arrogant, aren’t we?” Her voice was playful, daring me to tease her. She attempted to kiss me, but I moved my head out of the way. She let out a sigh of disappointment. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you?”

“You didn’t make it easy for me either, you tease.” I finally let my hands graze her breasts over her tshirt. I groaned when I realized that I’d forgotten to take off her shirt before I tied her up. I’d have to untie her, remove her shirt, and then retie her. Way to kill the mood, Kate, way to kill it.

She laughed when she realized what I was thinking. “You are a smooth character, you know.” I gave her a look. “You tied me up on the first date, something a lot of girls wouldn’t agree to, and then you forgot to give yourself access. For all you know, I could be getting bored. ”

“I always have an answer, Megan.” I ripped the shirt right off of her, and in the same move covered her mouth with mine, pressing down, grinding against her. Just like in my dreams, I licked my way down to her breasts, stopping just above her nipples. She groaned my name. I escort bursa took her right nipple in my mouth, tonguing it softly. Carefully, I pressed my lips around her nipple, flicking the tip with my tongue. I reached up with my other hand, and rubbed her left nipple between my fingers. She gasped and groaned and twisted underneath me – she was so responsive! I switched breasts, mirroring the treatments, keeping my leg between her own so she would have something to grind against.

“Kate, it’s not enough.” She was desperate, wanting, needing, writhing. “Just do something!”

I stopped, looking down at her eyes. She cried out in frustration. “I’m going to explode!”

Grinning, I ran my finger over her lips. “That’s the idea, Megan.”

I had enticed her for as long as was fair. I knew that feeling, that pleasure that was also torture. I had held her captive long enough.

I started at her breasts, again licking and sucking. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. She was so big and full, and they fit my hand perfectly. I tore myself away from them, promising myself that wasn’t the last time I would get to play with her breasts. I licked and kissed my way south, stopping to dip my tongue in her belly button. Her abs flexed underneath me, tensing. I stopped and watched her body shake. She was breathing harder now, stomach rising and falling with every gasping breath. Finally, I was met with her panties – plain cotton ones, albeit an attractive shade of lavender. Looking up for permission, and receiving it with a nod of Megan’s head, I peeled them off. Unshaved! My hours of wondering were at an end. She was unshaved, but clearly trimmed and kept neat. It was my turn to moan. The delicious site below me set all of my senses on edge. This is what I’ve been waiting for, for so long. She was so wet; a small pool of her juice had soaked a bit of the sheet beneath her. “We’ll have to fix that,” I mused aloud.

She wouldn’t know what hit her. I dove straight for her clit, already at attention from all of our play. I lapped at it hard, not wanting to miss a drop. She tasted wonderful, sweet and musty. She tasted human, so real and there. I’d been with girls who didn’t really taste like anything – they were like fairies, gossamer and fleeting. Megan was present, tangible. I could taste her, feel her, and my mind reeled from the sensory overload.

Her legs closed around my head, gripping them. She ground her pussy against my face, gasping and moaning.

“Kate, oh god, oh god Kate if you stop I swear to god… oh god. Please!” She cried out. I was sure my hall mates would hear her. Not that I cared much.

I took her clit between my lips, sucking gently. I reached beneath me and began to flick my own clit in time with the strokes of my own tongue on Megan’s clit. My lower half began to tense, my toes curled. I backed off, I wanted to come with her. bursa escort bayan

“Fuck, Kate, FUCK!” She was really into it now. Her hips thrust as hard as she could, bumping my nose. One finger on my own clit, I moved the other arm up to stick a finger into her sopping-wet hole. One finger curled upwards, our lovemaking completely in tune. As soon as I found her spot, she cried out – so loud and so high I thought I had hurt her for a moment. I sped up the pace – my finger on my clit, other hand pumping in and out, my tongue working hard.

“Kate, oh babe. OH GOD. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” She exploded as I brought her over the edge. I pumped my finger in and out faster as her walls closed around them. I ignored my own needs for the moment, and kept sucking on her clit as she thrashed above me. The entire bed shook. I kept at it.

“Ah, Kate. Ohhh lord. Kate, please stop.” I stopped immediately, knowing full well the consequences of ignoring that plea. I sat up a little bit, feeling her juice all over my face. It was my turn to shake with need – I had gotten close but I hadn’t made it at the same time as Megan, deeming her pleasure more important than my own.

Megan looked up at me. “Did you…?” she questioned. I shook my head no, and then leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. She stopped me. “Oh no, Kate, you’re not going to get away with that until you untie me.” I reached up and slid the knot out of place, and she immediately gripped her fingers in my hair and pulled me down. I pressed my palms against her breasts, as she slid her tongue into my mouth again.

“Let me help you,” she requested, lifting my own shirt above my head. I stopped her, and stared at her eyes again. That would never get old.

“Megan, don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with… I know you’re… not experienced.”

She kissed me again. “I want you so bad right now. It doesn’t matter.”

She had me support myself with my elbows, while she ministered to my breasts. Her tongue – so soft! – alternated equally between sucking, licking, and a little biting. I could have come from that alone, but she raised her own knee to allow me to grind against her. I recognized that trick from earlier – she was a fast learner. I whimpered, pressing myself against her, just letting myself feel her tongue and her body beneath me.

“Megan,” I whispered. “I’m so hot right now, oh god.”

She ran her hands up my ribs, unable to speak as her mouth was full of my breasts.

“Megan, I’m close, oh fuck!” My limbs started shaking. I could barely support my weight. Suddenly, she reached down and ran one finger up my slit, over the panties. Such a quick learner, I thought – that thought didn’t last long, because soon I was lost in fireworks.

My arms gave out, I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I collapsed on her, shaking, moaning. Lights flashed in front of my eyes. Everything tensed and loosened at the same time.

I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was curled up in her arms, covered in sweat and juices. I kissed her softly on the mouth.

“Any regrets?” I asked her.

“Never,” she replied.

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How I Became a Submissive Lesbian

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My introduction to lesbianism came a few years ago, the summer after my freshman year of college. I am 5’2, 34a, thin, short brown hair and green eyes. My mom’s best friend, Catherine, is very tall, almost 6, long blonde hair she almost always wears up, blue eyes, 36d and a gym hard body.

Catherine is in her early 40s and unmarried. She owns her own real estate company and lives three houses away. I had to go for a job interview for a summer job and had no way to get home. My mom asked Catherine if she’d pick me up from downtown and after the interview, jumped in her car.

Catherine said she wanted to hear about the interview but got a phone call and talked on her cell phone all the way home. She pulled into her driveway and as I headed away, she said “Amy, why don’t you come inside and tell me about how the interview went?”

I followed her inside and she poured us both some wine. Catherine attentively listened and gave me several glasses of wine. Then she said “I’d better stop drinking here or I won’t be able to control myself with you.” What she said hit me like a brick in the gut but I managed to ask “Um, are you gay?” Catherine laughed “Honey, have you EVER seen me with a man? How about you, have you ever been with a woman?”

I told her I’d never even thought about it. She walked right up to me put her hands on both my shoulders and said “Maybe it’s time you did think about it” and leaned forward to kiss me.

It was a wonderful, soft kiss but firm at the same time. I instinctively kissed her back. Soon, she was pushing her tongue into my mouth and both our tongues were dancing. Catherine shocked me though when she reached under my skirt and started reaching under underwear to touch my pussy. The few boys I’d dated were never that bold.

After a minute, she stopped the kiss and pulled back her face from mine and our eyes locked. She kept rubbing up and down my slit and over my clit and I felt powerless to say a word. Catherine finally spoke up. “You’re getting wet. I would like you to come in my bedroom with me”

Oh my god, my head was spinning. I’d never so much as kissed a girl and now one of the prettiest women I’d ever known wanted to have sex with me. I didn’t say anything but Catherine took my hand and led me into her room. She started to undress me. I shivered when she took my bra off. “Nice tits!” she purred. Then she removed all her own clothes but her bra and panties and got on her knees in front of me.

Catherine could sense my tension “relax dear,” she said as she began to pull my panties down. Then, I was naked “What a lovely pussy you have Amy, sit down” she said. I sat back on the bed.

I felt my heart hammering in my chest. Catherine wasted no time and planted a kiss on my open lips. She kissed all around my crotch. I keep only a very thin patch of pubic hair and Catherine remarked on how cute it looked. Then she lowered here head and began to lick me. I’d only had my pussy eaten by guys a couple of times and didn’t like it that much but Catherine had a much different touch. She flattened her tongue and licked all over my thin outer lips, making them very wet. I could barely hold in my emotions when she started to press her tongue between my labia and inside them. She repeatedly licked up and down from my anus to my clit. Suddenly, she stopped.

“Do you like this?” she looked up at me and asked. “Yes, yes!!!” blurted back, “please don’t stop.” “Good,” Catherine answered. “Cause you’re going to like it even more in a second.”

She resumed her licking, then I felt a finger pushing into my ass and her lips start to suck my clit. Within seconds, a huge orgasm was beginning to build. I could feel her finger go inside my wet asshole all the way and started to shiver with climax. I shook and bucked up and down on the bed and against her face. “mmmmm” I could her her purring into my crotch as I came my brains out.

Catherine came up and kissed me, “So how do you like lesbian sex so far?” she asked. “It was awesome,” I managed to get out between panting. She then asked, “Would you like to do that to me?” I told her that I was willing to try it.

I sat down on my knees in front of the bed while Catherine stood up and undid her long hair so that it dropped down. She removed her bra and her tits popped out. They were huge compared to mine, with very big, flat nipples. Then she looked down at me as she removed her panties.

I was mesmerized looking at her naked crotch. I had never seen a woman’s pussy so close before or one so hairy. She had a full, thick black bush with big puffy lips that were about a foot from my face. She sat down on the bed and I bursa escort got close to her pussy and slowly pushed my nose into her pubic hair. She purred.

I kept my face in her bush and could see that her thick lips were lightly glistening with wetness. I could also smell her strong but sweet scent. But even after a minute with my face in her crotch, I still couldn’t bring myself to taste her. Catherine looked down at me and took my hand and pulled up me up. She said “Here, let me help you.”

She instructed me to lay back on the bed face up and she straddled my face. I heard her say, “It’s okay to taste it Amy,” as she pushed her lips down so that they were parted by my nose. I instinctively put my tongue out and touched her thick lips. It tasted very SWEET! “Good girl” I heard Catherine say.

Then I began to lick and as I did, I could her low moans. I quickly realized something: “This was much better than going down a guy, much more natural for me and I wasn’t choking like I did the few times I tried to give a man oral sex. There was also a wonderful feeling of her full, wiry, coarse hair on my face and her puffy lips covering my nose and mouth that turned me in the best possible way

Soon, this wonderful woman began to soak my face with her juices. I could hear her panting up a storm. My nostrils were filled with her strong scent, my mouth had a trickle of her nectar flowing into it and Catherine actually humped my face as she came, holding me steadily under her as she shook.

