At the Breeding Farm

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Plot: a woman is restrained and unable to escape a machine that uses a vibrator and dildo to make her cum. As she orgasms it pumps her full of semen.

(I tagged this as nonconsent, but I think it can read as consensual too. And I left it ambiguous so it could be a human or alien breeding.)

Reading time: 5 minutes.

At the breeding farm, it was time. I awoke already strapped in, suspended in the air on something like a dentist’s chair with a strap tight under my bare breasts, metal shackles securing my arms and legs, and clamps preventing me from moving my hips. My legs were mechanically eased apart, and I heard the small wet sound of my pussy lips parting. I struggled against the restraints, though I knew it was futile, I couldn’t get away from what was coming.

The device waited in front of me, large and automated. It whirred to life and started moving. I tried to move my hips away, but only managed to arch my waist upwards a bit. It was coming out of the machine now – smooth, black, nondescript, and the dimensions of a man’s cock, for exactly the reason you’d think. I could see as it made its slow way between my spread legs that it was oozing a clear and viscous fluid from the small hole at its rounded head.

It got closer and I tried to contort myself, twisting my torso as much as I could. Still it got closer to my exposed and open pussy, and finally it pushed in between my inner pussy lips to press precisely against my small vaginal opening, kayseri escort which twitched open and shut against it involuntarily. The appendage paused there, and I could feel the cold gooiness on it. The machine whirred again, and another mechanical arm reached over to me. This one ended in a small plain object, and it came to rest atop and cover my vulva, above the other appendage pressing gently into me. I whimpered a little, helplessly.

Now in the right place, the object pushed down to apply firm pressure into my upper vulva, with a bump on it pushing even more firmly against my clit and making me clench my muscles. It turned on, and buzzing filled the air as it started vibrating at a low level. I shifted uncomfortably. After a moment it started feeling nice, making me even more uncomfortable. The other thing was still pressed lightly against my hole, every little movement I made against it reminding me. I clenched my hands as the vibrations increased in intensity and started coming in pulses. The buzzing was insistent again the smooth damp flesh of my pussy, sending little jolts through my clit and up into my body.

The vibrator kicked up another notch and I gasped lightly, biting my lip. I felt my vagina spasm open in response, like it was asking to be filled. I bit my lip harder, disgusted at myself. Like it had been spurred on, the thing waiting at my vaginal opening began to move again. It felt like it was oozing more as it pushed kıbrıs escort against me slowly. It was too big to go in easily, but with the help of the lubrication it was producing, it managed to breach my hole. It pushed inside my vagina as the vibrator continued. It moved slowly, and though it was uncomfortably large it was going in smoothly and relentlessly. I moaned a little in protest but I couldn’t stop it. It buried itself inside me, and when it had penetrated as deep as it could, it stayed there.

My breathing was fast as the vibrator kept pulsing strongly against my sensitive clit. I was trembling, unable to escape the sensations from my pussy, and even the fake cock buried deep within my pussy felt good. The pulsing vibrations continued for a bit, and then the intensity went up again, with the pulsing at a higher speed. I couldn’t help but let out a pathetic sound and scrunch up my face. My leg muscles clenched, and my vagina clenched around the intruder inside it. Seconds after the vibrator’s change, the thing in my pussy began to move up and down slightly, like gentle mini thrusts, accompanied by little wet sounds. I let out an unsteady hum through tight lips, facing upwards and grimacing.

As the onslaught continued I panted, pressure building up inside me, inside my sopping pussy. As much as I tried to repress them, moans kept escaping from me. Under the constant attention of the vibrator I was twitchy. I cried out when the fake konya escort cock sped up its thrusting, using broader strokes, and the intensity of the vibrator shot up to unbearable levels as the buzzing turned to a whine. My clit was being surely tortured, the vibration so strong it was reverberating through my whole pussy. My body was moving with the thing fucking me, with sounds that betrayed how wet I was.

It didn’t take long before it was too much for me, I couldn’t hold back the pressure anymore. My body grew taught as a bowstring and my eyes rolled back as a shaking orgasm exploded through me. My vagina spasmed strongly and rhythmically, and taking that as a cue the thing planted firmly inside me shook a little, then without preamble launched a torrent of hot fluid inside my pussy. I was ashamed of how that made me cum even harder, and I think I even squirted. The thing kept gushing and gushing, and as I rode out the intense orgasm I felt the fluid escaping my pussy and dripping viscously out of me. It felt like too much, like it was pumping me full, and trying to thrust it deeper at the same time.

The orgasm pulsed in waves through me, as the thing kept pushing its seed into me. My mind grew fuzzy as my orgasm withdrew and I was left in the aftermath, vagina still spasming occasionally. The torrent slowed down and then a moment later finally stopped, the machine stilling. I was limp and dazed as the machine whirred and removed both its arms from me, the fake cock slurping as it came out and releasing some of its payload to fall in a warm heap down my ass. With my third breeding over, I was returned, to await the next one. I wondered how long it would take for my belly to be filled with a baby at this rate.

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