Amy’s Story Ch. 06

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Dear reader, this is the continued true story of a couple exploring interracial sex as told to me by Amy.


I had a great day on Wednesday. It was something spur of the moment, but I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down. James called me and said that he would be near me on business and asked if he could stop over. I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a quickie and having some good black sexing. There was little chance of the neighbors seeing him, since we live on a road that is fairly wooded and the houses aren’t exactly right next to each other. I quickly made arraignments and dropped off my daughter at my mom’s.

The best part of his pending visit was that he would fuck me in my own marital bed. It felt so wrong and taboo. I was turned on even before James got to my house; I was so wet!

When he rang the bell, I met him wearing only a loosely tied short robe. He could easily see I was naked underneath. As I gave him my usual long, deep kiss, he reached under my robe and caressed my bare tits and ass.

Not having much time, I led James right back to Mark’s and my bedroom. I slipped out of my robe and helped James out of his clothes. It’s so much fun to strip him; it’s like opening a present. I so love being naked before him, displaying the pale white prize that is his to do with as he wishes. And I also love taking his clothes off, revealing his smooth dark skin and muscular body.

As soon as we were both naked, we got on the bed and I started sucking his cock as we lay there. I sucked him hard as I so love to do. I let his penis swell inside my mouth as I sucked his blood up into it. I licked the shaft and his balls and teased his black ass hole with my tongue a little to make sure he was good and hard for me.

By then I was so horny and wet I needed him so bad that I begged, “Please fuck me hard with your big black cock.”

I got on all fours and presented my lily white bottom to him.

“Sure thing baby,” he responded. “I love to fuck your tight white whore pussy.”

He quickly took a position behind me and placed his cock against my pussy lips. He paused there for a bit, teasing me, rubbing just the head of his penis against my wet cunt.

I so needed him to stretch me and fill me up. I tried to push back onto him and impale myself on his thick rod, but he moved back with me, denying me that instant gratification.

“You sure a horny bitch!” he exclaimed.

“You just can’t get nough of my niggah cock, can you?”

With that he rammed his cock full into me so quickly it drove the breath out of me. It felt so great. I love the feeling of total fullness only a black cock can give me.

After a short grunt of satisfaction forced out of me by his abrupt penetration, I responded “Yes. I can’t get enough of your nigger cock!

Now fuck me here in my bed where Mark fucks me!”

He took hold of my hair and pulled it as he started to fuck me hard.

“Yes! Give it to me hard like Mark can’t!”

It was so hot to be fucked by my black lover in my own bedroom, in my own bed!

He pumped into me rough and hard, and my orgasms soon started. They started big and just got stronger.

I couldn’t get over that I was being taken by a black man in my own bed. I felt so possessed, so controlled.

James taunted me, “You such a slut and whore to let me fuck you in your own house, in your own bed where your husband fucks you.”

I couldn’t respond, was lost in my own cuming.

My orgasms didn’t subside until he had spewed his black seed deep inside me.

Our initial needs satiated, we lay together and cuddled. We kissed. James played with my nipple rings with his fingers and tongue. I toyed with his half flaccid penis.

Not too much later, his penis started showing renewed interest in my teasing. I quickly sucked it back to firmness, relishing the taste and smell of out mingled cum.

As James lay on his back, I moved over him to straddle his hips. Grasping his cock that I can’t quite reach my fingers around, I guided it into me as I lowered myself upon it.

Then I rode his cock with wild abandon.

It was so good.

It was so hot, riding his big cock, my titties bouncing.

James fills me so much, fills me so deeply when I ride him like that.

It wasn’t long before we both came again.

His visit was really just a quickie. He couldn’t stay long since he had a work appointment.

It’s pretty good when a man cums twice during a quickie. My black lover is such a stud.

Then I did something I regretted later. After the last couple of weeks, it seemed to me that Mark was a little insecure and jealous, and I thought that if I told him what happened in his own bed that it would make it worse.