When it was over, she came down and kissed me and we made out for a while. Then I gathered my things and went home. My head was spinning for days. I’d just had the most passionate sexual experience of my life, with my mom’s best friend.

I could not stop thinking about that afternoon with Catherine and when I called her a few days later to thank her for the ride. She said : “Amy, you were really hungry the other day. Are you still hungry?”

I hesitated for a long time and eventually replied. “yes.” “Then why do you come over here right now?” she said.

I bee-lined across the few yards that separated us. Catherine and I repeated the experience of that first afternoon several times during the next few weeks. It was a new school course for me: Pussy Eating 101. We both ate a lot each time.

Things would get even more interesting. I was pretty sloppy one day about a month after our initial session and left an email Catherine sent me up on my PC. My mom saw it and hit the roof! She had two screaming phone calls to Catherine and she wouldn’t talk to me for days.

I stayed away from my new lover while things settled down. Then, a week afterward, my Mom gave me a ride and while she was driving, she told me that she was upset with Catherine for taking advantage of a young girl but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop us if we wanted to continue and she added that I was probably better off having sex with Catherine, who was a very good friend of hers, rather than some young college guy, who could also knock me up.

Then Mom said “I think you should be careful with Catherine though. I’ve heard she’s kind of kinky.”

That phrase danced in my mind as Mom changed the subject. I bounded over to Catherine’s house right afterward and we had a hell of a makeout session.

I asked her what my Mom meant about “Kinky” Catherine did her absolute best to sidestep it for five minutes. The she said: “Look, I haven’t tried any of that stuff with you because you’re so new to sex with a woman. I don’t want to scare you off. It involves real domination and more than just sitting on your face.”

I begged Catherine to be kinky with me and I would follow her into it. “Are you ready to be a total slut for me?” she asked. I eagerly nodded my head.

She told me to strip right away because she would let me have it all. Then she instructed me to lie back on the bed while she stripped naked.

Again, her big tits sprang out of her tight bra and she got up on the bed and faced me standing as she looked down and said, “Do you know why I keep a full bush Amy? When I was younger, all girls had a big bush. And my damn lips are so thick, I like to have lots of hair around them.”

Catherine continued talking as she pulled her panties off . In a flash, she was moving toward me and saying “and you seem to like my big pussy, don’t you?” Then, she was swinging a leg over my chest and pushing it into my face, with her strong thighs pushing my head back into the pillow.

It was clearly different than the other times I’d eaten her. Catherine was pushing down much more insistently, saying “Go ahead escort bursa girl, eat my fucking CUNT.” And with that she sat down hard and mashed her lips against my mouth. I did my best to extend my tongue but there was no doubt she wanted to smother me somewhat. She was also noticeably wetter than any of our previous encounters and I figured her additional excitement must have something to do with her being more forceful. My face was soaking wet and I was receiving a steady stream of pussy juice in my mouth.

I heard her say, “Go on girl. Don’t just lick it. MAKE LOVE TO IT!” I did my best to lick and suck her better than I ever had. After about 10 minutes of serious licking, Catherine got off my face and turned around and straddled me facing the other way. She commanded “Put your hands on my ass.” I did so, landing my palms on her firm cheeks. “Now, spread them!” I parted her cheeks and watched her browneye gave a little wink at me as I did. Catherine said, “You made my cunt wet, now do the same to my asshole.” She slowly moved her ass backward until the cheeks covered my face and her asshole was sitting on my lips. I’d had my tongue near it many times when we had sex but never right on it. I realized this was part of my trip into my lover’s kinky realm and it was time to taste her back door.

I pushed my tongue out to flatly lick her hot anus. It tasted…interesting. I licked and licked it for a minute getting her but wetter and wetter as I did.

“That’s not bad,” Catherine purred. ” But you need to stick your tongue inside, do it now!” I pushed the tip of my tongue sharply into her ass and got a much more bitter taste.

“More!” Catherine barked. ‘Lick it like you licked my pussy.” I closed my eyes and began to eat her asshole with abandon. It had a powerful, pungent taste, much stronger than pussy. I got my tongue in almost all the way and delighted in how her sphincter grabbed my tongue. My lover was getting more into it as well and began to grind down on my tongue. She sighed “Yeah. Yeah, eat my shithole good. You ass licking slut.”

I have to say that the verbal humiliation felt really good to hear, considering I was doing something I’d never dreamed of before that day. It somehow seemed more intimate than eating her pussy I ate her ass for 15 minutes while the taste and smell filled my senses.

Catherine got off me and went to her dresser. She grabbed two big pillows and instructed me to get on them facing up. I did and she turned to face me. My jaw dropped as she was now sporting a very thick 8″ strap-on. She laughed at my expression. “Ever done a guy with one this big?” she asked.

I shook my head no. The few men I’d been with would be dwarfed by the fake cock sprouting from her leather harness.

Catherine said “Well then. I don’t know how this is going to be for you. But it’s going to be A LOT of fun for me.” She moved up to the bed and grabbed my ankles raising them high. Then, she positioned the big head to my pussy. I realized how wet I’d become. Catherine began to push inside and the dildo was slipping through me more easily than I’d thought. The girth was uncomfortable. It seemed to be stretching my pussy to the limit. After a minute, I felt the fake balls touch me and knew she’d impaled me completely.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Catherine asked. I could only whimper in response. She laughed and withdrew the strap on until just the head remained inside. Then she pushed in slowly all the way. She did this about 10 times and with each one, the cock went in easier.

She asked me how it felt. “Better,” I answered. Catherine said. “This is one of the ways that women fuck each other. I’ve got to tell you, it looks great to see your pussy taking this big dick. I’m going to fuck you now”

Then the pace picked up. Catherine put her hands on my thighs and pushed them back to my chest and started to thrust harder. It felt SO good. When she’d completely get the dildo in me each time, she’d say. “You fucking slut!” She yelled out a couple of times. “Whore!”

I LOVED hearing her say that as she gave me the first serious fucking I’d ever really had. I could begin to smell my pussy getting very hot and wet too. Next, Catherine withdrew the fake cock and told me to get on my knees with my ass in the air. I did so and felt her behind me, pushing it back inside me in one long stroke.

A few minutes later, I felt her applying cold lotion to my anus and pushing her finger inside it. “That feel good?” Catherine asked as she kept probing with her long middle finger and thrusting her hips with the dildo. I will admit the extra sensation of her finger in bursa escort bayan my butt felt good, just as it did when she licked me there. I leaned my head down against the bed and moaned.

Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear “just relax now.” She pulled the dildo from my pussy and placed the head at my asshole. I shivered in fear. I thought the dildo was much too big to go in my ass and gripped the bed sheets very hard. Catherine laughed, “Don’t’ worry Amy. I’ve fucked women in the ass before. You’ve been into my finger in your asshole. Just relax.”

Then the cockhead poked through my asshole. I did everything in my power not to scream and just groaned into the bed instead. Catherine had her hands firmly on my hips and was pulling me backward to slide my ass onto the big pole. It was incredibly uncomfortable. I felt as if I had to shit very badly and clutched the sheets with all my might.

Catherine pulled the dildo out of my ass for a second and covered it with lube. Then she continued to take my anal virginity the same way she’d fucked my cunt with slow strokes that gradually reduced the discomfort.

After 5 minutes of slow assfucking, she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. With her other hand, she slapped my ass hard and said, “Here it comes you fucking whore, your first ass fuck!!!” She started pumping my asshole with the dildo hard while keeping a firm grip on my hair. “Yeah, I can smell your asshole now,” Catherine continued.

I was completely under Catherine’s control and loving it. The discomfort in my ass was gone and I only felt pleasure from her reaming. She pumped my ass for another minute or so, then reached under me and started to rub my clit. A whopper of an orgasm was about to arrive and I held on for dear life. My cunt and ass spasmed and I literally screamed out because it was so intense. When I was done shaking, I came back to hear Catherine said another “Good girl.”

She pulled out and took my hand and led me to the bathroom. “Get in the tub,” she ordered, “I have one more thing for you.” I weakly stood up in her oversize tub asked Catherine if we were going to shower together.

She hesitated and said, “Yes, we’re going to shower but only one of us is going to get wet. Lie down now.”

I was freaked out. I instantly knew that she intended to pee on me and mumbled “Catherine…I don’t know.”

She grabbed my hair hard and yanked my head up so I was looking at her. “Listen you little bitch. You will do as I say.”

I lay back in the tub and closed my eyes. Catherine ordered me to open them and moved her soaking black bush near my chest. Her lips were incredibly swollen and as I looked at them, saw her peehole open and pee start to stream toward my chest.

It felt so warm as it hit my tits. But I was jolted back to reality as the stream started to move up my neck. The thought flashed into my mind “Oh my god, she wants to piss on my face.” My suspicions were confirmed as I heard her say, “Here it comes girl!” and she positioned her pussy right over my head and began spraying my face and hair with hot pee.

She grabbed my hair on both side of my head and yelled “Open up!!! Open your fucking mouth!” I was blown away, she wanted me to drink it. I couldn’t bring myself to open my lips. “If you’re my slut you’ll drink my piss, now do it!!!,” Catherine yelled, her voice bouncing off the tiles in the bathroom.

My jaw instinctively dropped. Her piss stream went over my tongue and into the back of my throat. It was so rank and salty and I’d never felt sluttier or dirtier. Catherine sighed “yeah…” and moved her still pissing pussy down so that her lips were just above my mouth and her coarse pubic hair scratched my soaking face. I drank what must have been a glassful of urine.

After she was done pissing, Catherine pushed her pussy down and exploded in orgasm on my face with her thighs clamping down hard on my head.

I felt exhausted. She allowed me to towel off her piss but not to wash. “I want the smell of my cunt, asshole and piss to be in your face when we go to sleep together tonight.” She said. It was the first night I stayed over at her house.

The next morning, Catherine decided that since I trimmed my pussy so closely, I should be shaved, while she would continue to keep her big bush. I’ve been shaved ever since. We would not always go into such domination during each sexual encounter but often I asked for just that.

I would continue to have a sexual relationship with Catherine for another couple of years, until I moved away. Whenever I visit my Mom, I stop by Catherine’s and we talk about ‘old times.’ After talking with her recently I decided to write about how I became a lesbian. Catherine reviewed this article and gives it an ‘A’ for accuracy.

Thanks Teacher!

We are both interested in hearing feedback on our story from readers…

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Hot Work

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A small, curvaceous brunette leaned on the door frame of a hot workshop, the only light coming from the sun flooding in through the doorway and one small window, her shadow cast onto the floor in front of her. Her eyes locked onto something on the far side of the space. She took in what had to be her favorite sight. Watching the movement of a figure, bright flashes of blue glowing around it, hot metal creating a warm red glow, small metal streams falling to the ground like miniature fireworks.

