Ananda Ch. 03: Takes The Lead

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Ananda Takes The Lead

All persons depicted are over 18.

This is the third part of the Ananda story. In ‘Ananda Visits Her Nanny,’ my friend’s daughter visits and gets her cherry popped by me after a street festival. In the second part, ‘Ananda Returns With Her Roommate,’ Ananda returns a year later with her blonde roommate and shows me her new skills.

In this third part, Ananda leads her blonde roommate, my wife, and me on an exciting evening of sexy dresses, lewd public behavior, and girl-on-girl sex.


After Ananda gave me a mind-blowing blowjob while her blonde roommate watched, I left them alone to settle into their rooms. My wife, Holly, came home twenty minutes later and asked if our guests had arrived.

I said, “They’re down in their rooms. I told them we would grill tonight, drink some wine, and talk. And, they are both gorgeous.”

Since Holly had encouraged Ananda to seduce me a year ago so Ananda could get her v-card punched, I told her about the afternoon blowjob. Holly and I had a fun sex life, and other than the time with Ananda, neither one of us had strayed. I told her I had been the one to seduce Ananda. Holly just rolled her eyes.

Holly said, “Don’t be silly. Girls have superpowers.”

Ok, nothing more to say. Just then, Ananda and Gretchen came into the kitchen. They were wearing cover-ups over what I presumed were swimsuits. Holly hugged Ananda. Gretchen stepped up and introduced herself. Holly looked them both over.

Holly said, “I’m overdressed. Let me change. We can swim and talk while Tom fires up the grill.”

That’s me, Tom, a 38-year old software engineer with a 26-year-old hottie wife that I practically stole from her mama’s cradle. I was on grill duty, and I could see Holly was interested in spending time with the girls. Quality time as it turned out.

As I got dinner organized, I made several trips to the pool to refill wine glasses and ogle all three. Holly had been a competitive synchronized swimmer in high school and was at home in the water. She was wearing her favorite suit when it was just us — a skimpy black shelf-bra top and high cut bottom that made the best of her body she had toned with daily aerobics over the last year. It gave her heart-stopping cleavage and made her ass seem perfect. I loved this woman. She was smart, fun, sexy, and more than a little wild.

Ananda had put on a deep blue bikini that had ruffles at the breasts and hips. She must have bought it before she had developed her new curves. It was the kind of suit young girls wear to make the most of what they think they haven’t enough. But now it was too small. It pushed her small breasts up until they almost spilled out of the top. And the bottom was so small it pulled up tight into a pronounced camel toe. I had known Ananda since she was a little girl. She wasn’t that little girl anymore.

But when I looked at Gretchen, there was suddenly no sound I could hear, and nothing else I could see but this blonde goddess. Her blonde hair and tanned skin set off the color of her red bikini. The bottom was a nearly transparent red g-string. It fit so tight that I could have counted hairs had there been any. The lips of her labia were just puffy enough, but not too much. When she turned, there were only three strings meeting above her perfect ass covered with water droplets. Her top was a strapless marvel that presented her breasts to the world in a way that everything else stopped. She had put on lipstick that matched her red bikini.

“Earth to Tom,” I finally heard my wife say, and all the girls laughed. “How’s dinner doing?”

“First, let me say that you ladies are all the most alluring vision I’ve ever seen, each in your own way,” I said. “It is an honor and a privilege to ogle you, and more. Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes, and the patio table is set. I’ve opened up good wine. Don’t be late.”

We ate salmon, drank some excellent Pinot Noir, and laughed for a couple of hours. Then our guests called it a night while Holly helped me clean up.

“They’re both great, I like them,” Holly said. “But don’t get too many ideas. Ananda said Gretchen is a virgin and is saving herself for somebody. They’re going hiking tomorrow. On Saturday, the three of us are going shopping. Then you are taking us all to Antoinette’s.”

Antoinette’s Betturkey is a fancy French restaurant near the country club. We weren’t members of the club, but we did like to get dressed up and go there for dinner. The food was good, the service was perfect, and there was a dance floor in the basement bar. Holly liked to dress sexy when she went to Antoinette’s. She liked to dance. I liked the plan.


On Saturday, the girls went to Holly’s spa first thing in the morning. After lunch, they came home with many fancy bags, so their shopping trip must have been a success. I made cocktails at four with some cut vegetables and crackers. We sat in the shade on the patio and relaxed. The girls giggled about their shopping trip and said they might tell me later. When the day turned to sunset it was time to get ready for our dinner at Antoinette’s.

Since it was near the country club, Antoinette’s was more casual dress than formal, if your idea of casual is $600 sandals, $1000 cocktail dresses, and $1500 blazers. Holly and I weren’t rich, but we both worked in the software industry and could afford a few luxuries. I wore my dark blue silk blazer that had a few darker colors woven in. I was ready, so I waited in the kitchen with a glass of water.