So I changed the sheets; they were very messy. It’s been my experience that black men cum so much more than white men do. I wanted to make sure no trace of James’ visit was left for Mark to find. Men are relatively easy to trick. A woman would notice that the sheets were changed early, sarışın porno but I knew Mark wouldn’t pick up on it.

By the next day, I realized my mistake and vowed to correct it. From the very beginning Mark and I had agreed that we would be open and honest with each other about everything that I did related with my exploration of interracial sex. I had just violated that promise by keeping my liaison with James a secret, and I knew if my marriage to Mark was to survive all the incredible, complex and conflicting feelings I was experiencing, I would have to confess my cover up to Mark and explain to him why I didn’t tell him immediately.

Of course Mark was upset that I hadn’t told him about it the day it happened which I totally understood, and I apologized sincerely for the lapse. He said he wasn’t jealous but disappointed that I didn’t think I could tell him about it. I had to admit, he had every right to be disappointed with me. Mark did forgive my transgression and we made up with a good fuck.

It just isn’t easy loving two different men as strongly as I do, and sometimes I make bad decisions. I was just glad that I had done what it took to correct my mistake.

I didn’t see James that next Friday night, he was busy and I had some things to do also, so we decided to get together on Saturday instead. He told me that Jerome wanted to see me again, as he was being transferred soon and didn’t know if we would be able to get together again.

I also asked James if it was alright if I spent the night at his place. That was something I had been longing to do for a while, but I hadn’t been sure if Mark was ready for it. I had finally worked up the courage to discuss my desire with Mark. I told him I wanted to meet James and Jerome by myself and spend the night alone with James. I really wanted him to be able to give his approval or not because of what I had done by not tell him of James visit to our house. Mark was disappointed at not being able to go, but he understood how important it was for me and was OK with the idea and gave his permission.

James of course thought it was a great idea. We agreed to meet at the dance club.

I decided to dress real slutty for the guys. I had just bought a real high, clunky pair of heels, the kind that is made of clear plastic that you usually only see strippers wearing. I think they are so sexy and make me look so hot. I also wore a very short and tight pink mini dress, no bra of course and a pink thong underneath. My nipples and nipple rings were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

My black lover James has made me feel better about my body. I always thought my ass was a little big, and my breasts small by comparison, but James loves me as I am and appreciates my curves. I now like to show both my tits and my ass whenever I get the chance.

I also went to the salon on Friday, had my nails done and had my hair done as well. I am letting it grow longer and I had it done so I am totally blonde now.

The look on Mark’s face when he saw me as I was ready to leave, ready to get totally fucked by two black studs, was priceless.

I met James and Jerome at the club. I found them at the bar and gave each a deep kiss. Anybody watching as James fondled my tits could see what a lucky girl I was to have two black studs.

I danced with both the guys. They both liked the way I looked. I loved how they kept checking me out. I could see their eyes all over me. And I could see that other guys were checking me out as well. My dress would ride up as I danced, and I was sure my ass cheeks were showing some.

Both the guys said how good I looked. They said things like “Baby you look hot” or “Bitch your booty is great”. Also they both kept running their hands all over me on the dance floor.

I really loved all the attention I was getting.

After about an hour we went back to James’ place. James put on some music, and we smoked a blunt, got mellow and made out on the couch, I was between the guys and there was lots of kissing, caressing, hands and tongues all over the place, it was hot!

I so loved being the center of attention of two great looking, sexy black men. With their four hands and two mouths, the stimulation was just overwhelming. I lost track of just who is groping what part of me.

It wasn’t long before I was pretty horny. I got up and started stripping. I only danced a little while before I slithered out of my dress so I just had on a pink thong and my slut shoes. I teased them by dancing close and rubbing their cocks through their pants, rubbing my ass against their cocks, pushing my tits in their faces. After a while, I stepped out of my thong and continued dancing in my heels; I felt so nasty wearing them. I love those shoes; they really make me feel like a slut.

I teased the guys until they were both hard. Then I said to James, “I want to have Jerome fuck my ass as a going away present since we won’t be seeing him for a while.”