The figure in well-worn suede leather sleeves that buttoned at the shoulders. Sleeves hiding tanned, well defined, toned arms. Traveling down to leather gloves, equally worn and marred by the pelting of small metal beads. They hid strong hands, slightly calloused, bearing the scars of hands that knew hard work. Suddenly, the small brunettes trance was interrupted when the work stopped.

The figure sat up turning to the doorway, looking toward the door she caught a glimpse of a silhouette. Lifting the helmet protecting her face she smiled revealing dimples that had the power to make the brunettes knees weak. She stood, removing the helmet and ran her hands through her short dark hair. Her eyes fixed on the shadow, looking up and down, her heartbeat picking up its pace. What a sight. The small flare of fabric just above the knees, she knew that was her favorite skirt, the curves of the figure were bursa escort accentuated by the back lighting. Those legs, irresistible, especially in the heels she was wearing. Long locks of curls fluttered in the wind as a breeze passed through the doorway.

The dark figure moved from the doorway toward the leather clad woman. The enigma took one of the gloved hands and pulled at the leather, a hand revealed itself. Slowly pulling the other glove off, the way the freed hands fell to the sides of their owner stretching and balling up, it was like loosing the hands of a criminal from their chains. The long haired woman watched the chest opposite her rise quickly the outgoing breath came with a small growl. The primal sound made her tremble; her green eyes widened feeling the intense desire emanating from her iron maiden. She continued her undressing, moving up to the broad shoulders, pulling at a leather strap, unsnapping a button, moving to the other side of the body repeating the movement. As the sleeves fell under their own weight, the brunette ran her hands down the toned arms, appreciating the colors and lines of the tattoos that adorned them.

Watching the smaller woman’s beautiful needy eyes roam her body sent fire coursing through the muscular woman’s veins, the heat traveled directly between her legs. Attempting to further entice the hungry green eyed woman, she grabbed at bursa escort bayan the bottom of her threadbare Joan Jett shirt, pulling it over her head and dropping it on the ground leaving her torso bare except for the metal ring in her nipple.

The sight of the half-naked woman before her made her bite her lip. She closed the remaining distance between them, looking up into the honey colored eyes she pleaded with her own, she could see the lust growing in the honey eyes. Suddenly she felt herself firmly pressed against the taller woman, the two hands grasping her ass moved their way up and around to the front of her body. She closed her eyes as she felt her blazer slowly being unbuttoned and prepared herself for what she desperately wanted.

The short haired woman rarely rushed through undressing the other woman; she relished seeing the pale skin of her lover covered in goosebumps as her clothes slid off. She pulled the jacket down the small woman’s arms. A black lace bra, the last thing separating her from the voluptuous breasts she craved. Catching the scent of the sweet perfume the busty woman was wearing drove her crazy. Running her fingertips from hips up ribs to erect nipples, stopping to make a circle over each, then a gentle pinch, hearing a small moan escape her lover. Rough hands moved to the clasp of the offending bra quickly discarding it. In a swift motion she escort bursa pressed her lips against the full red lips before her and grabbed the hem of the skirt, pulling it up, her hands moving to the brunette’s ass, lifting her onto her hips. Pleasantly surprised to find the woman not wearing any panties drove the tattooed woman crazy.

Wrapping her legs around the lean woman she pushed her wet pussy against a tight stomach, she began rocking her body until she felt a cold sensation on her ass. A metal workbench. Before she could object the hands on her nipples and the thrusting hips between her legs made her moan. “Fuck it” she said lost in her desire. Lips attached themselves to her nipples sucking, a tongue flicked at them, teeth grazed and bit. A rush went through her; her slick pussy couldn’t press hard enough against the hips she was riding. “Fuck me.” She begged. The hands on her chest pushed her back onto the table, her body being pulled to the edge, her legs lifted over the muscular shoulders. With a crash she felt the strong hips connect again thrusting into her, the hands on her hips pulling her into each thrust. The table rocked, her chest bouncing in rhythm, the heavy breathing and groans from the butch woman above her made her eyes roll back in her head and her hips bucking uncontrollably. With another thrust she felt the heat between her legs reach its peak, clinging to the table’s edge over her head, back arched she rode out the wave surging through her body.

The white light of ecstasy fading, she looked toward the woman at the edge of the table. The grin on the butch woman’s face said it all. They were nowhere near done.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ablamla Kocam, Eniştemle Ben. O gece kudurduk! (Ay

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Ablamla Kocam, Eniştemle Ben. O gece kudurduk! (Ay

Bundan 6 ay evveldi, o gece kocamla evde başbaşaydık. Soba yakmıştık, yemekten sonra kocam şortla, ben gecelikle, birbirimize sarılmış Pornofilim seyrediyorduk. Kocam amımı okşuyor, bende kocamın yarağını çıkarmış sıvazlıyordum. İkimiz de iyice azmıştık, Filim bittikten sonra köpekler gibi sikişmeyi düşünüyorduk. Filimin daha yarısında kapı çaldı, hemen Filimi kapatıp kapıyı açtık. Gelen Ablamla Eniştemdi. Eniştem “Ne o, yoksa tam iş üstünde mi rahatsız ettik?” dedi sırıtarak. “Yok, dizi seyrediyorduk…” deyip içeri geçip oturduk. Ablamla Eniştem içkili bir eğlenceden dönüyorlarmış, geçerken bir uğrayalım demişler. İkisinin de kafası iyi. Kısa bir hoş-beş’ ten sonra, ben mutfağa çay suyu koymaya gittim. Az sonra kocam arkamdan geldi, “Nerden çıktı bunlar şimdi, sarhoş sarhoş? Ne güzel sikişecektik!” dedi. Ben de, “Ne yapalım bu halde kovcacak değiliz ya, gitsinler sonra devam ederiz!” dedim. Çay suyunu koyduktan sonra kocamla salona doğru yürüdük.

Salonun kapısından içeri girdiğimizde şok olduk! Lüzümsüz Eniştem, biz mutfaktayken, “Ne dizisi seyrediyorlardı bunlar?” diye, bizim kapattığımız Pornofilimi açmış, ablamla birlikte pür dikkat izliyorlardı. Kocamla öylece donduk kaldık, ne diyeceğimizi bilemedik. Kocam kem küm etti, Filimi kapatmak istedi, ama Eniştemle Ablam, “Aşkolsun biz yabancımıyız, oturun birlikte seyredelim!” dediler. Biz de mecburen oturduk seyretmeye başladık. Eniştem tam karşımda oturuyordu ve kaçamak gözlerle bacaklarımın arasına bakıyor, ara sıra sikini sıvazlıyordu. Ben kalktım mutfağa gittim, çayları alıp geldim, dağıtıp oturdum. Eniştemin elleri titriyordu bana bakarken. Ablam, “Bu saatden sonra eve gidemeyiz, burda yatalım, yarın gideriz…” dedi. Kocamla birbirimize baktık, yapacak birşey yoktu, mecburen, “Tabi…” dedik.

Çayları içtikten sonra Eniştem, “Evde Rakı var mı bacanak? Yarın nasılsa Pazar, getir de cilalayalım!” dedi. Kocam dolaptan bir büyük Rakı ve bardakları getirdi, ben de beyaz peynir, meyve falan hazırladım. Ben içmek istemiyordum, ama Ablam da ısrar edince, hep birlikte içmeye başladık. Bir yandan da Filimi seyrediyorduk. Eniştemle Ablam nerdeyse her sahnede yorum yapıyorlardı, “Offf amma da sikiyor! O ne biçim yarak öyle! O göte nasıl alıyor o yarrağı…” gibi. Sonunda Filim ve bir büyük Rakı bitmişti, ama yorumlar bitmemişti. Kocam, “Hadi yeter bu kadar, Ayşe yataklarınızı hazırlasın, gidin yatın…” dedi. Ben küçük odaya yatakları serdim geldim. Eniştemle Ablam birbirine sarılarak yatmaya gittiler. Giderken Eniştem Ablamın götünü okşuyordu…

Biz de kendi odamıza gittik, soyunduk yattık ve sevişmeye başladık. Aradan daha 10 dakika geçmeden küçük odadan sesler gelmeye başladı. Kocam kalkıp şortunu giydi, “Ne oluyor?” diye bakmaya gitti, ben de üzerime sabahlığımı alıp arkasından. Odanın kapısını tam kapatmamışlar, Eniştemle Ablam çırılçıplak soyunmuşlar, Eniştem Ablamı domaltmış sikiyor! Kocamla birlikte kapının ağzında dikildik, Ablamla Eniştemin sikişmesini seyretmeye başladık. Bu arada kocamın yarağı yeniden kazık gibi olmuş, elini şortuna sokmuş okşuyordu. Sonra elimi tutup şortundan çıkardığı sikini elime verdi, benim okşamam için. Ben kocamın sikini okşarken kocam da elini amıma attı, amımı okşamaya başladı. Amım anında sulandı. Eniştem Ablamı sırt üstü yatırdı, bacaklarını ayırıp yerleştirdi Ablamın amcığına. Ben şaşkınlıkla Ablamın amına girip çıkan Eniştemin yarrağına bakıyordum…

Kocam kolumdan tutarak, içeri, sikişen Ablamla Eniştemin yanına girdik. İnanın o an kimsenin sesi çıkmadı, hiç birimiz konuşamadık. Nedense o anda herkes garip bir şekilde memnundu. Kocam elimden tutarak Ablama yanaştı ve yarağını Ablamın ağzına sokmaya başladı. Ben kocamın yanında duruyordum, kocam benim elimi alıp Eniştemin yarağına doğru uzattı, tutmam, okşamam için. Eniştemin yarağına elim değdiğinde içim bir hoş olmuş ve amımdan suların aktığını hissediyordum. Heyecandan ve zevkten kendimden geçmişim, Eniştemin yarağının ağzıma ne zaman girdiğini farketmedim bile. Kocamla Ablam birbirine sarılmış, çılgınlar gibi sevişiyorlardı, bende Eniştemin yarağını emiyordum. Eniştem bana, “Ters dön üzerime gel!” dedi. Ters dönüp amcığımı Eniştemin ağzına verdim. Bana neler oluyordu anlamadım, ama amcığımdan Eniştemin ağzına am sularım çeşme gibi akıyordu…

