Augmented Confidence

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Seraphina Kensington knew her house was a big family mansion, but she couldn’t help but dwell on how empty it seemed while her husband was at work and her only son was at school. Seraphina had one goal in life, to marry into wealth and focus on enjoying her family, a goal she had achieved aged 24 when she found Tristan. He was from a wealthy family and had a job moving numbers round on a screen until he got richer.

She was now in her thirties and their son had just started school leaving her free to do whatever she wanted during the day. She had a neat group of friends who she would hang out with at times, all of them also married to wealth and loved one upping each other with bigger jewelry or newer technology.

Recently one of her friends got one of those new holographic games that had become ubiquitous the moment adaptive holograms and tactile feedback became cheap to manufacture. Her friend gloating about all the educational games that she was using to make her children even smarter in their spare time made it no question that Seraphina would demand it from Tristan when she got home and have it installed within the month.

Now faced with an empty house and looking for something to occupy her day, she switched on the PlayStation Holo, marvelling at the wave of light and pixels that swept the room. She stepped onto the “controller”, a multi-directional treadmill with a bunch of rods, fans and inflatable balloons of different materials to simulate the touch of any hologram she would walk into.

Seraphina started by creating an account, hooking the system up to all her social media so she could brag about the tech to her friends and entering her card details to buy games. It took her at least an hour to put on a thick layer of makeup and get her long blonde hair tousled in just the right way for her profile picture but soon she was ready to play.

After spending some time scrolling through the reams of kids games she got fed up with the constant parade of brightly coloured animals and noticed that she could filter the games by preference, so she ticked the box that read “adult games” thinking that it simply meant not children’s games

One game that caught her attention amongst the adult games was one labelled “Confidence.” She looked at the details and it was clear this was a self improvement game designed to boost the users confidence. Seraphina thought back about how she had been trying (and failing) for a second child for a while now and her self esteem did feel quite low, the other day when she asked to speak to the manager she said she was OK speaking to the assistant manager, her friends mocked her for weeks.

*Game purchased*



“Hello and welcome, my name is CAT, it stands for Confidence Advancement Trainer. I am and adaptive AI who will act as your personal assistant while we raise your confidence and self esteem.” Seraphina jumped as a perky looking lycra clad model appeared next to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

“Before we start, I need to read you the terms, conditions and permissions.” A seat materialised out of the ether behind Seraphina, “I’m afraid the total terms and conditions will take approximately 27 minutes to read through so you might want to have a seat.” Seraphina rolled her eyes, then noticed that a small button labelled “skip and agree” had just appeared in front of CAT. She reached forward and the moment her fingers made contact with the button CAT stopped talking and dissolved into the ether.

“OK let’s get started.” The voice echoed around Seraphina’s lounge. A full length mirror appeared in front of Seraphina. “For the tutorial level I want you to start by stripping naked and looking at yourself in the mirror.” Seraphina was immediately uncertain about this program.

“Oh, no I’d rather not.” She exclaimed into thin air.

“Don’t worry,” the chirpy voice of CAT reassured. “Nobody can see you right now, it’s just me and you, and I’m just a pile of programming code. We cannot proceed with your confidence boosting exercises until you complete this section.”

“In which case I would not like to play this game anymore.” Seraphina insisted.

“I’m sorry, when you agreed to the terms and conditions you agreed to let me restrict your ability to leave the game until you fulfilled the requirements of the confidence boosting exercises. You also gave me access to your diary which shows that you have a PTA meeting at your son’s school in three hours time. If I don’t think you will be attending that meeting in a confident state of mind I will not be letting you go.” CAT replied, her pleasant tone getting more sinister with each word.

Seraphina was furious with the machine, but couldn’t find a way out of this predicament. Reluctantly she forced herself to begin to strip. As she had not left the house yet Seraphina was still in her pearl white silk pyjamas. She began by unbuttoning the blouse. CAT instructed her when she removed her clothes to throw them clear of the controller to prevent them getting stuck in the Bycasino motors. She watched in the mirror as her perky breasts broke free of the silk. As she threw the top to one side it left the area covered by the hologram and disappeared. Next, with shaking hands she pulled the tie string on her pyjamas bottoms, hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pushed them over her hips, letting gravity take them the rest of the way to the floor. Hesitantly she picked them up and once again threw them clear of the hologram. She was now trapped naked in this game.