James was cool with that so I led Jerome sert porno by the hand and James followed us to the bedroom. As soon as we were there, I took off my heels and I took Jerome’s clothes off for him. I think that his body is hot as hell. Both my black lovers have great bodies, but Jerome, while not being as big as James, is more muscular and ripped which makes sense his being in the military. I just loved the feel of those muscles as I ran my pale white hands over his smooth dark skin.

James got himself undressed as he watched me go after Jerome.

Jerome was already very hard; I guess he was excited about having the chance to fuck my ass. Once I had him naked, all I had to do was hop on the bed on all fours. As soon as he had us both lubed up, Jerome proceeded to work himself inside me. It hurt, but not nearly as much as it hurts with James. Jerome isn’t quite as big, and I was getting used to having my ass reamed by black cock.

Jerome started slowly at first, but he soon got real wild and started fucking me real hard. He began slapping my ass pretty hard, it got pink and stung a lot!

He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled it harder than James ever had. He was definitely into treating me rough.

It was pretty exciting to be man-handled like that.

He started dirt mouthing me, “You just a dirty ho fo my niggah cock.

You love havin my black cock up your white ass.”

Having him talking dirty to me was very hot. It was so good.

I loved that he was dominating me and treating me just like the slut I’d become.

We fell into a good rhythm and I actually began enjoying my ass fucking.

I reached between my legs and started fingering my clit.

I agreed with him, “Yes…I’m your white slut.

I can please you…in ways your black wife can’t.

I love…taking your cock…up my ass!”

James just watched stroking his hard cock; it was so exciting to be putting on a show for him.

I started cuming from the dual stimulation of rubbing my clit and having my ass fucked.

When Jerome finally came, he pulled out of my ass and shot his load all over my ass and back; he came so much!

As soon as Jerome pulled out, James got on the bed.

I said to him, “Lay back so I can ride your big nigger cock!”

He was rock hard from watching us and ready to go. I climbed on top of him, straddled his hips and lowered my already soaked pussy onto his thick cock.

I can’t get over how erotic a sight it is to see his black rod disappearing into my white body. I felt the stretching and fullness that tells me there is a black cock inside me.

Then I just rode his cock like a wild cowgirl.

The first few small orgasms centered on my clit had just started hitting me when I heard Jerome’s cell phone.

He went into another room to take the call since I make a lot of noise during sex.

It turned out to be his wife looking for him and he had to go. I slowed down the tempo so that as I rode James I was able to give him a deep good bye kiss as he tweaked my nipple rings.

Then I went back to riding James.

It was great riding his big black cock, my titties bouncing up and down, my nipple rings shining.

Being still just a little tender, I could feel the rings in my nipples as I bounced.

What got me really hot was looking down at my nipples. I was thinking how sexy they looked, and I still couldn’t believe I had gotten them pierced!

Goddamn it was erotic!

I came a bunch more times as I rode James.

My orgasms just increased in intensity until they consumed me.

I couldn’t get enough of that cock that was so deep inside me.

My whole body was quaking.

I kept bucking up and down, James thrust up to meet me, driving himself as deep inside me as possible.

I lost all track of anything else that was happening until I finally felt the hot eruption of James’ cum.

Then I came so hard.

Knowing that he is shooting his cum deep inside me is so exciting!

It was defiantly mind blowing. I had never had such orgasms before black-sexing.

It’s so hard to explain, it’s like you lose touch with everything, like an out of body experience, you would have to be a woman to understand how a big black cock can fill and satisfy you like no other.

After that we relaxed for a bit, watched some basketball on the TV. Soon we both fell asleep because we were both pretty tired.

It was so wonderful to go to sleep in his big strong arms and be able to spend the night with him. We fell asleep in the spooning position and I loved feeling his cock against me as we lay in his bed.

Sometime during the night I woke up. I was real horny again and wanted to please my nigger. I feel so sexy and desirable when I am with James, I can’t explain it, I just want to please him and I act with no inhibitions.

I slipped between his legs and began to suck his cock. He was all musky and cummy from our earlier sex.

He sex hattı porno got hard real quickly and after sucking him for a few minutes he pulled me onto all fours and started fucking me real hard from behind.