Kocam Ablamın bacaklarının arasına girmiş, Ablamın amını sikiyordu. Ablam ise kocamın adını söyleyerek inliyor, “Oyy kurbanın olamm, oyy!” sesleri kulaklarıma müzik gibi geliyordu. Eniştem bana, “Aç amcığını!” dedi, ayırdım bacaklarımı, Eniştem yarağını amcığıma sokmaya başladı. Offffff, amcığımı hiç böyle kudurmuş görmemiştim, amımın dudakları şişmiş ve eniştemin yarağı amıma girip çıktıkça, içimden ılık ılık sıvılar akıyor, orgazm oluyordum. Kocamla Ablam pozisyon değiştirmişler, kocam yere yatmış, Ablam kocamın yarağının üzerine oturmuş, eğilerek kocamın dudaklarına yapışmıştı. Eniştem Ablamın götünü görmüş olacak ki, yarağını benim amcığımdan çıkarıp Ablamın götüne, kuru kuru sokmaya başladı. Ablamın çığlıkları ve bağrtısı ortamı biraz gerdi, ama Eniştem eliyle Ablamın ağzını kapattı. Ablamın aynı anda hem amdan hem götten sikilirken inlemeleri halen kulaklarımda…

Eniştem bana bakarak, “Domal ablanın yanına!” dedi. Eniştemi hiç ikiletmeden domaldım Ablamın yanına. Offfff, neler oluyordu bu gece bana anlayamıyordum. Eniştem Ablamın götünden çıkardı yarağını ve benim arkama geçip yarağını götüme sokmaya başladı. Ablamın Enişteme daha önceden götten çok siktirdiğini biliyordum, ama bu benim ilk götten sikilişim oluyordu. Eniştem herhalde benim de çok götten sikildiğimi ve götümün yarak yemeye alışkın olduğunu düşünüyordu ki, insafsızca köklüyordu yarağını götüme, bağırmalarıma kulak asmadan. Bu arada kocam Ablamın başını bacaklarının arasına almış, yarağını Ablamın ağzına köklüyordu. Derken kocamın inlemesini duyduğumda baktım ki, kocamın beyaz yoğurt gibi dölleri Ablamın ağzına akıyordu. Ablam bir yandan yutkunuyor, bir yandan da kocamın yarağından çıkan dölleri yalıyordu…

Eniştem de götümden yarağını çıkardı, beni dizlerimin üzerine oturtup, kendisi ayakta, yarağını ağzıma verdi, sokup sokup çıkarmaya başladı. Eniştemin yarağı ağzımdayken titrediğini hissettim, Eniştem birden ağzıma ılık ılık döllerini fışkırttı. Eniştemin dölleri fışkırdıkça ben yutuyordum. Ama Eniştemin yarağından bu kadar çok döl çıkacağını hiç tahmin etmemiştim, kusacak gibi oluyordum, zor yuttum dölleri…

Tam olarak nezaman ve nasıl uyuduk hatırlamıyorum, ama öğleye doğru uyandığımda kocamla birlikte kendi yatağımızda yatıyorduk. Eniştemle Ablam çoktan gitmişlerdi. Nedendir bilmiyorum ama, bu olayın üzerinden tam 4 ay görüşmedik Eniştem ve Ablamla. O gece hakkında kocamla da konuşmadık hiç. Sonra bu suskunluğu biz bozduk ve Ablamlara gittik. Başta biraz soğukluk ta olsa, sonra sanki o gece hiç yaşanmamış gibi hayatımız devam etti. Zamanla herşey unutuldu, Eniştem ve Ablamla yine eskisi gibi normal görüşüyoruz. Ama ben o geceyi unutamıyorum, Eniştemin yarağını yemek, belk**e ömrümce birdaha yaşayamayacağım bir şey. Kocamla sevişirken aklıma gelmiyor değil, geldiği anda ise hemen boşalıyorum. Offfff Enişte, Offff…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Bulgar Olgunu

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Bulgar Olgunu

Ustabaşımız pembe hanım diye 42 yaşında bir bayan vardı bulgar göçmeni kendine çok iyi bakardı bulgaristanda 2 çoçuktan sonra kısırlaştırma olayı olduğundan kendiside kısırdı. Bir gün gece mesaisine kaldıklarımda yazıhaneme gelip çay getirmişti bende . işler yetişsin diye sabahlamaya yardım ediyordum. Çaylarımız içerken hep abla dediğim kadının aslında bir sex vampı olacağı hiç aklıma gelmezdi oda kapalı giyinir fakat minyon tipli kalçaları ve gögüsleri genç kızlardan daha güzeldi karşımda oturup çayını yudumlarken bacaklarını hafiften araladı istemeden oldu diye düşünürken benim baktığımı görüp daha çok açmaya . başladı. Bana kocasının bel fıtığı olduğunu 4-5 senedir sevişemediğinden felan bahsetmeye başlayınca koltuğumdan kaltım yanına oturup bacaklarını okşamaya başladım ona elemanlarına talimat ver yazıhaneye kimse çıkmasın neşat bey uyuyacakmış diye söyledim bekçiyede bana telf. bağlamamasını talimatını verip okşamalarımı derine indirdiğimde o güzelim kutusunun kıllarını yeni tıraş etmiş olacakki pürüssüz gelmişti elime ıslaklığını fark ettim.

Ona benimle sevişmesini istediğimi söylediğimde bana zaten senle sikişmek için geldim deyip elini benim alete atınca yazıhanemi kilitleyip lambaları söndürdüm bilgisayarın ışığı loş bir ortam oluşturmuştu ikimizde hemen soyunduk doğrusu ben soyundum onun sadece eteğini indirip bluzunu omuzlarına çıkarttım bana hiç tatmadığım bir saxo ziyafeti tattırmaya başladı tam bir profesyonel gibi bende hemen 69 pozisyonuna geçip onu yalamaya başladım dilimi içine soktukça zevkten kuduruyor had sik beni diye mırıldanıp sikimi dişlemeye başlamıştı o kadar derine alıyorduki benim aleti bogazı yırtılacak gibi olmuştu çıldırmak üzereydim boşalmak üzereyim deyince ağzıma boşal yutmak istiyorum dedi. O an bir volkan patlaması gibi boğazına boşaldım itiraf etmeliyimki boşalmanın bitmesii hiç istemiyordum çünkü vantuz gibi hepsini emiyordu. O bitti her halde deyince daha dur yeni başladık dedim oda nasıl yani deyince indi ya dedi ben tekrar ağzın al ben seni yalarken kalkar deyince başladı tekrardan o muhteşem vakumuna oda azmış domalmıştı benim masaya bilgisayardan gelen loş ışıkta o muhteşem yarığın daracık olduğunu görünce dayanamayıp bacaklarını omzuma aldıgım gibi birden köklediğimde bir ahh çektiki elimle kapamak zorunda kaldım ağzını elimi ısırıp ne diye hayvan gibi birden soktun o koca sikini deyince o güzelim amına dayanamadım ondan kökledim dedim oda hadi tamam sik deyince öyle bir ritim tutturmuştukki masada o kalçalarını ileri geri yapıp bana yardım ediyor bende olanca gücümle pompalıyordum bu esnada şlak şluk sesler çıkıyordu ben ona arkadan hiç siktirdinmi diye sorunca yok cevabı beni iyice azdırmıştı bacakları omzundayken sıkıca kavrayıp belini kalçalarını yükseltip amından hemen çektim sikimi götüne sokmaya çalıştım ama gerçekten hiç siktirmemişki kafası bile girmedi ve yapmaaa ne olurr demeye başladı ben azmıştım

Bir kere götten siktirmezsen atarım işten hemde herkese benle yattığını söylerim deyince yaa ondan değill çokk acırr demeye başladı bende masamda her zaman yanımda tedbir amaçlı bulundurduğum nivea kremini alıp onun o daracık götüne ve benim aletin başına sürdüm bak ne kadar acırsa acırın bağırma ama deyince tamama ama birden sokma dedi bende yavaşa yavaş kafasını zorlayıp soktum gerçekten muhteşem bir deliği vardı çok sıkıydı yarısına kadar sokunca benimkini bekle çok acıdı yırtılıyo demeye başladı bende bekleyip kolunu ısır tamamını sokucağımı söyledim oda tamam aşkım deyince birden kökleyince bacakları omuzumdayken kendi birden yukarı kalktı kolunu ısırmış gözünden yaş gelmişti yaktın benii demeye başlayınca ben daha çok sokmaya başladım kökledikçe acısı azalıyor zevke dönüşüyordu boş ver ilk defa böyle bir zevk tattım artık her zaman emrindeyim deyince tekrardan amına sokup hızlı hızlı pompalayıp amının derinliklerine boşaldım çünkü hamile kalma korkusu yoktu ondan sonra bazen yazıhanede bazen onun evinde kocası alt katta anahtar tamircisiyken ben onu evinde sikiyorum geçen sene emekli oldu işten ayrıldı ama hala benle sikişmek istediğini söyleyip duruyor arada uğruyorum o daracık göte girerken zorlanan sikim şimdi rahat giriyo bir kerede çünkü fena açmıştım onu

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Bradley’s Life Pt. 01

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Bradley’s Life Part 1

All characters are over 18.

It’s was a quiet night, full of promise and temptation as Bradley found himself alone with his voluptuous blonde girlfriend in her shared apartment. The young couple was newly minted, having just finished their seventh date. Bradley moaned deeply into her mouth as she sat astride him in the living room.

Thus far, the furthest he’d been allowed to push her was kissing, but he was content with that. He had heard, through mutual friends, that Veronica had been through the wringer with previous boyfriends. As such, he was determined to set himself apart by not escalating things too quickly. Something that Veronica has seemed greatly pleased with up to tonight.

Whimpering quietly, Veronica pressed herself into him, subtly grinding her tight jean shorts into the telltale sign of her young boyfriend’s manhood. She wrung her hands on the back of his head, lightly clawing at him with her nails and sending shivers down his spine. “I love kissing you Bradley. It’s so much fun.” She cooed into his ear, taking a break from kissing whilst continuing her back and forth grind atop his lap.

Bradley gasped loudly as she sucked his earlobe between her lips. He lifted his hands slowly towards her hips, but was stunted by a quick grasp to his wrists.

Giggling softly, Veronica moved his hands back to the wooden arms of the chair. “Not yet baby. I’m not sure how far I want to take things with you. Yet.” She whispered, returning her hands to their rightful place behind his head.

Fighting for grace, Bradley sighed happily as his beautiful new girlfriend launched an attack on his tonsils with her tongue. He returned her lustful kiss, gripping the chair with white knuckles. He knew she wasn’t ready, and although he was a virgin, Bradley was no stranger to heavy petting. He had even had a girl go down on him once in the bathroom at a party. Though that wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience as the girl in the event was very drunk, and stopped after barely wetting his cock to turn and vomit into the bathtub.

Bradley pushed that thought aside as his gorgeous girlfriend began panting and increasing the pace and pressure of her grinding against him. When her lips separated for a gasping mewl, Bradley caught her harried expression and flushing cheeks. “Are you going to cum baby?” He asked the petite blonde on top of him.