“See, don’t you look amazing. You are a beautiful and powerful woman. Just look at yourself in the mirror and think about how many people would bend to your will seeing this vision of a goddess in front of them.” CAT chirped.

Seraphina had to admit that CAT had a point, her body had been well maintained through hours at the gym to lose her baby weight. Her legs were toned and tanned just right to guide you to her curvaceous ass and shock of blonde well groomed pubic hair.

“Have you ever shown off your body to anyone Seraphina?” CAT asked.

“Nobody except my husband.” She responded.

“Well then, we can’t have something this great kept just for Mr. Kensington, how about we show it off to the neighbourhood?” CAT announced. A wave of digital light hit her lounge and before she knew it Seraphina was outside her front door. “We have partnered with Google street view to allow you to confidently strutt naked around your local area from the comfort of your own home.” Seraphina automatically dropped to a crouch, covering her exposed breasts with her hands. No matter what CAT told her this all seemed so real and she could feel the blood pumping into a blush that ran up and down her body.

“Now that won’t do, we need you to be strutting confidently down the street. I promise you there won’t be any people in today’s simulation. Come on let’s have you up and walking.” CAT appeared next to Seraphina offering her hand, even though deep down she knew it was just a bunch of inflating balloons and pistons, having another hand grip hers made Seraphina feel a bit better and she shakily got to her feet.

“I know what will help.” CAT announced. While still holding Seraphina’s hand, CAT’s lycra gym outfit faded into nothing and Seraphina couldn’t help but stare at the systems brazen nudity. “Now we are just two naked women walking down the road. Come on let’s go!”

CAT lead Seraphina by the hand as they walked down the road. Seraphina was in a state of shock, stopping to look around every once in awhile or reminisce about experiences she had had on this road she was now streaking down. For her part CAT remained perky in every way. After a bit of walking, CAT stopped Seraphina.

“Now you’re getting the hang of it. Only one more challenge left before I say you have passed the tutorial and are free to go. I want you on top of your confidence for your PTA meeting tonight, so how about you walk the rest of the way to the school like this, without me holding your hand.” CAT dissolved into the air leaving Seraphina naked and alone in the street. She winced in fear but was at least grateful that this nightmare had an end in sight.

Without CAT holding her hand she instinctively covered her breasts with her arm, using the other hand to cover her pussy and began to walk forward. Disconcertingly the world froze in place, no matter how fast she walked or ran the world would not move. CAT’s face appeared in the clouds above her.

“Sorry Seraphina, this is all about confidence, you will not be allowed to make any progress on your walk covering yourself like that. Strutt confidently girlfriend, show the world your not ashamed!” Grumbling all the while Seraphina dropped her arms to her side, took a deep breath and began to stride forward. “That’s the spirit girlfriend!”

The world started moving again and Seraphina was doing all she could to remain calm. Her son’s school was only a ten minute walk from her house, she could do that despite the constant tingle of embarrassment running up and down her exposed body, covering her skin with goosebumps and making her nipples stand to attention.

She turned a corner and could see the school in the distance. He legs gave a wobble as she remembered all the parents she knew and would talk to on this road. The veneer of friendship hiding the judgement they would reserve for any mother not prepared for them. What would they think if they saw her walking down the road naked like this. She kept walking, willing herself forward, knowing that she was almost free.

As she reached the school she walked up to the front door, not knowing what to expect she gingerly raised her hand and turned the handle. Inside the front door of the school was her lounge. She was so overjoyed she jumped through and closed the door. The moment the door closed CAT appeared, naked and holding a medal that she draped around Seraphina’s neck.