There was no ass slapping or hair pulling. He didn’t say anything; he just grasped my hips and fucked me hard until he came very hard inside my pussy.

Because I was so horny, I started to orgasm almost as soon as he penetrated me. It was all so good!

Soon we were both back asleep.

I awoke first to find myself still in James’ arms. It was so wonderful to wake up in his bed, in his arms.

I just lay there for a bit not quite believing that I had actually spent the night with my black lover, so taboo, yet so hot.

I was thinking about how sexy he is and how I love being with him. How I love to please him and how sexy he makes me feel, how desirable he makes me feel and how safe I feel with him because he is so strong and masculine. I wanted that moment to last for ever.

I snuggled up to him, kissed him and said, “Good morning. I love you so much!”

Then we kissed a little.

We both got up to take a shower, but before we got into the shower he did something that surprised me. He was standing in front of the toilet to pee and he told me to hold his cock as he pissed. It was kind of a turn on to hold it and feel it as he peed.

After that we got into the shower and kissed and caressed each other with soapy hands until I got him real hard. Then I got on my knees and sucked his cock until he came all over my face. Now that’s the kind of moisturizer I would like to use every morning.

After the shower, I made breakfast. I wore my short little robe with of course nothing underneath. While I made some french toast, James sat at the table watching and drinking coffee. I was glad that I could cook for him after a night of such great sex, like I was the little woman! We just chatted, talked about how good the night was, and things like that.

I really had to get back to Mark and the kids so I couldn’t stay much longer. I got dressed in a change of clothes I brought along to wear back home, and made it home around 10 or so.

It was a great way to spend the weekend, the best part of which was getting to wake up with my black lover. I was hoping I could do it again soon. It was comforting to know I had such a great man and husband both.

I couldn’t get together with James the next weekend, but during those two weeks, James and I talked a lot about my desire to experience the double penetration of two black cocks. I suggested James’ friend Earl might join us. Earl is even bigger and blacker than James, and I knew from sucking him that his cock was a little bigger also.

James ended up making arraignments for us to meet Earl Saturday night. I was thinking how wonderful it is the way black men share their women the way they do. Black men are so masculine, dominant, sexual, and powerful, they’re not afraid to let another man fuck their bitch. They also know how to admire women’s bodies; they make us feel sexy. They just have such a sensual presence about them.

I could hardly wait.

It had been two whole weeks since I had a black cock between my white thighs. That was the longest I had gone since I started black sexing. I was missing James so much and I was horny as hell!

I spoke with Mark and told him what James and I had planned and told him that I really wanted to go by myself and then spend the night alone with James. He was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to witness my first black double fucking, but he knew how important it was to me and said he was OK with it.

I drove over to James’ place, getting there around seven in the evening. Of course I was dressed like a slut. I wore a tight short skirt, halter top, high heels and underneath thong underwear. I know the guys like it when I’m naked under a short skirt, but I always feel so sexy in a thong, particularly if that’s all I’m wearing. I spent more time on my makeup than I usually do, particularly my eyes, to reinforce my slutty look with pink lipstick and extra eyeliner. If the eyes are the window to the soul, I wanted my guys to see the soul of a slut.

I let myself in and found James in the living room. We greeted each other as we usually do. I started a long, deep kiss while James grabbed my booty and then ran his hand up under my top to feel my titties. James just has a way of making a girl feel welcome.

On the way to meet Earl, I snuggled up to James so I could kiss him and caress his muscular chest and big cock as he drove. I had been missing him so; I just couldn’t sit that close to him and not be touching him. We met up with Earl at a bar full of blacks and a few white women. The white women were all dressed similar to the way I was; that is to say we all looked like streetwalkers. It was hard to tell if the other white bitches were with guys or just looking for action.

Earl could have just as easily gone directly to James’ house, but I believe James took me to the bar to show off his white bitch, which I really enjoyed. It is hot to be seen with such a sexy black man. When I’m with James, I no longer think of myself as an older, 35 year old, married, stay-at-home mom. I’m his sexy and desirable white bitch.

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