Veronica bit her voluptuous lower lip and lowered her forehead to his. The look in her eyes was confirmation enough but Veronica nodded none the less.

Bradley watched, captivated by the young goddess as she panted, leaned back, and gripped his shoulder tightly with her right hand. Her manicured nails dug into him.

Her mound pressed hard into his erection, the denim warm from friction and damp from her arousal. She continued grinding, whilst taking her left hand and caressing her breast and tugging at her nipple through her bright red halter top.

His eyes widened as Veronica whimpered again and bit her lip. Having never seen a woman so turned on, Bradley caught himself fighting the urge to plummet over the edge along with her.

Veronica continued her display as she rubbed herself against him. Arching back, she slid her hand down to her stomach and started slowly exposing her impossibly flat stomach by raising the hem of her shirt. Her other hand clutched his shoulder for balance as she inched herself closer to climax, simultaneously revealing more and more of her body to him.

Bradley gripped his seat fighting off his own orgasm as he saw the first peak of her lacy black bra. Though covered, his cock ached at the stimulating experience. Having only exposed the underwire, Bradley was hypnotized and staring ahead diligently in awe.

The spell broke abruptly as the apartment door swung open and shut in quick succession. Two heads turned simultaneously as Veronica’s roommate Valerie giggled at them from the doorway. “Hope I’m not interrupting.” She chuckled lamely at them.

Bradley groaned in exasperation as Veronica giggled at her friend. “Only a little.” She said, removing herself from her seated position and lowering her shirt. “But it’s probably for the best. Bradley here isn’t ready for my wild side yet. So thanks.” Turning away from her boyfriend, Veronica walked up to her roommate and wrapped the svelte brunette in a tight hug before giving her a light peck on the lips.

Bradley watched this all play out in slow motion, first her irresistibly perfect ass swaying away, noticing for the hundredth time how her cheeks peeked out, then the too close hug that gave him goosebumps, followed by the slight kiss that he wished would’ve lasted longer. Seeing the two close friends while in the state he was made Bradley groan again as his erection fought for release.

To her credit, Veronica noticed his predicament and gave him a sly wink. “Quit your grumbling baby. It’s no use getting jealous.” She said, before turning back to her friend. “You look so hot tonight. What’s the occasion?”

She wasn’t wrong. gorukle escort Bradley noted her roommate as discretely as possible. She was the same height as Veronica at 5’5″, though tonight she stood taller in a pair of purple heels that framed her feet delicately. Her brown hair was slightly red and hung curled down the middle of her back. She wore a black dress with spaghetti straps that clung to her body and flared out slightly in the middle of her thighs. Seeing her standing there with her hand settled on Veronica’s waistband made the notion of calming his manhood an impossibility.

Valerie leaned forward to press a soft smirking kiss on Veronica’s lips in return, making eye contact with Bradley as she did. Upon pulling away she said, “Oh just a date with Micha. You know how I like to tease him.”

Valeria chuckled as she spun around and led her roommate towards the living room couch. She held her friend’s hand and the two sat down across the room from Bradley. Their knees and thighs pressed closely, maintaining contact and causing Valerie’s dress to lift up her legs.

Bradley fought a grumble at the separation, but was intently fascinated by their rapport. “Any other plans tonight Val? We were just about to watch a movie.”

Valerie’s hand reached around his girlfriend’s waist and squeezed. He noted Veronica biting her lip and inching her face closer to her roommate. “A movie sounds fun. Although I’m still a hungry. You guys want to order in? I know a guy who does deliveries from Cheezus.”

Thinking about the famous local pizza place had Veronica’s mouth watering, that and the hungry look her boyfriend was giving them. She stroked her nails gently from her roommate’s knee up her bared leg, looking her beaux in the eye. “Mmm pizza sounds good. What do you think baby?” She asked him while Valerie shivered under her nails. “Do you want some hot and ready?”

Bradley groaned at the display and nodded his head, his own nails digging into the chair arms where his girlfriend had left them.

“Let me send a text.” Valerie intoned, removing her arm from behind her friend and bending over the arm of the couch. Her dress lifted in her position, showing off her firm ass in a pair of orange boy cut panties.

Veronica admired her roommate in that position for a moment before looking over towards Bradley. He too was staring. “BABY!” She yelped at him. “Oh no no no. You don’t get to ogle at other girls with me around! What’s wrong with you?”

Valerie chuckled, but stayed in place focused intently on her phone. Her hips swayed a bit, back and forth, as her friend scolded Bradley.

“I would think that you could keep your eyes in your head around me! YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” Veronica continued as Bradley raised his hands in defeat.

“You’re right! I’m sorry! Please? Okay?!” Bradley offered.

Veronica kept on like she hadn’t heard him, “You know what? I think he needs to be punished. What do you think Val?”

Valerie played her part to perfection, keeping her ass raised and wiggling further in Bradley’s direction. “Mmm. Sounds interesting.” Bradley tempted as he was at the offering hazarded a quick peek. Veronica caught his glance as he tried to hide it.

“That’s it!” She grunted, vaulting herself up and over to Bradley.

Though he was acutely aware of the trouble he was in, Bradley couldn’t help but feel excited as his girlfriend stomped over to him. Veronica thumped herself down hard on his erection, straddling him like before. She took his cheeks in her left hand and pursed his lips out before kissing him hard. With her right hand she deftly unbuckled his belt, whilst simultaneously licking and sucking on his plumped lips.

Once she had untangled his belt, she stood up abruptly, and harshly pulled it free of his jeans. He would’ve been scared for his life at her glaring look if he wasn’t so supremely aroused. Pausing for a moment, Veronica winked over her shoulder at Valerie and caught her smirk.

Bradley waited patiently, and for once didn’t glance over at the pretty brunette perched on the couch. His eyes never left his gorgeous girlfriend, and so he watched as she sauntered around his chair, belt in hand. Not knowing where this was going, he trembled slightly in anticipation.

Veronica stopped behind him, and slapped his own belt down on his thigh from above causing him to yelp out and try jumping up. She held him firm with a hand on the shoulder. “Oh don’t be such a baby. That wasn’t even that hard. Here. I won’t hit you again okay?!”

Bradley nodded mutely as his torturous girlfriend dragged the belt back up his body, his cock twitching as it passed overhead.

The blonde girlfriend locked eyes with her grinning roommate and lowered the belt over her boyfriends eyes. She cinched it tight without a pause, effectively blindfolding Bradley before placing her hands on his shoulders and mouthing ‘oh my god!’ at her friend.

Valerie giggled and hopped off the couch and skipped into the kitchen as her roommate started massaging Bradley’s shoulders. altıparmak eskort bayan Leaning in close to his ear she whispered, “play along baby. This is only gonna get better for you.” She punctuated her statement with a long lick to his earlobe. Feeling devious, she followed that up with a small bite as her unseeing boyfriend trembled. “Now I don’t want to hear a single word from you for the rest of the night!” She said, loud enough for Valerie to hear. As if summoned, Valerie chose that moment to return, with gifts.

In her hand, the brunette bombshell held two large zip ties. Veronica raised a fist in triumph at her friend’s genius. She took one of the ties and mouthed a countdown to her friend as they readied them. On one, the girls each held down a wrist apiece. Bradley didn’t have a moment to react before his hands were secured to the chair arms with a telltale ZZZZiip.

Preempting her boyfriend’s confusion, Veronica again squeezed his cheeks and kissed him soundly. She held him there for a moment before pulling away sweetly. “No talking baby. You just sit there and listen. Valerie and I need to catch up before the pizza gets here. Understand?”

Bradley was loving this kinky side to his girlfriend, so new and definitely outside of his normal bubble. So he nodded and then groaned as he felt a hand squeezed his erection harshly. It was just an instant, but his imagination ran wild as he had no idea if it was Veronica or Valerie that had grabbed him.

Not offering the information, the two girls sat back down on the couch and giggled whispers to one another outside of Bradley’s earshot.

Bound and blinded, Bradley strained his ears to deliver the missing information about his surroundings. At first all he could detect was the cute giggles and whispers, but a few minutes later he started to hear more. A light smacking noise mixed in, and then whimpers. His imagination did the rest for him. Their whispers were clearly interspersed with kissing, causing his flagging erection to fight for rebirth.

Veronica kept a close eye on her helpless boyfriend, intentionally increasing the sounds they made as her tongue met with her roommate’s. She loved the power she had over him, keeping him bound tight and wound up. Her juices flowed at the naughtiness of it all. She knew her boyfriend was a virgin, and Valerie grabbing his cock through his jeans was further than she had ever taken things herself. It was a position she wanted to prolong, to keep her boyfriend pliant and eager.

The only problem was, she needed to get off. The situation had made her hornier than she had been in weeks. The last time she felt like this was when she walked in on Valerie giving Micha a lap dance in the very chair her boyfriend was now zipped to. She had just come back from her second date with Bradley, sharing a slow kiss outside the door, and then she walked in to see Val in a thong and high heels shaking her tits at Micha. His night had ended there, her arrival throwing cold water on the situation, not that Valerie cared, mind you. Micha was just too embarrassed and hurried out the door.

The girls had laughed about it for a good twenty minutes before they started practice their dance moves on one another. When the night was over, the two girls slipped into Valerie’s bed and helped each other burn off some tension before cuddling up to sleep.

Lost in her memories, Veronica barely noticed as her friend pulled her head down. She slid off the couch, quiet as a mouse, and entrenched herself between her roommates thighs. Valerie gave her encouraging moans as she began kissing the lace thong hugging Valerie’s clit.

Bradley was so sure that things were escalating on the couch. It was like they weren’t even hiding it anymore. Valerie’s words hit his ear like a freight train, quiet as they were. “Oh yes baby. Kiss me right there. Fuck. I’m so wet for you.”

Though turned on by the sounds around him, Bradley couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that Veronica was cheating on him. They were in college, so it’s not like experimentation was off limits, they just hadn’t talked about anything like this. Hell, she had barely started to feel comfortable enough to spend time with him alone in her apartment. He honestly didn’t know how to feel about any of it, but his cock was hard, and Valerie was moaning. “That’s it baby. Lick my clit like that. Oh fuck, you do this better than any of my boyfriends. Mmmm. Uh. Yes. Yes. Oh god. YES!”

Veronica loved the way her roommate gripped her hair and bucked her hips. She couldn’t help but force her fingers into her tight shorts and rub her own clit as she suckled at her friend’s. Her need had only grown, and the image of her boyfriend behind her, all trussed up with nowhere to go, combined to bring her right up to the edge.

As Valerie’s gripped slaked, Veronica rushed to sit next to her on the couch, undoing the buttons on her shorts and readying to thrust them over her hips.