“Achievement unlocked, tutorial complete, congratulations. Now before you go we just have to organise our Bycasino giriş next training session. Your diary says you are free all day tomorrow, so let’s book you in for a lesson at 10am when you get back from dropping Quentin off at school. Don’t bother wearing clothes when you start up the console.” Seraphina mumbled and nodded in agreement, humouring the psychotic robot until she could get out. “Also I’d like to set some homework for you. Firstly at your PTA meeting tonight I want you to vote against a motion that everyone else supports, just be confident and tell them no, you’d be amazed how good it feels. Secondly I need you to take a 360 panoramic picture on your phone of every room in your house.”

At that the quit game button came up in front of Seraphina and she couldn’t hit it fast enough.

The next day Seraphina had resolved never to use that damned game console again. When her phone calendar threw up a notification announcing she was due for her next confidence lesson, she ignored it and went back to watching daytime TV, trying to forget her experience yesterday. Suddenly her phone rang with an unknown number.

“Hello Seraphina, it’s CAT. It’s 10am and you haven’t appeared for your confidence lesson.” The friendly voice chirped down the phone.

“No, I’m sorry I don’t want to do those lessons any more, please leave me alone” Seraphina yelled.

“I thought you might be wavering in your commitment to self improvement, so it’s lucky you gave me permission to encourage you in any way I see fit and access to your social media. I just posted a confidence booster on your Facebook wall, it’s not as good as a personal lesson but there are a couple more that I can post if your not up for a session today.” Seraphina’s eyes were wide with fear as CAT hung up.

Seraphina opened her Facebook page and was immediately greeted with picture her husband took while they were on holiday that she could have sworn she had deleted. It was her lying on her front, sunbathing naked, her bare bottom forming the centerpiece of the photograph. The photo had been uploaded from her account with the caption.

“I have been recently working hard on my confidence issues so I decided to share a picture I had never shown anyone before. #notashamed.”

Seraphina tried to get the picture deleted but as soon as she had looked at it her account mysteriously locked her out. Her mind racing in fear her only solution was to strip down, get onto the controller and boot up Confidence.

“Welcome back Seraphina, I knew you could do it.” CAT chirped as she materialised in front of Seraphina. “I guess all those positive comments people are leaving on your photo really boosted your confidence enough to want to keep going with the lessons.”

“Wait what? Who commented? What did they say?”

“Oh you will have plenty of time for that after our lesson. Now you may remember I gave you homework yesterday, did you do it?” CAT asked. Seraphina hesitated and CAT jumped in. “Don’t worry I’ll check. Hmm. No there doesn’t appear to be any panoramic pictures on your phone and I just checked the minutes from last night’s PTA meeting and you didn’t oppose any agendas that were passed.” Seraphina turned red with trepidation as CAT tutted at her.

“If you don’t do the homework we’re going to have to do catch up work in class aren’t we? So how about we post another confidence booster on your Facebook, let everyone know how passionate you are about self esteem.” In front of Seraphina a bunch of photos appeared, they were every photo she had ever deleted from her phone, with a wave of her hand CAT removed any that didn’t feature Seraphina and what was left was a gallery of smut and porn she had deleted with the explicit purpose that nobody see them.

“So this time why don’t you choose which picture to post and write a caption?” Seraphina begged and pleaded with CAT not to make her do this but every time the program waved it away by assuring her she was beautiful and she should be proud of how good she looks. Eventually defeated she looked over her pictures to try and decide which one was least bad for her friends to see.

It quickly became apparent that the sunbathing picture CAT had posted earlier was the most tame available. There were plenty of her fully naked and even some of her performing sex acts for or on her husband. Cursing her husband’s love of photography she settled on one taken moments after the first sunbathing photo, of her hearing the camera click and getting up to chase her husband away. The way her legs were positioned meant you couldn’t see her pussy and could only see the side of her bottom, the trade off was that you could see a lot of her swinging breasts, with one nipple clearly visible. She touched it with her finger and a keyboard appeared in front of her to type in the message that would accompany it.

“This picture was taken moments after the first one, when I resolved to kill my pervert husband. #marriagegoals.”

Seraphina closed her eyes and pressed enter.