Gretchen came out first. She was, is, stunning. She was wearing a strapless white cocktail dress that wrapped tightly around her body. Her breasts didn’t have to hold up the dress — they could just be there like ripe golden apples on a platter. The loose skirt flared over her hips and stopped about mid-thigh. Her legs glimmered. She was wearing some stockings and fashionable high heels in a kind of apricot color.

“Wow,” I said. She smiled and put on lipstick in a shade similar to her shoes.

Next out was Holly. I could see she was going all-in on the evening. She was wearing a very expensive multi-colored beaded dress I had bought for her for a special night. I guess this was it. The dress was form-fitting and mostly dark grey with several accent colored beads. It highlighted her large breasts and toned body. It had a beaded band collar with a suggestive ring on it. Her arms and shoulders were bare. The dress ended above her knees and was slit in the back most of the way to her ass. She was wearing her favorite fuck-me pumps with the red sole. Her legs, too, shimmered.

Holly and Gretchen were both gifted with beautiful bodies, large breasts, and curves. They knew how to dress to take advantage of their looks. I was interested to see what Ananda would wear on her much leaner frame. While I was staring at Gretchen and Holly, I heard Ananda approaching and say she was ready.

I turned around. My mouth dropped open, but I couldn’t speak. Ananda was wearing what at first glance seemed to be a loose-fitting yellow crepe dress held up by two thin straps. She was wearing roman sandals with the straps winding up her toned legs. I could tell she wasn’t wearing stockings. I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything at all but the dress and sandals. As she stood there, the dress was slightly transparent. But whenever she moved, the crepe fabric unfurled, and the dress was almost completely transparent. I could see her small hard nipples. I could see her small piercing. From the back, I could see her fine ass and the gap between her thighs. And from the front, I could see the little slit and lips of her pussy.

Ananda smiled at me with affection and then kissed my cheek. She said, “You look nice, too. Come, everyone. The car is here. It is time to go.”

One of them had arranged for a limo that was waiting at the curb. The driver held the door while the girls got in. I gave him points for not looking in an obvious way.

“Do you know where this is going?” I asked him with a smile.

“I believe I do, Sir,” he said. And we were off.


There are entrances, but I imagine our entrance into Antoinette’s will be long remembered. I’ll never forget it. The car pulled to the curve, and the driver opened my door. Since I was last in, I was first out. I asked the driver if he wouldn’t mind helping each of the ladies out of the car. As he did so, he got a full view of each of their charms that their dresses put on display. Other people walking into the restaurant lingered to watch, too. I told the driver I didn’t know how long we would Betturkey Giriş be, and would he mind waiting for my call.

He said, “My pleasure, Sir. Whatever you wish.” Then he added, “Thank you, Sir.”

Ananda seemed to take charge of getting us gathered and into the restaurant where she announced to the Maître d’ that she had reserved a table for four in her name.

He said, “Yes, miss, right this way,” and he led us through the room to a great table in the best part of the room. Conversation stopped, and heads turned to watch us come through. With every step, Ananda’s yellow dress turned as transparent as glass.

Once we were seated with Holly to my right and Gretchen to my left, Ananda sat looking straight at me from across the table. There was a moment of silence and calm. We all smiled at each other. Ananda said, “Let’s all have a night to remember.” At that moment, the circus started.

We were beset with wait staff of every rank and persuasion. The men competed to ogle the girls discreetly, some of the female wait staff did, too. The wine steward discovered a few last bottles of his favorite Champaign. The chef appeared and insisted on preparing a special meal. The Maître d’ managed to uphold standards, but he too couldn’t help frequent visits.

I would have been pleased but not surprised if Holly had run her hand up my leg. She likes to touch and be touched, especially when there is an audience. I would have been pleased but not surprised if Ananda had pushed her toes up into my crotch. But I was surprised and pleased when a hand started moving up my left thigh—Gretchen’s hand.

Gretchen’s hand moved up and took a grip on my penis, and she gave it a squeeze. She was talking with Ananda and Holly at the same time. She turned her head, gave me a demure smile, and licked her lips a bit. Gretchen said, “I’m hungry for a little dessert.” The waiter appeared.

I said, “We would like some dessert now, please. I’m hoping for something like crème brulee, but the chef might like to do something whipped for the ladies. Coffee, then some brandy for me.” The girls nodded.

After nearly three hours, we were delightfully fed, then sated, and now getting ready to move again. It was almost eleven, and we could hear the music from below.

The girls looked at each other, nodded, then Ananda announced, “We’re going dancing.”


The downstairs club was about half full, and there was plenty of room on the dance floor. As elegantly as the girls were dressed, they danced with abandon. Whenever Gretchen or Holly raised their arms, their dresses pulled up enough to reveal the tops of their stockings and garters. And since dancing means moving, and moving meant that Ananda’s dress was transparent, she was essentially naked.

I danced with each of the ladies in turn during the slower songs. Holly asked me if I was having fun. I said. “Yes,” and she said, “Just wait.”

Ananda fit into my arms. My hands could feel her body through the thin material of her transparent dress. She said, “I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

I shook my head. “I am the one grateful. You have given me a treasure of experience and memory,” I said.