Valerie giggled nilüfer eskort bayan as her roommate groaned whiningly. “Pizza. I forgot about the fucking pizza.”

Valerie whispered something to her horny roommate, much too quiet for Bradley to hear. Then bolted to the door with a shout. “COMING!” Finding a bit of humor, Bradley let a slight chuckle escape his lips, before remembering that he was supposed to be quiet. Lucky for him, Veronica didn’t mention it, so she must not have heard him.

Isaiah waited outside the familiar apartment with pizza in hand. Fondly recalling the last time he had been there. The two sluts inside had been drinking with a friend of his, who graciously texted him to bring over some grub and join the party. For his efforts he had gotten a slow handjob from the brunette while she whispered remarks about his friend’s ability to “fuck her so good.” All the while the blonde was bouncing her head up and down in his buddy’s lap, interspersing her efforts with comments about some new guy she was seeing. Isaiah came way too soon at her soft touch and her cheating friend’s comments, but it was just as well since he was still on the clock. Luckily for him, he had the forethought to ask for her number before leaving.

Tonight Isaiah hoped to redeem hisself and had punched his time card before heading over with the pizza. Tips were left to the drivers so although not technically allowed by the insurance company, his boss usually turned a blind eye.

Valerie opened the door looking as spectacular as he remembered. They had been exchanging flirty texts for a while now, but this was only their second meeting. His lust fueled memory didn’t do her justice, and she was just fucking perfect. Everything a man could ask for, and kinky too. Before he had even said hello, Valerie pushed a finger to his lips, effectively silencing him. Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she pulled him into the room. “Pizza’s here!” She announced.

Valerie led him by the hand over to the couch while he took in the sight of Veronica smirking at him. She too held her finger to her lips to keep him quiet. Confused, he nearly blew their game when he noticed the guy in the chair. His laugh got cut off by Valerie’s hand slapping over his mouth. She glared at him and shook her head before shoving him harshly onto the couch.

Veronica leaned over and pulled the pizza from his hands as her roommate dropped to her knees in front of him. Setting the pizza on the end table, she then turned to the confused but still compliant Isaiah and placed her hand over his mouth. Leaning in close, her breasts pressing into his arm, Veronica purred into his ear. “No sounds. If he hears you this is all over. Permanently.” She whispered. “Nod if you understand.”

Isaiah nodded desperately while the two girls looked at him pleadingly. Both grinned and started slowly and quietly undoing his khaki shorts. Once freed of its confinement, his hard cock stood up proudly to salute the pair. Taking him in her grasp, Valerie coo’d loudly. “Ooh yummy!”

Giggling, Veronica joined her, “I can’t wait to scarf that thing down.”

Isaiah silently thanked God for the amazing experience he was having, just in time for the girls to start stroking his cock.

Bradley nearly wept as the smell of pizza hit him. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but the girls were clearly trying to torture him. He could hear their sighs and moans as they ate without him. They played it up to perfection, making it sound so sexual and joking about gagging and taking bigger bites. He listened intently as each subtle innuendo was levied in his direction for what felt like twenty minutes.

“Oooh that’s so good.”

“Oh my look how drippy it is.”

“Whoops. That was a hot piece.”

“Hmmph, make room for me baby.”

“There’d be more room if you took those heels off.”

“Mmmm. Good idea. Do you like my pedicure baby?”

“Hmps compck ish soo yummy.”

“Veronica, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full. Ipts soo mrood.”

Isaiah pulled the blonde in for a heated kiss before warning her that he was about to cum, silently gesturing.

Veronica grinned at him and grabbed her friends hair before forcing her head down onto the pizza guys cock. She locked lips with him as her friend flailed her hands. He couldn’t hold out. His cum shot out of his cock with strong bursts as Valerie’s throat contracted around him. Veronica giggled as she let her friend come up for air, earning a silent glare from her friend.

“Val you’ve got to share some of that stuff with me.”

She then dropped to her knees next to Valerie and shared a steamy kiss from either side of Isaiah’s cock. Twitching, his cum still dribbling out, Isaiah relished the feeling as the two girls made out with the head of his dick. He did his damndest to stay silent throughout.

“Mmm. Yummy.” Veronica purred.

“It’s so good baby. We’ll have to get it again some time.” Valerie posited, looking only at Isaiah who nodded with a grin.

The two girls stood and then pulled Isaiah to his feet, marching him sneakily out the front door without a word. He kissed both girls deeply outside the door for a few minutes before waking off with a spring in his step and a slice of pizza one of the girls had slipped into his hand. He munched it down, practically skipping down the hall.

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April Fools’ Luck

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Author’s Note: This is my entry for Lit’s April Fools Day Story Contest 2023. I do hope you enjoy it.

Fair warning – This story is mostly college sex with a smidgen of plot. April Fools’ is a joke of a holiday and so it ‘mostly’ just gets fucked. (We should all be so lucky!)

“Well, I should have figured, right? I mean, it is the first. Why?”

He wanted to ask if she was going to give him a pity blow job or something, but he would never be that crass, not out loud. Smiling at her, he tried in vain to forget about all the times he’d jerked-off imagining her pouty lips around his cock, her vibrant eyes locked on his. They’d never said more than five words to each other before tonight. Now here she was, looking somewhat flustered. And as cute as that was, it was making him uncomfortable.

“I don’t know. Josh’s stupid prank seemed nasty to me, not funny. You talk about that convention a lot, not that I was eavesdropping or anything…and I know you would have loved to win those tickets. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That’s all.”

“Oh, okay…”

“So? Are you? Okay, I mean.”

“Yea, I’m fine! Are you, Emilia? You’re being kind of weird. Not that I’m calling you weird! Fucking hell, Brian! Why do you have to be so awkward?!”

He was one of the founding members of a gaming club, SWORDs, Students Who Occasionally Roll Dice. He’d started it with D&D in mind, but it quickly evolved from there to include all sorts of games. This was his Senior year, and he’d spent nearly every Saturday night in the club room, playing one game or another. She’d only started coming this year, this semester actually.

And she only ever played chess.

It was technically a game after all. He did most of the purchasing for the club and didn’t actually remember ordering the set. After seeing her that first night, he was more than thrilled it was here. Not that she ever had too many people to play against. More often than not, she sat at the table with the set assembled, casually reading a book. She’d make polite small talk, smile at you, she was cordial enough. Maybe she was just shy, but lately she seemed a bit standoffish.

It could have been how she dressed, too. That sort of thing didn’t really matter to him, not to someone who always threw on jeans and a plain t-shirt. But she did dress slightly prim. It was usually something pretty similar to tonight. Loose, flowy skirt that swayed and hit right above her knees. A modest blouse with the barest hint of cleavage and lately some kind of cardigan or wrap or jacket that she’d use to cover the girls well. Reserved was the word for it.

Not that he had room to talk. He’d also been somewhat reserved with her. Thinking about joining her once or twice, he always opted for one of his own campaigns or a stand-alone game that he had going. In his defense, she made him nervous as all hell. Though she always seemed to be positioned in a way that whenever he’d look up, he was looking up at her. Her, and her magnificent, snowy-white breasts. (At least the tops of them.) She’d only really started covering them up in the past few weeks, but his memories were quite vivid. Whenever she’d need to concentrate on a move she’d cross her arms in front of her and her breasts would just kinda ‘pop!’ More than once he’d been not-so-subtly teased about it. Often he was grateful for the table that covered his lap.

Besides, she wasn’t always quiet. When someone did ask to play against her, she was lively and talkative. Not to mention her smile, the way her eyes would shine! He’d gotten teased plenty this past semester. The new guy, Josh, was a tool, but at least he’d keep the club going. That’s how Brian rationalized putting up with him, anyway.

He was the one behind the April Fools’ prank. Josh had made it seem like a group effort, but even Emilia saw through that. Brian had been looking forward to this indie convention, one artist in particular was having a small scale panel with a limited number of in-person tickets. They’d put together this elaborate lottery system online, that part was real. Josh had tricked Brian into thinking he’d won for most of the day, only for him to show up at the club and find out it was all a prank.

“Hey! Don’t be so mean to yourself!” she grabbed for his hand as he was about to smack his own forehead with it, being slightly extra after calling the cute girl he’s been crushing on ‘weird.’

She held his hand as she self-consciously searched for the right words, “You’re not wrong.” Brian’s face flushed as he had a moment of hope that he really was about to get a pity blow job, before he realized he hadn’t actually asked that out loud. “I was being a little weird.”

“No! You weren’t! I was—”

“Brian, can you just shut up for a minute, please?” She’d surprised herself almost as much as him. The room had mostly emptied at this point, but now the few stragglers quickly headed out as Brian uncomfortably cleared escort bayan bursa his throat, crossing his arms in front of him as she timidly let go of his hand.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. I was being weird because I don’t know how to do this!” Her eyes popped as she spat out the word ‘this,’ as though she’d confessed to something lewd.

He wanted for all the world to ask what ‘this’ was, but he wasn’t an idiot. He’d find out soon enough, likely sooner if he kept his mouth shut.

“I don’t know. I like guys that don’t have lines. Too many guys use the same old thing. ‘You’re not like the other girls, you’re different, special, blech, I can tell.’ That sort of thing. You don’t do that. You’re an absolute sweetheart. I’ve been coming here for months now and not once have you given me a cheesy line. Although maybe something would be nice, so I would know if you were interested in me or not? You can let someone know you’re into them without manipulating them, shocker, I get it. But I’m rambling, and assuming.

“Josh is an asshole. I’m sorry he played that prank on you. Personally, I think April Fools’ is fucking stupid. Anyway, I’d like to make your day better, if that’s something you’d like?” She stared at his feet, as though they were going to give her an answer.

Brian’s mouth hung open as his mind blanked and his cock jumped.

“You don’t have to,” she mumbled nervously, “and if you’re not saying anything because I told you to shut up before, please stop that.” She still hadn’t looked up, but he really was at a loss for words.

When he still hadn’t said a thing she looked up into his surprised, widened eyes. Seeing his bewildered expression, her nervous one settled into something he hadn’t seen from her before. Seductive wasn’t quite the word, but it was close.

“Come on, let’s go get dinner,” she purred while tugging gently on his arm. He nearly tripped as he stood upright, realizing she meant a date, not a blowjob. He was still more than ready to follow her anywhere. “I promise, no pranks, jokes, or teasing.” For a second Brian had a moment of panic, certain this had to be yet another April Fools’ shenanigan. He quickly decided any possible reward far outweighed the risk.

She tucked her arm around his as she asked, “So, what are you in the mood for?”

Swallowing hard, he found some semblance of nerve. “If I were to say ‘you,’ would that be too much of a line? Or just enough to let you know I’m interested?”

It was Emilia’s turn to falter as she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked up at Brian’s half smile as he laughed nervously, unsure if he’d pushed his luck too far.