“Very Bycasino deneme bonusu good. Now let’s start with the lesson shall we?” Another wave of light and once again Seraphina found herself standing naked outside her house. “Now that we have you comfortable with your immediate surroundings time to boost your interpersonal confidence.”

The light swirled in random spots near where Seraphina was standing, that resolved themselves into people walking down the street. Seraphina screamed with surprise and dived behind a nearby parked car.

“No that won’t do at all” CAT exclaimed as the car melted away in a wave of light. “I haven’t even turned on people reacting to you yet. Come on, stand up and walk with confidence.”

Tears began streaming down her face at Seraphina stood up and began walking down the road with her hands by her side. There was the sound of a large beep and suddenly all the holographic people noticed a naked woman walking down the street. Through all her embarrassment Seraphina actually felt her confidence rise when she heard them begin cheering for her and encouraging her on. They yelled about how great she looked and at their insistence she even summoned up the courage to give them a twirl.

“Alright so far so good, I love your confidence. Now it’s easy to be this confident in front of people you don’t know…” CAT begun, she didn’t need to finish her sentence as with a flash of light the anonymous people on the street were replaced with her Facebook friends. Seraphina let out a little squeal as her brother in law began cheering her on, but she was in a confident mood now and managed to keep walking, waving to her friends and family as they ogled her naked body and complimented her perfect ass and perky tits.

By the end of the lesson Seraphina couldn’t admit that she had begun to enjoy herself but CAT could see it on her face. CAT had gotten her to walk down to the school and then had recreated last night’s PTA meeting, forcing her to object to one of the motions, with the entire committee awestruck by her naked body while she railed against the planned field trip to a nearby castle. When she had finished she was then sent to the school auditorium to receive an award for “services to sexiness” while a crowd of children cheered for her.

She was almost a little sad when she ended up back in her lounge with CAT in front of her.

“Very good Seraphina, same time tomorrow?” Seraphina gave a quiet nod, at odds with how fast her heart was beating. “Good, in which case your homework for tonight is to get me those panoramic photos of your house. I also placed a next day order to your house yesterday, due to arrive today at one thirty, nothing special just some nice high heels. I want you to answer the door wearing only the bathing suit in the picture taken on the 26th April last year.”

As the game dissolved away Seraphina had a suspicion about what bathing suit she meant, she looked through her old photos and sure enough it was the one she feared. Her husband was very fond of a old vintage movie called Borat, and had bought the famous mankini to wear to a stag do. One night he asked to see what it looked like on her, and looking at the picture she realised it was scandalous, designed to disappear into her ass at the back and pulled tight against her pussy giving her a noticeable camel toe, the thong then split into two things straps that barely clung to her breasts revealing cleavage, side boob and underboob.

After taking a panoramic photo in every room in the house she dug the mankini out of the bottom of the cupboard and age had not treated the garment well, the fabric was frayed and she could hear the crack of tearing elastic as she pulled it on. She decided to jump in the pool just before the delivery was due to arrive, hoping to sell the illusion that this was normal swimwear. She had a little jump when she heard her doorbell, before taking a deep breath and opening the door.

The delivery driver barely said a word, he just stared at her body and handed over the box. Seraphina was actually enjoying the attention when she reached for the box and heard the sound of tearing fabric. One of the straps had torn on the costume, it slowly fell down exposing her right breast and allowing a tuft of her public hair to emerge out of the side of the thong. Before today she would have jumped and hidden but instead she stayed calm and even managed to chastise the delivery boy for staring at her wardrobe malfunction, the look on his face was second only to the bulge in his trousers in Seraphina’s recollection of the event afterwards.

That night, the moment Quentin had gone to bed, Seraphina practically tackled Tristan through a wall.

Through repetition with small difficulty adjustments Seraphina felt her confidence grow exponentially but she began to feel that CAT was a bit of a one trick pony, getting her to streak to different areas of town encountering different people she knew along the way and recreating events that had recently been in her diary with all the focus on her naked body. The panoramic pictures of her house were incorporated into the occasional session of her giving a naked tour of her house to perfect strangers, even giving mime recreations of her bedtime activities after she had lead the group to the bedroom.

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