Ananda said, “That’s sweet. I mean it, though. You gave me a choice to have as much sensual experience as I wanted without fear. You taught me how to be with a man, how to enjoy sex for myself, and take control. I’m going to repay you someday.”

I started to reply, but Ananda said, “Don’t talk.” Then she kissed me. She kissed me like a lover I had known for years. I had known her for years, from the time she was a little girl. She said, “There is one thing I want you to do for me. I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

When it was my turn to dance close with Gretchen, she must have felt my hard-on that was raging. She was so beautiful. In her heels, she was as tall as me, so her eyes looked straight into mine. If I glanced down, her full breasts were there, tanned and inviting. She even smelled like apricots.

Gretchen said, “Ananda talked about you from the moment we started being roommates. She told me what you did and how perfect it was for her. She told me what you wanted her to do when she got home, what you wanted her to learn. I was her accomplice on many of her adventures.” She smiled at me and Betturkey Güncel Giriş said, “You know what I mean.”

My cock twitched. Gretchen must have felt it. I imagined her with Ananda, seducing older men, sucking their cocks.

Gretchen said, “I’m a virgin. I know you know that already. I’m saving myself for someone very special. I want an experience I can remember forever. Something wonderful, something like what Ananda keeps talking about.”

“I hope you find him,” I said. She kissed me and then stepped away.

Yes, my cock was aching. Yes, the other men and boys kept after the girls, who all enjoyed the attention the way they wanted it. Finally, Ananda announced that we were leaving. Yes, the ride home was fun. The girls laughed about the various attempts to get them to go into the back rooms. I was quiet. I looked at Holly and smiled to say thank you. She winked and smiled back. I had seen that expression before. Something was being planned. I just knew it.

I was right. As we got close to the house, the girls started helping each other fiddle with their dresses. When the driver opened the door, I stepped out. Then I reached back in and was handed three dresses. I stood up with my arms full, and I asked the driver to help the girls out of the car.

First out was Ananda, completely naked except for her roman sandals. Then out came Gretchen, her high heels, stockings, and garter belt. She had a small gold chain around her waist, and nothing more. Her breasts were magnificent, standing proud on her body, the blessings of young women. At last, Holly stepped out. She, too, was wearing stockings and heels. Her stockings stayed up on their own. No garter. But she was wearing one of my favorite pieces of lingerie, a cupless, strapless under-bra that only provided a visual frame around her beautiful breasts.

I turned to the driver. I said, “Will that do for a tip?”

He smiled and said, “Yes, Sir. Thank you. Good night.”

I handed him a $100 bill and said, “Speak kindly of us, but not often.” He tipped his hat.


When I got inside, I laid the dresses on the table. The girls had disappeared, but I could hear some noises from my bedroom. From the bedroom door, I saw them all on the bed, kissing, touching, licking.

Ananda sat up and looked at me. She said, “Get undressed but sit in that chair. Tonight, you only get to watch. Do not masturbate, and do not cum.” She had a commanding tone. I did as she asked.

The three most gorgeous women I had ever known were having an orgy in my bed. Ananda was clearly in charge. She kissed Holly, and bit her nipple, and spanked her. Ananda grabbed her blonde roommate and pulled Gretchen’s face in so Gretchen could start licking Ananda’s pussy. Gretchen seemed familiar with the maneuver and task.

Gretchen at first gently kissed and nibbled Ananda’s pussy and circled her tongue around the clit. She pushed a finger up inside and started lapping with more speed. Before long she was pushing her thumb and three fingers inside as if her hand was a cock fucking her friend.

Ananda tossed her head and wriggled. She was close to cumming. She said, “That’s it, my blonde wench. Fuck me with your hand. Gobble up my pussy. I’m so close.”

Ananda bucked her pussy into Gretchen’s face as she came. She grabbed a fist full of the blonde hair to press Gretchen’s face in to make it slick with her cum.

Ananda flipped Gretchen over onto her back, then started licking the blonde’s bald pussy. She raised up on her knees, so her ass was up in the air with her face buried in her roommate’s slick cunt.

Ananda looked up at me, then at Holly, and said, “Holly, lick my ass, and my pussy. Make me cum again.” Holly moaned and crawled into position. Holly started licking Ananda’s ass and cunt while kneeling behind her in high heels, stockings, and the barely-there bra.

Gretchen started moaning and wriggling as Ananda ate her like a beast. Before long, Gretchen grabbed her own tits and squeezed hard. She screamed, “Oh god, don’t stop. I’m cummiingg!” She convulsed several times and seemed to pass out.

Ananda pulled Holly onto the bed and turned her on her back. She straddled Holly and lowered her pussy onto Holly’s face. Holly immediately started lapping. Ananda bent over in a classic pose and started eating my wife’s beautiful pussy. Holly’s legs, with stockings and heels, waved in the air. It didn’t take long before they both were cumming.

Ananda looked at me, her face slick with Holly’s cum. She said, “Please find somewhere else to sleep. We’re going to rest. Then we may start again.”

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