Biting the inside of her cheek, a habit Brian had noticed she did when thinking a move through, she looked him up and down. “There’s a psych honors’ study room on the next floor down. I need to show you something.” He wasn’t about to argue as she laced her fingers in his and led him towards the stairs.

The room was dark inside as she swiped her student id on the locked keypad. Walking in set off the motion sensor lights as she continued pulling him along. It was a wide open room with several tables, dozens of chairs, walls lined with bookshelves, and a row of private study rooms off to the side.

She headed for one of the study rooms, holding his hand tightly despite his growing perspiration. As she pulled him into the room she shut the door behind him, not minding to turn on the light that was still a physical switch for this room. No one in the honors’ program had complained. Having a generally soundproof, dark room at your disposable was ideal for an intense study session on your computer, a midday nap after an all-nighter, or to let off some steam whenever the mood hit.

Emilia pulled Brian’s hand to her, placing it low on her hip as her own hands gently brushed over his neck, almost tickling him in the dark.

“I thought you said no more teasing…” his voice nearly cracked as his excited cock twitched.

She leaned up and kissed his neck, leaving her lips to linger as his body stiffened under her touch. “Teasing would imply you weren’t going to get anything. That’s certainly not my intention.”

He let out a long and heavy sigh as she pressed herself against him and his hardening erection. She kissed his neck again. This time he pulled her body closer to him, pressing himself against her and eliciting a little moan.

He looked down to see her face illuminated from the sliver of light coming through the narrow window in the door. His own courage began to take shape. He leaned down to kiss her, prompting an even louder moan as they explored one another.

When their lips finally broke free from their breathless kiss, it was as if she remembered why she brought him down here. She yanked off her cardigan, tossing it onto the table. She guided Brian over to the couch, not so gently sitting his tall stature down the length of it. It was bursa sinirsiz eskort a small, uncomfortable couch, clearly meant for studying and nothing else.

She straddled him, her flowing skirt easily accommodating the necessary flexibility. What little light they’d had suddenly disappeared as the motion sensor light in the main room shut off. He couldn’t see, but his hands skimmed the outside of her thighs as she sat up on top of him. For a moment she was wiggling about, but nothing seemed to be happening. She came down to kiss him again, pressing her chest against his as she buried her hands in his hair. Gradually his hands moved from her thighs to her waist to her… her shirt was half way down her torso. There was no bra to be found.

Tentatively he placed his hands on her bare back as she gently nipped his tongue. He let out a breathy, “FUCK,” as she sat up. He still couldn’t see, but she’d moved his hands for him. He was reveling in the sensation of each hand grasping a plump breast with a tout nipple poking at the centers of his palms. She was barely grinding against his cock, but he couldn’t stop his body from shaking and jerking at the sensation.

“Is this okay?” she asked, some of her earlier hesitation having returned to her voice.

“Yes! Em, fuck, yes! Thank you.” She couldn’t help but giggle at his emphatic appreciation. Though it was short lived as he clasped her nipples a bit too tightly all of a sudden, drawing a gasp as her whole body shuddered. This wasn’t the first time she’d used one of these rooms like this one, but she’d never moved so fast with anyone before. She could only hope he’d give her the time to explain later, and really, she had no reason to think he wouldn’t.

He bucked his hips lightly and pulled her back down to him. After another impassioned kiss she began to make her way down his jawline, and further, while he repeatedly moaned out his nickname for her, “Oh Em, Em, Fuck yes, Em…” Her lips caressed down his neck, his chest, until his shirt was too intrusive. She slid to his side, much to his chagrin as her loss of weight and heat almost felt painful against his hard, throbbing cock.

About to say something, unaware of her working up her courage yet again, his breath caught when he felt her slender fingers sliding underneath his t-shirt. She smiled into his chest, feeling and hearing him react to her. She fumbled with his belt buckle for an interminable amount of time before he volunteered his services. She had been considerate enough to remove one of his biggest obstacles, after all. She kissed his chest as if by thanks once he was done, and immediately her hand dipped into his jeans to stroke his hard cock through his boxers.

The instant she made contact he gritted his teeth, groaning, and had to keep himself from cumming. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. He knew Josh was in the same program and had to have access to these rooms. When was he going to jump out and take a picture, whisking Em away from him? That thought was certainly enough to settle his load.

She didn’t move the boxers aside or slip under them. Instead she moved, positioning herself between his legs as he placed one foot solidly on the floor, giving her ample room to comfortably situate herself. Her hands rested on his hips as she nuzzled his excited cock through the material. At least he thought she was nuzzling his cock. Until he felt her tongue slide up and down his shaft through the slit in the boxers. He had to grit his teeth and grab at the couch frame to stop himself from bucking into her face.

When she got to the head, twirling her tongue, savoring and sucking up the precum, without thought his hand jolted to grab ahold of her hair. With an ‘oof’ she squelched a small yelp as he grasped too hard. He immediately let go, sputtering out sorry after sorry. All of which she ignored, hungrily pulling down his boxers to be able to fully take his cock, unhindered. His head fell back as he moaned her name, and she again grabbed his sides, her tongue adoring, worshipping every inch, groove, and ridge.

She’d started slowly, methodically, and steadily worked up a good speed. Brian was no slouch, drool worthy girth, but Emilia’s ex had an inch or two on him in length. She knew she could take him all, in every way. Nothing she was worried about, especially not right now. She worked him all in, down to his base, sucking with just the right amount of pressure, tongue wriggling and writhing, pressing against his throbbing…too throbbing…

“Em…I’m—” he moaned as rope after rope of his cum shot down her throat.

A warning would have been nice, but it wasn’t necessary. Especially with him practically down her throat. She readily swallowed as she continued to eagerly milk his dick, her nose pressed into his crotch, deeply inhaling his musk. She was surprised at how much he came and wondered how long it had been for him. Making escort bayan sure he was squeaky clean, she worked her way off of him and tenderly tucked him back in to his boxers.

Heavy panting echoed through the room as he came back down from that high. The only other sound was Emilia’s light footsteps as she walked across the room to grab her cardigan. “Now what are you in the mood for?” Her voice was filled with laughter as she walked back to him.

“If I say ‘you’ again, what happens then?”

Their eyes had somewhat adjusted to the dark, the light from the neon EXIT signs enough to find one another without fumbling, she leaned down and kissed him. It was different this time, deeper, more passionate. She started to pull away, but he came with her, not letting her lips leave his.

Scrambling to his feet he backed her up to the wall. He grabbed for her ass, pulling skirt material up and out of his way as his hands frantically explored every part of her he could manage, his lips yet to leave hers. She grabbed at her skirt, pulling it up for him. His fingers dove for her panties, now practically soaked through. He groaned into her mouth feeling how wet they were as he stroked her pussy through the material. Her legs quivered and she dropped the skirt, throwing her arms around his shoulders for support.

Fingers slipped around the side of her panties, past her lips, plunging into her slick cunt. They both groaned at the sensation, he couldn’t believe how warm, no – hot, wet, and tight she was, she couldn’t believe how much she needed his touch. Even if it was slightly inexperienced.

“Em, do you…uh, have a condom?”

“Oh… Do you want one?”

“Shouldn’t we—”

“I’m on birth control and haven’t slept with anyone in months. I’m safe, what about you?”

“Yea, same. I’m good.” He didn’t want to tell her it’d been years, almost three. Or that she’d just given him the best blowjob of his life, even if it had been one of the quickest. (Though he was very grateful to have gotten that dry spell causing hair trigger out of the way already.) He wanted to impress her, he wanted to please her, and he was already more than ready to go again. But he’d also never had sex without a condom before, and a part of him was freaking out.

Her hands were roaming all over his body, under his shirt, over his arms, massaging his once again hard cock. Her lips were constantly on some part of him or another as she moaned against him and his steady ministrations as they made her weak, her legs trembling when he’d hit just the right spot. He loved making her gasp like that. The way she’d clutch onto him was driving him wild. He’d hold onto her with his other arm to help stabilize her, but it was so fucking hot, and he’d keep at it until she started to shake. As much as he was enjoying this, he needed more. “I, um, I’ve never not used a condom…”

“Oh…” was all she said, letting the word linger in the air like a heavy smoke as she stilled her caresses. She knew he was inexperienced, but she hadn’t been quite sure ‘how’ inexperienced. Something he was quickly becoming aware of as their bodies pressed together, needing one another, and he wasn’t sure how to proceed.

His heart raced as she gently grasped his forearm, removing his fingers from inside her. He didn’t know what he’d done, but he desperately wanted to fix it. “Em, I—”

“Let me take care of you. Okay?” she asked as she again kissed his neck.

Without waiting for an answer she stood up from the wall and walked over to the light switch. “I’m getting the light. Figured you might want to see this time?” Again she didn’t wait for an answer before proceeding. The lights came on and they stood motionless, staring at one another. Emilia’s hair had gotten quite messy, her eye makeup smudged faintly from slightly wet eyes caused by her efforts earlier, and his just now. It was enough to make Brian’s breath catch as he stood there, his hard cock straining against his boxers as they protruded from his unbuckled and unzipped pants.

“Give me a minute,” she mused, grabbing one of the seemingly ironic ‘hang in there’ posters off of the wall and reapplying it over the narrow window on the door. “It won’t block out all the light, but no one will see anything from the hall. And everyone who uses these rooms knows what it means.” He nodded nervously. “I don’t want you to have the wrong idea about me. I’ve only ever used a room like this once before.”

“I’m not thinking anything like that. I just, I’m still waiting for this to all be another prank. You’re too good to be true, and when that’s the case, it usually is.”

“You really don’t remember, do you?”

“Remember what? What didn’t I do? Fuck, I’m so sorry!”

“It happened months before I started coming to the club. You kind of saved me. Okay, that’s definitely being grandiose. But Josh was being super pushy at that bar down on Main. You stepped in from out of nowhere. ‘Is this guy bothering you, Miss?’ You were being funny about it, I guess you two kinda know each other in passing? But honestly, I was actually really scared. Then I don’t know, it got the bouncers attention enough that he backed off. He started telling everyone I was a prude, but what do I care? As long as he leaves me alone.

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A Chance Encounter with Ashleigh

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Walking by the pool I see her lying there catching a tan. I think to myself, damn she looks good, hoping that she doesn’t see me staring. I walk back up to my room to get my swimming trunks on so I can go back down to the pool. I see her sitting by the pool alone.

“Can I join you?” I ask, looking into her eyes. She just looks at me and smiles, so I sit down next to her. As I take off my top, I introduce myself and ask her name.

She responds, “Ashleigh,” and goes on to describe the unique spelling of her name to me.

“Ashleigh, have you tried out the water, or are you just tanning your beautiful body?” I ask.

She responds, “I’m just laying here soaking up the sun.”

I stand up, check out the water and it feels warm. I decide to jump in and do a cannonball, splashing water all over Ashleigh.

She looks at me in shock and I say, “You’re all wet…. You should come and join me.”

Ashleigh looks at me like I’m crazy and I watch the water roll down her beautiful chest. I shrug my shoulders and start doing a backstroke, just relaxing. I work my way down the pool and return. As I’m getting closer to the steps, my hands run across her skin. I quickly jump up to apologize and Ashleigh is there laughing. When I turn around, I’m almost touching her. As I look into her eyes, my mind is running through what this could mean. I keep looking into her eyes and pull Ashleigh against me. As I crush Ashleigh’s body against mine, I lean down and start to slowly brush my lips over hers. She freezes against me in shock of my boldness.

I slowly continue brushing my lips over hers, until I feel her start to move again. Ashleigh pulls my bottom lip into her mouth and gives me a little nip. Feeling this, I start to slide my hands down her back. Deepening our kiss, my hands cup Ashleigh’s beautiful ass, as I pull her against me. She feels me start to grow against her. Her lips are so soft and warm as I kiss her. Starting to kiss my way to Ashleigh’s ear, I start to suck her ear lobe into my mouth, teasing and nibbling. Suddenly I hear someone else walking into the pool area.

I whisper, “We were caught by the cleaning lady,” as I try to act innocent. “Grab me a towel.” I request, hoping to hide my erection from the cleaning lady that interrupted us.

As Ashleigh hands me a towel, I slide out of the water and ask, “Do you want to join me for a drink and a shower?”

Ashleigh looks into my eyes and says, “I’d love to.” I hold her hand as we leave together, leading her to the elevator. The door opens and I pull her in with me trying to close the door before anyone can join us. As the door slides shut, I see a hand pop the door open, and a family joins us. I pull her into the corner and slide my hand under her towel teasing her ass with my nails, hoping they are none the wiser. I see them push the button for four and I’m relieved since I’m on the twelfth floor. As the family exits and the doors fully close, I pull Ashleigh into a deep kiss, crushing her lips against mine. I hear the ding for my floor, and I reluctantly release the kiss. I lead her to my door and open it, inviting her to join me. Ashleigh shyly steps through the doorway as I pull her towel off. escort bayan Looking hungrily at her beautiful body in her bikini. I notice her nipples harden as I gaze at her.

After a few seconds I snap out of it, remember my manners and say, “I promised you a drink didn’t I, beautiful? I apologize for my rude behavior but your body just mesmerized me. Can I offer you an old fashioned?”

As I move towards my travel mixing kit, I pour the ingredients in and top it with ice. I start to stir our cocktails and look her in the eyes. She looks questioningly at me as I only pull out one glass. I scoop some ice into her glass and start to pour her cocktail. Handing it to her so she can enjoy it, but she still looks at me questioningly.

I look back at her and ask, “What are you pondering?”

Ashleigh asks me, “Are you going to have one?

I wink at her and tell her, “I’ll have mine in a minute.”

She nervously takes a sip, smiles and says, “This is delicious.” I slowly reach for her drink and take a sip from it. Now it’s time for me to enjoy mine as I set the glass down. I pick up the shaker and walk towards her, guiding her against the wall. I slide the glass up her right side and run my nails down her left side.

Raising her hands above her head, I tell her, “Be a good girl and don’t move.” I pick up the cocktail shaker and tell her it’s my turn. I take a drink and then start to let the liquid pool on my tongue. I set the cocktail shaker down and lick her cleavage, letting the liquid run down her chest. As she shivers, I lick and suck my way up to her neck, reaching up to rip her top off. I hear her squeal from the shock, as her body tenses. By this time, I’ve worked my way to her ear.

I whisper, “Don’t worry naughty girl, I’ll take good care of you tonight.” Even though it’s early afternoon I’m thinking of the plans in my head.

As I start to move my fingertips to explore Ashleigh’s body with my nails, I remind her to be a good girl and not to move her hands. Seeing her respond to my statement, I add, “If you’re naughty, I may have to punish you.”

Ashleigh automatically replies, “Yes, Sir.” I start to tease her neck with my teeth and lips. Sucking on her neck, just lightly enough not to leave a hickey. I work my way down her to her collarbone, kissing my way across, as I hook my fingers on her bikini bottoms.

I lean back and pour some of my drink down Ashleigh’s belly, making sure an ice cube falls into her bottoms. I let go of the band and start to rub the ice cube against her, through her bottoms.

Looking up at her I say, “That’s for when I get thirsty later.” I’m so close to kissing her beautiful hard nipples, but I need to tease some more. So I take a sip of her drink, pulling an ice cube into my mouth. Letting it rest on my tongue, I start to lick and tease around her beautiful breasts. Watching the goosebumps form and her squirm around. Gasping for breath, I grow closer to her nipple. As I let the ice cube start touching her areola, I use my nails to start circling her other areola. Brushing her nipple with my fingers, I suck her nipple into my mouth, running what’s left of the cube over her nipple.

As altıparmak escort bayan the last of the ice melts, I start to nibble on her nipple and pinch her other nipple. I spend minutes alternating from nipple to nipple, switching mouth with fingers. I hear her moaning as I tease her nipples mercilessly. Her breathing gets louder, and I decide it’s time to move further down. I pull her nipple deep into my mouth, as I start to pull her bottoms down. I let off with a popping sound and move to her hip bone. I attack her hip bone with my lips, sucking, licking and nibbling my way across.

I take a deep breath, and I can smell her aroma mixed with bourbon. It’s an intoxicating aroma. I finally pull off of Ashleigh and look to see what she was hiding underneath her suit. I look and it’s bald, except for a little patch of hair. So beautiful I want to bend her over and thrust my cock inside of her, but it’s not time yet. I want to make her cum for me, so I can taste her sweet nectar.

Kissing my way down her hip, I move my lips to her thigh. I feel the heat radiating off her. Sliding my tongue closer, I can taste her. As her juices hit my tongue, I let out a low growl. Sliding my tongue up and down her lips, giving her a tease and treating myself by tasting her. Slowly I start to pick up my pace and slide my hand up her calf to her thigh. I feel her clit with my tongue, sucking it inside and flicking it with my tongue. I slowly start to slide a finger inside her, going in and out, and getting it nice and wet. I feel her loosening and I slide a second finger inside. I back off of her clit, and start teasing her lips with my fingers.

Ashleigh starts to relax and I twist my fingers, curling them to seek out her g spot. As I hear her moan, I know I’ve found it. I give her a second to adjust and then I suck her clit back in my mouth. Starting slowly, I match the pace of my tongue with my fingers. As my fingers speed up, I wait to match the pace of my tongue to her moans.

Looking up at her beautiful body, I watch her moving, listen to her moaning and tell her, “You’re going to cum for me.” I slide my thumb over her clit and start playing, moving my fingers back over her g spot.

I start to kiss my way back up her body, as I feel her tightening around my fingers. My fingers move quicker, as I find her nipple with my mouth teasing her. Feeling her chest move against me forcing her nipple deeper into my lips and against my tongue. I feel her getting tighter and louder watching her strain to keep from moving her arms.

I let her nipple go, look into her eyes and say, “Cum for me now, like a good girl.” Then I kiss her as I feel her lose control, pulsating around my fingers. She screams into my mouth, as I kiss her harder. I keep pushing her harder, keeping my fingers going and then I start to slow and slide my fingers out of her. I feel her relaxing against the wall and sliding against my hand as I move it away. Picking Ashleigh up, I move her to the bed and lay her with her legs over the edge of the bed.

As I slide my trunks down I look at her and say, “It’s my turn.” Ashleigh watches as she is still coming down from nilüfer eskort her orgasm, I start to stroke my cock with my hand still slick with her juices. I then lick her juices off of my fingers. Growling as I taste her sweet nectar again. I start moving towards Ashleigh, slowly stroking my cock for her. As I reach her, I lower myself down and find her pussy waiting. I start to slowly slide my cock up and down her lips. As I feel her move her hips towards my cock to pull me inside of her, I slide my cock to meet her thrust, slowly working myself deeper inside of her. As she takes me fully inside, I lean down and start to grind my pelvis against her clit. Slowly grinding and moving inside her feeling how wet and tight she is.

I reach up and guide her arms back above her head, telling her, “Grip the sheets. Don’t move. You’ve been a naughty girl, Ashleigh. I didn’t tell you that you could thrust into me yet.” I start to slide my cock out of her dripping with juices. Climbing onto her chest, I start stroking my cock again, slowly letting her see her juices shine on my cock.

“Ashleigh, now you’re going to see how deep you can take my cock in your mouth. If you’re a good girl for me, I’ll fuck that pussy good and make you scream my name for everyone to hear. Do you understand Ashleigh?” I ask. As she nods her head I say, “Tell me.”

“I understand John and I’ll be a good girl,” she agrees. I see her open her mouth for me and I slowly slide my cock in just a bit feeling her lips wrap around me.

“Fuck!” I moan, “You are too good at that Ashleigh.” I start to move my cock in and out of her mouth as she licks my head. Starting to test her gag reflex a bit, I know I can’t last long.

“Fuck Ashleigh you feel so good,” I moan. As I go a little too deep, she gags a little and I slide out of her mouth.

“Ashleigh you were a very good girl and now you get your reward,” I tell her. I slide back down and off the bed. Slowly, I lift her legs and she opens her beautiful pussy to me.

I look into Ashleigh’s eyes and say, “You have such a beautiful pussy.” I slide my head in and back out, a little more, and I feel her pulling me to go deeper, but not yet. I slide back out of her and quickly thrust back inside of her. I let my cock finish sliding into her until I feel my pelvis against her ass. Giving her ass a little slap, I grind into her pushing myself deeper. Slowly sliding back out, I grip Ashleigh’s thighs and start to thrust inside of her. Feeling how tight her pussy is around my cock.

“Ashleigh I’m going to cum inside of you and you’re going to cum with me,” I tell her. I can see her gripping the sheets as I thrust harder and faster. Going deeper with each stroke, I lean over her so I can keep going deeper inside her. Gripping her ass as I fuck that beautiful pussy.

I lean down and growl in her ear, “Baby I’m close are you?”

She moans, “Yes.”

“You can move your hands,” I tell her. She quickly grips my back and digs her nails into me. She starts to scream as I pound her; pulling her into me as I thrust.

“Now! Cum with me now!” I tell her. Ashleigh screams again and starts to pulsate around my cock. This pushes me over the edge.

“I’m cumming baby,” I say and keep thrusting, making our orgasm last longer. She’s thrusting into me moving around my cock. We slowly start to cum down.

As I lay down against her, I whisper in her ear, “Ashleigh you’re a very good girl and once we recover a bit I’m going to clean you up.”

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